Memories of ONE PIECE: Childhood Nostalgia


Rating:  😀 😀 😀 😀 (4 out of 5 grins)

I said this before and I’m going to say it again. ONE PIECE is my absolute number 1 favourite anime ever!  Memories is the anime’s first ending song.  This song makes me feel so nostalgic whenever I hear it that I almost want to cry.  It makes me remember my childhood; all of the innocence, the simple happiness and excitement, and all of the cute fears.  I just adore this song, and listen to it whenever I want to feel warm and good inside.

Memories is sung by Otsuki Maki (大槻真希) under Sony Music Entertainment.  Many thanks to mertak7 for uploading a copy of the anime ED into Youtube.

Uploaded by:  mertak7

What’s your favourite ONE PIECE song?

ONE PIECE Official Website (Japanese)
CASSIS Official Blog ~Otsuki Maki’s band~ (Japanese)

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  1. After watching all the one piece’s I really can’t say it’s even close to a favorite anime for me. Sure it’s funny sometimes and there are battles. But the story get’s dragged out so much! It takes about 30 episodes for the story to get there at a time. It’s like almost like days of our lives or the bold and the beautiful! :s Also there isn’t much dept there at all. Sure, we get character background stories all the time. But half of them aren’t important except for the main characters and the only things in the series worth looking for like devil fruits, fights, exploration and the cubes robin is look for isn’t present enough in the story. After 651 episodes the story isn’t even getting anywhere. They are still looking for One Piece, he hasn’t met his father, they haven’t fought blackbeard, etc. The best part in the entire anime was the world war arc with whitebeard and ace dying. Comparing to my favorite anime/manga’s being Hunter x Hunter, Naruto, Bleach, Claymore, Reborn!, Soul Eater, … One piece falls short for me. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s alright. People have different preferences, after all. It took me quite a while to jump into the ONE PIECE bandwagon but when I did, I never looked back. I would say that HUNTER x HUNTER is my second most favourite anime. Although I agree that HUNTER x HUNTER has more depth than ONE PIECE, especially when it comes to the characters (HxH characters are more complex); I must disagree with the ONE PIECE has “no depth at all” comment.

      I think that there are many complex themes in ONE PIECE that are not immediately apparent, perhaps because they are overshadowed by the flamboyant battle scenes and the simplistic personalities of the characters. Issues such as power dynamics, discrimination, slavery, freedom, morality, the rule of law, what constitutes a human being, etc. are challenged in the series.

      As for the series’ length, I’m quite alright with it. I’m looking forward to Luffy and Dragon’s meeting, their inevitable battle with Kurohige, and of whether they will find ONE PIECE or not. I don’t really mind if it takes another 600 episodes to accomplish all of these.

      So both of us have different preferences, except HUNTER x HUNTER. I love HxH! I haven’t watched the other anime you listed, but they’re on my “to watch” list. Thank you for sharing your opinion. Our different opinions are rather mentally stimulating, and I quite enjoyed it.

      Keep on watching anime. Cheers!


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