Join Kamiya Hiroshi on an Adventure in「Danger Heaven?」- Translation

Hey guys! Sorry it’s a little late but my Danger Heaven? translation is finally ready! I kinda struggled quite a bit with some lines so I’d like to thank my mentor Arria for saving me and giving me pointers in the right direction. (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

Being released on February 24th, I have been dying to get my hands on this single! The video… it’s so good! I wish Kamiya would save me—then again, isn’t he the one who needs saving? Those who have seen it will know what I mean o(^▽^)o

Overall, I love this single.  Danger Heaven? is catchy and jazzy, スノウフレイク・ワンダーランドis just so calming and YELL is a good old fashioned Kamiya song!

Translated by: pastelshion/AnimeBecky

Proofread/corrected by: Arria Cross

Please do not repost my translation!

Danger Heaven?
by Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史)



感情のない世界で 涙はMonochrome


Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
Ah!  そんなことがちょっと嬉しいよ
そして嬉しいからもっともっと笑わせたい We starting!

剣が折れた時だって 君の魔法で助かったよ
守りたくて守られてる Oh baby!


だから Danger Heaven yeah!
目指せ Danger Heaven yeah!
まだまだ続くよ yeah!!

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
嘘から出た Makoto & Dream
Ah! そんな僕らなんか気が合うね
きっと気が合うから最高の Dungeon partner  Go! Let’s go!

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
Ah! そんなことがちょっと嬉しいよ
そして嬉しいから ずっとずっと旅してたい We starting!

でたらめ許してよ手は離さない Wow wow. . .


Kanjou no nai sekai de     namida wa Monochrome
Saenai mainichi ja iya ni nachau yo
Bouken-shite minai katte ikinari gomen nette
Ii nagara te wa hanasanai

Ken to mahou to doragon ga egakareta tobira. . . dousuru?
Totsuzen arawareta meikyuu de futari kimagure na yume ni narou

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
Dotchi nanda yuusha mo shiranai
Kimi wa igai to omoshirogatte tanoshisou
Ah! Sonna koto ga chotto ureshii yo
Soshite ureshii kara motto motto wasetai We starting!

Ken ga oreta toki date  Kimi ga mahout tasukatta yo
Mamoritakute mamorareteru Oh baby!

Ketsumatsu wa shiranai kedo shiawase o sagashitai ne to
Mata genki ni kakedasu kimi o miteru to
Harikitte-shimaunda yuusha kibunde

Dakara Danger Heaven yeah!
Atarimae o koete
Mezase Danger Heaven yeah!
Mada mada tsuzuku yo yeah!

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
Uso kara deta Makoto & Dream
Kimi mo hontou ga doko ni aru ka sagashitenai
Ah! Sonna bokura nanka ki ga au ne
Kitto ki ga au kara saikou no dungeon partner Go! Let’s go!

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
Yuusha no tsumori de itara
Kimi wa suteki ni tsuyogattari-surunda ne
Ah! Sonna koto ga chotto ureshii yo
Soshite ureshii kara zutto zutto tabi shitetai We starting!

Karada wa genjitsu ni kokoro wa doko demo
Pen wa ken janai kara monogatari o kakunda
Kimi ni zutto egao de ite hoshii boku dakara
Detarame yurushite yo te wa hanasanai wow wow. . .


Tears are monochrome in a world with no emotions
The dull every day becomes unpleasant
While telling you I’m sorry for the abrupt adventure there’s no other way, I won’t let go of your hand

A portal drawn by swords, magic and dragons. . .what do we do?
Together we have a whimsical dream in a labyrinth that suddenly appeared

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
I also don’t know what a hero really is
Surprisingly, you look like you’re having fun and find all of these interesting
Ah! That makes me a little happy, you know
And because I’m happy, I want you to laugh more and more. We starting!

Your magic saved me when my sword broke
I want to protect you but you protect me instead, Oh baby!

I don’t know how this will end but I want to search for happiness
When I’m full of spirit again and look at you, I end up overwhelmed with happiness that I feel like a hero

Therefore Danger Heaven yeah!
It’s natural to go above and beyond
Aim for Danger Heaven yeah!
We keep going on and on, yeah!

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
From the lies come the truth and dreams
You also don’t search for where the truth is
Ah! That’s why I feel like the two of us are really compatible
I’m sure we’re compatible so we’re the best dungeon partners  Go! Let’s go!

Danger Heaven? Oh, yes!!
If the hero has a plan,
I’m sure it’ll be something like make you fantastically stronger, right?
Ah! That makes me a little happy, you know
And because I’m happy, I want to journey with you forever and ever, We starting!

My body is in reality while my heart can be anywhere
The pen isn’t the sword from the story but it will write it
I want you to smile always so please forgive my nonsense,
I won’t let go of your hand! Wow wow. . .

「Danger Heaven?」 by Kamiya Hiroshi

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    1. Sorry for the late reply– Thank you! My translations are always messy to a lot of the credit is Arria who fixes my wording and points me in the right direction. I’m still learning Japanese hehe (人”▽`)☆

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