Beautiful Complication on DuRaRaRa!!


Complication is the second opening theme song in the anime adaptation of the series DuRaRa!! from episodes 13-25.  It is sung by the awesome band ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D.  Okay.  Before anything else, I just want to get this out of my chest.  I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE this freaking song!!!  Phew.  Thank you.

When I first heard it, I completely tuned everything out except this song.  I imagine that this experience is very similar to “love at first sight”.  Hmmm.  I love everything about it.  The musicality. . .especially the guitars. . .loooooooove!!!  And most especially the vocals.  Am I the only one who goes doki-doki when the vocalist growls the lyrics during the chorus?  sigh  This is one of the most-played songs on my phone.  I just can’t stop listening to it.  And the rap is so cool, don’t you think so?

If you haven’t heard this song yet, gosh, you’re missing out.  Listen now!

Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 (4 out of 5 grins)

Uploaded by:  MUNDO ANIME

Isn’t it wonderful?  Next up is the full-length music video of the band.  The vocalists are hot.  Ahem.  I like that it has a rugged and street-style feel to it.  It’s very appropriate for the song.

Uploaded by:  ty ty

Overall,  Complication by ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D is one of my most favourite songs to listen to.

DuRaRaRa!! Official TV Anime Website (Japanese)
ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D Official Website (Japanese)

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    1. High-five, brother! I personally prefer Complication than Uragiri, but of course Uragiri is still cool. I like it’s boyish tone. Complication is my first exposure to Rookiez is Punk’d, so I’m not really that aware of any of their full albums. But I’m gradually discovering more and more of their songs. I’m liking In My World. Any other recommendations?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I haven’t listened to any of their other tracks yet, but I was thinking of checking them out. I find it a bit hard to navigate my way through the realms of J-pop/ rock – there’s a lot of awesome music but an equal amount of what I find to be generic stuff. Among some of my favorite bands/ artists so far are Supercell (and their side band Egoist), Kalafina, Leo Ieiri and Eir Aoi. Also liking most of the Kagerou Project vocaloid songs. How about you? 😀


      2. Nice. My thoughts exactly. Lots of awesome music but even more generic stuff. If you like Supercell & Egoist, then maybe you’ll like m.o.v.e.? They’re an electro-dance/rock band that started in the late 90’s. Their music has been repeatedly used by the anime Initial D (awesome~).

        I’m not very familiar with Kalafina, Leo Ieiri and Eir Aoi, but heard a bit of their songs before. I think they’re alright. And I’ve always been fascinated and amused with the vocaloid songs. It’s hard for me to be a fan because it REALLY differs from one song to another. But I like the concept.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Nice to hear from you again! Yeah, I have listened to a few m.o.v.e albums. I enjoyed their earlier stuff more – their recent music hasn’t been doing it for me. I
        Initial D has been mentioned a lot, does it involve cat racing? I’d like to check out out some time. 😀

        I’m not much of a vocaloid fan myself, but Kagerou Project is far more organized, and has quite an eclectic sound – it pretty much stands apart from the masses of other vocaloid music.


      4. Yes, that’s true. I think they’re making some changes in their music, well, you can hear it. Yes, Initial D is one of my favourite anime. Lots of anime seasons under its belt now. It involves illegal car racing at mountain passes. Really cool stuff, although I don’t much about cars. The anime really uses m.o.v.e.’s songs really effectively.

        Hmmm. Will check out more of Kagerou Project’s works. Perhaps the ones that I’ve heard so far are not the best ones. Thanks!

        Liked by 1 person

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