Dear Girl ~Stories~ 44: Giving VS. Receiving

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Title: 女の子って毎日大変だよね…Make UP! (Onna no ko-tte mainichi taihen da yo ne. . .Make UP! / Being a girl is hard everyday, you know. . .Make UP!)
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Rating: 😀 😀 😀 🙂 (3 & 1/2 out of 5 grins)
ATTENTION!!! Important Note: All the translations below are my own (by Arria Cross). All are labelled “rough translation”, as they did not undergo any professional proofreading and/or editing and may lack literal and/or grammatical accuracy.  I did my best, however, to convey the atmosphere and context of the conversations in this radio show.


This is the 44th episode of Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke’s (小野大輔) radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~.  

HiroC: I feel like we’re ikemens today, don’t you think?
OnoD: Yes, super ikemen. You’re also kinda cool.
HiroC: You’re cool, too, Ono-kun.
OnoD: I’m serious.
HiroC: You look cooler than you usually are.
OnoD: You’re hair today is amazingly straight, Kamiya-san.
HiroC: Ahaha! Like a beautiful woman’s, right? Our listeners would probably see what we’re talking about if they log on to our mobile site, but let me say that we’re perfectly dressed up today.
OnoD: That’s right.
HiroC: It’s so weird!
Both: Ahahahaha!

Then HiroC explains why they’re so dressed up. Apparently A&G School has just released its calendar for the year 2008-2009. HiroC says that it was announced at Bunka Housou’s website that HiroC & OnoD as DGS hosts are featured on the October & November months of the calendar.

HiroC: Thank you so much!
OnoD: Thank you!

HiroC adds that the calendar featured only the most popular radio programs from Bunka Housou, so it was extra special for both of them as the hosts of DGS.

HiroC: But I’m just wondering.
OnoD: Hm?
HiroC: We’re featured at the October & November months of the calendar, right? But what if DGS ends before October even comes?
OnoD: There is that possibility.

Well, I know firsthand that that’s not going to happen since DGS is still ongoing even until now. HiroC then announces that they will be regularly doing the 1-Phrase Story Corner again starting this episode. I’m assuming that listeners requested for the corner to be returned, since they suddenly stopped doing it for quite a while now. I’m glad since 1-Phrase Story is one my favourite corners. Then OnoD finally reads this episode’s title:

OnoD: “Being a girl is hard everyday, you know. . .Make UP!”
HiroC: That’s quite true.

Next up is Futsuu Sto (Futsuu Story/Ordinary Story) Corner where they read letters sent by their listeners and discuss them.  But before they read any letters, both hosts introduce themselves with OnoD’s favourite dialogue tag “mosu”.

HiroC: What’s the problem?
OnoD: You just used my “mosu”, right?
HiroC: Because it’s written in my program script.
OnoD: Written? You’re using that reason again.
HiroC: It’s my obligation to read what’s on the script.
OnoD: Obligation, huh? But I would feel better if you told me about it beforehand. . .mosu!
HiroC: I wouldn’t have the time to tell it to you because it’s just written here.

Nakamura Yuuichi
Nakamura Yuuichi

The first letter is from a Nyanko-sembei (Kitty Cracker). She congratulates the two for their performance at an event called D-Fest. She says that she enjoyed the performances of HiroC, OnoD, and Nakamura Yuuichi at the event. She also shares some of her impressions of the 3. She says that OnoD made her go doki-doki because OnoD apparently lost a bit of his temper at the event. She also talks briefly about HiroC & Nakamura. She concludes her letter by saying that since the performance of the DG3 (HiroC, OnoD & Nakamura) was so enjoyable, she wishes that all DG5 members would performe at a live DGS event together.

HiroC: You know, OnoD’s face kept growing darker and darker as he was reading that letter. It was so interesting to watch. (Because his losing of his temper was noticed).
OnoD: Well, yes.
HiroC: Hahaha! Well, it certainly doesn’t sound like a compliment, right?
OnoD: Yes. So it was like that, huh? Eeeeh? And I really did my best at that time.

They talk more about their experiences at that fest, but it didn’t really interest me that much. But all I know is that they seem to have enjoyed the event.

The next letter is from an Onkonomi-san who observes that HiroC and OnoD are appearing together on a then upcoming anime on April that year. It also seems that OnoD will play a sadistic dominant character while HiroC will play the submissive one. How ironic, when in real life, their roles are said to be the exact opposite. Onkonomi-san congratulates the two for these roles and wishes them the best of luck. The 2 discuss their upcoming roles, expressing their excitement.

Afterwards, they read announcements. Finally, they do the Sylph Danwashitsu Corner. HiroC announces that they will be featuring the manga titled Makanai Komusume by Kotani Ataru-sensei.

Makanai Komusume by Kotani Ataru
Makanai Komusume by Kotani Ataru

OnoD: What?
HiroC: It’s from Kotani Ataru-sensei!
OnoD: Kotani Ataru?
HiroC: Yes!
OnoD: Did you just say Kotani Ataru?
HiroC: I did! The Kotani (小谷) from the character for “small” (ko/小) of Ono-kun’s name (小野) and from the character “valley” (tani/谷) of my own name (KamiYA/神谷). And also by chance, we took a character from Nikimura or Nakamura.
OnoD: He was a guest during that time, wasn’t he? So we had to include him by chance.
HiroC: Yes, by chance. We call him Nikimura but we took the character “naka” (中) from his last name Nakamura (中村) to make the name Ataru (あたる/中る) for sensei as her new pen name.
OnoD: That’s amazing, isn’t it?
HiroC: And what’s more amazing is that sensei really used the new pen name that we came up with for her. From the bottom of our hearts. . .
Both: Thank you very much!
HiroC: By the way, what was her previous pen name again?
OnoD: Wasn’t it something like Sajio?
HiroC: Eh? Jizao?
OnoD: Ji. . .Jajiou? Ja. . .
HiroC: Well, whatever.

For clarity, view episode 28 where the same mangaka wrote to DGS and asks the hosts to think up a new pen name for her.  She was still using Sachio as a name during that time.  Incidentally, Nakamura Yuuichi-san was a guest in that episode, so his name was included in the new pen name that HiroC thought up.

They read a short description of what Makanai Komusume is about.  It’s been featured quite a few times in the show before.  Afterwards, they read a letter sent by the mangaka.

From Kotani Ataru-sensei:
I thank you very much for thinking up a new pen name for me on that previous episode. I immediately gloated at everyone at Sylph that I received a new pen name from you. The truth is I only requested a new pen name because I wanted to boast about it at Sylph, but I ended up liking your suggestion very much that I’ve decided to use Kotani Ataru from now on. Yoroshu onegaishimasu. Well then. Valentine’s Day is coming soon, isn’t it? Here in Japan, girls give presents to guys but it seems that it’s quite different abroad. Please share if both of you had any heart-warming experiences of waiting for a Valentine’s present. Please share your experiences of giving or receiving. I want to know all, whether they’re heart-warming or completely absurd.

OnoD: Eh?
HiroC: Did she just say that she’ll go by Kotani Ataru for all time?
OnoD: Eh?
HiroC: She just said that she liked it.
OnoD: She said that “from now on, I’ll use Kotani Ataru”.
HiroC: Ah, is that so?
OnoD: Ara~
HiroC: Ara ara ara ara ara~
OnoD: I think we just changed the life of one writer (mangaka) forever.
HiroC: (to the staff) Tell us what you really think about our suggestion?
(staff laughing)
Both: Is it really alright?
HiroC: How about we examine it once again?
OnoD: Let’s examine it.
HiroC: Well, it’s too late for that anyway. Haha!
OnoD: Well, whatever.
HiroC: Yeah, whatever.
OnoD: It’s good anyway. It’s a good name.
HiroC: It’s a good name! But seriously, I think that it’s a good name.
OnoD: Yes.
HiroC: We’re glad that you liked it.
Both: Thank you very much!

HiroC: Moving on, I hate to say this but I wasn’t really paying attention when you were reading sensei’s letter. What was it about again?
OnoD: Well, it was talking about an upcoming Dear Girl-like occasion. Valentine’s Day!
HiroC: Ah, Valentine’s Day, huh? Was she saying that she wanted to beat the hell out of it? That it was unforgivable?
OnoD: Ahaha. No, she wasn’t saying that.
HiroC: Was she saying that Valentine’s Day is full of bullshit?
OnoD: No, not at all.
HiroC: Ah, so it wasn’t like that, huh?
OnoD: No.
HiroC: So what was she saying?

OnoD explains sensei’s letter to HiroC.

HiroC: So Ono-kun, I’m sure that you have experiences in both giving and receiving Valentine presents. But which–giving or receiving–made a more lasting impression on you?
OnoD: It’s definitely receiving that had a stronger impression on me.
HiroC: Really? For me, it’s giving that made a stronger impression.
OnoD: What did you give?
HiroC: Ah.
OnoD: Something you gave recently. Uhm, even if it’s not recently.
HiroC: Well, it’s just that I think that giving consists a lot more feelings because, of course, you want the receiver to really want what you gave, right.
OnoD: Uh-huh.
HiroC: You’re going to think, “I wonder if they’re happy with what I’m gonna give them.”
OnoD: I was like that when I gave you your Gundam present.
HiroC: Indeed. Because of all these accompanying thoughts why I think that giving gives a more lasting impression.

HiroC shares some of the gifts that he gave. I think that it’s sweet that he admits giving a birthday present to his own mother. He also said that he gave some presents to his colleagues.

HiroC: Haven’t you given any presents, Ono-kun?
OnoD: Hmmm. Recently. . .Oh, didn’t I give a copy of my CD?
HiroC: Oh! Ama-Mosu. (“Mosu” is one of OnoD’s favourite dialogue tag)
OnoD: It’s Amaoto! But for you, I will let Ama-Mosu slide.
(staff laughing in the background)
HiroC: (to the listeners) I received Ama-Mosu from Ono-kun.
OnoD: Ah, yes.
HiroC: What’s the problem?
OnoD: Did you listen to it?
HiroC: (pause) Ah! Yes. I listened to it.
OnoD: (laughs) What’s with the long pause?
HiroC: Ahahaha! It was good, right? That one, you know.
OnoD: Which song are you talking about?
HiroC: You know, that one. The Ama-Moto one. I mean, Amaoto.
OnoD: Ama-Moto?

Finally, they do the 1-Phrase Story Corner, which they haven’t done for a long time.  I’m so happy because this is one of my most favourite corners.  Listeners send a 1-phrase line which the hosts read in, more often than not, naughty tones that it just makes me go doki-doki.  

HiroC: From DG-name, “You probably already forgotten about this Corner”. . .

1. Nante betana (How clichéd)
OnoD: Clichéd, huh? In what kind of situation do you use this line? I already forgot what to do in this corner.
OnoD: “How clichéd”, huh?
HiroC: We haven’t done this corner for a long time. We don’t know how to do it anymore. We haven’t done this for many months. Even the staff completely forgot about it.

They can’t think of any situation in which one utters this particular line.

OnoD: It’s no use. I can’t think of anything!
HiroC: Huh? But we had so many ideas when we were doing this corner before, right?
OnoD: Yes.
HiroC: This is bad. We must do this as a regular corner again.
OnoD: Ahaha!
HiroC: Let’s rehabilitate ourselves. (Get used to the corner again).
OnoD: Yes, let’s rehabilitate.

2. Tashika ni itteru kedo, betsumono da yo. (I certainly said that, but that’s a different thing, you know.)

3. Iwanakya yokatta. (I’m glad I said it).

I just love how they read each of the lines!  My fangirl heart is bursting with happiness.  They make some final announcements before they end the show. OnoD then confirms that next episode will be recorded at HiroC’s house. HiroC sounds resigned about the fact.

I enjoyed this episode.  I’m especially happy that they decided to do the 1-Phrase Story Corner again.  Next episode will be at HiroC’s own home, so I suggest that you look forward to it.  I guarantee that you’ll love it, since I had tons of fun translating it.

I hope that you enjoyed it, as much as I did.  Listen to a recorded copy of this episode below, which was kindly uploaded by dgs2703.  どうもありがとう。

Uploaded by: dgs2703

Enjoyed this episode translation (ET)?  Let me know.  Feel free to leave a message by commenting below or by writing me an e-mail.  Also follow fujinsei, so you’ll be updated with all posts, especially my DGS ETs.  I appreciate all of your comments, questions, and requests.  I’m also looking for a fellow DGS fan who can help translate episodes for more frequent DGS posts.  If you’re interested, contact me.

See you again soon, nee? ー(☆∀☆)/”

Dear Girl ~Stories~ in animelo mix (Japanese)
Sylph Comics  (Japanese)
Kamiya Hiroshi  in Aoni Production (Japanese)
Ono Daisuke in Mausu Promotion (Japanese)


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  1. Iwanakya yokatta means “I shouldn’t have said that/it”, not “I’m glad I said it”. Iirc, they mentioned how they were feeling down after the live show because they said things they regret saying. 🙂


    1. Please excuse me for that mistranslation. I always warn readers at the beginning of my translations that they “may lack literal and/or grammatical accuracy”. Unlike my other non-DGS posts, which I painstakingly edit, my translations are often posted without being proofread or edited. And please read my past DGS announcement stating my mission to fix bad translations starting from ep. 1:

      Thanks for dropping by.


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