I’ve never heard of the visual kei rock band UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ before, until I discovered that they are singing a cover of the Tagalog song Liwanag sa Dilim (Light in the Darkness) by the Filipino rock band Rivermaya.  As a Filipino-Canadian, I’m very familiar with Rivermaya, so a Japanese rock band singing their song intrigued me.  This intrigue turned to interest when I learned that UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ is covering Filipino songs to raise support for the victims of the deadly typhoon Yolanda (known as typhoon Haiyan to the rest of the world).

I finally watched their music video and was blown away.  I think that it was an awesome cover, injecting spirit and energy into the song.  I also think that the pronunciation is very good, especially for a Japanese.  Good job!  The musicality is also skillful.  It felt like listening to a futuristic version of Liwanag sa Dilim.  I also like that they took the time to visit the typhoon-devastated places in the Philippines, and included it on their music video.  Their pink t-shirts are also adorable and admirable at the same time, with the words “Save the Planet Earth” printed at the front.

Overall, I love UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ’s cover of Rivermaya’s Liwanag sa Dilim.  Great job, guys!  You’ve converted me into a fan.  I’m looking forward to your next songs.

Rating for Cover:  😀 😀 😀 😀 (4 out of 5 grins)

Uploaded by: NOIZtheMovie

If you are curious as to how the original song sounds, you can watch it below.  I’m thinking that I like UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ’s version better than this one.  I’m sorry, even though I’m Filipino and all.  Many thanks to jackofalltrades04 for posting a copy of the original song on Youtube.

Rating for Original: 😀 😀 😀 (3 out of 5 grins)

Uploaded by: jackofalltrades04

Which version do you like better?

Below features the UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ in a major news program in the Philippines.

Uploaded by:  ABS-CBN News

UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ Official Website (Japanese)
UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ Official Website (English)
UCHUSENTAI: NOIZ Official (English)
Rivermaya Official Website (English & Tagalog)

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  1. Napanood ko sa balita yan nung nakaraan. Hahaha Ang galing no? Pati ang mga Japanese inaappreciate nila yung music ng mga Pilipino. Nakakaproud kahit hindi ako mahilig sa rock, yung effort nilang pag-aralan yung wika natin. Hehehe


    1. Oo nga. Very fascinating nga noong una kong nalaman ito from a Japanese entertainment news site. Click lang ako ng click, then pinanuod ko ‘yong music video. Ayon, naging fan na nila ako. Haha.


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