Who is Your Favourite Seiyuu?

I don’t have a  #1 favourite seiyuu, but I admire these talented people:

(in alphabetical order)

Furukawa Toshio (古川 登志夫)
Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷 浩史)
Koyasu Takehito (子安 武人)
Morikubo Showtaro (森久保 祥太郎)
Nakai Kazuya (中井 和哉)
Nakamura Yūichi (中村 悠一)
Namikawa Daisuke (浪川 大輔)
Okamoto Nobuhiko (岡本 信彦)
Ono Daisuke (小野 大輔)
Yamaguchi Kappei (山口 勝平)

Mitsuishi Kotono (三石 琴乃 )
Ōtani Ikue (大谷 育江)
Sakamoto Maaya (坂本 真綾)
Sawashiro Miyuki (沢城 みゆき)
Tanaka Mayumi (田中 真弓)

Of course, there are more seiyuu who I admire but I won’t include all of them in this list because if I do that, then this post would be extremely long.

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  1. My FAVEEEE must be ONO KENSHO(小野 賢章):))) I have been obsessed with him since I watched KnB :)))) But I stilladmire a list of male seiyuus:
    Ryōhei Kimura
    Takuya Eguchi
    Yūki Ono
    Tatsuhisa Suzuki
    Daisuke Ono
    Hiroshi Kamiya
    Kenichi Suzumura

    …( to-be added) :p

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    1. Ooooooooh. Love this list. I like them all, too. Sometimes I watch an anime just because I heard that a favourite seiyuu is voicing a character there. Ahaha. How about female seiyuu? Do you have any favourites?


    1. Ooooh. I should’ve included Romi Park in my above list, as well. Thanks for reminding me. I also like Osaki Nana & Ito Miki, although they’re not my favourites. Any male seiyuu that you like?

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  2. Awesome list, and I see some of the other comments have great picks as well. Surprised no one has mentioned Mizuki Nana yet though. I like her voice, but I wouldn’t put her as one of my favorites. Wonder if it’s the same for others.

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  3. My favorite voice actress would be Mamiko Noto since her voice is really breathy and cute and nice; she delivers quite something for me that words cannot describe.

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  4. My personal favorite seiyuu would have to be Eri Kitamura (喜多村英梨). I think she has a great voice, whether for singing or voice-overs. She also voiced one of my favorite characters of all of anime, Sayaka Miki from Madoka☆Magica (And seemingly on cue, a Connect comes up on shuffle as I typed that sentence :P). Plus, I feel like she’s popping up everywhere whenever I look up seiyuu for whatever reason. Off the top of my head, I know she had roles in both So•ra•no•wo•to (forget character’s name… sry) and Angel Beats! (Yui).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Although Kitamura Eri is not a favourite of mine, I agree that she’s really good. And you made a good point. There are seiyuu who have great acting voices, but not too great singining voices. Ahem, Kamiya Hiroshi, ahem ahem.


  5. I dont have a favorite either but i also have a few i like. I like nakai kazuya from your list too. I can literally recognize his voice in an character i hear while watching anime. The other i especially like is mamoru miyano

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    1. Exactly! Nakai Kazuya has one of the most distinct voices in the industry. He’s not the most versatile seiyuu, but man, I just love his deep voice oozing with masculinity. Miyano Mamoru is great, too. He’s not at the top of my list, but I like his personality. He’s very funny.


      1. I’ve seen Mamoru talk in a show once and he does seem very funny even though it wasn’t subbed so I didn’t understand much. What makes him a favourite is because I can’t distinguish his voices from the characters he voices, he voices many characters I love and his singing voice is just amazing. My favourite song is co-sung by him.
        Me too, I love how you can distinguish Nakai’s masculine voice in a character.

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      2. That’s true. There are many seiyuu who also sing, although they’re not really that good. Miyano Mamoru is one of those rare few who is good in acting and singing, as well. I really like Kamiya Hiroshi’s voice when he’s acting, but I’m not too fond of his singing voice, although I like listening to his songs just because I’m a fan. And Miyano also has a radio show aired right after Kamiya & Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl Stories. I don’t listen to it but I know many who does.


      3. Unfortunately, no. I haven’t watched UtaPri yet. Watched the first episode and I cringed. I’m still bracing my heart and trying to watch it for the sake of the hot guys, like when I watched “Diabolik Lovers” and “Amnesia”. I need some time to gather enough motivation. Hahaha. Did you like it?


      4. Really? I didn’t expect that. Oh well. Hmmmm. Okay, I’ll try watching it again. Unfortunately, I’m on a shounen phase right now where I only watch shounen series. I’ll wait when I get into a reverse harem phase, then it’ll be UtaPri as the priority. Isn’t Miyano Mamoru in that anime?


      1. Her name escapes me at the moment, but Rikka from Chunibyo had a cute voice. I also enjoyed the performances the actresses for Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica), Manaka (Nagi-Asu), and Rin and Saber (Fate). I realize that they all have different actresses (I think) but even though I’m terrible with names, I do like what I hear 🙂

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  6. Male:
    1. Nakamura Yuichi
    2. Kamiya Hiroshi
    3. Uchiyama Kouki
    4. Shimono Hiro
    5. Tomokazu Sugita

    1. HanaKana
    2. KitaEri
    3. Tamura Yukarin
    4. Inoue Marina
    5. Taketatsu Ayana
    6. Yuki Aoi
    7. Uchiyama Yumi
    8. Sarah Emi Bridcutt
    9. Uchida Maaya
    10. Tomatsu Haruka

    Too many to list

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  7. Oh wow how to narrow them all down to a list.. lol

    Off the top of my head, based on both potential and talent, right now there are:
    (m): NamiDai, Kamiyan, OnoD, Suzuken, Pikorin Okamoto, Sugitan, Tattsun; Veterans Morimori, Ishida Akira; Newcomers Ishikawa Kaito, Saito Souma, Uchiyama Kouki

    (f): Sawashiro Miyuki, Kugimiya Rie, Kobayashi Yuu, Nakahara Mai, Tamura Yukari

    There are loads more of seiyuus who have impressed me with at least one of their roles, so listing them all here would probably be insensible lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know what you mean. There are so many great seiyuu that I admire that listing them all would be like writing an academic-length paper. And we have similar tastes! I also like all the people that you listed here. High-five! Although I can’t help but notice that like me, you listed more male seiyuu than female ones. 😉


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