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Day 5:  Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed

WARNING!!!  This post contains mature content and coarse language suitable for adults 18 years and over only.

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  1. The one thing that always go through my mind whenever I see or think about something erotic in anime is “My god, somebody had to actually sit down and draw this…..draw this……draw this…..” and I can’t help but wonder how many of those people are so desensitized to it that they’re like -.- dead faced.

    I’ve watched hentai a lot when I found it at the start of puberty….damn those were fun times. But anyway, yeah after like three different hentai series I was finding a pattern. My hormones didn’t care, but as I started getting into my mid teens it was going away. Now, I don’t watch it. I like character development and story, not…..creepy sex acts that are borderline rape.

    Oddly enough, even though 99% of hentai is forgotten within the day, one hentai that I was obsessed with trying to watch was called Sex Friends I think, and it infuriated me that I could only find spanish subs. Man that made me so mad so long ago lol it’s funny now.

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    1. Ahahaha! I know, right? But as for me, I think more about the voice actors. I’m like, they have to act like they’re having sex, you know? All those moaning, groaning and slurping sounds are done in a studio.

      Sex Friends, huh? It’s one of the higher-rated ones in the hentai anime community, but I personally don’t like it that much. First and foremost, the characters look like children. Well, they’re children since they’re still at school. There’s only very few hentai series that I liked, and by “like”, I mean I found decent to good. Nothing amazing, unfortunately.


  2. Yeah, after I read your post I tried to think of a hentai I’ve read/watched that stuck with me and I couldn’t really think of one. Haha. For gorgeous and tastefully done sex scenes, anime/manga categorized under Mature have them, most often (NATSU NO ZENJITSU).


    1. Indeed. My thoughts exactly. It’s quite difficult to think of a title in this genre that is quite memorable.

      Well, yes. But most of those titles aren’t technically considered hentai. But at least they are more erotic and even romantic. sigh Oh well. I would be really interested to watch an H anime that is not degrading or disgusting.


  3. Pornography or hentai does not HAVE to be bad. I might be ashamed to say I have watched some hentai, but that is because it is all so BAD, not because it contains sexuality.

    Japanese pop culture is very fun, but I hate Japanese pornography. Not because it shows such stupid sexual acts, but because it is bad to the point of being illogical. I don’t mean the lack of PLOT, I mean the lack of THOUGHT.

    Perhaps someday there will be a Kurosawa or Miazaki of Japanese pornography/Hentai that could capture the beauty of Japanese women. It does not have to be demeaning. In fact, it could be developed into a positive — maybe even beautiful — art form. Is there NO ONE that is able to capture the beauty that is the sexuality of Japanese women?

    Every once in a while, there needs to be a REVOLUTION in art … and I have a few ideas …


    1. I completely agree with you. There are many erotic “artists” out there that are successful. I’m just so disappointed with the H genre. Oh my gosh! That’s so interesting! A Miyazaki or Kurosawa for hentai? What a great idea. Perhaps you should suggest it to the Japanese industry. I’m sure there must be someone out there who could revolutionize the H genre for the better.

      Indeed, sexuality doesn’t have the demeaning. Kudos to you! I completely agree. High-five! Sexuality can be very beautiful and inspiring if presented at the right light. Oh well.

      XD Oh, I’m sure you have a few ideas to revolutionize this. 😉


  4. Not that I’ll ever watch hentai, but just for curiousity sake’s, which one is your favourite? If you had to choose.


    1. Oh no. Unfortunately, I’m very disappointed with the genre that I don’t even have a favourite. I don’t even remember most of the titles because they’re so horrible. There are, however, some notable ones that have a. . .let’s say, “acceptable” plots. “Kao no Nai Tsuki” has an interesting plot & the visuals are pretty good, but that’s just about it. I didn’t like it very much.


  5. I’m not a fan of Hentai by any means, never thought it was worth looking, I mean… it’s porn. But for some odd reason on the site My Anime List, Top Anime page in the OVA section there was a Hentai by the title of “Oni Chichi: Rebuild”. So a few weeks ago I didn’t have anything to write about for my weekly post so I decided to check out the franchise. Guess what. It’s just porn, and a pretty bad one. It was just rape porn. Not really my thing so I ended up giving it a 3 for having some average visuals. Hentai isn’t really my thing, if anything was my thing I’d prefer H manga only because that feels a bit more special. Just my 2 cents.

    -The Time Traveler’s Wife. Great book, read it a while ago though.


    1. I agree with you. I’ve watched quite a few hentai titles, trying to look for good ones but to no avail. I agree that some of them have quite good visuals, but they just leave me disgusted. I don’t even remember the titles for most of them. Oh well.

      I don’t really like hentai manga that well, too. But there are a few doujinshi H manga that are pretty good, especially those based on shounen series.

      Indeed. I read The Time Traveler’s Wife when I was still in high school, and I loved it! Thanks for dropping by! Keep on blogging. Cheers!


  6. I totally agree with not being ashamed 😀 that’s exactly how I started my post for this challenge 😀

    However, in my book it’s always been “Curiosity killed the cat, satisfaction brought him back” (Eugene Gladstone O’Neill) 😀

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