WORLD ORDER’s Awesome Choreographed First Pitch at Japanese Baseball

I found this cool video of Japanese dance troupe WORLD ORDER led by former mixed martial artist Sudo Genki (須藤元気) at one of my favourite blogs Spoon & Tamago.  The video features WORLD ORDER performing a choreographed performance as leader Sudo Genki throws the ceremonial first pitch at a Japanese baseball match.

world-order baseball

Last week Genki Sudo and his dance troupe WORLD ORDER were invited to throw the ceremonial first pitch to kick off the start of Japanese baseball. Sudo is a mixed-martial-artist-turned Buddhist-internet-dancing-sensation that has wowed the world with choreographed robotic moves. For the opening pitch, Sudo decided to borrow a page, or scripture, if you will, from his religious practice and reenact the Senju Kannon, or thousand-armed Buddha.
“Genki Sudo’s Choreographed Thousand-Armed Buddha Pitch”, Spoon & Tamago

Watch the video below.  It’s cool.

Uploaded by:  WORLD ORDER fans

If only they had more time, it would’ve been more awesome if they performed an entire song.  If you haven’t done so yet, I recommend that you check out Spoon & Tamago.  It’s one of my favourite blogs.   Cheers!

WORLD ORDER Official Website (Japanese & English)
Spoon & Tamago Blog (English)

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    1. I know, right? I’m a fan of World Order. Of course. I think that there are many talented Filipino dancers out there. I can’t name one at the moment, though, but I’m sure there are somewhere out there. 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think Japan lost last time (2012) in the Championship game to Cuba, or maybe it was the Dominican Republic. I always root for Japan.

        If you are an expert on Japan Pop Culture you should find out a little more about Japanese Baseball. There was a movie called “Mr. Baseball” which came out in about 1990 which you may like. It starred Tom Selleck. There are a lot of great and funny Japanese cultural moments in the movie. You would not have to like baseball to enjoy it.


      2. Well, I don’t consider myself an “expert” in Japanese Pop Culture. More like an “enthusiast”. I have a passing interest in baseball, but that’s all there is to it. Perhaps I’ll want to learn more about it, but for now, it only gets my attention when something like WORLD ORDER pushes it at the forefront of my attention. Anyway, I’m glad to learn that you’re very interested in Japanese baseball.


  1. Reblogged this on Denny Sinnoh and commented:

    Readers: Once again my thoughts are turning to baseball … baseball.

    I am re-blogging this post from the FUJINSEI blog, written by the always delightful Arria Cross (Denny bows respectfully). Please enjoy her post.

    I know that they are just throwing out the first pitch here … but theoretically a team could try this in a real game, similar to how some teams may implement a “shift” against particular batters who tend to hit the ball to the same place.

    A defense could line up six fielders behind the pitcher to create a distracting multi-armed deity (think Buddhist or Hindu statues). Then put two more fielders in very shallow left and right center.

    The strategy is that the batter would be confused by the multiple arm movements … perhaps even more so if it were unknown which player had the ball.

    If you see this defense at the 2016 World Baseball Classic, remember that you saw it here first


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