Yes, that’s right.  I finally CONQUERED the 30-DAY ANIME CHALLENGE!!!  Oh yeah, oh yeah!  Uh-huh, uh-huh!  Wohoo!  Yay, yay!

I started this challenge in October 6 last year, and I finally finished June 3 this year.  So, uhm, it took me. . .hold on, wait a sec (takes out calculator). . .so it took me 8 freaking months to finish this 30-Day Anime Challenge?!!  Gasp! What the?!!

Hold up your panties!  In my defense, I still blogged regularly about other topics, even though I didn’t do this challenge for 30 days straight.  Besides, Fujinsei prides itself for its variety.  You know, variety is the spice of life and all that stuff?

Anyway, I enjoyed this challenge immensely, even if it took me almost an entire year to complete.  I’m now ready for the next challenge.  Do you know another challenge out there?  If so, please share it with me.

Below is a summary of my 30-Day Anime Challenge results.  Feel free to browse.  I congratulate my fellow bloggers who have finished this challenge, as well.  I also want to cheer for those who are still in the midst of completing it.  Finally, I want to encourage those of you who haven’t tried this challenge yet.  Why don’t you accept this challenge and join in on the fun, too?

Day 1:  Very First Anime You Watched (10:06:14)
Day 2:  Favourite Anime You’ve Watched So Far (10:11:14)
Day 3:  Favourite Male Anime Character Ever (10:15:14)
Day 4:  Favourite Female Anime Character Ever (10:20:14)
Day 5:  Anime You’re Ashamed You Enjoyed (10:25:14)
Day 6:  Anime You Want to See But Haven’t Yet (10:29:14)
Day 7:  Your Anime Crush (11:04:14)
Day 8:  Favourite Anime Couple (11:06:14)
Day 9:  Best Anime Villain (11:10:14)
Day 10:  Favourite Fighter Anime (12:22:14)
Day 11:  Favourite Mech Anime (12:23:14)
Day 12:  Saddest Anime Scene (12:26:14)
Day 13:  Anime Character You  Are Most Similar To (12:27:14)
Day 14:  Anime that Never Gets Old No Matter How Many Times You’ve Rewatched It (12:29:14)
Day 15:  Favourite Animal Sidekick, Pet, or Summoning From Any Anime (12:30:14)
Day 16:  Anime With the Best Animation (01:05:15)
Day 17:  Favourite Supporting Male Anime Character (01:07:15)
Day 18:  Favourite Supporting Female Character (01:10:15)
Day 19:  Most Epic Scene Ever (01:12:15)
Day 20:  Anime Character that Gets on Your Nerves (01:14:15)
Day 21:  Favourite Goofy Anime Character (01:17:15)
Day 22:  Favourite Weapon, Gear, or Armour Used in an Anime (01:21:15)
Day 23:  Favourite Attack Someone Used in an Anime (02:02:15)
Day 24:  Moment that Shocked You the Most in Any Anime (02:11:15)
Day 25:  Saddest Anime Death (02:21:15)
Day 26:  Best Anime Fight (02:25:15)
Day 27:  Most Bad-ass Scene From Any Anime Character (03:18:15)
Day 28:  Favourite Quote From Any Anime Character (04:04:15)
Day 29:  An Anime You Wished was Real (04:29:15)
Day 30:  An Anime You Wished Never Ended and Continued On (06:03:15)

That’s all for today, folks!  Cheers!

-Arria Cross

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    1. Now you know about it. I encourage you to take up this anime challenge, too. It’s fun. Some bloggers did it 30-days straight (more power to them), but I did it in 8 months. 😀
      Anyway, hope that you take up this challenge. Cheers!


    1. Indeed, this 30-Day Anime Challenge was a lot of fun, although it took me quite a long time to actually complete.

      I just checked out the links you shared with me. Whoa. These are hardcore. I’m immediately intimidated. Hmmm. I really have to think about it. It took me 8 months just to complete the 30-Day Anime Challenge, so I don’t think I’ll be able to complete these challenged within this year. Although I’ll consider it if I take it on my own pace.

      Anyway, thanks for sharing them. I’ll seriously think about taking these challenges. So interesting. And best of luck in completing them, too. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I actually took a look at those anime/manga challenges on MAL earlier this year. Knowing myself, I know I can’t really motivate myself to submit to those harsh challenges. I just don’t want that kind of restriction to my choices–which is ironic because it’s meant to widen your anime/manga horizons. Idk. If I were to pick some works outside my comfort zone, I shouldn’t be forced to do it.

        And look at my 30DAC, it’s far from complete!

        So congratulations on finishing this challenge, Arria-chan!

        (whispers: so the trend starter has finally finished the challenge, huh…)


      2. I know, right? Those challenges are extreme. But I think they’re appropriate for some intense anime challenge. Although I agree with you that I don’t like being forced to watch some works outside our comfort zones. Hmmm. But I’m seriously thinking about doing them. My competitive side is awakening, I’m trying to quieten it.

        Hmmm. How about we do them, but then do it on our own pace? Just like we did on the 30-Day Anime Challenge. Ahaha. I have a feeling that if we did that, we won’t be a able to finish those MAL challenges within 3 years! 😀

        Anyway, thanks very much Miha-chan!

        (whispers: Trend-setter? What is she talking about? scratches head)


      3. If Arria-chan wants to do it, why not? Since you’ve completed the 30DAC, you have the freedom to take another challenge. And yes, you can tweak the rules if you want to! Hahaha being pretty random can be fun at times, you know?

        Maybe I’ll watch how your challenge would go and later decide if I want to take it or not. I still have the 30DAC to finish. Haha

        ((Well, of course, you were the one who started this here. I and the others just copied you. Hihi))

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes, I have the freedom to take another challenge, as I’ve finished the last one. But I’m still thinking about it. I think I’ll tweak it and apply my own rules. It won’t be as intense a challenge as this MAL one, but a challenge is a challenge, right? But I’m still thinking about it. 😀

        Besides we both know that any blogging challenge is a big investment, so we shouldn’t just jump ahead without seriously thinking about whether we’ll commit to it until the end.

        (Awww, come on now. Ohohoho. tosses hair while head gets bigger and bigger)


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