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There are many forum discussions floating on the web talking about anime protagonists who eat a lot.  Many fans offer great theories, such as Asians’ relationship with food influencing this common trope in anime.  Here are my top 10 glutton protagonists:

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10. Usagi Tsukino (Sailor Moon)
The only female protagonist in my list. It was quite difficult choosing between Usagi and Miaka from Fushigi Yuugi.

9. L (Death Note)
One of my favourite characters ever! He should be diabetic. Gosh, I love him.

8. Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka (Ouran High School Host Club)
Honey is not really the main protagonist in OHSHC, but I’m going to include him because he’s just so adorable. He loves sweets.

7. Allen Walker (D. Gray-man)
A guy who can eat a lot.

6. Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)
The alchemist who will eat and drink anything except milk.  No wonder he’s so short.

5. Hei (Darker Than Black)
A protagonist who leaves a mountain of dishes after he eats.

4. Naruto
The guy who loves ramen.

3. Natsu Dragneel (Fairy Tail)
Another protagonist who leaves a mountain of dishes whenever he eats.

2. Son Goku (Dragon Ball)
Goku runs out of strength whenever he is hungry, and becomes stronger when full.

1.  Monkey D. Luffy (ONE PIECE)
The Straw Hat Pirates are often without money because most of their money is spent on feeding their gluttonous captain. Food is his way of recharging (much like Dragon Ball’s Son Goku), and often becomes stronger once he eats.

Who are in your top 10 glutton anime protagonists?

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    1. If you want to base it on Slam Dunk, then I can recommend some anime in the Sports & Comedy genre. You may have watched some of them, though.

      -Hajime no Ippo
      -Area no Kishi
      -Eyeshield 21
      -Ginban Kaleidoscope
      -Ookiku Furikabutte
      -Over Drive
      -Prince of Tennis
      -Ganbarist! Shun

      If you’re looking for comedy anime in general and not limited to sports, let me know. I can recommend others. Keep on watching anime. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I remember the Prince of Tennis, but I was not able to watch it before. Hahahahahaha Thank you for your recommendations! I will watch them, I like any comedy anime. I also watched Yu Yu Hakusho. It is actually my first love anime. 😉


      2. Great! And you’re welcome. Enjoy watching anime. I love Yu Yu Hakusho, as well. But as for me, it was actually Dragon Ball that awakened my love for anime. Cheers!


  1. I will make an honorable mention for Sagara Sanosuke from Rurouni Kenshin. Sanosuke was more of a “mooch” than a glutton, but he would stuff himself whenever someone else was paying or offering a meal.


  2. I also think you should include, uhm, I’m not sure about the name, but it pretty sounds like Torigo? Not sure. haha. And Captain Fatz, of course. Although Luffy, haha, no question about that.


    1. Perhaps you mean Toriko? I haven’t personally watched that anime, so it’s not on this list. But thanks for your suggestion. One Piece is my favourite anime, so Luffy is naturally the number 1 on my list.


      1. … and I was embarrassed to say I have not seen it yet. I have it in my Netflix list. Just need to lock myself in a cabin in the woods for a year to catch up on everything I want to see.


      2. I keep hearing how awesome it is. I’m very curious as to how it exceeded One Piece’s manga sales recently. It’ll be the next series that I’ll watch after finishing the one I’m rewatching right now.


      3. Attack on Titan is an amazing show. It’s really like the Game of Thrones of anime. It’s running on Netflix and Hulu. I watched it on Hulu and bought the Blu Ray set anyway because I liked it so much. It looks gorgeous on Blu Ray for sure too.


      4. I’ll definitely watch it. It will be the next show I’ll prioritize after the series I’m rewatching right now. If you’re comparing it to the Game of Thrones, then it must be really awesome.


      5. Are you watching Kill la Kill? I watched the first episode but really had trouble getting into it. Something about how the characters look really turns me off. It’s also a bit o wacky for my personal tastes. I’d like to watch a few more episodes and see if it catches on for me though.


      6. No, I haven’t. YET. Is it good? Based on your comment though, I don’t think you liked it. It’s been on some recommendation lists on anime forums however. Do you think I should watch it?


      7. I’ve only seen the first episode, so my opinion should be taken with a huge grain of salt. I *want* to watch more Kill la Kill, I really do. I was a bit disappointed by the first episode for sure. The art style just didn’t appeal to me (it’s from the creator of Dead Leaves, if that helps). The show has obviously made a huge impact among fans though, so chances are you will probably like it better than me. I need to watch maybe four of five more episodes to solidify my opinion.

        I also watched Redline recently and it was *amazing.* I cannot recommend it enough. I bought it from Best Buy on Blu Ray for only $10, which is a fantastic deal considering this is one of the most exciting things I’ve seen in anime in years.


      8. I see. Now you’ve got me intrigued. I’ll add it to my “to watch” list. And thank you for your other recommendations. Right now though, I’m super curious about Attack on Titan, so I’ll prioritize it next.


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