Dear Girl ~Stories~ 49: DGS Hibiki Manga & DGS Fanbook

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Title: 川口名人 (Kawaguchi-meijin / Master Kawaguchi)
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Rating: 😀 🙂 (1 & 1/2 out of 5 grins)
ATTENTION!!! Important Note: All the translations below are my own (by Arria Cross). All are labelled “rough translation”, as they did not undergo any professional proofreading and/or editing and may lack literal and/or grammatical accuracy.  I did my best, however, to convey the atmosphere and context of the conversations in this radio show.


This is the 49th episode of Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) and Ono Daisuke’s (小野大輔) radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~.  Exciting news for HiroC and OnoD because they have received a manuscript copy of their manga Dear Girl Stories: Hibiki. They discuss it for a few minutes.  They announce that it’ll be released on March 21 (2008).

Dear Girl ~Stories~: Hibiki Manga
Dear Girl ~Stories~: Hibiki Manga

OnoD explains that this Kawaguchi-meijin mentioned in the title made a Gundam model that he gave to Nakamura Yuuichi on his birthday (Feb. 20). HiroC kind of brushes him off, and then immediately returns to the topic of the manga manuscript.

They describe their manga and how their characters are portrayed. HiroC says that the manuscript is about 40 pages long. I read perhaps a couple of chapters of their manga. It’s cute, but it’s not a wow-inducing kind of manga. HiroC’s character is so adorable. I suggest that you read it for yourself and form your own opinions.

They also comment how there are a lot of cats in the manga with OnoD reading their names. Then HiroC, as usual, notices that the names of the cats correspond the other 3 members of DG5:

OnoD: The names of the cats are An-chan and. . .
HiroC: An-chan is cute, right?
OnoD: Gen-kun. . .
HiroC: Gen-kun?
OnoD: And Yuu-kun and. . .
HiroC: Yuu-kun and?
OnoD: Kyan-chan.
HiroC: Kyan-chan?
OnoD: And then there are also Tomo and Kazu.

An-chan & Gen-kun = Angen Youtaka (Yasumoto Hiroki)
Yuu-kun & Kyan-chan = Yuukyan (Nakamura Yuuichi)
Tomo & Kazu = Sugita Tomokazu (so easy to understand)

HiroC: Ah! Aren’t those. . .An and Gen are for Angen. Yuu and Kyan are for Yuukyan. And then the names for Tomokazu are just so straightforward.
OnoD: Ahahaha! It’s so easy to understand. It’s everyone from DG5.
HiroC: Ahhh!

HiroC then wonders whether if it’s alright to base characters in the manga on the other 3 DG5 members without their consent.  Next, he wonders why the girl in the manga is named “Sayaka”. OnoD says that it was probably named after a mannequin that they both know something about. I sense an inside joke between them that I’m not aware of. HiroC asks OnoD if this was the lascivious, sexy Sayaka mannequin. OnoD answers yes.  I have no idea what they’re talking about.  They have never talked about this Sayaka mannequin in the past episodes.

HiroC: Isn’t this the name of the woman you left in Kouchi? (refer to episode 40)
OnoD: No!
(staff laughing in the background)

HiroC continues to tease OnoD about this imaginary Sayaka.  They also make fun of their characters because their manga counterparts are super ikemen. HiroC also observes that his cat-loving character is exaggerated in the manga. They’re super excited about the publication of their manga and asks everyone to please read it.  Afterwards they read some announcements. HiroC plays around again, reading his parts in bored monotones while OnoD reads his in a super seiyuu tone.

Finally, they do the Sylph Danwashitsu Corner, the only corner that they do in this episode, which is kind of sad.  They repeat that the release date of their manga will be on March 21 (2008).  Then HiroC announces that for the Futsuu Story letter, instead of the usual mangaka, for the first time in DGS history, the Sylph Comics Editor-in-Chief sent them a letter instead.

HiroC: What? What the heck?
OnoD: Is it a real Futsuu Story letter?
HiroC: Will this be alright?
OnoD: Scary. This is scary.

OnoD then reads the Editor-in-Chief’s letter.

She thanks them for cooperating with the Sylph Comics Editorial Department in creating DGS manga. Then she says that they’ve also made a DGS fanbook from the interview for the manga (without consent). She justifies this by saying that it’d be good promotion before the buzz around the DGS and HiroC & OnoD dies down. That’s basically the gist of her letter.

HiroC: That letter is almost entirely written for promotional purposes. As expected from the Editor-in-chief!

In the end, HiroC and OnoD “approved” of the fanbook. Then they look at an actual copy of the fanbook. It sounds like they are impressed with it.

HiroC: And then look at this. “DG5 Exclusive Close Interview!”
OnoD: What the heck is this?
Both: Ahahahaha!
HiroC: What the hell is this?
OnoD: What a misleading headline.

They discuss the contents of the fanbook, including the photos that they didn’t expect to be included in it. Then they read some lines in their best seiyuu voice.

I drifted quite a bit, especially at the second half of this episode, because I didn’t find most of their conversations that interesting. They didn’t really do any corner other than Sylph Danwashitsu.

I didn’t find this episode very interesting because most of what they talked about are already old news to me.  That’s why I didn’t translate as much.  I drifted off quite a few times, but I still enjoyed listening to HiroC and OnoD talk, even if I wasn’t particularly interested in what they’re talking about.

I hope that you enjoyed it more than I did.  Listen to a recorded copy of this episode below, which was kindly uploaded by dgs2703.  どうもありがとう。

Uploaded by: dgs2703

Enjoyed this episode translation (ET)?  Let me know.  Feel free to leave a message by commenting below or by writing me an e-mail.  Also follow fujinsei, so you’ll be updated with all posts, especially my DGS ETs.  I appreciate all of your comments, questions, and requests.  I’m also looking for a fellow DGS fan who can help translate episodes for more frequent DGS posts.  If you’re interested, contact me.

See you again soon, nee? ー(☆∀☆)/”

Dear Girl ~Stories~ in animelo mix (Japanese)
Sylph Comics  (Japanese)
Kamiya Hiroshi  in Aoni Production (Japanese)
Ono Daisuke in Mausu Promotion (Japanese)


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