Killua Zoldyck: From Assassin to Best Friend

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Day 17:  Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character

Who agrees with me when I say that Killua Zoldyck’s characterization is better than HUNTER x HUNTER‘s main protagonist, Gon Freecss?  Like Hisoka, I think that Killua’s character is  more dynamic and interesting compared to Gon’s.  Unlike the honest and straightforward Gon, Killua has undergone a major character development.  Not convinced?  Well, he goes from this. . .

Scary. . .but somewhat cool. . .still scary, though. . . .
Scary. . .but somewhat cool. . .still scary, though. . . .

. . . .to this. . . .

So cute!
Look at that bright smile. So cute!

Alright, alright.  I know that it’s because he meets Gon and becomes his best friend that he has changed so much, but still. . .when you compare the development of all the characters in the series, I think you’ll agree with me that Killua is second on the list (I give first place to Chimera Ant King Meruem).

Although Killua is only my third favourite character in HxH (1 = Hisoka, 2 = Kurapika), I still choose him as my favourite supporting male anime character because of the significance of his role as Gon’s best friend.  He is the anchor that grounds the flighty and careless Gon.  Gon makes a mess, Killua cleans it up.  He either races forward to sweep the path clear of enemies for Gon, or he follows while protecting Gon’s back.

I would love to have someone like Killua as my best friend, too.  I think it would give me an enormous peace of mind to have someone as loyal and as deadly as him for a friend.  I’ll take a rain check on his insane family, though.  All the Zoldycks fascinate me as characters, but I’ll be scared senseless if I have to personally meet them.

Killua Zoldyck of HUNTER x HUNTER is my favourite supporting male anime character.  Who’s yours?

HUNTERxHUNTER (2011) on NTV  (Japanese)

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  1. Oh man it was partly thanks to you Arria that I binge-watched the whole 2011 anime’s 148 episodes in freaking 5 days straight! xD
    Not that I regret it in anyway, on the contrary, I wish there were more to watch tbh 😛 Is it alright if I blame Togashi? I mean I’m no one to judge his laziness because I’m probably even lazier (lol) but seriously, the wait that HxH fans have had (and will have) to go through is truly impressive -_-
    I’m kinda amazed how after all these years and hiatuses the series still has such a large followers base, which all the more says something about its appeal I guess, rightfully so too

    ANYway, back to topic, Killua is absolutely one of my favourite manga/anime characters without a doubt. Aside from his development, Killua’s mischievous side and especially his friendship with Gon are what really attached me to the character tbh. It’s come to the point where I feel PROTECTIVE of these two and they are just too precious and endearing to me lol xD
    And no officer, I mean that in the most possibly innocent way xD
    Which is why it breaks my heart when the boys’ relationship is jeopardised or being put on the line T_T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha! Wow, that’s great. I’m glad that my HxH posts influenced you to watch the 2011 anime adaptation. Don’t worry too much about it. I binge-watch all the time.

      I know what you mean. Sometimes I just want to search for Togashi-sensei and force him to start working on the series regularly. No more LOOOOOONG breaks, please! But at the same time, I also admire that he created such a great series that can captivate fans so much so that they fan “forgive” the long breaks and still follow the series loyally. That’s incredible.

      Indeed, Togashi-sensei did a great job in creating the character of Killua. There’s just “depth” in his character, that you feel attached and protective of him and his friendship with Gon.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it. Keep on watching anime. Cheers!


  2. I think you’ll agree with me that Killua is second on the list (I give first place to Chimera Ant King Meruem).

    Objection! I think Killua deserves the first place. Meruem may be the second or lower on the list.


    1. Hmmm. Fair enough, but I disagree. I still stand my ground on giving first place to Chimera Ant King Meruem when it comes to character development in the series. It seems to me that Meruem had a total 360 degree character development, from being a heartless monster to a “monster” who discovered a speck of his humanity. As for Killua, he was already starting to rebel from his assassin environment since he was a kid.


  3. Hunter x Hunter is simply amazing! It’s my favorite manga/anime next to naruto, I can’t really decide which one is best.
    I think the character building is kinda the same as naruto too. Killua isn’t the main character, gon is and with naruto there’s sasuke which also isn’t the main character yet loved and favoritised a lot more by many than naruto himself. I’m really sad the anime has ended cause it’s on a class of it’s own, I haven’t really seen an anime with music, art and emotion brought as good as hunter x hunter, it must have been an amazing team working on it. I’m really curious to see where the story will go next too. It’s sadly won’t be a while before it restarts because of the author’s back problems but I’m already imagining the possibilities with the story about to happening in the undiscovered parts of the world. It’s hard to believe with it being as great as it already is but I think the best is yet to come with hunter x hunter. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed. High-five!
      And excellent observation. Just like I mentioned in my post, I think that many characters in HxH is better than it’s main protagonist, Gon. But of course, Gon has his own charm, although he’s not on my top 5 list of favourite characters in the series.

      Yes, the anime (2011) is a class on its own. I especially love its background music. I was just discussing this with another blogger. When I watched the epic battle of Netero and Chimera Ant King Meruem, the background music/sfx literally gave me goosebumps.

      Well, I don’t believe that the anime is really the end. Just like you said, the Dark Continent Arc is still ongoing. I’m praying that Togashi-sensei will be able to end the entire series with a bang someday, so fans won’t be disappointed. Then we can hope (and maybe petition, too) for another anime adaptation.


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