7-Minute Miracle: The Swift & Efficient Japanese Train Cleaning Method

Happy Monday, folks!  Today I’m featuring a fascinating piece about shinkansen in Japan.  How do they clean those trains when they have to be punctual all the time?  I came across the answer from one of my favourite blogs, RocketNews24, in a post titled “This is how Japan’s train-cleaning crews clean the Shinkansen in only seven minutes” written by .

. . .it turns out that it takes a highly synchronised team of mega-efficient cleaners only seven minutes to clean each train – since that’s all the time they have! . . .
–evie lund via RocketNews24, “This is how Japan’s train-cleaning crews clean the Shinkansen in only seven minutes” 

Watch the video below and see how they do it.

Uploaded by:  tokyo

Isn’t it awesome?  I want to show this video to all the people in my house, especially my siblings.  I’m hoping that watching the efficiency of the shinkansen cleaning crew will motivate them to clean their own mess, so they don’t have to face the wrath of their elder sister (me) every time they treat the floor like a dumping site.

I hope that you found this “7-Minute Miracle” video as fascinating as I did.  That’s all for today, folks!  Have a great week ahead.  Cheers!

RocketNews24 (English)

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