“Arcadia” by Jupiter: A Harsh & Modern Fairy Tale

Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 (4 out of 5 grins)

Last time, I featured a fantastic visual kei power metal band called Jupiter with some flair of the classical and ballad.  This band was recommended to me by music blogger Kevin Pasman of Kevy Metal Blog.  I was impressed by Jupiter’s “Nostalgie”, which sounded like a love letter being sung.

I’m grateful that Kevin has kept in touch, often recommending music that he thought I might like.  He was the first to inform me that Jupiter has a new album titled The History of Genesis.  I highly recommend that you read his insightful review of Jupiter’s new album on his blog.

In his review, he praises the clashing guitars of “Arcadia.”  And I agree with him.  In “Nostalgie”, I couldn’t stress enough how gorgeous everyone in the band are.  Wherein the dark and the seductive are emphasized in “Nostalgie”, it seems to me that they’re aiming for a more traditional “fairy tale” interpretation in “Arcadia”.  See for yourself.

Uploaded by:  YouTube Jupiter Channel

Did you see how gorgeous Zin, the main vocalist, is?  My gosh.  And he’s not the only one.  All of them are gorgeous.  Too gorgeous!  I hate them a little.  I know that I’m focusing a little bit too much on the band members and their beauty, but I won’t apologize.  For more information on the songs in this new album, read Kevin’s review.

Once again, I want to thank Kevin for informing me of yet another set of awesome songs from Jupiter.  Don’t forget to check out his Kevy Metal Blog.

Jupiter Official Website (Japanese & English)

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  1. Being a metal fan they kind of remind me of the technical aspects of Dragonforce (although not quite that fast) with a look that reminds me of a cross between 80’s glam metal bands crossed with Adam and the Ants. Pretty good stuff.


    1. I’m not familiar with Dragonforce nor with Adam and the Ants, so I checked them out on Youtube. Yes, I agree that on the “physical” aspect, Jupiter may be familiar with Adam and the Ants. And holy shit! Dragonforce’s guitars are awesome. Thanks for letting me know about them!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ooh, I can see what you mean. There’s indeed some visual kei-ishness in his style. I apologize again, but I’m not familiar with David Bowie, too. (did a quick google search, though)

        (whispers: Uhm, I think you’d better take an aspirin or two for that headache)


  2. Thank you once again for acknowledging my review, you are too kind in your descriptions, haha! Actually, I just logged in to see if you had posted this and you had already linked me. Thank you very much! Also, I am very pleased to see that you continue to enjoy Jupiter’s music. I keep discovering new Japanese music, but these guys have blown my mind more than any of the others.
    Keep up the great blog and we’ll be in touch!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome, Kevin!
      I like “Arcadia”, but I think that I prefer “Nostalgie”. “Koori no Naka Shoujo” is really good, and I’m thinking of featuring it some time in the future. Well, it’s thanks to you that I discovered this talented band.

      And thanks a bunch! You, too. Keep on blogging. We’ll keep in touch. Cheers!


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