I already mentioned in previous posts how I’ve been blogging here at Fujinsei for only 1 year, but I’ve been a blogger ever since I was a teenager.  By “blogger”, I mean a personal blogger.  Like most personal bloggers, I don’t get paid for what I do.  I do it for the sheer fun and passion for it.  I blogged at that ancient Friendster, Google’s Blogger, Tumblr, and other blogging platforms.  I even had various blogs here at WordPress, but they didn’t last.  I blogged about different kinds of topic such as books, poetry, films, comedy. . .lots of things including my, ahem, personal life.  (cough cough)  With all of these experiences, I know what’s it like to feel lost in this often vast and extremely diverse blogosphere.

anime - lost and confused

Why Many New Bloggers Have Multiple Blogs At The Same Time

First-time bloggers often create multiple blogs at the same time because perhaps they have many interests, and they don’t want to blog about completely different topics in a single blog.  Sometimes they already have an established community in one blogging platform, but later finds out that another platform offers better tools, accessibility and convenience.  They want to move to the new platform but are anxious about losing the followers they already have from the old one.  As a result, they end up deciding to create a new blog  at the new platform while at the same time maintaining their old blog from their previous platform.  No matter what reason you have for having multiple blogs, unless you have a blogging partner or a member of a blogging team, I don’t recommend it.

Why I Don’t Recommend Having Multiple Blogs

Don’t get me wrong.  I sincerely believe that there are special people in the world who have the ability to successfully maintain more than one blog.  Jamie, one of my blogging buddies, is one of these talented people.  She keeps a personal blog at Through Two Blue Eyes and an anime blog at Jamie Talks Anime.  In addition to these blogs, she’s active in several social media platforms.  Wow.  This girl probably never sleeps or she has eight arms and two brains.  I don’t know.

typing fast-anime gif

More power to Jamie and to other bloggers like her.  But for the rest of us normal bloggers, maintaining multiple blogs at the same time isn’t always possible.  Unless you permanently forsake your entire social life, give up on sleep, or force your parents to birth you an evil twin to blog whenever you’re resting, I don’t think you’ll be able to maintain more than one blog successfully.  By “successfully”, I mean regular blog posts and interaction with other bloggers, plus coming up with fresh blog ideas for discussion.  There’s only so much time that you can spend to do all of these.  Adding another blog will severely cut the time you allotted for blogging and increase your workload exponentially.

Saying all of these, however, I understand that some of you may feel the need to have separate blogs.  So what can you do?

Share the Responsibility


1. Guest Post
Consider submitting a guest post to one or several of your favourite blogs.  There are many out there who welcome guest bloggers.  You just need to take a little time and effort to look for these sites, and of course a little courage to ask them for the opportunity to guest blog.  As a guest blogger, you will have to follow each blog’s guidelines and policies to be accepted, but there are many advantages should your submission get accepted.

One:  your post will be viewed by the blog’s subscribers.  If the blog has a huge following, then all the more reason to guest post.  You don’t have to painstakingly gather the followers all by yourself because they’re already available to you via the blog’s popularity.

Two:  unlike having your own blog, there’s no pressure to post regularly.  You’re just guest blogging, so you can take all the time you need to prepare your submission.  Unless you’re given a deadline by the blog owner, you’re not really obligated to send anything that you’re not ready for.  But I suggest that you write a post (or at least have an outline ready) before you apply to guest post.  In this way, you won’t face the dilemma of figuring out what to write after you’re already accepted as a guest blogger.

Third:  you can associate your name with the blog.  If the blog has already established a strong and loyal following, then it will just benefit you to associate your name with them.  Think about the benefits of putting this on your bio:  “Guest Blogger at <insert popular blog>.  Sounds good, eh?

2. Become a Regular Contributor
l suggest that you try your hand at guest blogging first before you apply for a contributor position in any blog.  Why?  Because by submitting one or two posts first, you can evaluate yourself whether you’re fit to become a regular contributor.  You don’t want to be accepted as a contributor in a blog, and then realize halfway that you’re not able to submit posts regularly.  That would be embarrassing and will just taint your reputation as a blogger.  Just like in guest blogging, you will have to adhere to a blog’s policies and guidelines.  A regular contributor is more pressure than a guest blogger, but less pressure than an administrator of a blog.  Depending on your role as a contributor, you’re only responsible for your own posts versus shouldering the responsibility of maintaining an entire blog.

3. Create Your Own Blogging Team
lf you want to have more power, you can still create your own blog.  The only difference is that you have to gather your own blogging team.  You can be the Administrator and assign different roles to the members of your team.  Unlike a guest blogger and a regular contributor, you have total control on the appearance, content, and direction of the blog.

Some word of caution:  be careful who you trust.  Your blogging team might be on the same page at the start, but remember that you’re still dealing with a group of individuals.  Everyone has a different personality and as the Administrator, you have to deal with that.  I don’t want to sound negative, but if you make the mistake of trusting the wrong people, you’ll find yourself with a lot of knives stabbed on your back.  So be careful!  Make sure you choose the people who you want on your blogging team very carefully.

anime - stabbed in the back

And also, being the leader of your own blogging group is a huge responsibility.  If you don’t have leadership skills or don’t really know how to delegate tasks, I don’t recommend this option to you.

Evaluate Yourself First

Before you decide whether to become a guest blogger or a regular contributor or even the administrator of your own blogging team, always evaluate yourself first.  Unlike being the sole blogger of your own blog, sharing the responsibility means that you have to deal with other people.  If you are not a people person, you may have difficulty with these options.  Analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each option first.

It’s Your Own Choice

Now you know that I personally don’t recommend having more than one blog.  I’m the type of person who likes to focus on one thing, namely this blog, rather than spreading my time and energy between different blogs.  Been there, done that; and now I know that it doesn’t work for me.

Ultimately, it’s your own choice.  If you’re like Jamie who’s able to successfully maintain multiple blogs at once, then good for you.  Go ahead.  Nobody’s stopping you.  But if you’re not sure that you can do it, how about trying one of my 3 alternatives that I enumerated above?  It won’t hurt to try.

No matter what you decide, I wish you the best of luck.  And never forget to enjoy!  I think that’s what matters.  That’s all for today, folks!  Have a great weekend.  Cheers!

-Arria Cross

P.S. Interested in Writing for Fujinsei?

sayonara zetsubou sensei-despair
I don’t actively look for guest bloggers or contributors, but if you’re ever interested in sharing your talents with Fujinsei, I’m always open for inquiries.  View Guest Post/Contributor Guidelines for more information.

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  1. I now maintain 2 blogs. Both are totally different from each other. The original one is about US politics , my school life, or my life in general, and therefore the demographics are different too. My readers don’t even know I’m an anime/manga fan.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good for you. If you’re able to successfully maintain 2 blogs without stretching yourself thin in too many directions, then that’s awesome. Keep it up! Which of the blogs came first? Did you create them at the same time?


      1. Good for you. Well, as long as you’re having fun maintaining 2 blogs, then no problem. I wrote this post because I like focusing on one thing at a time. Everyone of us is different. Anyway, good luck. 🙂


  2. Once again brilliantly great read my friend 🙂
    I have managed two blogs on my own before and was too hard this was a long time ago oh god no way …..
    Keep up your awesome blogging my friend XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Lita. You’re very kind. I know, right? I have done it, as well, that’s why I don’t recommend it now because I know the struggles associated with it. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Exactly. It already takes up time to write for one blog but having another blog will just increase the workload, so I think that sharing the responsibility with other bloggers will lessen the workload.


  3. I probably won’t ever have a multiple blogs just because I’m having enough trouble trying to squeeze all the time out of my day to write for this one. But like you said, if people can do it, then more power to them! Jamie, good lord, who knows how she does it and does it successfully! Thanks for sharing your tips, however. I’ll be considering them.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. And you said you have been blogging since you were a teenager or at least a year. I am amazed. I started blogging in the spring of 2014 and went on a hiatus until the end of the year.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Well, yeah. I’m an adult now (I think?), but I still like blogging. Fujinsei is only a year old, though. Hmmmm. I think we started blogging at our blogs right now roughly at the same time.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Same here, I am adult in college, young adult to be precise haha. That is really interesting. I am hoping to continue blogging for a long time. I also want to enjoy it and without treating as a stressful job.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Thank you very much, Matthew. I’m glad that you find some of my posts helpful. I also love meeting other bloggers like you and having awesome discussions. I just hope that we blog for many more years to come.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Me two Arria 🙂
        You have many interesring topics besides blogging advice. I also enjoy talking about One Piece with you. I want to stay blogging and continue having these discussions. You were probably one of the earliest subscribers whom I considered you a blogging friend.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. Omg thank you so much for your kind words, I’m beyond flattered!! I do wish I had that second brain, though, LOL! I’m not sure how I pull off multi-blogging, other than I cannot live without writing/blogging and I’m passionate about what I write about. XD

    You have some really good warnings in here about the difficulties of multi-blogging–I would definitely recommend keeping to one blog for while, and only starting a second if you feel very passionate it (that is the story of how I started Jamie Talks Anime.) And you made some good warnings to think about before collaborating or starting a shared blog. I like collaborating, though it can be stressful if you don’t think it through beforehand, lol! 😀

    Liked by 3 people

    1. You’re welcome, Jamie. Ahaha. I want that second brain, too! That’s great. There are a lot of people who cannot live without writing, but not all of them are capable of multiple blogging. Myself included.

      Indeed. I’ve experienced trying to maintain multiple blogs before and it just doesn’t work well with me.

      Anyway, keep it up. Good luck to you, Jamie, and I wish you more blogging years to come. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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