Achieving Enlightenment the Otaku Way

Osu!  Greetings, shokun!  It’s been a while, isn’t it?  Our last lesson was way back in January with “10 Signs That You’ve Watched Too Much ONE PIECE”.  If you’ve been a student of mine for a while now, then you already know that ONE PIECE is my #1 favourite series of all time.  For today’s lesson, I will be teaching you ways on how anime can negatively affect your life similar to a previous lesson, “How Anime Makes You Dumber”.  We all know how amazing anime is but it’s such a shame that not everyone uses it to develop oneself.  Instead, many use anime as an excuse for their bad habits.  I hope that today’s lesson will deter you from being that kind of anime fan and encourage you to use anime productively like what I taught you in “How Anime Makes You Smarter”.  Alright, let’s start this lesson now.  Are you ready?  Osu!

10 Signs That Anime is Ruining Your Life

1. You refuse to go outside.
You  become a vampiric hermit.  You lock yourself in your dark room watching anime, reading manga, playing video games, arguing with fellow anime fans online, etc.  If possible, you want to live your entire life inside your room with your beloved otaku collection.  You only go out of your room to pee and to you know. . .and when you absolutely can’t avoid going outside, you try to do it at night because your eyes couldn’t handle the bright sunlight anymore.

My eyes are burning - spongebob

2. Your eating schedule is non-existent.
Watching anime takes priority.  No time for cooking.  You buy pre-cooked microwavable meals. . .well actually, putting the meals in the microwave and waiting for it is such a hassle, so you just grab chips and soda and whatever edible food is available that don’t require any effort to prepare.  Why do humans need to eat anyway?

L eating - death note

3. You refuse to sleep.
“Just one more episode and then I’m going to sleep”. . .900 episodes later, you’re still saying this to yourself and you haven’t slept a wink yet.

kagura insomnia - gintama

4. You  neglect your family, pets & friends.
“My parents are boring and they always nag at me.  My siblings have their own friends.  We’ll just end up fighting.  And oh, my cat doesn’t like me anyway.  I ought to just drop it at the animal shelter.  As for my friends, hmph.  I don’t like them anymore.  They never talk about anime with me,” you say.  You think that everything is their fault, that they’re not putting enough effort to understand you.  It’s better to leave them alone like you want them to leave you alone.

5. You use anime to procrastinate.
“My essay’s due next week.  Lots of time to do it.  In the meantime, I’ll watch anime.”
. . .2 days before the deadline. . .
“Still two days.  Lots of time. . .right? The new arc just started. I can’t miss this episode.”
. . .night before the deadline. . .
“Shit. The deadline’s in the morning. But this episode’s so awesome, I just have to watch it. Oh well. I’ll just tell my teacher that I fractured both my arms, so I couldn’t possibly write my essay.”

6. You skip school or work.
You make a sick call to work.  At first it was just a “cold”, nothing serious.  But that first episode was just so amazing that you just have to marathon the entire series.  You call back to work saying that your “cold” developed complications and you have to take a few more days off to heal and rest.  Damn, the ending of that anime was just so awesome that you watch the next season immediately.  You call your work again and say that you contracted “pneumonia” and that you’re by death’s door, so could they pretty please give you some additional months off, possibly an entire year?

taiga lazy in school - toradora

7. You forget to pay your bills.
Who cares about the bills?  They’re so annoying.  Just forget them and watch anime.  Perhaps they’ll go away if you just ignore them.

8. You become a financial parasite to your parents.
Since you’ve been skipping school and work, you don’t have your own income to support yourself independently.  Your parents have the moral and legal (if you’re still underage) obligation to support you.  It’s much more fun to watch anime without caring about anything else.  Let your parents do the household chores.  Let them do the cooking and tell you when you’re supposed to eat.  Let them work their asses off, so that they can support a useless, spoiled brat like you.  When you want that anime DVD or that manga volume or that newly-released video game, just blackmail your parents for money.  If they refuse, you complain that they don’t love you anymore.

lazy boy under kotatsu anime

9. You become a soulless robot.
Your body automatically does what it has to do to live, but your mind is constantly in the anime world, replaying your favourite anime scenes and imagining yourself as your favourite anime character.

anime girl with dead eyes

10. You hate reality and pray that you can live in the world of your favourite anime.
Why does reality suck so much compared to anime?  If you were living in the anime world, you’d have your own harem of gorgeous lovers instead of being bombarded by “Haven’t you found a boyfriend/girlfriend yet” by your pesky relatives.  If you were living in the anime world, you’d have the power to change the world instead of living the life of an “average” person.  If you were living in the anime world, you’d be so cool and so awesome instead of just dreaming of being one.  Why can’t reality be like anime?

shinichi frustrated - parasyte

I’m hoping with all my heart that you don’t find yourself in these horrid situations.  If, unfortunately, you’re experiencing any or all of the above circumstances, I strongly suggest that you take a total break from anime.  You have officially become totally ADDICTED to anime in every negative sense of the word.  You’ll find it extremely difficult at first and you’ll experience terrible withdrawal symptoms, but endure.  Trust me, it’s for your own good.  Re-train yourself to watch anime productively, using it to inspire and motivate yourself to become a better person, instead of allowing it to destroy your life.  Remember that anime itself is neither good nor bad (ideally); what’s good or bad is how you react to it and how you apply it to your life.  This is all for today, shokun.  I’ll be back again for another set of Fujinsei Kempo lessons to help guide you achieve enlightenment the Otaku Way.  Osu!

Founder of Fujinsei Kempo

Disclaimer:  Study and follow the teachings of Fujinsei Kempo at your own risk.  Fujinsei and its main author Arria Cross accept no responsibility whatsoever for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided above.  Arria urges you to blame Cross-shishou for any issues you encounter while following Fujinsei Kempo teachings.  But Arria wants you to remember that Cross-shishou is a mere alter ego, someone without tangible form.  So if you want to blame someone, you might as well blame yourself.  You’ve been warned.

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  1. Been to a deep level of weetakuness, myself. Life-controlling type level. Financially draining level. This was back before I had the internet. Back when DVDs were sold in volumes for too much. I used to spend thousands of dollars a year. Now (2017), you can so easily watch most anything for free. Streaming has been a wallet saver for me over the years. Nyaa.eu is fine for torrents if that is what you go for. I only buy what I really like, today. I hardly ever spend about $40 in a month on a full series and that’s on occasion. The savings have allowed me to be independent since I don’t require blowing absurd amounts of money on this hobby. I don’t even have as much time for it as I used to. Being a grown man or woman requires much from you. Anime, as much as I’ve loved it, can and will impede your progress in life if you allow it to. Being responsible is the first step to being able to take care of yourself while having enjoyable pastimes. Balance is the key. You don’t binge watch anime all night and not get any sleep before a long day at work. That can lead to disaster. You don’t blow your wad on otaku paraphernalia before the month is out. You pay your bills, buy your basic needs, put away for the long term and then you may be able to enjoy a little spending on frivolous things. Working O.T. helps or simply having a lucrative career where you are allowed greater amounts of disposable income. Regardless, never go overboard with your money or your much more precious time. Just one slip is all it takes to wreck your situation, so being careful is of utmost importance. No anime, no matter how good, is worth jeopardizing your situation over.

    Be a conscientious, passionate fan rather than an otaku zombie with no concept of discipline.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment. Indeed, anime can jeopardize one’s life if there’s no discipline. I write this kind of blog posts as cautionary tales to newer anime fans, or even to older anime fans, who have succumbed to the dark side of being an anime fan. It’s like any other addiction; if left unchecked, can really take a toll on a person, including on the financial aspect. Anime, especially the merchandise, are expensive. They’re more expensive if one prefers to ship directly from Japan. My purpose for this blog is to encourage the watching and love for anime, but at the same time to be a more conscientious and disciplined fan. Anime can offer us a lot in life. I hope that fans can apply anime in their lives as enrichment and not as bad influence. Anyway, thank you for dropping by and sharing your personal experience with anime. Cheers!



    well I have already made my way into the anime world this far AND IM NOT TURNING BACK NOW

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Why, thank you very much, sir. Indeed, I do seem to have the talent of hitting where it hurts. Go ahead, sir, to the deepest corners of the anime fandom. Nobody’s stopping you. Have fun!


  3. I already skipped classes way back when I was younger to watch the newest episodes of whatever was airing. Don’t follow my example kids!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow. I’m impressed. 10 months? I don’t think I have something comparable to that experience. Even with no internet, I still watch my anime on DVD just because I can’t last long without anime. -___-
      But I’m glad to hear that even if you didn’t get to watch anime for 10 months, you’re still in love with it. High five! That’s what I call a true anime fan. Keep on watching. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I feel like the procrastinating detail describe me XD. Thanks to anime, I kinda procrastinate on my school work haha. I don’t neglect my family thank God. At least I’m still human.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good for you, Matt. Family is very important. The procrastinating, can’t say I’m immune to it, too, even if I’m the one who wrote this. . .well, my alter-ego did. Maintaining balance is hard. Too much anime and we tend to neglect other important things in life. We still love anime, though.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Amen! Indeed, my family will never replace anime either, no matter how passionate I am about the latter. Well, procrastination is so easy. I can’t say I’m immune to it, too.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That is awesome to hear. Family is important and irreplaceable. Gotta love the family. I don’t think anyone is immune to procrastination haha. The worst part of it is the stress XD.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Indeed. I prefer to “just do it” instead of dealing with the stress of procrastination, but that’s only the ideal situation. Sometimes I just want to bury myself under my blanket and sleep the world away, even for just a few hours. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

  5. Reblogged this on Medieval Otaku and commented:

    Man, this has to be one of the funniest posts I’ve read in a while! I must say that I have been at least twice guilty of getting the “cold” mentioned in #6. Well, I don’t refer to myself as an otaku for nothing. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, anime can help comfort us when we’re feeling down, but I think that having some self-control will be more beneficial to us rather than devouring it all day long. But that’s fine, I guess. As long as you don’t let it completely ruin you. 😉


      1. 😦
        I don’t know what your situation is so I don’t want to say things that may come off as condescending, so I’ll just say “Be strong”. 🙂
        If anime can help you go through hard times, then that would be great. Hope things go well with you. Cheers!


  6. Excellent article! I find it very encouraging that, even though you love anime and you blog about it all the time, you’re still mature enough to criticize love of anime.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, Aul. I appreciate it. Indeed, I can write about this kind of posts BECAUSE I love anime. My love for it is so deep that I learned to accept both the positives and the negatives as well.

      . . .urgh. Sorry. That sounded so melodramatic. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Oh yeah some of these signs I know too well from year back. These days I just don’t find time to watch anything any longer except my weekly Dosis of dragonball super. Don’t even know whether I feel sad or not that I can’t watch as much as before nowadays

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Aaaw. Maybe when your son grow up, you can watch some anime with him. I used to watch anime with my dad as a kid, that’s why anime has always been a big part of my life and it’s very comforting for me. My dad doesn’t watch anime anymore, but I’m able to force him sometimes, especially if I hog the family TV in our living room. Family bonding time with anime is always awesome. 🙂


    1. Good for you. Indeed, like I said in the post, anime is (ideally) neither good nor bad, it’s how we react to it and apply it to our lives. If we use it to fuel our negative habits, then it’s going to ruin us one way or another. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinion. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  8. So guilty of some of these. XD I was on a manga spree and I skipped school to spend the rest of my day in bed with my beloved manga. I eat only when i actually feel my stomach kill itself when I’m on a spree.

    I always need to go on a break from anime tho, am i the only one? As much as I love my waifus, sometimes I need my mind off it. I can’t bindge on Anime for too long. Short breaks here and there in between sprees. Guess that’s pretty healthy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Naughty girl. Tsk tsk. 😉

      No, you’re not the only one. As big an anime fan as I am, I’ll always need to take a break from it. Not only anime but manga as well. And of course blogging, too. It’s okay to take a break; in fact, I encourage it because it’ll help refuel our enthusiasm. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and sharing your experiences with some of these. Practice some self-restraint is all I can say for you. Cheers!


  9. I’ll be happy to report I don’t suffer from any of these ahaha but in my teen years probably rule 1 and 3 applied to me back then 🙂
    Another amusing, fantastic read 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks, Lita. And oh, what a relief to hear that. Same here. It was a hard balance during our teen years. Besides I wouldn’t be able to confidently write about these without any first-hand experience. Ssssh. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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