NOIZY TRIBE by m.o.v.e. Makes Answering a Call Cool & Bad-ass

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Day 18:  A Song You Have as Your Ringtone/Want to be Your Ringtone

Noizy Tribe by Japanese electronic band m.o.v.e. is one of the group’s many songs used as theme songs in the car racing anime Initial D, based on the manga series by Shigeno Shuuichi (しげの 秀一).  In a previous post titled The Legend of INITIAL D Finally Ends But My Decade-Long Fandom RemainsI talked about my unexpected love for this car racing anime.  I mentioned in that post about how I love its bad-ass theme songs and soundtracks.

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Noizy Tribe is just one of the many theme songs used in the series by the band m.o.v.e.  Following this anime series for more than a decade which is half of my life so far, the band m.o.v.e. and its trademark electronic rock music has already become synonymous with Initial D for me.

I choose Noizy Tribe as a song that I want to be my ringtone.  I already have it on my playlist, along with other Initial D songs by m.o.v.e.  I listen to them whenever I’m feeling bad-ass.  And sometimes when I’m feeling very good, I use them as my work-out music, too.  Unfortunately, my current phone, previous phones, and I imagine my future phones are all perpetually silent.  I dislike the sound of a ringing phone, even if it’s on vibrate mode.  I don’t like the concept of being a slave to the rings and beeps of electronic devices, so even if people think I’m a b*tch for not answering their calls, my phone will remain silent no matter what.  I’ve infuriated my own father so many times now for this reason alone, prompting him to call me hard-headed, which is very rare for him because I’m such a good girl.  (wink wink)

Anyway, I digress.  I just think that if I ever use ringtones, I would choose cool and bad-ass ones such as Noizy Tribe or other equally cool and bad-ass Initial D theme songs by m.o.v.e.  

Now you know that Noizy Tribe by m.o.v.e. is a song that I want to be my ringtone.  What’s yours?

m.o.v.e. Official Website (Japanese & English)

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    1. You’re like me, although I don’t even like to put my phone on vibrate because it still makes a sound. But what ringtone would you like to use IF you use ringtones.


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