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All anime, manga and Japanese culture bloggers welcome.  Please share a link to your blog post that you think I will like.

With life’s hustle, I don’t always have the time nor incentive to visit your blogs and read your posts one by one to find something that interests me.  I also noticed that I’m not getting everyone’s latest posts on my Reader.  Drat.  So if you would be so kind as to just drop me your links, that would be awesome.  Anything about anime, manga and Japanese culture is fine.  I also love ONE PIECE, bishies and cats.

Please limit 1 link per blogger.  My settings will treat you as spam if you exceed the limit per comment.  Oh, and please. . .I want something of substance, alright?  I don’t appreciate reading something wishy-washy—a big, fat time-waster— just so you can count me to increase your blog stats.

Share your link with a brief description of what your post is about.  Thanks for doing this!  Seriously.  It’ll save me so much time and effort.  I wish you an awesome weekend.  Cheers!

-Arria Cross

P.S.  I also encourage you to visit each other’s blogs and meet new bloggers.  The anibloggers in this community are seriously some of the smartest and coolest people that I know of.  You’ll learn a lot by interacting with them, you know!

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27 replies on “[CLOSED] Share Your Links With Me!”

  1. Hey! I’ve been roaming around your blog for awhile and I truly respect what you’re doing here! This is what I think every anime blogger should be doing and just anime fan in general. I’m glad I’m not the only one trying to bring us together and learn from eachother’s perspective all the while we have fun! Thank you! Oh and here’s my link. I’m pretty much trying to do the same thing but I still need time to grow x)


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      1. That’s terrible ! Dx I actually didn’t notice until I randomly went to someone’s actual wp site and found that I hadn’t seen some of their posts like what.?! :/

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      2. Exactly! That’s usually what happens. I’m glad I’m not the only one who experiences this. I love blogging here at WP, but I just got offended when they suggested that I have crappy internet. Oh well. Anyway, it’s still fun to blog, right?

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      3. It is and it’s an excuse to look at people’s sites every now and then xD wp is actually the only blogging site I’ve ever used and I’m pretty satisfied !

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      4. That’s true. Really? Wow. I’ve been to other blogging platforms before but WP is the one that I liked the best, so that’s why I’m using it now. Anyway, hope that we keep on blogging for more years to come. 🙂

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  2. I think you are right about The WP Reader. I though I was missing something. So it is not just me being crazy after all. Sometimes WP Reader does not put up blogs I follow, and I wonder where certain bloggers have been. I don’t know why.

    Computers … a lot like women … unreasonable, illogical and tough to figure out sometimes … … er … um … huh huh.

    Oh yeah, right, a suggested link:

    Your Japan pop culture readers might like my “Pokemon Nicknames” series. Actually, Pokemon Nicknames is not really about Pokemon Nicknames. I use Pokemon Nicknames as a jumping off point for some other observation about popular culture (as if the readers couldn’t figure that out).


    Can my last wish be for three more wishes?

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    1. I know, right? And it’s worse if you’re using the Reader on the App. I sent this issue to the “Help & Support” people but they told me that it must be MY internet connection that is the cause. Huh. Whatever. I love blogging here at WordPress, so I won’t criticize them harshly but I don’t appreciate them assuming that I have crappy internet. Maybe I should try again and get another person to correspond with me.

      Aw, man. Denny. . .half of the world’s population are female. I don’t think it’s wise to declare war against us by calling us unreasonable & illogical. . .and because we’re “unreasonable & illogical”, you might regret calling us unreasonable & illogical.


      1. Ahaha. Don’t worry. I know you were trying to be funny, but I just couldn’t help myself pointing it out to you. I grew up in an estrogen-rich environment and all of the female members of my family and I don’t appreciate any comments that label any female with stereotypes.


  3. My current anime reviews:
    I believe you’ve seen the ones that I have up at the moment, but more will come. The next scheduled is season 1 of Nisekoi.


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