On this very day last year, FUJINSEI went live for the first time.  You know what that means?  It’s Fujinsei’s 1st BLOG ANNIVERSARY!!!  Wohoo!!! Yay, yay!

Wow.  It’s only been just one year?  It felt like I’ve been blogging forever.  Okay, that was an exaggeration.  But I can confidently say that I’ve had tons of fun blogging about anime, manga & anything about Japanese culture.  I especially enjoy meeting all of you my fellow awesome anime & manga bloggers.

Special mention to my favourite blogging buddies miharusshi of Anime Vios and Tierra of SeattleKiFujin.  Thanks for the friendship.  I also enjoy discussing things with Denny Sinnoh of Denny Sinnoh’s “Akihabara Starlight” and Matthew of Matt-in-the-Hat.  I also want to mention a new blogger buddy josefcd904 of The Reviewer’s Corner.  I’m looking forward to building more camaraderie with you.  And to the other wonderful bloggers, thank you for connecting with me and keeping me inspired as a blogger with your own posts.  I always look forward to your opinions and recommendations.  Keep on watching anime, reading manga, and blogging about them!  Arigatou, ne?

Anyway, I intend to continue blogging.  I don’t see myself stopping soon, though I’ll still take those periodic breaks to replenish my blogging enthusiasm and motivation.  It saddens me whenever I think back to when I started blogging a year ago, and most of the people that I first connected with have long stopped blogging.  There are also quite a few people who recently shared with me that they’re planning on terminating their blogs soon.  I personally want them to continue blogging, but ultimately it’s their own decision and I respect them for whatever they do.

On the other hand, those people who continually thrive here in the anime/manga blogosphere never fail to encourage and motivate me.  You know who you are.  I’ll say that we’re the SURVIVORS. Thank you  very much for the community you so kindly invited me to join in.  I’m proud to be an anime, manga and Japanese culture blogger like you.

Here’s to another year of fun-filled anime watching, manga reading, and insane ranting. . .I mean blogging.  Once again, thank you very much, folks, for taking this journey with me.  Cheers!

-Arria Cross

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Published by Arria Cross

Blogger at fujinsei.com since 2014. Currently a webnovelist. Check out my work "His Genius is a Superstar".

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  1. Happy 1 year anniversary! Just wanted your opinion on one thing, how exactly do you manage to keep up the motivation to keep on blogging? Its been a little over 2 months since I started mines and at times I feel some intense writers block and nothing I type down seems to really appeal to me. Any thoughts are appreciated.

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    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate it.

      Hmmm. . .I’ll do my best to explain what I do. The first blog post was published in June 1 last year here in my blog, but I spent the entire month of May 2014 writing like a madwoman for a solid 3-months worth of blog posts (June to August). I like writing and scheduling my posts ahead of time. When I feel even the slightest urge to write, I write a ton of blog posts and schedule them. The beauty of scheduling posts is that your blog appears active even when you’re not personally logged in.

      However, when I feel exhausted or burnt-out, I stop completely. I don’t log in and I just take a total break from blogging. Even I don’t know how long these breaks last, but I take them regularly. What these breaks do is they take my mind off from blogging completely and ideas just start pouring in, but even so, I don’t log in. It’s only when I’m brimming with desire to blog again do I log in and start actively blogging.

      I’m a planner, so I have my own blog calendar that I follow to keep track and schedule my posts. But even with this, I dislike pressuring myself to blog regularly. My main philosophy for blogging is to have fun, and if blogging begins to feel like work, I just stop and reevaluate. Every blogger is different, but I hope that sharing some of my blogging habits will help you find your own blogging style. My most important advice for you is to simply HAVE FUN.

      Thanks for dropping by. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

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  2. HAPPY BLOGOVERSARY! I love your blog! I’m so glad you’re going to keep blogging, too! It’s always sad when bloggers disappear and their blogs just…die. It’s like, what happened? I’m glad you’re not planning to disappear. XD Congratulations again! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Jamie. I appreciate it. Indeed, it’s saddening that bloggers just lose their original enthusiasm and motivation for blogging. It’s enjoyable to write about my opinions, but I think that the most fun part of blogging is discussing with other bloggers. So thank you very much! You, too. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

      Liked by 2 people

  3. Man, it’s that time of the year huh? I’m about to hit my 1-year mark, too.

    So… congrats, Arria-chan! You’ve surely made it big and I’m happy to see you having lots of fun in the anime blogging community! 😀 Your blog is a personal inspiration to me, too. It flatters me that you specially think of me as a blogger friend, but I can confidently say the same to you–who’s my first blogging friend. Thanks for the friendship and words of encouragement (you even had to witness my crappy rants). What if we hadn’t met at all? I don’t even want to think that what-if.

    Stay awesome~~ And don’t forget to take a break whenever you feel the need to do so. And come right back with the usual, or even higher, energy 🙂 Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I know. I remember because we started blogging around the same time. How great is that? And here we are, still discussing things.

      Thank you very much, Miha-chan! Part of the reason for having enjoyed blogging this much is meeting fellow bloggers like you who also enjoy watching anime, reading manga, and then ranting, I mean blogging about them.

      Don’t mind them. Rants can be entertaining, too, you know. I know, right? I wonder about that, but anyway, thanks for the friendship, too. I really, really appreciate it.

      You, as well. I hope that you return to blogging soon, but you still have to take care of things in your personal life, so we’ll be waiting here for your active return to blogging. Looking forward to it. Cheers!


      1. Thank you, too! You inspired me to try my hand at translating videos that are suitable content for my blog. Hehe. And it’s really fun spamming, ehem, the comment section by talking a lot here. I hope you wouldn’t mind that even after many years!

        I’m feeling the desire to blog, too! For sure, I’ll write an anniversary post, so that might be a good excuse for a blogging comeback. I also have a topic in mind. The subject may be already well known, but I just want to sort my thoughts on it, which I may best do on my blog.

        By the way, what’s for handaan for this special occasion?

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m glad to hear that. (●´艸`) Indeed, it’s fun to spam, I mean to comment and discuss about anime & manga or just about anything else. Oh, I sure won’t mind that and I sure do hope that we last for many years. But we’ll do it!!!

        That’s great to hear! Looking forward to your anniversary post. And you know what? That’s a great excuse for a blogging comeback. It’s a special occasion, you know? Like the birthday of your baby. Anyway, I’m looking forward to reading your upcoming posts.

        No handaan, really. I’m on a (kind of) strict diet because I have to rebuild my muscles after the injury I got last November. So no feasting for me at this point, although one or two pieces of chocolates is ok. 😉

        How about you? Any special handa for your upcoming blog anniversary?


      3. So you’re on a protein-heavy diet right now? Speaking of protein, I’m addicted to a vegan chocolate drink right now, and it’s supposed to be a rich protein source. No wonder it satiates me easily after chugging a glass of it.

        Hmm, I haven’t really planned any handa for my blog anniversary. I guess, whatever that’s available is okay. Haha


      4. Not high protein diet, more like a high-fibre one. Focusing on burning the flab I got because of months of inactivity during my recovery. Uhm, so it’s technically not rebuilding the muscles but rather burning the flab above it, so the original muscles I had will surface again. I’m not really too happy that I have to go through this, but I’m not allowed to return to doing some intense physical activities until my muscles get strong again. I’m told that I’m prone to injury now, so have to be careful. Anyway, just have to rant a bit about that. So what’s the name of the drink that you’re talking about?

        Well, a virtual celebration is just fine for blog anniversaries, I think. But a 10-year anniversary is a different story. I wonder if I’ll still be blogging at that time. Haha.


      5. Not being able to do intense physical exercises sucks. I hope you find some careful alternative to physical activities, Arria-chan.

        Lemme take a lot at the fridge…

        It’s called Arbonne Essentials Chocolate Protein Shake Mix. We don’t have a blender (binbou desu), so I and mom only drink it like an ordinary chocolate drink. Haha. We got it from a family friend (because they didn’t like how it tastes), so I don’t know how much it actually costs.

        Ten years huh. That kinda seems distant at the moment, I wonder too if I can still communicate with you all like this.


      6. Indeed. It sucks. Oh well. My injury won’t last forever, so I just have to wait until it’s 100% healed completely, then I can start kicking ass again.

        Hmmm. I don’t know that brand. But I just googled it and found that Amazon is selling it It’s kind of expensive compared to other brands that I know. I don’t drink a lot of Shake Mixes, and like your family friend, I’m kind of sensitive and picky about their tastes.

        I know, right? 10 years seems so far away right now, but before we know it, it’ll suddenly come in a flash. Ah, that’s life. Well, I hope that we can still communicate like this, but even if we couldn’t anymore, I think that I’ll be able to look back at these moments with fondness. 🙂


      7. Ack, I looked it up too and it’s friggin’ expensive. If it wasn’t given to us, I doubt we’ll ever get our hands on this product.

        I think it tastes great, especially when I chill it in the fridge before drinking. It tastes like Nestle Chuckie!

        Yeah, to be honest I’m wondering if I can still blog a few months from now because I’m considering unsubscribing from our ISP once the contractual subscription ends.


      8. Maybe it tastes good because it’s expensive? 😀 There are lots of things that are like that. I watched this experiment from a Japanese TV show called “Monitoring”. In that experiment, they ask passersby to taste-test 2 kinds of meat. One meat is super affordable to the point of too cheap, while the other meat is super expensive. The majority of people say that the expensive one is more delicious. However, by the end, it’s revealed that the experiment used exactly the same meat. It’s just the perception of people that is different. But it’s different with you, I guess, because you didn’t know that that Shake Mix is expensive. 😉

        Oh my gosh. How nostalgic! I used to drink that Chuckie stuff. I don’t see that here and I already forgot how it tastes, but I remember that I always wanted to drink it when I was still in the Philippines.

        Aw. That sucks. But no worries. Even if you’re totally offline for a few months, we’re still here so we’ll be awaiting your comeback. Looking forward to that.


  4. For starters Congrats on the one year.On another note it is a little sad that some blogs are not around anymore when you started, I have noticed this trend too with some blogs, it is rather sad. But the ones that stick around are really the survivors. So for that to Congrats on lasting a year and hopefully many more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate it! I agree that it’s saddening that many blogs don’t last for the first 3-5 years. I hope that we hit these milestones. Most of them say that after blogging for a while, they lose their initial enthusiasm and motivation, so they just stop blogging. Anyway, thanks again and I hope that you will, too. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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