Dear DGS Douchebags: Welcome to My Blog!

Warning:  This post contains words and an image not suitable for young children.

Dear Girl ~Stories~ is the #1 most searched for topic here at Fujinsei.  My DGS translations are some of the all-time most popular posts in my blog.  Given that I started translating DGS as a means of amusing myself, I am in a state of amazed disbelief at this turn of events.

Connecting with Fellow Fans from all Over the World

natsu blushing - fairy tail

All of a sudden, people from other countries I’ve never been to before, speaking in different languages, are reaching out to me and sending their thanks and appreciation for translating DGS.  I am SHOCKED!  Some of them even don’t speak a lot of English and have to use an online translator to read my posts and even to communicate with me.  How amazing is that?!  I’ve connected and even became online friends with some of these people all because we happen to love DGS.

It seems that I’ve hit some kind of a niche blogging jackpot by translating this Japanese radio show.  I still have a long way to go to catch up to the currently airing episodes, but I will do my best.  Receiving grateful e-mails and blog comments from fellow DGS fans never fails to make me happy.  Unfortunately, not all DGS messages that I receive are positive.


I also receive a few complaints and criticisms, mainly about the frequency (or lack thereof) of my DGS posting schedule and the (poor) quality of my translations.

I am NOT a Professional Translator and I Never Claimed to be One

Let me get this straight once and for all.  I never—NEVER—claimed to be a professional translator, neither did I ever claim that my translations are perfect.  If you just use your eyes properly and read my disclaimer near the top of all of my translations, I’m sure you’ll see the following text in RED, bold and italicized letters.

ATTENTION!!! Important Note: All episode translations in this blog are my own (by Arria Cross). All are labelled “rough translation”, as they did not undergo any professional proofreading and/or editing and may lack literal and/or grammatical accuracy. 

If You Don’t Like My Translations, Either Look for Other Ones or Do Your Own Translations.  Simple!

Don’t get me wrong.  I welcome constructive criticisms, but if all you do is criticize just for the heck of it, by all means, get your rude butt out of my blog and look for other DGS translations.  I don’t need toxic and selfish people like  you.  If you’re so proficient in Japanese that you feel entitled to criticize MY translations, why don’t YOU translate this radio show yourself, eh?  And if you’re so proficient in Japanese, I’m sure you don’t even need MY translations.  Why do you even bother to read MY translations, huh?  You’ll be more useful if you offer to be a co-translator with me rather than acting like some pompous, self-proclaimed know-it-all who thinks that rude means helpful.

anime girl - middle finger

I don’t want to blindly accuse anyone without proof, but I hope with all my heart that you douchebags are not the same bastards who copied and sent some of my translations to file-sharing websites without my permission.  If so, it’s beyond rude.  It’s disgusting.

Translating DGS is one of my joys, yet it’s only a hobby, not an occupation.  That’s why I let you read them for FREE.  But free doesn’t give you the right to be rude a-holes to me.  And how about you read this post where I admit that my translations are “horrid”?  So you can now shut your traps.

Rant Finally Over

Well, anyway, I feel so much better now that I got all of these out of my chest.  To my other subscribers, my apologies for my crass words.  I actually didn’t want to write this post, but I’ve had enough of those unhelpful douchebags who think they’re so high and mighty.

Thank You, Nice People

To my other super nice, gracious, and fabulous fellow DGS fans, let me express my appreciation for your thoughtful messages of thanks and constant support for my work as a DGS fan translator.  Feel free to e-mail me or tweet to me anytime you need someone to talk to about DGS.  Just remember to be nice, and you’ll find me one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet in your life.  Be a rude douchebag, and you’ll encounter a nasty b*tch out for your blood.  You’ve been warned. 😉

lucy heartfilia-heart sign

That’s all for today, folks!  Cheers!


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51 thoughts on “Dear DGS Douchebags: Welcome to My Blog!”

  1. Well, I wanted to post some short translations about Johnny’s birthday party. Particularly about the JE guys’ reactions to Nino’s wink on TV, which they all watched during that party. XD I haven’t seen anyone posting about it yet on Tumblr, though that might also be because I didn’t really browse through the Arashi tag, hahaha. I published those posts last week, actually. 🙂 I’m loving people’s reactions about it!

    Abunai Yakai is a talk show hosted by Sho and Ariyoshi. Usually it features videos of the guests’ night out, but the show’s format seems to be different lately.

    It is pretty cute hearing couples shyly say “I love you” to each other again on Monitoring. 🙂

    Well, the PoT otome games do have tennis mini-games every once in a while, maybe that’s why it also classified as a sports game? XD The guy you’ll approach will invite you to practice tennis with him, and cheer for you in the background as you play. It’s pretty funny. XD

    I do remember trying some random episodes of the Starry Sky anime, and it was pretty weird and disappointing. The games were definitely better!

    Sorry for the late reply!

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    1. No worries about the late reply. I’m late with this reply too anyway, aren’t I? XD
      I’ve just been so exhausted just before my holiday break. I’ve been resting ever since but of course I couldn’t have quality rest with Christmas preparations and all. Still exhausted but at least I’m not too stressed anymore. How about you, how’s the holiday season for you?

      I haven’t read much blog posts lately. So I really don’t know about Nino’s wink and all. Sorry. But sounds interesting. Do you connect with a lot of other Arashi fans on the web?

      Oh I see. Ahaha. Maybe that’s why they were classified as sports game. It’s kind of misleading, though.

      I won’t be able to reply to your comments on my DGS translations for a while. I’ve seen the notifications but I just don’t have the energy to rectify them yet. I’ll get to them eventually but thanks.

      I hope that you’re doing well and that you’re having a great holiday break. Cheers!


      1. A belated Merry Christmas to you too! I have been a bit busy at work at the start of December, and then there’s all those Christmas parties as Christmas drew closer. Now that that’s over, I can just lie around for the next few days. I think I caught someone else’s cold in the party last Christmas eve, ’cause now my nose is all runny. ;_;

        I’m pretty behind on my watch list too. it doesn’t help that Nino’s suddenly promoting various movies and drama specials lately, so he’s been appearing in so many programs. I wonder if I ever will get around to watching them, lol.

        I can’t say I interact with a lot of Arashi fans. Just a few, I guess. Tumblr’s not really ideal for interaction, but it’s still pretty fun posting and seeing the comments and tags people put when they reblog. I’m actually part of an Arashi forum too, though there haven’t been much new posts there lately.

        It’s alright. I figured you were busy. 🙂 Speaking of which, I’m too lazy to make a full-fledged post for DGS, but if you want a quick proofreader, I’m willing to help! I did try to write a post for the 83rd episode of DGS, but it ended up being more of a summary, unlike the more detailed posts you do. Maybe I’ll just post it on my Tumblr, haha.

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      2. I know, right? It’s just one party after another. I personally had to decline some since I caught a bit of the sniffles like you. Not that serious, though, since I immediately tried to counterattack it with lots of fluids, salt gargles, and vitamin C. I’m still not feeling 100% well but at least I’m not too ill. I hope that you get well soon.

        That’s so interesting. How about the other Arashi members? Are they also as busy as Nino?

        I see. I don’t really know much about Tumblr since I don’t use it, but it seems that it’s different from WordPress if you’re saying that it’s not that ideal for interaction. I’m just curious because most of the people I interact online who are fan of Asian boybands are more into K-pop rather than J-Pop, so I don’t encounter that much fans like you. Maybe it’s because I don’t actively look for them because I specialize more on anime and manga rather than celebs and variety shows.

        I really want to make my DGS translations as detailed as I can. It’ll take me longer, but it’s worth it I guess because it makes me more satisfied. I’m still on break from translating so I guess you can just continue what you’re doing. I don’t always have the time nor the energy to follow your corrections, but I will get to them eventually. I still don’t want to spend too much time translating an episode so I guarantee that I’ll make more mistakes especially since I don’t wear earphones when I translate so I mishear stuff a lot and I never proofread or edit. I did receive quite a few worried e-mails from people wondering if I stopped translating DGS, but I still don’t have the energy to reassure them that I’m just on break. Oh well. They’ll get over it.


  2. Yes, finally! It took me a while to set up my WP again, since I couldn’t even remember what my username was, and then had to figure out how to change it. Not really planning to blog again though, since I know won’t be able to update it regularly. I’ll just stick to reblogging, and occasionally microblogging on Tumblr. There are a couple of posts I want to do right now, actually, but I haven’t mustered up the energy to start on it yet. XD

    Yeah, I think it was in Abunai Yakai that Daigo’s songwriting didn’t go so well. XD Ohh, I know that segment! There was that one time that the wife got really annoyed at her husband for waking her up, right? XD I don’t really watch the corners they do for 24 hour TV either, except for Darts no Tabi. That one’s always fun to watch.

    Damn, it was in 2013? I’ll probably end up watching it earlier than I planned, lol. Thanks for the link! I’ll check it out later.

    Ah, Kame, eh? I’ll never forget his performance for his solo called “1582”. He looked so feminine, flying around the dome in a kimono. XD

    But you can actually interact with these hot 2D guys instead of just watching them on the screen, you know! 😉 Hahaha, oh well. At least I tried. XD

    LMAO, you found the otome games while searching for sports games? That’s hilarious! I don’t play games anymore; I just watch Let’s Plays nowadays. I find it much more fun when there’s someone else commentating as they play. It’s even more fun to watch Let’s Plays on Niconico Douga, since I can read everyone else’s reaction as the game progresses. Back in 2011-2012, I did play a number of otome games, starting from a fanmade otome game for KHR, then a fanmade KHR slash game, and then the first 4 Starry Sky games. Oh man, they sure used a lot of famous voice actors for SS! I ended up listening to a couple of the drama cds too, even though I had no interest in stars at all. XD

    Thank you! I know! I’ve translated more than 10 volumes of this series. It’s surreal, realizing it’s almost over now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I see. Well, it’s better not to force oneself when it comes to blogging, especially for personal bloggers like us. For me, enjoyment is a priority when it comes to blogging. That’s why I’m blogging in the first place, to enjoy and amuse myself. Whenever I stop having fun, I just take a break. Anyway, what’s those posts that you were wanting to write about?

      Abunai Yakai? Is that a variety show? I don’t know that. Ahaha! Yes, I watched that scene. I felt awkward just watching it and I felt sorry for the husband. But for most of the husbands and wives, it was adorable because many of the wives actually said “aishiteru” so they were great.

      Yes, it was in 2013. Watch it when you get the chance. I think it’s the best event they have so far, at least from the ones that I have previously seen.

      I’m not completely rejecting the idea of playing otome games, but just not right now. Ahaha! I’ve been wanting to for a long time now. Someday. We’ll see. But thanks for trying. 😉

      I know, right? It was so weird. I know that PoT is originally a sports series, but perhaps the shopping website I was browsing through during that time didn’t research the nature of the game enough and categorized it in sports anime instead of otoge.

      I don’t really know those games, sorry. But I know Starry Sky has been adapted to anime. It was horrible, though. Ahem, ahem. The guys are hot, but the story bored me. But from what you’re telling me, it seems that the games are awesome. If that’s the case, they should’ve done a better job with the anime. Sigh.

      No problem! That’s quite a feat. Congrats again!


  3. Oh, I love the school infiltration ones too! Especially when other celebs try it too! A memorable episode was when Daigo tried it, and totally froze at the back of the room in the first few minutes of the corner because he was at a lost on what to do as a music teacher. XD He pulled together in the end, and even showed his jawdropping piano skills along the way.

    I think I saw a short clip of the aftermath of Fujimon and Yukkina’s prank once. XD Poor Haruna. I don’t think I know any of the other shows Harisenbon are regulars in, aside from Tensai Shimura Doubutsuen.

    I haven’t seen any of the events or movies yet! Although they are one reason why I picked up DGS. After all, if it was popular enough to have stuff like that, the radio show must’ve been really good, right? Looking forward to watching those clips though!

    Hmm, I’ve been an Arashi fan since 2008, I guess? My favorite(s) is Sho and Nino. I didn’t follow them as much in 2013-2014, but I did get really into them again this year in time for the Hawaii concert DVD. Then there was the Digitalian DVD a month later, and OMG, the lighting and other effects were amazing! It made their older concerts pale in comparison. I rewatched their concert in 2007 recently, and it seemed so bare and simple after watching Digitalian!

    I was a big fan of KAT-TUN too, for a short time, and loved their 2007 and 2008 concerts. Kinda loss interest in them after Jin decided to go solo. I feel so sorry for them, now that they have another member quitting. I don’t think they’ll ever recover from it.

    I was also a fan of HSJ, back when they first started. Chinen was just the cutest thing back then! I loved how everyone kept on carrying him around in their PV makings. XD JE’s really pushing for them this year, but tbh they probably aren’t ready yet. Many of its members haven’t quite found their own niche yet, so sometimes it seems like they’re trying too hard to act a certain way, if that makes sense.

    Sports anime are pretty nice, once you get into them! Speaking of which, I did notice that you had a tag for Prince of Tennis in your blog. Have you played (or watched Let’s Plays of) any of its otome games, by any chance?

    As for other manga translation, our group will be scanlating other manga made by the mangaka of SD. After that, I might just stop. We orginally created the team just for SD, so we might shut the group down after working on sensei’s other works.

    (I apologize for this very long comment btw. >_<)

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    1. No, don’t apologize. I enjoy reading what you have to say since it feels like bonding time with a fellow fangirl. 😉

      Oh my gosh! I watched that episode with Daigo. He was so awesome. What impressed me the most was when he asked the students for random phrases, wrote them on the blackboard, and then used them as lyrics to an impromptu song. That was awesome. Really shows how talented he is. And the song was pretty good, too. The people at the studio looked impressed, too.

      I hope that you get your hands on copies of some of the DGS live events and the movies, too. Festival Carnival Matsuri was held at Budoukan which was impressive in itself, but what’s more impressive is that a “humble” radio show like DGS had a sold-out event there. I wrote a post about it because it was literally a history-maker.

      I’m not familiar with those Arashi concerts, but I think I watched one where MatsuJun sang a solo titled “Familia”. It was a long time ago, I think.

      Ah, yes. I know about that. Jin is pursuing a solo career in the U.S., right? Hmmm. Well, I think that KAT-TUN members are popular individually, even if they don’t do group stuff anymore, what with members quitting and all.

      I’m not familiar with HSJ. Will have to check them out. Thanks for the info!

      Oh my gosh! Noooo! Away, temptress! I’ve been resisting for YEEEAAAARS against playing any otome games, even if I really want to. It’s just that I know myself and I’ll become easily addicted to games like this. I can’t afford to become a vampiric hermit locking myself in my bedroom to play the games every minute of the day. Well, yes. I heard about the PoT otome games, which I think are quite funny, given that it’s a sports anime and marketing itself in the shoujo genre with its games.

      I see. Do you know when you’re going to officially finish translating SD? Aw. That sounds sad, if you end up shutting down the group after this manga.


      1. Ah, that’s good! I was already feeling guilty since our chat has nothing to do with your blog post now, hahaha.

        Yes, Daigo’s song composition was awesome! I think impromptu compositions might be a hit or miss for him, ’cause I remember him trying to write a song in another show and it completely flopped, hahah. Speaking of Daigo, I was really moved when I saw screenshots of him finishing the 24 hour TV marathon this year. ;_;

        When was Festival Carnival Matsuri held? 🙂 And how many people can Budoukan hold, anyway?

        I’m not sure if Jin is still in the US. I didn’t really follow him after he went solo, and heard even less news from him when he left JE. I dunno. I think Kame’s the only one that’s really popular, I think? Nakamaru and Ueda has fans, sure, but they’re not really as well-known. It’s kind of sad that none
        of the other groups seem like they’ll be surpassing Arashi anytime soon, considering how many years Arashi has spent at the top already.

        Hahaha, come to the dark side, Arria! You can have all the handsome 2D guys you want! 😉 I haven’t played any otome games in years, but I did crave for some again summer last year. Honestly I was just hoping that there was a fan-made otome game for PoT at the time, and ended up discovering that PoT had official otome games. XD And I love how interactive their otome games are! Many Japanese otome games I’ve seen tend to be more like visual novels, with fee choices. Didn’t play the PoT games myself though, but watched Let’s Plays of it instead. I ended up flailing a lot, that summer. XD I still end up rewatching them now and then, hahaha.

        Yeah, it is pretty sad. Well, it might take more than 6 months to work on the rest of sensei’s other manga, so I guess we won’t shut down anytime soon. There are around 30 pages of SD I haven’t translated yet? So it might be finished by next month. \o/

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      2. I see that you managed to access your WordPress account. Are you planning on returning to blogging?

        No worries about that. I don’t mind. This happens to my conversations with commenters a lot. They comment on a post and then we begin discussion and then after a few more comments, our conversation has nothing to do with the original post anymore. 😀

        Really? Well, that was the only impromptu song that I watched Daigo make. I also like watching him go to pubs and ask drinking salarymen to call their wives and ask them to tell them “I Love You”. That Monitoring segment is one of my favourites. So adorable! Oh my gosh. That’s so awesome. I don’t watch the annual 24 hour TV marathon, but I hear about it when variety shows feature it. Daigo must have trained for it hard.

        The DGS in Nippon Budoukan was held in 2013. If you’re interested, you can read more about it in a previous post I wrote:

        I really liked Jin around the same time I was crazy for MatsuJun. But since I don’t really hear about it a lot, my interest in him waned and I don’t really care much about his career now. Although I wish him luck. I like Kame more now. They were so adorable back when they starred in the live action adaptation of Gokusen. Sigh. Those were the good days.

        You’re an evil temptress! Ahahaha! I’m quite content satisfying my hunger for hot 2D guys by watching anime. Balancing my anime watching habits with my personal life is already delicate. I can just foresee what a disaster it would be if I start playing otome games. I can’t help but shudder just thinking about it.

        I actually didn’t know about the PoT otome games before. I only discovered them when I started browsing sports games and then I came across PoT, so I searched more information about it and then I discovered that it’s actually a dating game. So hilarious. What games do you usually play? Do you play them regularly?

        Oh! That’s so soon. It must feel good that you’re finally almost finished translating a manga. Congrats!


  4. People can be so damn horrible… Especially in the internet, because they probably think “who cares? This person doesn’t know who I am, I can say whatever the hell I want”

    I am sorry you had to read all these things. I am very grateful for your translations. I can only understand a little (very little!) japanese, so your translations help me out a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU! Indeed. Most of the rudest messages I receive are via e-mail. They don’t even have the courage to leave a comment in one of my posts for everyone to see. What a bunch of cowards. Thankfully, I receive more nice messages like you just left me than rude ones. I think this post deterred some of them & I’m not hearing from them for a while now. Good riddance.

      Anyway, I’m so glad that my translations, no matter how imperfect & crappy they are, are helping you enjoy DGS more. It’s always nice to meet with other dgs fans. Thanks for taking the time to write a comment. Cheers!


      1. Yeah, they’re mostly cowards.
        I’m really glad that didn’t stop you making translations. I think I would have been put off.

        Aww… You’re so cute! It’s good to see a person who keeps translating despite these stupid people.

        I’m so happy you translate these things. Most people translate animes – but not JPOP videos of radio shows. So I have a hard time finding people who have the same interest as me.

        By the way, sorry for my bad english, I live in Switzerland, so it’s not my native language.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m actually taking a break right now. Besides I just had to remind myself that I started translating DGS not for anyone but for myself. People actually reading them is a super surprising side-benefit. I’m actually taking a break right now in translating, but I’m not planning to stop. I enjoy DGS too much to let rude douchebags ruin it for me.

        Ahaha. Thank you. You’re very kind. I’m glad that you’re enjoying my DGS posts. Yes, that’s one of the reasons why I decided to translate this radio show. Not a lot of people are translating it, especially starting from episode 1. Do you listen to other Japanese radio shows?

        No worries. English isn’t my first language as well. As long as we understand each other, that’s what’s important. Cheers!

        P.S. Switzerland. Cool!


      3. I used to listen to Kawaii Radio or Big B Radio – those radio shows which I can stream from local internet websites. In this way I could easily find new japanese singers I like (lecca, Daichi, Nana Mizuki which I didn’t know before)
        But I recently stopped listening to it, since they started to broadcast Korean pop music more often than JPOP^^” I stopped being in the KPOP fandom for various reasons, so I got annoyed when they started to play it more often than their own songs.
        So you listen to other radio shows too? Got any recommendations? Because I often listen to it at work.


      4. Oh. I used to listen to Kawaii Radio before, too, but not anymore. I’m not familiar with Big B. Who’s your favourite Japanese singer?

        Aw. I’m not really that familiar with KPop as my forte is more in Japanese culture than Korean when it comes to my media interests.

        For now, just DGS. But sometimes I end up listening yo Miyano Mamoru’s Radio Smile since it airs right after DGS on the rare occasion that I listen to the show in real time. I don’t listen to a particular radio show and just listen to what’s airing either from Bunka Housou or A&G. Have you been listening DGS for a long time now?


      5. I have a lot of Japanese singers I like. I guess my favorites are currently: Nana Mizuki, Ayumi Hamasaki, SID, T.M.Revolution, lecca, supercell, AAA, Ayaka Hirahara, myco etc.
        So you actually listen to the music too? Which are yours?
        I have a japanese co-worker in my company; when I said, I like T.M.Revolution, she said “Huh?? But he’s so old! How do you even know him?” She’s funny and looks cute, but she’s actually a fan of rock-music/Heavy metal. She offered to teach me a bit japanese, I just have to bring books so she can help me during lunch!

        Oh, Miyano Mamoru’s radio show. Didn’t listen to it yet, but I’ve heard of it.

        I started listening to DGS around the year 2009. But I took breaks from it.
        Thank god, some people uploaded all tracks on mediafire once, so I downloaded my favorite parts a few years ago

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Oh wow. All of them have songs in my playlist. I especially love Hirahara Ayaka. Most of her songs are really beautiful. As for me, I like Ito Yuna, Angela Aki, Utada Hikaru. m.o.v.e., and a lot more.

        That’s cool. It’s great that your Japanese co-worker is generous enough to teach you Japanese. Go for it!

        I see. That’s quite a long time listening to DGS. Wow. When did you first discover about this radio show?


      7. I like Utada Hikaru too! Don’t know the others, but will check them out!

        I discovered it around the same time. I got to know it since I liked Kamiya Hiroshi AND Ono Daisuke, so both of them doing a radio show was a big plus. They’re so funny and OnoD is so full of energy.

        When did you discover the show and how?

        It’s so refreshing to talk to such a nice person. May I ask how old you are?
        It’d be cool to talk to someone who has the same interests as me. I don’t have any friends in real life or internet and the only ones who I can talk to in real life are… WAY older than me (my boss always says I’m too mature for my age…) I’m 24.

        Liked by 1 person

      8. You should! Angela Aki & Ito Yuna have beautiful, angelic voices.

        Who do you like better between the two? HiroC or Ono?

        I discovered this show randomly while surfing Youtube. I don’t remember clearly how, but I think I was watching random clips of seiyuu live events or maybe BLCD recordings, and then I came across some DGS episodes. I started listening and ended up enjoying, then I decided to write about the episodes just for fun and post my reactions in my blog, but then somehow my posts ended up becoming translations.

        Aw. THANK YOU! You’re very nice yourself. Uhm. . .(looks around and then whispers) I’m 23. Sssssh! Don’t reveal that to anyone else. I still pass as a teenager. 😉

        Cool. I’d be delighted to be your online friend. I’d be delighted to discuss mutual interests with you. DGS! Sounds fun!

        I think your boss is complimenting you. Although it’s fun to relax and act silly once in a while and not be too mature. 😉


      9. Ah, wait. I looked for Ito Yuna today. Now I remember. Some years ago (?) I listened to her version of “My heart will go on”.
        Her singing is nice, but to be honest, didn’t impress me that much. Some songs (like “precious”) were really great, while some were kind of bland to me. I guess it really depends on the song for me.

        You’re mean! Who do I like better, that’s a mean question 🙂
        I like both of them. I like OnoD’s energy and his kindness, while I like HiroC’s humor and how he interacts with OnoD. Really a typical tsundere. My brother is like that too. Cold outside, but always thinks of others.

        Oh, so you listen to BLCD’s too? We really have so much in common lol
        Yeah, when you type in “dear girl stories” your blog is on the very top.

        So you’re really my age, cool. You pass as a teenager? When I was a teenager, everyone thought I was around twenty>_< I even look too mature
        If we’re going to write to each other, is it fine to do it via e-mail?
        If yes, when I write my e-mail address, could you delete the comment afterwards?


      10. “Precious” is one of my favourite songs of hers. Yes, she does covers by Celine Dion. She even had a duet with her with a song titled “A World to Believe In”. It was a really nice song, especially since Celine Dion is my favourite singer ever. Search for Angela Aki. She has a beautiful, soulful and powerful voice.

        Ahahaha! I didn’t mean my question to be mean. I understand. That makes sense. HiroC & OnoD each have their own charm points.

        I only listen to BLCDs occasionally. I listen to random recordigs on Youtube, but I don’t actively search them out. It’s nice, though, when I hear the voice of seiyuu that I like. So you like listening to them? Do youhave a favourite?

        I noticed that. I was informed by fellow DGS fans that they discovered my blog when searching for it. I tried it and I really saw my blog on the first page of the search results. I was so shocked. I was like, What the heck is Google thinking? Ahahaha!

        Yes, I pass as a teenager. I get some discounts, too, if they don’t ask for my ID. 😉 But I look like a properadult, too, if I just try. Ah, so you look mature for your age. I guess that’s a good thing in some instances because it makes most people treat you seriously.

        You don’t have to type your e-mail here in my comment section if you’re concerned about your privacy. Just leave me a message through my “Contact” page on my menu at the top of this blog. It’s more private. I’ll contact you via e-mail when I receive that e-mail. I’ll be waiting for it. Cheers!


  5. The quiz show with the pillar is DERO, I believe! I get all excited when I come up with the answer before the celebs do on these quiz shows. XD

    I guess I’m a nosy person, so I love watching talk shows. Though I prefer the ones with guests I’m familiar with. I watch Bistro SMAP too, when I’m really bored and have nothing else to watch.

    Kibe-san is awesome! I think many do recognize her nowadays. XD Though I admittedly haven’t watched any of the recent episodes these past couple of months, so I’m not sure. I love it when they sneak into the set to see the celeb would notice them. That’s always fun. And yeah, Yukkina and Fujimon pranking each other are pretty cute too!

    Currently, the only radio show I listen to frequently besides DGS is Nino’s radio show, Baystorm. He doesn’t always have something interesting to talk about, and sometimes he gives out trollish answers, but I love listening to him talk regardless. Before DGS, I used to listen to old episodes of Tamaki Hiroshi’s radio show, until I couldn’t find any more files of it online. Now I’m going through DGS chronologically. The last episode I listened to is 63, I think?

    I guess I’m more of an occasional anime watcher. It’s only recently that I started watching anime more frequently again, and I tend to drop it if I didn’t like what was happening, hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh my bad! I thought it was DORE when you first mentioned it. So it was DERO. Thanks for the info! I think I watched a few episodes, although I really don’t remember that much anymore since it was quite a while now. Is the TORE one a similar show?

      I really like it when foreign celebrities visit Bistro SMAP. My favourite was when Lady Gaga visited them. Love both times, especially the first one.

      Yes, it’s been a while since I watched Monitoring, too. But even the last time I watched it, I still think that people should be able to recognize Kibe-san, although now that I think about it, maybe it’s just because they’re not expecting to actually meet her in real life so they don’t recognize her right away. I agree. It’s very funny whenever the Monitoring cast disguises themselves and compete who’s going to get recognized first. It’s always Kibe-san, though. Ahaha! Not surprising.

      Oh! First time I heard about Baystorm. As for me, I listen to random radio shows now and then, some I can’t even remember especially when I’m listening live. I also occasionally listen to Miyano Mamoru’s Radio Smile, although of course DGS is the radio show that I’m focusing on.

      That’s good. I prefer to listen to DGS chronologically, too, because it helps with the posting in my blog. Although sometimes I listen to the latest episodes just because I couldn’t help my curiosity.

      I see. So you’re more into variety shows than anime? And manga, I take it?


      1. TORE is the new version of DERO, apparently. (lol, yeah, I wiki-ed it just now.) In the aftermath of the 3/11 earthquake, they decided to change the format of the show and made its theme treasure-hunting instead. But yeah! A lot of the quizzes are similar to DERO. It’s not a regular show anymore, br I still love watching them, if I encounter episodes I haven’t watched yet.

        I guess it highly depends on where Kibe-san goes. I remember that one episode where she went to the place with the highest Monitoring ratings. She tried going around in one of the factories there, and no one recognized her. XD The students at the school she went to later on did, however. Yeah, I also love it when Harisenbon and the rest of the gang infiltrate sets, and not get noticed at all. Especially considering Haruka’s always in that ghost costume… XD On a side note, when those two went on a shinobi trip with Sho on Shiyagare last week, they were amusingly much more easily recognized than Sho was. XD

        I am tempted to check out the newer DGS episodes! I saw you mention in another comment that they had a Dear Boys event later on, and now I’m really curious. Let’s see if I can hold out until I reach the episode promoting that event. XD

        Yeah, I watch more variety shows than anime and manga ever since I got into Arashi. I was much more of an anime fan before then. But I did read a lot of manga back when I was in college. Don’t read any now, aside from the one I’m translating, but I am thinking of picking up Natsume Yuujinchou again. As for anime, I still watch some every now and then, if I find a series I actually like. (lol, picky.) I’m still slightly interested in picking up Free and Haikyuu, since they seem to have a huge following, although I wish there were more GEN fics around for these fandoms. Magi is another series I’m considering.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I don’t think I’ve watched that factory Monitoring episode, although I think I watched the school one with Yukkina, too. But it maybe a different episode from what you’re talking about. Oh my gosh. Now that you mention Harisenbon, I’m laughing right now. One of my favourite episodes was when Fujimon & Yukkina pranked Haruna inside their apartment. I think the setting was something like Fujimon was cheating on Yukkina with a gay man, and then they fought in front of Haruna and Haruna ended up crying. It was so adorable because everyone realized how good-hearted Haruna is in real life. And I also watched Haruka on another variety show called “Watashi no nani ga ikenai no?” where they showed her finally removing her trademark dead front tooth and replacing it with a newer and whiter one. That was so funny! It’s like for most of the variety shows that I watch, Harisenbon duo are regular guests.

        Yes! Well, it’s up to you whether you listen to newer episodes. It’s just that sometimes I couldn’t help myself and I end up listening to random DGS episodes. The Dear Boys event was really funny, although there are many parts that are too ridiculous and too slapstick manly comedy for my taste. But when you get your hands on the video, it’s worth watching. My favourite event was Festival Carnival Matsuri. That was epic. I find myself re-watching it again and again whenever I have the urge. 4LoversOnly was good, too. Have you watched any of the events and the movies yet?

        How many years have you been a fan of Arashi? I was crazy about them when I was in my pre-teens when I had the hugest crush on MatsuJun. I think I mentioned that to you before. Who’s your favourite member? Do you fangirl other J-pop boybands other than Arashi or just Arashi?

        Oh! Natsume Yujinchou is one of my favourites. Kamiya Hiroshi voices Natsume in the anime, but I really like the manga, too. Kind of scares me sometimes, though.

        Well, I’m one of the fans of Free! & Haikyuu!!. I love sports anime. Anyway, what’s your plan when you finish translating Silver Diamond? Are you planning to translate another manga or are you going to stop?


  6. Oh wow, thanks! Feel free to unfollow anytime though, otherwise you might get spammed with Arashi posts. (Unless you’re interested in that!) Yeah, Arashi’s been a favorite of mine since around 2009. I like watching both of their current variety shows— VS Arashi and Arashi ni Shiyagare. The former’s a game show, and the latter’s a bit more random in terms of content. 😛

    The manga is Silver Diamond! It’s not all that popular internationally, but that may also because Tokyopop went defunct and stopped working on an English translation for it a few years ago. Anyway, I’ve finished translating all of the main story. (Yay!) It’s just the side story volume I’m working on now.

    Hahaha! It must’ve been intimidating, suddenly having so many followers. When was it that you started translating DGS again, only this year? And you’re already number one! XD

    Yes, I did notice you have a lot of anime tags! As for my favorite anime, right now it’s K and Log Horizon I guess. I’d love hear what your favorite anime are in general! Personally I’m not all that interested in ones revolving around romance, though romance is okay as a side development to a plot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Don’t worry. I was crazy for Arashi before too, not so much now though. MatsuJun was my biggest crush when I in my early teens, but I got over him (thank goodness). 😉
      I watched an episode of VS Arashi when we had a free preview for TV Japan on cable TV. I also remember watching some episodes of Arashi ni Shiyagare because an online friend recommended it to me. I wasn’t really taken with both shows, unfortunately. Are they still ongoing right now? My favourite variety shows are Nepu & Imoto no Sekai Banzuke, Sekai itte-mitara konna toko datta, Watashi no nani ga ikenai no, Monitoring, Soredame, and some others. I really like watching variety shows that are travel and dokkiri-themed. How about you? What other variety shows that you like watching besides Arashi?

      I haven’t read “Silver Diamond”. To be honest, it’s the first time that I heard about this manga. I’ll check it out & see if I’ll like it. That’s so cool, though. Are you translating other manga besides this?

      Well, at first I was very intimidated. I actually thought that people were mistaking me for someone else when I started receiving messages about DGS. I was like, what are these people thinking? But then I realized that it feels good to meet other DGS fans online and discuss this radio show with them, like what we’re doing right now. I don’t consider myself an expert in DGS, so I’m always learning something new whenever I connect with fellow DGS fans. My blog is almost 1 & 1/2 years old, so I’ve been translating DGS roughly around the same time.

      Yes. This blog is actually an anime and manga blog. Ooooh, nice. Do you watch a lot of anime or not really? As for me, I tend to prefer action-fantasy and anything that has strong psychological elements. I don’t really discriminate when it comes to anime and I’ll watch mostly anything, although it doesn’t mean that I “like” everything I watch, if you know what I mean. My #1 favourite right now is ONE PIECE & I like most series in the shounen genre. When it comes to romance or the shoujo genre, I prefer reading them in manga rather than watching them in anime.

      Anyway, how long have you been a DGS fan?


      1. Oh cool!! Most animanga fans l meet don’t know Arashi or any Japanese variety shows, so I try not to bore them with it. I was baited into the fandom by Jun too! He was just so cute in Kimi was Pet. My favorite(s) now is Nino and Sho, though. Anyway, I think their best variety show was Arashi no Shukudai-kun, since it had all those cracky experiments too every once in a while. Too bad they had to give it up to do AniShiya instead. AniShiya changed their format this year and now each member has their own corner in the show. Jun for example, is always challenging himself to do things coolly (in one episode he tried to do it drifting, haha) and Sho tries to go on trips without getting caught.

        Oh man, I love Monitoring!! Kibe-san! XD I’ll never forget that one episode with her and that EXILE member, lol. And I love it when they scare celebs too! Yeah, dokkiri ones are pretty nice. Personally, I love quiz shows, so I like watching TORE and DERO when I find episodes of them. I also like watching talk shows too, like Shabekuri007 and Oshareism. Domoto Kyoudai was fun to watch too, since there aren’t too many music variety shows, and it’s nice to artists come together in that format. It’s too bad it ended last year! I always looked forward to seeing the Domoto Brothers band fool around in the annual FNS Kayousai.

        That’s not too surprising. I can’t remember how I found SD. Maybe it was through MAL? Anyway, it’s labeled as BL by some publishers, but it’s more of gen, or maybe pre-slash. I was lured by the pretty art, but the plot’s actually pretty interesting too! I hope you like it!

        I see! I haven’t really looked around, but are you the only one translating/blogging DGS episodes on the net? It’s pretty surprising, considering how popular these seiyuus are, and how long this radio show has been going on. But then again, people don’t usually translate radio shows, I guess.

        Wow. Personally, I can’t really power my way through it if I didn’t like what the main character was doing, or I didn’t really enjoy the first episode. And if there’s too much fanservice for guys. But otherwise, I’m good with anything that has a nice plot. And art. One Piece, eh? I’ve always been curious about that series, but there’s so much I need to read/watch to catch up on the latest release. Maybe I’ll just find good fics for it, hahaha!

        It’s rather recent really. Maybe 2-3 months ag I don’t quite remember. XD At first I was just looking for something to listen to for when I’m out of the house, but then I started enjoying the show more and more. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Ahahaha. That’s true. Many animanga fans only like anime and manga. When I was in my early teens, I also loved watching J-drama but that interest waned when during my late-teens. I got more into variety shows. I forgot to mention Downtown’s Waratte wa ikenai Batsu Game. I love that show & I always look forward every New Year to what kind of new batsu game they’re going to go through. Even my dad got into it even though he doesn’t understand any Japanese, so he demands me to translate while he watches it.

        I think I watched some quiz-themed shows before but I don’t remember the title. That tore or dore don’t ring any bell. But there’s this one that I watched from a Japanese friend’s TV where celebrities stand on this pillar thingy and they take turns answering questions while the pillar is slowly shortening until they fall off into a hole. Do you know this? I can’t remember the title.

        I also got into Shabekuri007 & SMAP x SMAP alongside Waratte iitomo, but then it ended. I only watch these shows occasionally because I’m not too interested in celebrities talking by themselves. Though I love watching them get pranked or when they’re thrown into weird situations or forced to travel to other countries.

        So you love Kibe-san? Ahahaha! She’s hilarious. Although I wonder how some people don’t recognize her since she’s very popular now, as much as Becky. Ahahaha. I like Yukkina & Fujimon. They’re so adorable together, especially when they try to prank each other. Those episodes are my favourites.

        I just finished my manga phase and now in an anime phase, so I’m not reading any new manga, but I put SD in my to-read list. I don’t know whether I’ll like it. I’ll read an online scanlation and maybe I’ll read the one that you translated. 😉 And maybe if I like it enough, I’ll import it. We’ll see.

        Nope, I’m not the only one translating DGS, but I’m the only one (that I know of) who’s translating it starting from episode 1 and creating posts that include some additional background information & cross-references from other previous DGS episodes. I know, right? It’s also one of the longest-running radio shows that it’s insane. But you’re right. People don’t usually translate radio shows. It’s usually anime or manga that people translate. Are there other radio shows beside DGS that you’re currently listening to?

        Indeed. People usually get discouraged by the sheer amount of chapters and episodes of ONE PIECE. But I like long-running series than short ones. Because I’m a marathoner-kind of anime watcher. Do you watch a lot of anime or are you just an occasional watcher?

        Oh, it’s pretty recent. I think that’s how I discovered DGS, too. I was just looking for something interesting to listen to when I randomly came across DGS and I found myself enjoying it more and more. What episode are you on right now? Do you listen in order or do you listen randomly?


  7. Ah, so it was a spam prevention method! I see! Out of curiosity, do some of your posts have the “Notify me of new comments via
    email” option method disabled too? Some of the posts I’ve commented on don’t have that option, so I don’t know when you reply to my comments unless I manually check it myself. Though I suppose another option would be to have a WordPress account? (Am I right?)

    I’m not a professional manga translator, no. I’ve been working on this one manga with a fan scanlation team the past few years, when I have the time. 🙂

    Alright, I’ll let you know!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Most of my posts have that option except for the password-protected ones. I understand that it may be a hassle for commenters like you, but it’s one of the prevention methods I used to prevent the further theft of my translations.

      Yes, creating your WordPress account will make commenting and following blogs easier and more accessible to you. You have the option of creating your own WordPress blog or just creating an account without a blog. Anyway, I’m curious if you blog anywhere? If you’re interested in blogging here at Fujinsei, let me know, okay? You write well, and I like that in someone I encounter online.

      I see. That’s so cool. So you’re still an active manga translator even now?


      1. I see, I see! It’s okay, I understand. I do have a WP account or two, but I haven’t opened them in like five years or so, lol. Guess I might use on one of them again! 🙂

        Well, I’m not much of a blogger, but I do have a Tumblr? If that counts. I mostly just reblog and add comments about my favorite parts of the variety shows I watch (which are mostly the idol group Arashi’s shows :P). I occasionally post some short translations there too. Before I joined a scanlation team, I used to post all sorts of translations/subbed videos at my old LJ account. I had to give it up though because translating manga took up much of my free time, and my laptop didn’t really agree with all the encoding it had to do for the videos, lol.

        Yeah, I guess you could say I’m an active manga translator. I only work on one chapter a month, since every chapter is usually about 45 pages long.

        Anyway, what about you? Do you translate other things besides DGS? I admittedly haven’t looked around the rest of your blog yet. feels embarassed Do you have any anime recs, btw? The only anime I’m following right now is the second season of K. (And a Let’s Play of Hakouki. :P)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Followed your Tumblr blog via RSS, since I don’t have a Tumblr account. So Arashi is a favourite of yours? Which variety show is your favourite?

        I see. That’s so interesting. So you’re still translating manga until now. Which manga?

        No, I only translate DGS. Actually started translating it just for the heck of it around the time that I created this blog. Most of them are nonsense during that time because like I said, I didn’t really expect people to actually read them. Hahaha. That’s why I’m kind of feeling a bit sheepish now and trying to improve my old translations (when I feel like it) just because I found out that my site now seems to appear in the first page of search results when searching for “dear girl stories”. What the heck? I was dismayed at first, but oh well. I’m actually happy now despite my crappy translations.

        Hmmm. Which anime are your favourite? I watch a lot of anime from different genre, so I can’t really just randomly recommend titles without first knowing other anime that you liked before. So something similar to K?

        The majority of my posts are actually geared towards anime & manga. That’s my specialty, not so much for DGS, although of course I love DGS or I won’t be posting so much about it.


  8. I feel you! Especially with the posting schedule complaints and stuff. I run a blog on tumblr called bishiesreact and the more I got famous, the more thought it would be right to order me around doing requests for them. :/

    Liked by 1 person

  9. (Commenting here since the reply button is missing on your last post.)

    Cool, cool! I’ve never met one myself, but I heard that there are people who easily get offended whem someone corrects their translation. Glad to hear you’re not one of them!

    That’s the spirit! On the bright side (Well, sort of. lol), your blog is popular enough to have people going out of their way to be rude to you. XD Don’t really know where they get the energy to do so, but whatever.

    Ah, so that’s how you do it. I kind of get what you mean about preferring not to take too much time on a translation. I’ve been working on and off on a 100+ page side story chapter of a manga these past couple of weeks, but the editing and proofreading feels never-ending. I’m kind of getting sick of it already. XD

    Hmm. For now, I can point out any mistakes I notice on episodes 56 onwards. (I’m currently on episode 56 right now, so I’m starting from there. :P)

    As for translation posts: It will be a while until I catch up to all the episodes you’ve already translated, so I can’t contribute anything until then. I’ll probably only translate the entertaining parts too, just as you’re doing now. I noticed that you usually look up the manga they introduce and write a little bit about them. Tbh, I usually zone out when they introduce the manga, so I’m not really interested in writing about that part. 😛 Would that be okay? I’m mostly just interested in the talk/interaction between the 2 seiyuus, though I do enjoy listening to their voice acting for the manga.

    Maybe I should just send you translations of the parts I found interesting, and you can use it to write longer posts? Idk. Perhaps we should just iron out the details later, when I’ve caught up on the translated episodes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, it’s my settings to reduce the likelihood of spam appearing in my comments section. You can always type in the comment form anew when the reply button disappears just like what you did. 🙂

      Indeed. I guess those kind of people just have all the energy and time in the world to send me rude messages. They’re not that many compared to the nice ones, but I’m not that nice of a person to just let them say what they want to say to me.

      Oh, are you a manga translator?

      That’s fine, though. You seem busy already. But if you become freer in the future to help out, just feel free to message me. It would be a tremendous help. And of course thanks for taking the time read and share your comments with my translations. I appreciate them. Keep on enjoying DGS. Cheers!


  10. You’re not talking about me, are you? I’ve been commenting recently, so I feel like this post is directed to me. However, I haven’t said that your translations are horrible, and I actually think it’s great that you go through the initiative to translate the radio show, and give reviews about each episode. I also like reading people’s reactions to the episode. That’s why I come here in the first place. I have pointed out a couple of mistranslations when I see them, but if that’s unwelcome, then I’ll stop pointing them out…


    1. Oh no, dear. If this post is directed at you, I would already have told you off the first time around. Besides I count your comments as one of the constructive ones which I welcome. And your comments are always polite, and I admire that in a person I encounter online. What infuriates me are the straight rude comments from douchebags, although most of are via e-mail which I think is cowardly since people can’t see what they sent me. Douchebags. About the mistranslations, I’m well aware of them. I’m currently fixing them from ep. 1. So far I’ve only improved 1-4. And I’m currently taking a break from translating, so not much progress there. And I received notifications of your comments so I recognize this username, although I haven’t read your recent ones yet because I also have to enter the password to access the post. Been meaning to do that soon. By the way, I’m interested in your DGS passion. Any chance I can interest you in helping out with translations?


      1. Okay, phew! I was worried you took it the wrong when I kept leaving corrections even after you directed me to your post saying that your translation isn’t perfect. I try to put smileys at the end of corrections so they hopefully don’t sound aggressive but this post made me wonder if it sounded condescending instead, lol.

        Sorry to hear about the rude commenters out there. Best to just get what good criticism you can get from them and try to forget everything else they say. They’re never really worth the trouble.

        Have you tried searching for transcriptions of the DGS episodes? If the show is popular enough, there might be some available in the net somewhere. It may help when you’re translating the show. I know it’s certainly easier than having to repeat parts of the show over and over again ’til you’re sure you’ve written down everything right. Here’s one blog I found that transcribed parts of the episode she (?) found interesting:
        There may be better, more detailed blogs out there though. I didn’t really look hard for one. 😛

        Anyway, what sort of help are we talking about? 🙂


      2. Don’t worry. Even I’m able to recognize aggressive comments to polite ones. I think I’m able to detect condescending ones, too. Just like what I said in this post, I’m nice to people who are nice to me. If I thought that you were rude, I would’ve told you off immediately.

        Oh well. It’s one of the dark sides of blogging. I knew what I was getting into when I became a blogger, but that doesn’t mean that I would be meekly taking attacks and be a good girl to those kind of douchebags. I’ll say my piece, and move on. That’s how I handle douchebags like them. Shake it off, a.k.a. Taylor Swift. 😉

        I think I’ll explain my translation method a bit. Like what I said in this post, I started translating DGS just to amuse myself. Didn’t really expect anyone to read it, so I just do it without really thinking about it. I don’t like spending too much time translating, so I usually just let my fingers type as I listen. I don’t proofread or edit that much. These are why I have a lot of mistranslations because I don’t focus on grammar or literal translations as much as I just want to translate it as quickly as I can. But again I’m still in an amazed disbelief that people are ACTUALLY reading my crappy translations, so I’m starting to feel a little bit of sense of duty to give better translations; hence, I’m trying to improve my previous translations. But like I said, I don’t like spending too much time doing translations so I don’t prioritize quality.

        As for the help, it’s only if you’re interested. You seem to be proficient in Japanese, so if you’re interested with being a fan translator with me, it would be great. You can translate an entire episode, if you want, or be a quality checker of the ones I already translated. Or maybe both. I don’t know. But like I said, only when you’re interested. No pressure.


    1. Thank you, Takuto. I appreciate it, really. Well, as Taylor Swift sings: Haters are gonna hate, hate, HATE so just SHAKE IT OFF. But sometimes I need to let out what’s on my chest before I shake things off. Thanks again!

      Liked by 1 person

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