True Friendship With Ayane & Chizuru

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Day 18:  Favourite Supporting Female Anime Character(s)

It’s only recently that I got hooked by the Kimi ni Todoke (君に届け) series by mangaka Shiina Karuho (椎名軽穂).  It makes me doki-doki whenever I read/watch it.  Although there are many scenes that make me cringe (from being too cheesy or too annoying), there are many aspects of it that I like.

One of my favourite elements of the series is the strong friendship between the main female protagonist Kuronoma Sawako, or sometimes “Sadako”, with her 2 best friends Yano Ayane and Yoshida Chizuru.

Chizuru (left) & Ayane (right)
Chizuru (left) & Ayane (right)

The relationship between the 3 girls is what I call true friendship.  That’s why I decided that my favourite supporting female anime characters are Chizuru and Ayane.  Why?  Because I would love to have them as my best friends, too.

Chizuru is tomboyish with great athletic skills.  Ayane is a girly-girl who deeply understands the twisted complicated female mind.  They use these strengths to protect their friends.  If they were my best friends, I know that I’ll feel safe and secure with them.  Chizuru would readily beat up anyone who threatens me.  Ayane will use her cunning to make my enemies self-destruct.  I think that the two of them complement each other perfectly.

Sawashiro Miyuki
Sawashiro Miyuki
Sanpei Yuuko
Sanpei Yuuko

I also like how their seiyuu portrayed their characters.  Chizuru is voiced by Sanpei Yuuko (三瓶 由布子), while Ayane is voiced by one of my favourite seiyuu, Sawashiro Miyuki ((沢城 みゆき).  Well done to them!  (whispers:  To be honest, I like their portrayal more than that of the main protagonist Sawako, but this is a secret, alright?  Ssssh!)

What I love about the characters of Chizuru and Ayane is that they truly love and treasure Sawako as their best friend.  They protect and support her no matter what.  They accept her for who she is.  There are no back-stabbings between the 3 of them (yet).  I fervently hope that none will happen as the series goes on.

Chizuru and Ayane from Kimi no Todoke are my favourite supporting female anime characters because I want to have them as my friends.  Who’s yours?

Kimi ni Todoke at NTV (Japanese)
Sanpei Yuuko at AXL ONE (Japanese)
Sawashiro Miyuki at Mausu Promotion (Japanese)

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  1. When I first started watching the series I thought that Ayane and Chizuru were going to be bullies that torment Sawako. Guess that’s what I get for judging people on appearance (just like Sawako’s dad haha.)

    Like you I enjoyed Kimi ni Todoke, although it sometimes makes me cringe. Season one is awesome, but season two and parts of the manga can get so frustrating.


    1. Me, too! The 2 of them just have the appearance of potential bullies. But I’m so glad that they became Sawako’s best friends. And I like how “Kimi no Todoke” focuses a good amount of “screen time” for these 2 characters. Most secondary characters in romance-shoujo series tend to disappear when the main male & female characters finally get together. You know what I mean?

      Oh, well. That’s how it is with romance-shoujo series like this one. There are just too many cheesy scenes that makes us cringe or roll our eyes, but overall, the series is a good one. Have you read the manga before or after you watched the series?


      1. I watched the anime and decided to read the manga after that to see where the story goes. Shota meeting Sawako’s parents was cool, but I’m getting frustrated once more over them getting depressed over kissing.


      2. I see. As for me, I read the manga first before I decided to watch the anime. I’m a fan of most of the seiyuu in the anime, so I think that’s also one of the reason why I watched the anime. Indeed, it’s getting frustrating that they’re getting depressed about being too close. But still I like the innocence of their relationship.


  2. I quite like them as well. In a lot of shoujos, the friends of the main girl tend to disappear once the guy becomes the boyfriend, but not here. Their friendship always remains strong and I love how supportive they are of one another. There’s no jealousy or backstabbing, just friends who act like friends. It’s lovely.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My thoughts exactly! And I also like that the manga is focusing on their love stories, too, and not just the main love story between Sawako & Kazehaya. And what’s more surprising is that I’m not bored with Ayane & Chizuru’s side stories. Usually, shoujo manga starts to sag when they focus on the side stories, but “Kimi ni Todoke” managed to still capture my interest.


  3. For quite a while now I’ve been way more interested in the interaction/relationship between Chizuru & Ryu than the actual main characters. So I’m glad to see you give these girls some love!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, I get what you mean. I think that their love story is more adorable. I think that Ryu is so cute! I have a feeling that the manga will focus on them more in the following chapters. I can’t wait!

      Well, yes. This kind of shoujo series usually annoy me, but I’m actually quite surprised by myself that I ended up liking “Kimi ni Todoke”. Perhaps Chizuru & Ayane are some of the reasons.


    1. I have a feeling that you’ll say that. 😉
      I think it’s also great that the series, especially the manga, focuses on their stories, too, and not just the main love story between Sawako & Kazehaya. I’m actually quite surprised that I ended up liking this series. Have you read the manga?


      1. Oho! Cheesy yet beautiful friendships are always appreciated!

        Yes, I’ve read the manga, though I have put it on-hold for about 2 years already, I think? I’ve been meaning to read the next chapters, but there are heaps of other manga that I read at the same time. It ends up losing to those other manga that I unknowingly prioritize. You see, I’m also random when it comes to picking manga to read! >.<


      2. I see. Well, the manga’s been really good lately. They’re focusing more and more between the love story of Ryu & Chizuru. Ryu’s so cute. Hope you get to resume reading the manga soon.


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