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Day 13:  Anime Character You Are Most Similar To

This is an easy one.  Since watching the anime Bakuman. (バクマン。)I felt an immediate affinity with one of the duo protagonists, Takagi Akito.  I think that he’s the male version of me.

Like him, I’m a writer but not a “natural” one.  We’re confident in our writing, but can be quite envious of those who are able to write “naturally”–those who’re able to craft semi-polished stories just by holding a pen and paper.  I think of myself as a planner, just like Takagi.  We plan what we’re going to write first, to the point of obsessiveness.

Before he writes a manga story, he will study the trends and statistics first.  He’s the “calculating” type versus the “natural genius” type of Nizuma Eiji.  Similarly, I plan, write and schedule my blog posts days, sometimes months, before they’re actually published.  This works quite well for me because my blog can be active even when I’m not online.  I also regularly check my most popular posts, and then write related posts to exploit the interest.

We have another similarity which is our refusal to follow the path our parents wanted us to take.  In the series, Takagi’s father lost his job at a bank.  His mother revealed that she wanted Takagi to become a perfect student to avenge his father’s job loss someday.  Takagi hated this.  He lashed out at her, and shouted that he’s not her tool.  He’s his own person and he will decide his own future.

Although not as dramatic, my mother wanted me to become whatever she thought would earn a lot of money–a doctor, lawyer, accountant, model, etc.  (Sorry, mom!  I love you very, very, very much!)  But I don’t want my main motivation to be for money.  I want to work for something that I love.  So I refused to be influenced by her own desires.  Simply put, I refused to be influenced by other people’s expectations of me.  I followed and am still following my own chosen life path.  Fortunately, most of my family seems quite supportive of me.  But I know that even if they aren’t, I would still follow my own dreams because ultimately, this is my life and I’m the one who’s living it, not them.  In the end, it seems that Takagi’s mom became supportive of Takagi, too.

I think that Takagi and I still have other similarities, but of course, he’s not me and I’m not him.  He may be a fictional character, but I appreciate this sense of affinity with him.  It’s like looking at an imperfect reflection that I can use to inspire and improve myself.

Takagi Akito is the anime character that I’m most similar to.  Who’s yours?

Bakuman Anime at NHK (Japanese)

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  1. “The relationship between the public and the artist is complex and difficult to explain. There is a fine line between using this critical energy creatively and pandering to it.”

    I am very glad that your main motivation is not money! ❤ I had a similar situation with my parents where they wanted me to become a doctor, but I pursued my own path, even though it took a while to switch to a new career!

    I am not sure if I mentioned this before, but here is a lecture by Ray Bradbury on how to improve your writing

    "The artist needs but a roof, a crust of bread, and his easel, and all the rest God gives him in abundance. He must live to paint and not paint to live."

    I wish you luck in your path! May this new year bring you happiness and creativity! 🙂

    As for me, hmm… What anime character I am most similar to? It is hard to answer because of a discrepancy between your idealistic self and your realistic self. Many people have difficulty distinguishing between the two. Thus, keeping in mind this bias, I'd say… it is probably some imperfect amalgam of the characters that I listed among my hypothetical anime wives and husbands. Of course, they are better in some aspects than my real self, but the essence is mostly the same.

    Male: Kurama (Yu-Yu Hakusho; my avi), Jouslain Tytania (Tytania)
    Female: Erin (Kemono no Souja Erin), Nausicaa (Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind), Nakiami (Xam’d Lost Memories)


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    1. Thank you for sharing those inspiring quotes. I think I watched this video before. One of my Literature professors showed it to us in class when I was in my first year, I think. But thanks for reminding me of it again.

      Well, I can’t just imagine myself living the rest of life trying to endure a career that I’m not passionate about. I love my family, but I’m not going to let them decide my life path for me. Besides, they gave birth to a person with her own free will and not a robot that will obey their commands. But I’m very fortunate that they always end up supporting me anyway (well, that’s after I charm them). 😀

      Yes, I can see why you would compare yourself to Kurama from Yu Yu Hakusho.


      1. High-five! (○ゝω・○)ノ゚+.☆
        Cool! You were actually inspired by an anime. Good for you. As for me, I can’t remember why I wanted to become an astronaut, but I do remember how I gave it up. Learning astronomy was awesome, but imagining myself in outer space scared me senseless. Haha!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yep. Now that you’ve said it that way, it’s kind of amazing to know how anime actually had influenced me even during my childhood days. Lol.

        I have another anime recommendation! It’s Space Brothers (Uchuu Kyoudai). It’s very beautiful, and it actually got me thinking “what if I try to become an astronaut?” Realistically enough, it isn’t riskless a life.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I know, right? I think that anime has influenced us fans in a lot of ways in our lives. Especially those of us who are now blogging about it.

        I’ve been recommended that anime before, but I’m not feeling like watching it yet. But I know that I’ll watch it eventually. Yes, I’m always amazed by astronauts. But it’s ok. I’m content with admiring them now, instead of wanting to become one.

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  2. I always stop at my ideas and never put them on paper. Maybe if I had someone pushing me I’d be able to write, but that would mean that I’m like Hiramaru when it comes to Bakuman. Only he runs away from writing, while I have no desire to actually complete my story.

    As for a character I’m most similar to, I’m still going with Zoro and his lack of direction :p

    Liked by 2 people

    1. If you’re like Hiramaru, then you need to get yourself someone like Yoshida-shi. 😀
      Someone who’ll lie & bribe you to force you to finish all your works.

      Ah. Speaking of Zoro’s lack of direction sense, I just finished reading the shoujo manga Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun, and one of the characters there named Yamaguchi Kenji has no sense of direction, too. Reminded me of Zoro. So funny.


  3. YOU “We plan what we’re going to write first … I plan, write and schedule my blog posts days, sometimes months, before they’re actually published.” Yes, very structured and logical.
    ME: Drunk out-of-my-mind.

    Character-most-similar to: I want to say “Kambei” from “Samurai 7” — stoic, heroic and tragic (always defending the losing side), but in actuality I’m more like “Hideki” from “Chobits” (only without the superpowered robot girlfriend).

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  4. Reblogged this on GeekOut South-West and commented:
    A brilliant read for the anime fan in all of us. I think I’m most similar to the anime character “Oyamada Manta”, short but pretty smart – Often seen around some form of tech. Panics sometimes unnecessarily, but gets very excitable too.

    Who are you most like?


  5. A brilliant read for the anime fan in all of us. I think I’m most similar to the anime character “Oyamada Manta”, short but pretty smart – Often seen around some form of tech. Panics sometimes unnecessarily, but gets very excitable too.

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