Artist Igarashi Megumi Arrested For Vagina Artwork

Browsing through one of my favourite blogs, Spoon & Tamago, I came across yet another fascinating and intriguing post titled “Japanese Artist Megumi Igarashi Arrested for 3D Printed Artwork Based on Her Vagina (nsfw)”.  With a title like that, who would pass up this kind of post?  I was expecting myself to be surprised, but honestly I’m not.  I’m even surprised at myself for not feeling more surprised.  It’s just that I’ve encountered weirder stuff than this.

Japanese artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested on Monday for sending 3D modeling data of her vagina. She’s accused of distribution of obscene material electronically, but has denied all charges saying “I do not acknowledge that (the work) is an obscenity.” A petition has already been set up to protest the charges, which represent a double-standard in a country which sanctions an annual penis festival and is also disturbingly behind by almost any international pornography standard.
-excerpt from “Japanese Artist Megumi Igarashi Arrested for 3D Printed Artwork Based on Her Vagina (nsfw)”, Spoon & Tamago

Credit: Spoon & Tamago
Credit: Spoon & Tamago

I’m quite uncertain how I feel about this.  As a woman, I feel like cheering for Igarashi-san.  However, I was raised by my family not to flaunt my private parts publicly, so I feel a bit sheepish reading about her vagina artwork.  Oh well.  Life is more interesting with contradictions.

This kayak is not her only vagina-inspired artwork.  She also created a Gundam and an  all-girls school building model inspired by the female treasure, the vagina.  To see photos of her other work, view the post at Spoon & Tamago.

July 18:   According to The GuardianIgarashi Megumi-san was released from custody but it is still unclear if she will be convicted.

Spoon & Tamago Official Blog (English)
Petition for Igarashi Megumi’s Vagina Artwork at (Japanese)

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  1. I actually don’t see why that should be a problem… Every third manga has worse depictions of anatomical parts… It is obviously important to her. I disagree that it is very new or protesting… In a world where pornography is quite common and people lie naked on the beach – what#s another body part shown?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. And when you walk along the streets of Japan, explicit magazines are on full display at stores where everyone and anyone can see and access them easily. Oh well. You can just get the feel of Japanese culture–a mixture of the liberal and conservative. But thanks for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It is weird, but when you look at it from a wider perspective, it’s confusing, isn’t it? Like what the commenters below said, Japan is one of the largest distributors of porn, then they react this way when they see a vagina art? Oh, well. Anyway, thanks again for dropping by!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Indeed. Oh well. At least she got an international exposure because of this incident. Lots of artists, especially the female ones, from other countries are backing her. Let’s just watch what happens after this. I wonder if Japan will change how they think about this kind of art.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Agree ako dun sa isang nag-comment dito. Kalat na kalat ang child pornography from Japan in addition to adult porn ah. Bakit yung vagina ni Maria Ozawa na ginawang sex toy, which is in fact binebenta sa public? ang labo naman nila. well, I don’t care about their laws, mas okay sana kung consistent at fair sila pagpapatupad nito. hehehehehe *nakikireact lang*


    1. Feel free na maki-react dito anytime, Sakura. Oo nga eh. Kalat na kalat nga ang porn doon tapos ganito ang reaction nila sa vagina art na ito. Aba, kilala mo rin pala si Maria Ozawa. Hahaha! Ikaw ha. 😉

      Pero oo nga. Compared naman sa vagina artwork ni Igarashi Megumi, maraming ibang artwork na mas sobra pa rito. Oh, well. ‘Pag may nasagap akong latest news dito sa case na ito, baka i-post ko uli.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahahaha paborito ng mga kaklase kong manyak si Maria Ozawa eh, at yan yung mga pinagpopost nila dati. hahahaha yung mga artwork nga nya kung di lang nakalagay na vagina nya yun, di ko aakalain na ganun nga yun eh.. tsk tsk


      2. Natawa naman ako sa description mong “manyak” mong mga kaklase. Hahaha. Akala ko naman, pinapanuod mo talaga si Maria Ozawa by yourself. Intense! Hahaha! Oh, well. Kahit ano na nga pwede mong gawing “art” ngayon, kahit medyo pornographic sa unang tingin. Ok sa akin ang mga ganyang artwork kung may message about sa female empowerment, pero kung para lang sumikat for the wrong reasons, I don’t support naman na ang ganyan.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. meron pa nga silang parang meme na “Akala mo Maria Clara, yun pala Maria Ozawa!” hahahaha mga loko-loko yun eh.

        sa bagay, depende talaga kung anong purpose nung artist kung bakit ginawa nya ang isang artwork. but I’m not into arts talaga. i hate drawings! hahaha ayaw na ayaw ko yung humanities kasi pinagdo-drawing kami.


      4. Hahaha! Grabe naman ‘yang meme na ‘yan. Oo, talagang depende sa purpose ng artist, pero may mga artists din naman na ayaw sabihin ‘yong purpose nila sa paggawa ng art nila.

        Bakit naman ayaw mo ang drawings? Medyo marunong din ako ng konti sa drawing, pero mas gusto ko talaga ang mag-sulat. Ano namang klaseng mga drawings ang pinapagawa sa inyo diyan sa humanities niyo?

        Liked by 1 person

      5. ehh kasi wala akong talent sa drawing. hahahahaha yung tipong ang ganda nung nasa isip ko pero pagdinrawing ko na, wala na. sabog-sabog na, as in stick lang yung lumalabas. hahahaha

        hhmmmm? ano nga ba yung pinapa-drawing sa amin dati? hindi ko na matandaan masyado, kasi yung mga ganung bagay kinakalimutan ko talaga yun. bwahahahahahaha

        pero para sa yo, sige pipilitin kong alalahanin.. uhmmm… hhmmmm… ayaw talaga ng utak ko ehh.. hahahahaha joke lang.. basta ang natatandaan ko, may mga building na ako na dinrawing saka farm yata. hahahahaha


      6. Hahaha. Napatawa mo naman ako. (。 >艸<)
        Hmmm. Interesting 'yang Humanities niyo na 'yan ha. Anong klaseng humanities 'yan? 'Yong dalawang tinake ko kasi when I was in my 1st & 2nd year sa university are both Literature sa Fantasy Genre so focus pa rin sa writing. Wala kaming drawing. Haha.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. Humanities: Appreciation of Arts yata yun. Basta may mga sayaw, movies, paintings yung mga pinag-aralan namin. And of course, kinalimutan ko na rin yung mga yun. Hahahahahahaha

        Magkaiba tayo ng curriculum eh. Nakabukod na subject yung Literature namin. Lit 1 for Philippine Literature then Lit 2 for World Literature. Yung sa Lit 1, pinatapos sa amin yung novel na “Galaw ng Asoge” by Cirilo Bautista. Well, syempre, di ko rin talaga tinapos basahin yan. As in parang bago nga yan kaya naibenta ko pa after nung semester na ginamit ko yun eh. Hahahahaha

        Tapos yung world literature, ayun, may kunting Greek Mythology. Tapos parang prose yata yun na pinadefine sa amin literally at figuratively. Ayaw na ayaw ko yung ganun. Hahahahahaha kasi naexperience ko rin yun nung highschool, sa sobrang galing ng teacher namin, ayun, ang hihirap ng mga pinapagawa. hahahahaha


      8. Oh, I see. Kaya naman pala may drawing eh. Appreciate of the arts, eh di dapat talaga may iba-ibang klaseng arts. Hahaha.

        I see. Hahaha. Kung hindi mo talaga hilig, talagang mahirap at ayaw mong gawin. Like me, I don’t mind writing kahit ilang pages man ‘yan pero force me to solve the same amount of math problems, well, let’s just say, na you’re not going to be one of my favourite people. Hahaha.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Wow. I wonder if her case will do anything useful towards getting those laws reexamined.

    A vagina kayak!! Holy cow! That woman is impressively bold (I would say she has balls, but that seems a little too ironic here).


    1. All we can do now is watch the resulting events unfold. I’m not sure if they will reexamine the laws because of this particular artist. Perhaps, especially since she has gained an international publicity. But I’m not really sure. I’m hope so.

      Hahaha. That made me laugh. She got some balls over making a vagina kayak. Anyway, thanks for dropping by nyankoto. Keep on blogging, as well. Cheers!


  4. isn’t this a form of publicity too? I mean if she wasn’t arrested i would never have heard of her. Of course i disagree with stopping artistic expression in the 21st century. Is Japan so prudent in general? I have read that they are the main distributors of illegal child pornography globally. Why don’t they arrest the child abusers first?

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Yes, any publicity would be good publicity. The artist does seem to be taking it in stride. However, another report said that she might be shut down, and that would be wrong.

      Japan’s pornography laws are absurd.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I agree that she seems to be taking this issue in stride. Good for her. It would be too extreme to try to force her to shut down. I mean, she’s just expressing herself and her ideas through art. At least, her story is gaining worldwide publicity. She also seems to be gaining the support of many, especially from artists outside Japan.


    1. Me, too. I’m ticked off that she’s arrested. I think there are other artworks that are way more graphic than hers. Oh, well. Every culture has their own “politically correct” way of what’s acceptable or unacceptable when it comes to art, even if we don’t agree with them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Penis festival with giant penises, lolies (LOL by the way) etc set up by a large collection of people (celebrating fertility which to be honest I see as more female related then male) seems much more widespread then a single artist most may have not even heard of if she didn’t get this publicity. Little girls seeing penis – OK, little boy? God forbid (even though some little boys have a higher chance of wanting to see it earlier then girls XD)


      2. I know, right? They accept these giant penis festivals but not a vagina artwork. Hmmm. I understand the fertility is more associated with females than male, but I personally view it as concerning both genders equally. Yes, I’m looking forward to hearing more updates about this artist’s case. I want to know whether this publicity affected her positively or negatively. Anyway, thanks for dropping by.


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