Fans of the historical reverse harem anime series Hakuouki (薄桜鬼) have debated this question over and over again:  Did Hijikata Toshizou die?

hakuouki season 2

Why the question?  It’s because Season 2 Hakuouki: Hekketsuroku (薄桜鬼 〜碧血録〜) ended rather ambiguously with many fans torn about whether or not Hijikata died at the end.  Hijikata fans want him to live—myself included, of course—but others are less optimistic and say that he definitely died.  Unfortunately, even if I want Hijikata to live, I highly doubt it.  That’s why I think that. . .

YES, Hijikata died.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m already emotionally-attached to his character because. . .(looks around & whispers:  He looks like Sebastian Michaelis of Kuroshitsuji, doesn’t he?)

hijikata of hakuouki vs sebastian of kuroshitsuji

Ahem.  Please excuse me for posting the above image. I know that it doesn’t have anything to do with this post, but I just can’t help myself.  (sigh)

Anyway. . .I don’t want Hijikata to die either, but if you view the anime series in its entirety, you can’t deny that it has been building momentum towards this tragic end.  So here’s my theory and what I think are circumstantial evidence of his death.

1. Hakuouki is based on the real historical Shinsengumi, and Hijikata is based on the historical vice-commander of the group Hijikata Toshizou.
l know that it’s not the most accurate reference to the real historical Shinsengumi and its key figures, plus it added a fantasy element with the Oni and Rasetsu; but nevertheless it got many facts correctly.  So if this is any indication, we can assume that Hijikata died in the end because the real historical Hijikata Toshizou died, just like his real historical comrades whose counterparts in Hakuouki died also.

2.  The series maintain its tragic atmosphere for its entire duration.
I’ll be honest:  this is one of the most depressing series I have ever watched.  Not that I didn’t enjoy it.  On the contrary, I enjoyed immensely, thank you very much.  So many characters that I was emotionally-invested in died.  So many battles that I wanted won were lost.  All of these losses and deaths are a recipe for a tragic ending.  Watching the series feels like walking along a doomed road, so I think that it’s not surprising that Hijikata died in the end.

3.  Hijikata himself admitted that his body already reached its limit.
Hijikata took a big gamble when he drank the Ochimizu to combat the enemy Rasetsu and the Oni who kept on trying to kidnap Chizuru; thus becoming a Rasetsu himself.  As he uses his enhanced strength as a Rasetsu, he burns through his life force faster, shortening his lifespan.  In addition to this, he sustains many injuries during battles, especially during his final fight with Chikage, the strongest Oni.  Even with Chizuru’s blood, it’s obvious that Hijikata has used up most of his life force, so it’s only expected that he’ll die tragically.

hijikata as rasetsu - hakuouki

4.  At the ending, Hijikata’s image joins the image of his dead comrades.
This is the part where many fans disagree with each other and debate whether or not Hijikata really died.  Granted, we have no concrete evidence to show that he really died.  No corpse, no burial.  But we also have no concrete evidence that he lived.  No epilogue where he and Chizuru lived happily.  None.  Just this very ambiguous dream-like image sequence of Hijikata joining his comrades.

For me, it’s clear that Hijikata died, especially when I take all of these points I included in this theory into account.  I know that there are many fans who disagree with me, wanting to believe that Hijikata lives on. . .If that’s the case, great.  I’ll  be more than happy to admit that my theory is wrong but unless I’m proven otherwise, I remain steadfast in my belief that Hijikata died in Hakuouki.

How about you?  If you watched Hakuouki, do you think that Hijikata died in the end?

Hakuouki Official Anime Website (Japanese)

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  1. Hear me out he’s the only one to drink the blood of a real demon soo that could mean his life extends with however much he drinks…. just a thought


  2. If you watch the movies hijikata surivied his battle with kazama and he and chizuru remain togther .

    Aldo there a touching moment were all his fallen friends are seen in the clear blue skies.

    Aldo in the movies saito hajime becomes a fury


  3. Okay, okay I know this was created in 2015 and it’s now 2019, BUT… I have to share what I think after reading everyone’s thoughts on whether or not Hijikata died.

    While there are many points in the ending leading fans to conclude Hijikata died, I think there are also many that contradict that theory.

    For one, we need to remember Sannan-San & Heisuke-San deaths. After their battle against the clan of furies in the castle, both Sannan-san and Heisuke-san reached the end of their life limits and collapsed onto the floor WHILE still in their fury forms. The two did not revert back to human form, but instead died pale and covered in blood. When you comparing their states to Hijikata’s… it’s very different. After defeating Kazama, Hijikata REVERTS back to human form. –If Hijikata were to have been killed by the elixir, wouldn’t he have died in fury form? It wasn’t just Sannan-san and Heisuke-san who died as furies either, anyone killed by the elixir remained in that form when they reached their life limit. Besides reverting back to human form, while Hijikata laid on Chizuru’s lap, he appeared rather untouched and clean. He didn’t seem pale or anything, he just seemed to have been resting… which could mean he was simply unconscious. I mean, he did collapse from exhaustion after his fight with Kazama– so, he probably didn’t die straight after his duel – In conclusion to this first point (I know it’s rambly, I just finished watching so I’m torn), when comparing Hijikata’s conditions to those killed by the elixir, it just doesn’t match up. He reverted back to human form while the others didn’t, and just because he was lying on Chizuru’s lap doesn’t necessarily mean he died. He very well could’ve just been knocked out from the exhaustion of his fight, especially because he was in poor shape beforehand.

    Second, while the entire series was overall gloomy and dark, it was very much a series of character development. So, while the series depicted devasting scenes with many losses of beloved characters, it still demonstrates a change in the way they view life and the Shinsengumi. Take Hijikata, for example. In the beginning, he was very reserved and kept to himself the entire first season. It wasn’t until Chizuru attached herself more and more to him that he became a bit more open to her every so often. It took a very long time for Hijikata to realize his feelings for her, but once he did there was a total shift in his personality which resulted in a change of atmosphere in the series. While it was still of war, loss, and death, it had more meaning to it where Hijikata wasn’t simply prepared to die with the sole intent to meet his true warrior ideals/for the Shinsengumi, but instead he realized that he had something to live for and was no longer carefree about dying; which he admits to Chizuru! So, because of this change in atmosphere in the series, it’s likely that, although many of the characters meet a tragic ending, Hijikata and Chizuru don’t because the series is more focused on how their relationship develops and how their morals on life change for a more united ending– as the majority of the time something is going wrong in the show.

    Third– this one regards the scene in which the original Shinsengumi all appear in the sky while Chizuru gazes up at it. While many of the fallen warriors are shown in that specific scene, there are also characters that weren’t explicitly mentioned dead in there too. For example, Saito-san was there and he wasn’t pronounced dead or anything. I’m sure if he died, the show would’ve shown or mentioned it because he was quite important. Not only that, but it showed the characters in their old attire: blue and white haoris and their long hair. This could imply that Chizuru was envisioning the Shinsengumi the way she remembers them best when they were all still together. So, I wouldn’t say that she was seeing the dead Shinsengumi warriors in heaven, but instead envisioning them the way she best remembers the clan.

    Fourth, when you compare the way Chizuru cries over other characters and Hijikata, there’s a big difference. Chizuru is a very caring character that cries easily when she sees someone in pain and such. If Hijikata had truly died while she was holding him, wouldn’t she of had more of a distressed look — especially because Hijikata would’ve been in pain after his battle with Katama? While Chizuru is indeed crying while holding Hijikata, it’s more relaxed. Almost as though she’s crying over Hijikata nearly losing his life because of her or something. I don’t know, she doesn’t seem overwhelmed or alarmed for me to believe that something tragic has just happened.

    Fifth– of course, the end scene. Right before, it shows Chizuru crying and closing her eyes– but then the scene changes angles and shows Hijikata wiping away Chizuru’s tear. This change in angles in between scenes could indicate a passing of time occurred while she held Hijikata. Whether it was only a few seconds or a few minutes, it could’ve been enough time for Chizuru to disconnect from her reality as she faced towards the cherry blossoms– resulting in her not noticing Hijikata moving. Not only that, but it clearly shows a tear running down her eye and once Hijikata touched her face, the tear was no longer there. If this were the spirit of Hijikata, he probably wouldn’t of have been able to physically remove the tear from Chizuru’s face; not just that, but the show never included the spirits/ghosts of those that have passed.

    Additional points: Besides those four, there are also other hints throughout the series that point towards a more hopeful ending. While Chizuru and Hijikata were gazing at the cherry blossoms, Chizuru mentioned looking at the cherry blossoms the following year. While you can take this as foreshadowing for a not so hopeful ending, I take it as so. This saying could indicate that the two were meant to have a long run together; especially because it was something that kept getting mentioned throughout the series–> from characters telling Chizuru to look after Hijikata, to people wishing Hijikata a long, happy life, to the amount of times the two referenced always being next to each other no matter what; even Kazama told Hijikata was unlike the rest of the furies and he was like a real devil– which remember, he drank Chizuru’s blood, which was once mentioned that if he were to drink real Oni blood, he’d become a real devil!

    Final thoughts: So, those were my main points as to why I believe Hijikata DIDN’T die in the end. I mean, wouldn’t he have died in fury form had he been killed by the elixir? That’s what would’ve killed him if he did end up dying, not the battle wounds from Kazama because he missed vital organs. Not only that, but Hijikata PHYSICALLY wipes a tear away from Chizuru’s face. It’s also very likely he simply passed out from exhaustion after fighting Kazama since he took him on while barely able to walk?! …OK, but what truly gets me is the way he says “Chizuru” at the end. That one word really makes me question the outcome of the series. It sounds like a farewell or a yearning, which makes me wonder if he was calling out to Chizuru from the opposite side. But then again, it could’ve also have been for effect as it was the closing scene. The white flash is also questionable, but it isn’t unlikely for it to also just be for effect.

    **This is my personal outlook on Hakuouki’s finale. This is def one of my favs, and I fell in love with the whole concept of the series; especially seeing how Chizuru and Hijikata’s relationship developed. If you did read this little post somehow, sorry if it’s all jumbly. It’s like 5 a.m here and my brain is fried from how sad and mad I am by the ending that I had to let it all out somewhere, and that’s how I found this little area of the internet 🙂


    1. Replying to myself only to see if someone ever responds to this (I forgot to press the “notify me” button so I’m doing it for this comment)


    2. Ok, I’m with you that even though it is 2019, it is still a relevant topic! I agree with your opinion that he did not die! I also agree with all of your points, and love how you explained them. One of the main reasons I believed he did not die was because he never turned to dust, which was the ending of life for a fury. Him just being on her lap is enough eveidence, because he should have turned to dust in that moment or soon after. I also just had the opportunity to watch the Hakuouki movies (the two latest ones) which are basically a summary of the anime. Though, the Shinsengumi’s characters deaths were different, all of them still died in the end. All of them died EXCEPT Hijikata! Instead him killing Kazame Chikage in their final battle(the only other death in the series that didn’t happen, and I actually preferred that), he simply knocks his sword out of his hand. Kazame ends up wishing HIjikata farewell and telling him to use the time he has left well. It then ends with HIjikata imagining all the Shinsengumi and asking them for forgiveness that he cannot join them because he has to live for Chizuru. With that said, there is also a part int he movie where Hijikata explains to Chiizuru that he thought a warriors life ended on the battlefield, but now he had reason to fight to live. In terms of the character development you mentioned, I believe he had the same idea in the anime. Though he was still fighting to protect his country, I believe he was also fighting to protect his future with Chizuru. That is why I just can’t see the story ending with him dying when he knew he had to save some of his energy for his life with Chizuru.


  4. In the game, the scene where he joins the rest never happens, instead the end credits roll and we get Chizuru/MC with Hijikata watching the cherry blossoms on normal clothing(kimonos( and Chizuru in a womens kimono. She explains to the player how everyone else died (Iba ex.) The two were interacting and Chizuru stated”I want to use the rest of my time by Hijikata’s side”. I don’t believe Hijikata died. By anime ,sure go ahead but in the game it’s way different. The anime has quite a bit of filler or it takes out scenes.


  5. Very late to the comment party here, but awesome article so I just wanted to give my two cents!
    I personally believe the end of the anime doesn’t conclusively say whether he lived or died, or even choose a camp.

    1) The anime is faithful to historical facts, including the death and survival of the Shinsengumi warriors. The only exception is when the characters who are supposed to have died become furies – at least in the case of Hannan and Heisuke. There are two things to be drawn from that.
    a) In the final Shinsengumi shot, at least two of them are alive and will be for many years (Saito and Nagakura both lived past 70, which also means that imo, Saito was captured rather than dying in battle, yay!) So for me it doesn’t at all represent individual death, rather the end of the Shinsengumi ideal: Hijikata took the bullet during the last battle of the war, so while he lies under the cherry tree, the Imperial Army is making his troups surrender to them.
    b) Historically Hijikata is supposed to have died from the gunshot on horseback. He is indeed wounded, but because he is a fury, he makes it (for a time anyway), thus repeating the pattern of “being a fury overrides the historical accuracy of time of death.”

    2) At the end of the episode, Hijikata’s apparition looks dreamlike. It’s problematic that he was shown lying in her lap, then standing up in the next sequence: she should have felt him move, shouldn’t she? So you are justified in believing she is hallucinating.
    However, his hand on her face feels very, very real, not at all like a hallucination, as does the surprise and relief in her eyes. Also, right before that sequence, there is a change of angle on her eyes, almost as if some time had passed between the vision of the Shinsengumi and Hijikata’s apparition. As if she had fallen asleep and was waken up by his hand, but has trouble believing her own eyes.
    Frankly, I think this particular vision is more confusing than interesting, because the clues are contradictory rather than ambiguous. Not showing Hijikata at all and just seeing his hand, then fade to white & his voice, would have made for better ambiguity. But that’s the ending we got, so moving on.

    3) As a fury, and unless pierced through the heart (which he wasn’t), Hijikata, when dying, should have turned to dust. All the spent-up furies do: Hannan, Heisuke, very probably Souji, as attested by the lone sword. It is very possible this happened afterwards, but the fact that it doesn’t happen on screen shows that Hijikata is not yet dead when she cradles him in her lap.

    So for me there are no decisive clues either way. Imo, there are two endings to this movie depending on your tastes and your mood. Both endings would be in keeping with historical verisimilitude and narrative consistency.

    1) Hijikata dying in the arms of the woman who stood by his side through all of it, and whom he learned to appreciate too late, after killing the last demon warrior truly like him and paying his personal debts, while the remains of the world he fought for are being implacably destroyed a few miles away.
    That would fit the tragic atmosphere, and is a solid dramatic and poetic ending.

    2) A wounded Hijikata and Chizuru crawling back to their forces, and learning on the way there are no forces left because they all surrendered. With Kondou’s example in mind, I very much doubt Hijikata would have risked capture, so they hole up somewhere under a false indentity, probably pretending to be husband and wife (which no one here minds, let’s not kid ourselves!) and end up living together for two years or eight (yep, not too long, he’s still ephemeral), before he dies of an advance case of furyness.
    That would be in keeping with the many, many hints made at “Hijikata needs to stretch out his life for as much as he can” and him mostly agreeing by the end: the last part of his character arc is, after all, about redemption and learning to live for something else than the war. It also provides a less dramatic but more pleasing, and (considering the rest of the plot :p) fairly realistic outcome, and is the one chosen by both the game and the movies.

    I personally believe both of these endings are equally valid, equally supported by the anime, and I tend to switch from one to the other when I think back on it, depending on how sappy I am feeling 🙂


  6. I feel a bit weird commenting 2 years after the fact but I just watched this series and loved it. Helluva better way to go out than a gunshot to the lower back really, and similarly with the other characters’ endings. I’m pretty sure a bunch of the shinsengumi guys in the final image didn’t actually die (by 1869) though, so it’s probably not an indicator of who’s dead and who’s not.
    Am tempted to play the game just to see the happier ending but… tens of hours of my life that I cannot spare right now :(.

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  7. Yeah he might have lived in the anime but remember this is a true story anime so he had to die in the anime also chizaru is practically not real it’s the narrator that y only he had feelings for her and she wasn’t so close to them


    1. Yes, the endings are different. The anime was tragic but in the anime, Hijikata lives. It’s quite sweet, actually. Just treat these two differently. The other is tragedy while the other is a happy ending. Thanks for dropping by!


  8. I know that my theory is very juvenile, but I believe that Toshizo Hijikata is alive because I think that the whole point of this anime and life as well is that there is always hope.

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    1. As much as I would like to believe that as a fan, I just can’t because the entire atmosphere of the series starting from s1 has been dark and tragic. But hey, if they make a continuation of the anime and we find out Hijikata is alive, I’m all in. I’ll be cheering. Thank you very much for dropping by and sharing your theory? Keleste.


  9. I haved watch hakuouki and I think that I have to agree with you but even though he might of died or not I wished he spent more time with chizuru and lived happily ever after then died .

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  10. I haved watch hakuouki and I think that I have to agree with you but even though he might of died I wished he spent more time with chizuru.

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    1. Same here. I also wish that I’m wrong and he’s alive and living happily with Chizuru. But the anime is just too tragic all throughout that it’s hard to be optimistic that he’s alive and well. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Cheers!


  11. I don’t think Hijikata died. Remember when Kodo (Chizuru’s Father) said to Sannan that even a human who drank the blood of a pure demon which is Chizuru will also become demon, when Kazama and Hijikata fight, Hijikata’s eyes are not red, it’s yellow. See the difference.


    1. Yes, I noticed that too, but I figured that perhaps it’s the difference of drinking Chizuru’s blood, as no explanations are given in the anime. If he’s alive and well, I would be more than happy to accept that. In fact, I would be delighted. However, events leading to an alive Hijikata would be sort of anti-climactic and will sort of become a deux ex machina ending where he turns up the be alive because he’s the main male protagonist. I would love for him to be alive, but watching the series just doesn’t promote that conclusion. But hey, if he is, excellent.


  12. Actually, I personally think the author didn’t really especified this so viewers can come to their own conclusions and decide if Hijikata died or lived. Thats why we don’t see an epilogue, so that the end is leaved to our own imagination instead of being break apart because of his death and letting us decide whether if Hijikata death makes or don’t makes sense to its conclusion. Well at least this is what I most likely think of it.

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    1. No, it’s not actually specified that Hijikata died that’s why I stated that my theory that he’s alive is based on the “circumstantial” evidence throughout the series. As a fan, I want to remain optimistic but this anime is just too dark and tragic. Anyway, thank you very much for dropping by and commenting. I appreciate it.


  13. Yeah he definitely died in the end.His image joined the vision Chizuru had. But damn, I got to say,I almost jumped up and his wiped her tears while she was looking up at the sky.I was like “OMG MAYBE…MAAAAYYYYBE it’s not as tragic after all! PLEASE! Don’t make it hard on me anymore!” and it showed him being dreamylike and I almost had a breakdown T_T. But I got most hit when Harada died,He was my favorite character.Hijikata was cool and awesome,but Harada is like everything I want in a guy.Nice,considerate,caring,loving.He was the nicest character in the entire anime.I really hoped he would live.More like,I didn’t even expect that he would kind of be the first one from the group to die. But I got to say,this is one of the most depressing and yet enjoyable anime I have ever watched.

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    1. I know, right? I want to believe that Hijikata lived on, but the clues are against this. I know, so many of the characters died. Harada is awesome too, but my favourite will always be Chikage. He’s the antagonist of the series, but I just like him. I don’t think one can hate him all the way. He’s just too charismatic. I actually prefer Chikage over Hijikata. But I agree that Harada is perhaps the nicest character in the anime. He’s a good boy. Indeed, this anime is so depressing that there are a lot of times that it’s so difficult to watch. But I think it’s worth it. The story is good, and the art is really awesome. Plus the guys are hot. Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping by and commenting. I appreciate it. Cheers!


  14. I just finished season 2 and my heart aches after all these deaths. Especially Hijikata death. I’m so connected to these characters that its gives me this pain that I cannot bare. It’s so strange as they are not real but to me it feels like they are

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    1. I know, right? This anime is so depressing with all the deaths, but it’s still beautiful & enjoyable to watch. There’s a chibi version of this anime, more light-hearted if you’re interested in that. And Hijikata is well and alive there. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it. Keep on watching anime. Cheers!


  15. In the original game, Hijikata doesn’t die. In fact, a year later, he and Chizuru have settled in Hakodate in Ezo, and they’re living incognito. In fact, Otori writes to him and tells him to “stay dead.” But I agree with you that for dramatic effect, they killed him off in the anime. Even in the game, Chizuru states in her final monologue that she doesn’t know how long they have together, but she hopes it’s a long time.

    They share a lovely scene where she says he’s always reminded her of cherry blossoms he likens her to the spring moon and invites her to stay and watch the blossoms until the moon rises because the moon and blossoms look good together. ❤ Chizuru muses that even when they two are gone, the cherry blossoms will still be there with the spring moon, and she hopes lovers in the future will still admire the two together.

    So in my mind, the game is the canon Hijikata ending and the anime is the dramatic “demon of the fleeting blossom” ending. I like them both.

    And then they both reincarnate into the Hakuouki SSL (Sweet School Life) TV drama!! hahahahahaha!

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    1. That’s awesome. I don’t play otome games, although there are so many evil temptresses that urge me to join the dark side and play them. I also wish that Hijikata doesn’t die, but with how ambiguous the anime ended, I believe that Hijikata indeed died in the anime. I won’t take offense if I’m proven wrong, though. In fact, I’ll be delighted if I’m wrong. If they end up making another season that continues the anime’s storyline and Hijikata is alive, that would be awesome.


  16. Team Died. Wait, that doesn’t sound right….

    Otome games are addicting, but it’s just like watching an anime or reading a manga. They’re all addicting because they’re so entertaining!

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    1. Ahaha. It doesn’t sound right. I should find a situation where I can use that. . .”Team Died”. Nice one. Thanks!

      It’s so hard to control my passion for anime & manga. It’s a constant struggle. If I add otome games to the mix, I just know that I’d totally tip over to the “dark side”. Just like I said in a previous comment here: Gotta know our limit, play within it.

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  17. I definitely think he died at the end for the same reasons as you mentioned. Actually, it’s the first time I hear that there have been debates over it since for me, at the time, was very obvious that he did die.(I was not really an active part of the anime community at the time and didn’t go back to research on it lol). Even if sad, I was generally happy that they decided to stay loyal to the original game ending too, despite Chizuru ending up with Hijitaka in the end. (In the game, conveniently enough, the man that Chizuru chooses to stay with survives every time.)

    However, if there are still some people that are sad about Hijitaka’s death in the anime series, Studio Deen has released 2 Hakuouki movies: Hakuouki Movie 1: Kyoto Ranbu and Hakuouki Movie 2: Shikon Soukyuu. They are NOT recaps, but complete remasters of the story. Kazama gets most of his route animated, we see more of sickly Okita Souji (as if that wasn’t enough in the series already lol), more bromance and in the end Kazama lives to name Hijitaka “the demon of the fleeting blossom”. Hijitaka also survives.

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    1. Yes, there’s a quite the mixed opinions regarding the ending among people who watched the series. I understand the sentiments of those who want Hijikata to die, but I really think that he did just like you.

      So you played the game? How was it? Did you enjoy it?

      Oh my gosh. I didn’t know about THAT. Are they available right now? Those movies. So are they like original stories outside of the main series? Oh wow. Thanks for the info.

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      1. Yes, I played the game. It’s way better than the anime series, of course, in my opinion. The routes seem to be coherent between them, I affirmed my absolute love and devotion towards Okita Souji ( never cried that much at a game in my life; both bad and good end), the only thing that ticked me off was how Kazama would change personality based on what guy Chizuru chose to get together with: for some reason he dislikes Hijitaka and Saito to the bone (okay, because pride definitely), but he didn’t care about the other guys as much, in Heisuke’s route he is easily teasable too, while in his own route he puts all pride to a side and prefers to act as an observant like the movies decided to do. Overall, though, Hakouki is one of my favorite otome games!

        Yes, they’re available. The first movie came out in 2013 and the second one in 2014. They’re not THAT “original”; it’s the same story of the anime series, but portrayed from other points of views, with better animation, other scenes from the game were animated instead of those initially chosen for the series, some of them were animated slightly different (I can mention the moment when Kazama figures out Chizuru is a demon. In the movies he seems to be able to resonate with her more and bring out her demon self, while in the anime he never did) and only changed some details to make it all more consistent and coherent (especially the deaths coughs)(but whether you like the modifications or not it’s subjective). The anime series, OVAs and movies definitely didn’t manage to grasp the whole epicness that the otome game actually is and it’s understandable; they could never have unless they animated every route and divided the story into “world arcs” like Amnesia (even that was too short and cut down to manage to grasp the epicness that Amnesia game actually is XD).

        haha You’re welcome!

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      2. That’s so interesting. Now I’m itching to play that game, as well. But I must resist. My self-restraint can only hold so much. I just know that if I play the game, I’ll be addicted. In the anime, I actually like Kazama a lot. I wish he had a greater role than shown.

        I’ll hunt for the movies. Thanks again for sharing them. Now I’m very curious. I wonder if I’ll like them better than the regular anime. Can’t wait.

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      3. Awww. I understand. Getting into too many things can be hard to deal with. Have fun! I also adore Kazama! 8D He definitely has a bigger role on Chizuru’s development in the movies! I hope you will enjoy them, so please do let me know about it when you watch them. 🙂

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  18. 100% agree. I think #3 especially does it for me as an in-universe justification. I can see why people might argue otherwise, taken point by point, but that’s not how it works. No cherry picking just for the sake of wishful thinking. It’s probably a stronger story for daring to go there.

    I’m curious, did you play the games at all, or just watch the anime? I didn’t see the second season so I don’t know what all ended up in the “canon”. But in Hijikata’s route in the game, Kazama actually gives him the name Hakuōki (“demon of the fleeting blossom”)—an obvious reference to wabisabi, which is largely about things being beautiful because they are imperfect or short-lived. You could read it as “that’s just Kazama’s interpretation of the situation”, but there are human writers behind this who have a story objective. They probably wouldn’t put in such deep consideration of aesthetic ideals, just to wipe away their work by attributing it to a character whose opinions ultimately don’t matter.


    1. You said it right, Kristin. No cherry picking just for the sake of wishful thinking. It would be awesome if they make another season of this anime and show that Hijikata lived on with Chizuru, but I highly doubt it. And you’re exactly right that Hijikata admitting that he’s already reached his limit is a strong evidence that he’ll die tragically in the end.

      No, I didn’t play the games. I just watched the anime. I don’t play much games, as I’m afraid that I’ll get too addicted to them. Gotta know our limits and play within it. Indeed, I heard about that too. Some of the bloggers here play a lot of otome games and they said that yes, it was Chikage who gave Hijikata the name “Hakuouki”. How about you? Have you played the games?


      1. I most certainly played it. More than I should have. (I could learn something from your . . . restraint.) I just didn’t know if that bit made it into the anime or not—it’s a great feeling in the game, this massive bittersweet relief in addition to the “aha” moment of where the title comes from.

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      2. Ahaha. I just copied the motto of the lotto agency here. 😉

        I vaguely remember that scene. I think it made the anime, but it was very short. I think. Not sure anymore.


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