Guys Answer Girls’ Love Confessions Through White Day

In exactly a week from now, Japan will be celebrating a special day called White Day on March 14.  The video below claims that White Day is unique to Japan, but a quick web search says that South Korea, China, and Taiwan also celebrate it.  If you’re South Korean, Chinese, or Taiwanese, will you confirm to me whether this is true or not?  Thanks in advance.

You already know that Japan has quite a unique Valentine’s Day with females stressing themselves out to give chocolates to the guys they want to confess their love to.  Well, we can say that White Day is the male counterpart of Valentine’s Day, marked exactly 1 month after it.

I thought that most anime/manga fans are aware of White Day, but I’m quite surprised that there are still many who have no idea this kind of day exists.  The video below does a great job in explaining what White Day is and even briefly reveals its origins.  I thought that I already know everything that there is to know about White Day, but I still learned some new things after watching this video.

I didn’t know that there is a “tradition” indicating that a male should give a present to a female that is at least 3 times the value of the present she gave him on Valentine’s Day.  That’s why more accessories are given as presents in White Day than sweets compared to Valentine’s Day.  How interesting. . .and expensive!

However, when I think about it, White Day is still stressful to females because even if they’re already finished gathering their courage to confess their love by giving chocolates to guys, now they’re stressing about what they will receive from the guys instead.  And if what the video said is correct, then females are not only worrying about whether they’ll get something from the guys, but also whether the guys treasure them enough to give a present that is at least 3 times the value of the chocolates they gave on Valentine’s Day.  Phew!  How stressful!

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Now you know all the basics of White Day.  What do you think about this day?  Do you think you’ll adopt this tradition?

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  1. I really do like the concept of White Day! ^^ The girls make the chocolates/gifts and the boys do the same thing for the girls next month! It’s really cute, I think, but I can understand the stress of returning gifts for the guys can come into play, especially with the economy.

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    1. Indeed. But I that’s the point of these occasions, right? To spend more money so that the sweets & accessories industries earn more. Oh well. It’s sad to see the concept of “love” being overly commercialized, but still it’s a fascinating days. I’m not sure though if I would want to adopt these traditions. How about you?


      1. Ohhh no….
        Feel free to bash my head after reading!!!
        (Read at your own risk!)
        So, firstly many festivals in India contribute to pollution…
        >Holi- festival of colors! Great!!
        It was supposed to be dry colors applied by people on each other’s face! but oh! nowadays, the people are stubborn and so are their colors(Permanent colors which are found to cause skin cancer!)
        >Diwali-festival of lights! Wow!!
        But what about all the loud noise and air pollution. You would be sad to know that there are UNDERAGE kids who unknowingly yield to child-labor by making the firecrackers and selling them!(They also cause accidents and major explosions sometimes, seriously)
        >Ganesh Chaturthi-
        On this day, Hindu people immerse their idols made of Plaster of Paris into rivers polluting them severely! This has given rise to a major problem as POP doesn’t dissolve in water!

        Basically i’m not against these festivals but people need to be aware about mother earth ! India ranks 3rd in pollution
        Sorry Arria if I took too much of your time!
        If you want to know more on this you can give these links a try!
        Indian festival Polluton
        Indian festivals loud and polluted


      2. I see. Well, I, more or less, already know about these pollution issues in India as they’re frequently mentioned when I was still taking an Environmental Science subject and I have some acquaintances from both high school & university with Indian background. They say the same thing.

        It’s just that people outside of India like me often romanticize your “colourful” festivals. But when you think about it, I think people often romanticize festivals/occasions when they’re not living in the country. Take us, for example. We like and often envy Japanese festivals, but I’m sure that they’re not always these magnificent festivals with no problems. We choose to only see the good side of these festivals because we envy them. You know what I mean?

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