Dear Girl ~Stories~ 46: Welcome to the DGS Men’s Maid Cafe at Kamiya House! Moe Moe Kyun Kyun!

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Title: パーティを抜け出そう! (Paati o nukedasou! / Sneak out of the party!)
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Rating: 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 (perfect 5 grins)
ATTENTION!!! Important Note: All the translations below are my own (by Arria Cross). All are labelled “rough translation”, as they did not undergo any professional proofreading and/or editing and may lack literal and/or grammatical accuracy.  I did my best, however, to convey the atmosphere and context of the conversations in this radio show.


As promised, this episode translation (ET) is one of my guaranteed ET’s for you, in celebration of White Day.  If you don’t know anything about White Day, view my post last week titled “Guys Answer Girls’ Love Confessions Through White Day”.  Today’s ET is special in its own way because not only is it a guaranteed White Day ET, but also because it’s HiroC’s belated birthday celebration.  Enjoy!

This is the 46th episode of Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke’s (小野大輔) radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~.  HiroC sounds unhappy and un-energetic as he introduces himself.  Then we learn why.  It’s because DGS has invaded his house again.

HiroC: Why are you in my house again?
OnoD: Continuing from last week, DGS is once again in KAMIYA HOUSE!
HiroC: Ugh, again?
OnoD: We’re broadcasting here from KamiSta, getting in HiroC’s way, recording the show for you. Yay!
Arria: “KamiSta” stands for “Kamiya Studio”, OnoD’s nickname for HiroC’s house.

OnoD explains that they’re at HiroC’s house again to finally celebrate HiroC’s birthday properly, which they forgot to do last episode.  If you remember, DGS invaded HiroC’s house last episode with the intention of throwing a proper birthday celebration for HiroC.  But it didn’t turn out that way.  OnoD got crazy with HiroC’s things that he completely forgot his original purpose of celebrating HiroC’s birthday.

OnoD: Today’s show is about Kamiya Hiroshi’s Birthday REVENGE! (OnoD’s echo sfx) ~revenge~revenge~

HiroC: Fine. But do you have a birthday cake and such for me?
OnoD: I wonder about that. . .
HiroC: I don’t like that suspicious reply.
OnoD: In the meantime, we want HiroC to get out of the house, go somewhere nearby like a park or something–
HiroC: You’re telling me to go out in this cold weather?
OnoD: –while we prepare–
HiroC: No way! YOU go out!
OnoD: –while we prepare the house for the party.
HiroC: Are you serious?
OnoD: Yes. It’s because we have a duty to throw this party for you. (They failed to throw him a proper birthday party for how many weeks since his actual birthday.)
HiroC: Is that so?
OnoD: We’re going to transform your house into the most awesomely happy party room.

OnoD sweet-talks HiroC, talking about his and the DGS staff’s sincerity in properly celebrating HiroC’s birthday once and for all. It’s so sweet. HiroC’s mood lightens a great deal, compared to how he sounded at the beginning of the show.

OnoD: Well then, HiroC, please go out.
HiroC: Fine. I understand. Can you tell me where should I go?
OnoD: Maybe you should take Nyanko-sensei with you.
HiroC: No, Nyanko-sensei is not allowed to go out of the house.
OnoD: Ah, is that so?
HiroC: Just leave him alone, okay?

HiroC gets ready to leave the house, telling him that their suspicious actions is making him nervous. OnoD assures him that everything will alright and fun when he returns.

HiroC: (grumbles) Although it’s MY house, I’m the one who needs to go out?
OnoD: Hurry up and leave already. Right now.
HiroC: Fine! I know already! Nobody’s coming with me?
OnoD: Chanko-Chanko will go with you.
HiroC: Chanko-Chanko?

If you’ll remember, Chanko-Chanko is one of the show’s writers who graduated from A&G Academy.  His real name is Kobayashi Youhei.  He’s the object of many of the hosts’ jokes because he’s overweight.  Poor guy.

HiroC: Well, ittekuru.
OnoD: Itterasshai!
HiroC: Don’t do whatever the hell you want in my house!
OnoD: It’ll be alright. Don’t worry.

HIRO-C SIDE (outside):
HiroC & Chanko-Chanko go out of the house and walk around together. HiroC asks Chanko-Chanko whether he’s hungry and wonders if they should drop by a convenience store and buy some snacks or drinks while waiting for the preparations at his house to finish.

ONO-D SIDE (KamiSta):
Meanwhile, OnoD and the rest of the DGS staff transform HiroC’s house for the party. OnoD announces that they’re transforming HiroC’s house into a maid cafe. What’s more, it seems that OnoD and one of the writers, Suwa-san, will be dressing up as maids.  Kyaaaah!

HIRO-C SIDE (outside):
HiroC and Chanko-Chanko seem to be enjoying their walk together. The background noise is too loud that it’s hard to understand what they’re talking about.

ONO-D SIDE (KamiSta):
OnoD and the DGS staff have completed their preparations. OnoD announces that they’re going to call Kobayashi Chanko-Chanko.

OnoD: You see here, Nyanko-sensei seems super excited.

(calling Chanko-Chanko) Ring! Ring!

OnoD: Hello? Chanko-chan? It’s OnoD on-site. We’re already done with the preparations, so please bring back HiroC here immediately.
Chanko-Chanko: Yes.
OnoD: Yoroshiku~

HiroC returns and stands outside his door.  He sees something.

HiroC: Ahahaha! What the heck is this? (presses the doorbell)

Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

HiroC: Ahaha! Excuse me. Excuse me.
OnoD: (through the intercom) Yes?
HiroC: It’s Kamiya. . .
OnoD: (through the intercom) Ah, yes, yes. HiroC. What’s wrong?
HiroC: I see a weird name plate by my door.
OnoD: (through the intercom) Yes. Please come inside.
HiroC: Is it alright if I read it aloud (for the listeners)?
OnoD: (through the intercom) Uhm, sure.
HiroC: “Men’s Maid Cafe” is written on it.
OnoD: (through the intercom) That’s right.
HiroC: It says “Men’s Maid Cafe”.
OnoD: (through the intercom) Yes. Please come inside now.
HiroC: Fine. (enters the house) Ojamashimasu~ (pause) AHAHAHA!
OnoD (dressed as a maid): Okaerinasaimase ogushujin-sama! Welcome to DGS’s Men’s Maid Cafe!
Arria: (rough trans.) Okaerinasaimase ogushujin-sama = Welcome back, master!
Maid OnoD: Table for one, sir?
HiroC: For two. There are 2 of us.
Maid OnoD: Ah, with Chanko-Chanko?
HiroC: Yes.

Maid OnoD: Okaerinasaimase.
HiroC: Tadaima. Ehehe.
Maid OnoD: What would you like to drink?
HiroC: Eeeh~hehe!
Maid OnoD: Here’s what we have:

Moe Moe Maid Juice (I’m assuming you’re already familiar with “moe moe”)
Kimagure Maid Coffee (Fickle Maid Coffee)
Aijou Tappuri Maid Milk (Love-Filled Maid Milk)
Shiwatto Maid Pepsi (Foaming Maid Pepsi)
Sappari Maid C (Refreshing Maid Vitamin C? Not sure.)

HiroC: I’ll have Shiwatto Maid Pepsi, then.
Maid OnoD: Shiwatto Maid Pepsi ONE~
Maid Suwa: Shiwatto Maid Pepsi ONE~
HiroC: (laughs) I thought that there’s nobody else there. Ah, and that’s my refrigerator you’re using.
Maid OnoD: Sorry about that, master.
HiroC: You’re looking for something that’s not even in there.
Maid OnoD: None, none, none. Master. . .
HiroC: What the heck?
Maid OnoD: We apologize but we ran out of Shiwatto Maid Pepsi.
HiroC: So you have none. So what do you have there?
Maid OnoD: What would you like to have?
HiroC: I’ll have Moe Moe Maid Juice instead, then.
Maid OnoD: Moe Moe Maid Juice ONE~
Maid Suwa: Moe Moe Maid Juice ONE~
HiroC: When you lean over, I can see your underwear, Ono-kun! Ahaha! Isn’t that just a vegetable juice? Aha~ I can see Ono-kun‘s underwear under his dress. Ahahaha!
Maid OnoD: Here is your Moe Moe Maid Juice. Sorry for the wait, master.
HiroC: Thank you. But you see here, this cup. . .isn’t this a measuring cup for rice?
Maid OnoD: Please enjoy your drink.
HiroC: Itadakimasu. (drinks)
Maid OnoD: How do you like it, master?
HiroC: Well, it tastes like a normal vegetable juice. . .well, it’s good.
Maid OnoD: Thank you very much. Would you like some water?
HiroC: Ahaha. Fine, I’ll take water, too.
Maid OnoD: Maid Sui ONE! (sui = water)
Maid Suwa: Maid Sui ONE!
HiroC: Hey, Suwa! What the heck are you laughing at there? I can tell that you’re laughing! Ahahaha!
Maid OnoD: Here is your Maid Sui. Sorry for the wait.
HiroC: This is a dinner bowl, you know?

HiroC tries to drink water from the bowl. Then OnoD gives the “menu” to HiroC, which is the program script. HiroC then does his job and reads the announcements. While HiroC is reading the announcements, he is interrupted by OnoD making loud noises in the kitchen. HiroC then observes that they still have to go through 6-9 pages of script for the show (which I don’t think they did).

OnoD gives seven options for HiroC for maid special services. HiroC requests all options because it’s his special day. They do the special service options one by one. They take photos, and OnoD does various stunts. Maid OnoD then will ask HiroC for 500 yen after every option.  Use your imagination as to what they’re doing based on the sounds that you  hear.

OnoD: Tonight’s Dear Girl ~Stories~ in KAMIYA HOUSE will be ending soon.
HiroC: Ehh?!!
OnoD: How was it, our DGS Men’s Maid Cafe?
HiroC: Is it really ending now?
OnoD: Did you enjoy your birthday celebration today?
HiroC: Is it really ending?
OnoD: Oh, yeah. We almost forgot. Bring out the BIRTHDAY CAKE!

The staff brings out the cake. HiroC blows the candle.

HiroC: Thank you very much for the cake. I’m so happy.
OnoD: Happy Birthday! So how did we do? Did we do a great job for your birthday?
HiroC: This show is just amazing. This show is really–
OnoD: What are your thoughts?
HiroC: Uhm. I was really surprised. Uhm, Ono-kun’s taste for this kind of things have always been good.
OnoD: Yes. That’s my goal.
HiroC: Did you think about all these stuff by yourself?
OnoD: Not at all. All of us joined forces for Kamiya-san’s birthday. So we really hope that our feelings have reached you.
HiroC: Thank you very much.
OnoD: Please eat your cake.
HiroC: Ah, itadakimasu.

HiroC thanks them one more time for their efforts.

HiroC: Hurry up and go home, all of you! Please leave me alone now!

I’m so happy for HiroC. He finally got the proper birthday party that the DGS staff have neglected these past episodes. The Maid Cafe is super funny, but it’s good to hear HiroC so happy and thankful.

From right to left: Suwa Masaru, Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke (blurred)
From right to left:
Suwa Masaru, Kamiya Hiroshi, Ono Daisuke (blurred)

This goes to my most favourite episodes.  Definitely.  It’s hilarious.  I wish that I could see OnoD in his maid outfit during this show.  Even if they didn’t do any of their usual corners today, it’s still an extremely fun episode because of all the stunts OnoD and the DGS staff performed to celebrate HiroC’s birthday, no matter how belated it was.

I hope that you enjoyed it, as much as I did.  Listen to a recorded copy of this episode below, which was kindly uploaded by dgs2703.  どうもありがとう。

Uploaded by: dgs2703

Enjoyed this episode translation (ET)?  Let me know.  Feel free to leave a message by commenting below or by writing me an e-mail.  Also follow fujinsei, so you’ll be updated with all posts, especially my DGS ETs.  I appreciate all of your comments, questions, and requests.  I’m also looking for a fellow DGS fan who can help translate episodes for more frequent DGS posts.  If you’re interested, contact me.

See you again soon, nee? ー(☆∀☆)/”

Dear Girl ~Stories~ in animelo mix (Japanese)
Sylph Comics  (Japanese)
Kamiya Hiroshi  in Aoni Production (Japanese)
Ono Daisuke in Mausu Promotion (Japanese)


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  1. This sounds hilarious and adorable! Thank you for translating. Do you get tired of me thanking you every time? Haha! I just want you to know I appreciate you doing this. 🙂

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    1. Exactly! It was so much fun translating. I was like a lunatic laughing while I was listening to this. I could barely translate it because I was laughing too much! No, I never get tired hearing that. I’m glad that people are enjoying DGS as much as I do, and that my translations are helping fellow DGS fans to get more into the show. All I can say to you is to keep on enjoying the show. Cheers!


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