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Day 1: Very First Anime You Watched

I don’t remember exactly the very first anime that I’ve watched.  But I remember already watching anime since kindergarten.  Maybe I was already watching anime as a baby.  (´艸`)  I remember that the most distinct anime titles I watched as a child are Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho.  

My most treasured memories of these anime are watching them together with my dad in original Japanese.  These two anime are, without a doubt, classic masterpieces.  If you ask me which of them I like better, you won’t get any clear answer from me. (I’m a Libra, after all) 😉  I think that both of them have their own strengths and weaknesses.

As a little girl, I attacked my friends more with Kamehame-ha and Reigan more than I transformed into Sailor Moon.  Don’t get me wrong, I love Sailor Moon, but my thinking is it’s smarter to shoot a powerful wave of energy rather than to transform where your enemies can attack you while you’re still changing into those cute outfits.  I recently read somewhere why Usagi can’t be attacked while transforming, but I digress.

Both Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho have great impacts on my current tastes in anime.  Whenever people ask me my favourite anime, I usually give them titles from the shounen genre.  They often wonder why a female like me prefer watching shounen more than shoujo.  I think that maybe it’s because of Dragon Ball and Yu Yu Hakusho being some of my formative titles as an anime lover.  I just remember the excitement of watching the intense battles and the thrill of seeing my beloved protagonists defeating those much-hated villains.

I have lots of good memories with these two anime.  I became adept at drawing muscles on male bodies at a young age because of them.  They are also some of my first inspirations of turning me into a creative thinker and story crafter.  I still think that Toriyama-sensei and Togashi-sensei are geniuses for creating these epic series.

Writing about these two anime now is making me so nostalgic.  I recently re-watched Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z.  I’m thinking of re-watching Yu Yu Hakusho, as well.  I love these two series, and I will continue to love and respect them.

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    1. Hahaha! I can clearly see that. Both titles hold very precious memories of my childhood. So even though I prefer the story of Yu Yu Hakusho as an adult, I just can’t turn my back on Dragon Ball. I have a soft spot for it. 😉


  1. I remember Dragon Ball here and there but I felt very “eh” about it, haha. Though I’ve always wanted to see Yu Yu Hakusho! I just wanted to watch the first episode and I was never on time to watch it….hahaha….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I understand what you’re saying. It’s just that I watched Dragon Ball first when I was very young, so in my child’s mind, everything’s so awesome. Haha! My perception of it has changed when I recently re-watched it. Nevertheless, I still think of it as a masterpiece.

      Yu Yu Hakusho is awesome. When I have the time, I want to re-watch it again. You should try it.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Heeeh. You finally wrote your first answer! 😀 And, wow, I never got to watch those childhood anime in their original Japanese dub, and when I was young, we didn’t have our own TV so I had to go to our neighbor’s house (though it was fun watching after-school anime with other kids). 🙂
    And we’re in this boat together! I watch mainly shounen anime, although now I am trying to explore the other demographic genres as well. I like some shoujo, but most of them are meh. Only a few deserve compliments.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It’s so exciting. Day 1 of this challenge immediately made me nostalgic. 🙂
      I remember watching them in original Japanese. I think my dad imported them from Japan because they’re not showing it on Filipino TV yet. Yes, I was still in the Philippines during that time.

      Good for you that you watched anime with your friends. I watched anime with adults, specifically with my dad and his friends. 😀

      High-five, Miha-chan! Shounen rocks! I agree with you. I enjoy shoujo, as well, but shounen would always be my first choice. Any favourite shoujo titles?


      1. Hmmm, titles like Hibi Chouchou and Aoharaido come first to mind, but as of late I really really love Taiyou no Ie. 🙂 I suggest you read it, too. Although it doesn’t feel like a shoujo manga if you read it. But, yes, I love it so much.


      2. See? I’m not updated with any recent shoujo titles. I don’t even know the titles that you just shared. Oh well. I’ve been consuming too much shounen and seinen (and a bit yaoi here and there). Hmmm. I’ll keep your recommendations in mind when I’m in the mood to watch/read shoujo stuff. Thanks!


      3. Hahaha. That’s funny!! XD The first two titles have been around for a long while now. XD Anyway, over the two titles, you should give Taiyou no Ie the first try. It’s more than just shoujo, IMO. It’s more like a self-realization/family/belongingness sort of manga and the romance-shoujo part is just an accessory. I think it has one of the best character developments, too, especially that of the main character. And its art!! Its art is really distinctive and quite refreshing from the lack of too much detail. I think the art fits well with the atmosphere and the story it is going with.


      4. I see. My bad. Hahaha! Some of my favourite shoujo manga are Skip Beat!, Please Save My Earth, Othello, etc. And it’s been so long since I’ve read these. Haha! Well, when I decide to read another shoujo manga, I’ll try Taiyou no Ie. Thanks!


  3. Love it. I was lucky enough to see the brief Dragon Ball on broadcast TV with friends before I saw Dragon Ball Z, then tried to make sense of it. Finally, came Cartoon Network and reading all the manga but I fondly remember the magic of the early discoveries.

    Yu Yu Hakusho was a more solid show in a lot of ways, and I simply watched it in chronological order from beginning to end and enjoyed following the story. But nothing is more sentimental than Dragon Ball, nothing at all…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. High-five! Yes, I agree that Yu Yu Hakusho is a more solid show, but Togashi-sensei admitted that Dragonball is one of his inspirations (similar to many other popular mangaka) in making his own manga. Perhaps we can say that Dragonball is the benchmark that many popular mangaka right now tried to follow, but ended up going beyond. Thanks for the comment. Cheers!


  4. I watched Yu Yu Hakusho later on, but I think I watched a bit of Dragonball as a kid. I tend to remember Dragonball Z more though. It’s interesting that your first animes helped shape your tastes. I don’t know if mine did, but like you I’m more into shounen than shoujo despite being female myself.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, Dragonball Z is more awesome than the first Dragonball because, well, the battles are more intense and of course, it’s where the Super Saiyans appear. Regarding Yu Yu Hakusho, thinking about it now, I think that there’s a lot of inspiration taken from it which evolved into the creation of HUNTER x HUNTER.

      I’m glad that I’ve met another female who is more into shounen than shoujo. I also enjoy shoujo, but if I have to choose between the 2 genre, I’d choose shounen. Keep on watching anime & blogging. Cheers!


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