Kamiya Hiroshi Looking Good in “START AGAIN”

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Day 19:  A Song You’re Currently Obsessed With

START AGAIN by seiyuu Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) is a song that I’m currently obsessed with.  Well, to be honest, I’m obsessed with this song for quite a while now.

I have a feeling that the music video below will be taken down sooner or later, so enjoy it while it’s still up.

Uploaded by:  Jaica Chan

As a fan translator of the Japanese radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~I’m a fan of Kamiya (HiroC) and his partner Ono Daisuke (小野大輔) or OnoD, as we Dear Girls and Dear Boys like to call them.  I really admire these two for their work as seiyuu.  Both of them are some of my favourite voice actors.  If you ask me who I like better between the two, I would say that I like HiroC more because I really like his voice acting.  However, when it comes to singing, I would say that OnoD has HiroC beat hands-down.  I like HiroC when he’s acting rather than when he’s singing.  He doesn’t have the best singing voice in the industry, but I’m still guilty of listening to his songs just because I’m a fan.

START AGAIN is my favourite song of HiroC, at least for now.  It’s not the best song in the world, but I really like the melody.  It’s catchy but refreshing at the same time.  It’s one of the most-played song on my phone, and it relaxes me whenever I listen to it.  The music video is very simple; not much story-telling going on, but DAMN, he looks good in it.  I prefer HiroC wearing short hair, rather than his previous longer hair looks.

Now you know that START AGAIN by Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史) is a song that I’m currently obsessed with.  What’s yours?

Dear Girl ~Stories~ in animelo mix (Japanese)
Kamiya Hiroshi  in Aoni Production (Japanese)
Ono Daisuke in Mausu Promotion (Japanese)

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start again-kamiya hiroshiSTART AGAIN by Kamiya Hiroshi





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    1. I agree. Miyano Mamoru has a great acting AND singing voice as a seiyuu. I’m also a fan of him, although I’m not all that familiar with his songs compared to songs by Ono Daisuke and Kamiya Hiroshi. What’s your favourite song of Miyano?


      1. I’m not familiar with this song. I searched it on Youtube, but all I hear are female version. Is it the same version with Miyano? Or is it just me and I can’t hear Miyano’s voice in it?


      2. Oh, thank! Oh wow. The animation is quite good. And lots of bishie! Hmmm. I’ll make it a point to watch Uta no Prince-sama once and for all. Maybe during the break. You already recommended it to me before, I remember.

        Liked by 1 person

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