During my recent break from blogging earlier this May due to another injury (sigh), I watched a lot of anime.  One of them is currently the hottest baseball anime Daiya no A (ダイヤのA), also known as Ace of Diamond or Diamond no Ace, based on the manga series by Terajima Yūji (寺嶋 裕二).

daiya no ace

I watched the first season as it was being released but soon grew impatient waiting for the next episode every week, so I put it on hold until all episodes from both seasons were released.

My loyal readers know that I don’t shy away from writing about the dark side of the anime fandom.  My posts “How Anime Makes You Dumber” and “10 Signs That Anime is Ruining Your Life” are just some examples.  This post is another one about the dark side of the fandom, more specifically about the Daiya no A fandom.

Now back to Daiya no A.  I managed to finish both seasons earlier this month.  I made the mistake of becoming too curious about what other DnA fans think.  So I searched and read comments from various blogs and forums, hoping to discover like-minded fans who are as in love with the series as I am.  Imagine my shocked dismay when the majority of what I read were criticisms. . .no, they go beyond mere criticisms; they’re strong, single-minded hatred.  Hate hate hate hate HATE!!!  You don’t know how many times I’ve read this word.  And these people call themselves DnA fans?

furuya and sawamura question mark - daiya no a

Here are the top complaints that generated the most hate:

  1. Sawamura isn’t getting enough screen time when he’s the main protagonist.  Screw Furuya.  Stop hogging the spotlight!
  2. Furuya and Miyuki are both getting monstrously better while Sawamura isn’t improving at all!
  3. Furuya doesn’t deserve the ace number.  He’s arrogant, doesn’t listen to others, and thinks he’s better than Sawamura.
  4. Sawamura gets the yips and others keep on kicking him and being harsh and also forbidding him to play in matches.  Furuya injures his foot and everyone comes to his rescue plus he still plays in a match when he’s not yet fully recovered.
  5. Die Coach Ochiai!  You’re nothing but a fat old geezer intent on sabotaging Sawamura.
  6. Terajima-sensei is ruining a great series.  He needs to step it up and listen to his fans or I’m done with his stupid manga!

irritated sawamura - daiya no a

These 6 complaints are only a taste of the scary DnA fandom.  But what dismays me the most are not these, but the nasty interactions among these people who call themselves “fans”.  They’re the perfect examples of the kind of toxic fans I described in “How to Piss Off Anime & Manga Fans”.

Most of the DnA fans I’ve read attack each other, calling one another names that’ll shame their parents and make their mothers want to wash their children’s mouths with soap.  Those rare few who courageously went against the toxic mass were  maliciously shred to pieces without mercy.

Don’t get me wrong.  I’m not saying ALL DnA fans are nasty.  No, not at all.  But I daresay that the most visible on the web forums are the nastiest ones.  I sure don’t wish to get involved in their bloodthirsty scuffle.  I prefer to be more diplomatic when discussing anime with fellow fans, and I love having productive arguments that expose me to different perspectives.  However, I also have a personality that makes me aggressive, insensitive, and sharp-tongued when provoked the wrong way.  That’s why I do my best to avoid involving myself in this kind of toxic fandoms because I can’t guarantee that I won’t turn nasty as well when attacked by a foul-mouthed a-hole.

narumiya aura - daiya no a

It’s been a while since I got exposed to such high-level nastiness in the fandom.  It seems that I became too focused with my blog, Fujinsei, that I inadvertently forgot and distanced myself from regular non-blogging anime fans who make up most forums.  It made me realize all over again how fickle and dangerous the anime fandom is, something I unfortunately forgot since becoming an aniblogger.

Fortunately, the nastiness of the DnA fandom didn’t affect my love for the series.  Thank goodness!  I have strong opinions about it, make no mistake, and I’m  also itching to address the most common criticisms surrounding it.  But that has to wait another time.

I’m also curious about what official Lyndere Club stalker and blogging buddy Crimson of My Fujoshi Life thinks about this issue.  She’s a huge fan of DnA, writing quite a lot of posts about the series, and is always vocal about her obsession with Miyuki Kazuya.  I don’t think I’ve read anything as nasty from her like what I read in forums, so I’m not sure if she’s even aware of this.  But I have a feeling that she is.  We’ll see.

miyuki catcher - daiya no a

Finally, no matter how nasty the majority of the Daiya no A fandom is, I still count myself as a fan.  I absolutely freaking love Miyuki and am ready anytime to battle it out with dear Crimson. 😉 Besides, what matters to me are my own opinions and personal entertainment.  And I’m not afraid to say that I’m thoroughly entertained by DnA and that’s that.  You can all keep your hatred of it to yourselves, thank you very much.

How about you?  Are you aware that the Daiya no A fandom is like this?  If so, what do you think of it?  Do you agree with the complaints?

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  1. hmmm kinda late but I hadn’t realised what a bad rep daiya fandom had until now. I low-key fan it so I don’t think I’ve seen much of the bad side, mostly on crunchyroll comments but I was really hoping it would be limited to that. My foray into tumblr kinda ruined that idea.

    It’s kind of a shame because I enjoy Daiya for it’s ensemble cast. And the irony is that Sawamura and Furuya consider each other friends, and have been shown to be supporting each other with Nori providing stability. And Ochiai is a jerk in the beginning but he’s starting to lean towards Takaoka’s way of coaching while maintaining his unique take on things, and that is the kind of character dev I like.

    Sorry, it got rambly but yeah, what I’m seeing of daiya fandom is not making me keen on jumping into it feet first which is a shame because I think about how many awesome authors and artists and fans have been turned away by the atmosphere, and it’s just….that’s not what fandom is meant to be, y’know?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right? I wasn’t expecting the negativity of the online fandom of DnA too. Well, except the fujoshi/BL fandom od DnA which is awesome. . .anyway, comments on Crunchyroll are tame compared to the ones I read. Try googling it when you have the chance and you’ll get a glimpse of what I’m talking about here in this post. It’s brutal down there. And I agree with what you said about the friendly rivalry between Furuya & Sawamura and also the matter about Ochiai. I still don’t like that coach but at least he didn’t stay the same way and he began to recognize Sawamura’s worth. Anyway, thanks a lot for dropping by & commenting. I really appreciate it. Let’s continue enjoying Daiya no a regardless. Take care. Cheers!


  2. I’m here!! (finally) lol

    I clicked on the link you left where you linked to my daiya posts and i was so surprised by how many posts i’d written about the series…like, ok that’s a lot xD and there’s 2 more on the way #obsessed

    as for the negative atmosphere, i’m going to agree with mostly everyone, i think it happens in all fandoms and you just have to “find it” (it’s usually not hiding), personally i haven’t encountered that much hate though i have seen a lot of the screw furuya and sawamura isn’t progressing. though your points make me curious and i just want to go and find these people and just ghost around in their posts to see what else they say (I find this kind of talk entertaining to a certain degree)

    as for me, i think i’m part of the positive but i also admit i’ve had some strong feels about the show. one of them is my inexplicable dislike for furuya, like, i’m usually in love with those silent and dark haired characters but with him i’m like…i can’t like him…(though I do like the pairing furuya x haruichi so i don’t completely dislike him lol) i also don’t like the chubby coach but i still don’t know too much about him. all i know is that he said if he were the coach, furuya wouldn’t get off the mound and my kokoro is like, nooooooooo, where would that leave sawamura?!

    then again, I haven’t started the second season so i have no idea what happens (i put it on hold for some reason…?) i also don’t think i’ve finished the first season? I’m probably like an episode or two from finishing? i’m not sure, i have to check….>_>

    as for your sharing comment, EXCUSE-EH MOI but miyuki belongs to sawamura and they belong to my OTP armada so yeah, this is unacceptable lolololol


    1. Ahaha! Well, that’s so interesting. Even you’re not aware that you’ve written a lot about DnA. Well, that’s true. The toxic side of fandom is not only exclusive to DnA, but I guess that I was just very surprised to see a lot of hate surrounding this series. Perhaps I’m like you when it comes to ONE PIECE. I often turn a blind eye & don’t even notice any negativity from other watchers because I love the show so much. My opinions about ONE PIECE is mostly enough for me. On the other hand, I felt very curious about what others are saying about DnA.

      As for Furuya, I don’t like it when he hogs all the glory away from Sawamura but then I guess that’s the point because it makes him a higher rival to overcome for Sawamura. Besides with Sawamura as he is right now, I definitely don’t think that he’s qualified to be an ace. He’s too insecure and he hasn’t perfected his techniques yet.

      And ahahaha! I wanted to strangle the chubby coach so I totally understand what you’re feeling. Have you watched s2 yet? If not yet, the chubby coach definitely ended up not being THAT bad compared to how he was when he was first introduced. I still don’t like him that much, but at least he’s not as rigid anymore.

      And hey! Don’t hog Miyuki all for yourself! 😜

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Stupidity at it best. We al have something to say and we are all right.
    It isn’t just with DnA.
    All one needs is one instigator who can convince others to follow ANd before you know it fronts are created about the same idea and Anime.

    I do not listen to those neither do I listen to those who speak well of an Anime. In the end I am my own judge.

    True we look for opinions if we want to know before hand what an anime is like. But it is not that we have to believe everything said.

    As for DnA I think they made it just right. Showing growth and competitiveness within a team.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well said. Indeed, it only takes one negative comment for the negativity to flood. And I agree with you. We are our own judge. That’s why I rarely watch seasonal anime series because I find that those are the ones who have the loudest buzz. I wait until the buzz dies a bit before watching an anime. I try not to let what I read or hear about an anime cloud my opinions about a series I’m watching, but I’m an extremely curious type of person and I just love spoilers, so I can’t help myself from reading what others have to say about a series. But I do my best to resist doing that until I finish the series. And that’s exactly what I did with DnA. I finished the whole thing before I dived into the toxic parts of the fandom. Besides it helps to compare what my opinions about a series against those of other non-blogging fans when writing posts for my blog.

      Anyway, thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinion about this issue. I agree that DnA is just right because it shows the gradual and more “realistic” development and improvement of the characters. It’d be so dull to watch if they suddenly became awesome. Take care. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. It’s a bummer that the fandom is bitching about so much when there’s so much to LIKE about that show. And if they have such a problem with (fictional) characters and interactions, why do they watch? Sigh. Anyway, I think as long as we all just concentrate on Miyuki being adorable, maybe it’ll turn out okay?

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I know, right? There’s so much to like, but then you know there are this kind of people that echo what one person is saying. When they see someone hating, then they’ll echo it and then it spirals out of control from there.


  5. I can’t imagine fans ripping apart a show they claim to enjoy to such a degree. That’s pretty unusual. But, I do know some people who love complaining more than speaking well of things, which motivated the author of Gongu-Hrolf’s Saga to end his tale by writing: “I’d like to thank those who’ve listened to and enjoyed the story, and since those who don’t like it will never be satisfied, let them enjoy their own misery. Amen.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m not familiar with that author but good for him. Well, the truth is this kind of incident is not unusual at all. I was a member of these forums until a few years ago when I decided to focus my efforts on blogging. Of course I do my best to steer away from the nastiest discussions, but one cannot evade them forever. I just kind of forgot about these when I became an aniblogger and left these forums for good. People would call themselves fans but then would rip apart the show.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. That is the reason I avoid ALL fandoms. At least I don’t think I’m in any fandom. I’m a fan of many things, but I don’t go onto the forums and read their thoughts and talk about it. I enjoy just sticking to this nice blogging community.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Makes sense. If you feel uncomfortable with these fandoms, it’s best to avoid them. It’s just that I’m an overly curious type, so I find myself navigating the darkest corners of these fandoms against my better sense. And indeed, we have a nice blogging community here that I sometimes forget the nastiness outside it. Thanks for dropping by, Sindy.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I hope you’ve recovered from your injury ;_;

    I personally haven’t gotten the chance to look at Daiya no Ace, so I was completely unaware that the series’ fandom was like this!

    Yet I can’t be too surprised. Accentuating the negative, dismissing positive aspects, and insulting other people tend to be what most critics usually do. Being a critic is what these forums peeps are trying to do, after all. Heck, us bloggers are critics, too! But I just feel like it’s too easy to have this “style” of critique go wrong. They’re just bashing without any constructive intent in mind, now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much. I’m now nicely recovered, thank goodness.

      Well, I guess that this kind of fandom is not exclusive to Daiya no A. Hmmm. “Critics”, eh? For me, true critics don’t just blindly criticize, they give valid reasons for what they’re saying. The people I’ve read are not critics at all; they’re mindless haters. And yes, we bloggers are critics too but I don’t want us to be put in the same category as these haters.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. That’s very good news. I’m glad to hear it!
        It’s probably rather universal across many fandoms, sadly. It seems like you, me, and the other commenters on this post don’t want to put up with it (and who can blame us?)
        I agree with your statement about true critics. Speaking from what I’ve seen, it seems like there’s true critics and then wanna-be critics. The haters are so intent on giving negative statements in order to garner attention that they just start blindly saying stuff for the shock factor. I kind of consider them to be like Eminem, haha (I still enjoy listening to him every now and then, but a good amount of his stuff is just fueled by hate). I don’t want us bloggers to be associated with these guys, yeah.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. No worries, I know what you mean. I just think it’s big put-down for legitimate critics who know exactly what they’re saying to be put in the same category as people who claim to be critics when all they’re doing is spreading hatred with their toxic opinions. But when it comes to showbiz, any publicity is good publicity, so just like you said, many will spout the most ridiculous things for the shock factor. However, we are an otaku fandom. Bad publicity will be bad publicity, although having a notorious reputation within the fandom “may” make you famous. But I think that only applies to people who are already important. For normal anime fans, spouting these nasty things really doesn’t accomplish anything besides creating a worse reputation for the entire fandom.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ah, I don’t mean to circle-jerk so hard. While I was rambling, I just had a writing course I took in mind One assignment had us acting as critics and reviewing a product. We also had to attach a complimentary essay talking about what it means to be a critic. I remember outlining that critics above all had to honest. Even if what the critic has to say is hurtful (cue the main character in Chef, the 2014 film, saying to a critic, “It fucking hurts when you write that shit”), I think such content is fine as long as they are backing it up with more than just mere opinion. The ugly, vocal members of Daiya no A seems to not realize this. What I’m trying to say is that I believe there’s a clear divide between them and us, basically.

        Said scene if you were curious: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KsYbWus0Vbg

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow. You mentioned a bigshot right there. His works are a generation or two before I was even born, so I can’t say that I personally read his works or watched the adaptations of his series. I guess his works have been the main inspiration for many sports anime series these days. Well, I just hope that you get a chance to watch Diamond no Ace when you have some time. Although it has many episodes and two seasons, so you may not be able to find the time to watch all of them.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ahahaha! I know what you mean. I keep an actual written list of anime that I want to watch. Perhaps you should write your list too. But of course only if you have time. Cheers!


    1. Yes, I think it’s better to do that. Watch the series first and form your own opinions. And when you’re finished watching the entire series, then you may read the comments & forums if you’re still interested by then. I hope the you enjoy it!

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I know, right? And that’s what dismays me. We fans are different from each other, except for our passion for anime. Well, there are really awesome anime fans out there who spread their knowledge and wisdom, but most of them are outshined by the immature fans who spout all of these nasty things, giving our fandom a bad reputation.

        Liked by 1 person

  8. Oh no, looks like I wasn’t mentioned at all! Now that’s an insult to me as proud official introduce-r of Daiya no Ace to Crimson and some of the others & an ambassador of Daiya xD But I guess its because I haven’t been very vocal about Daiya no Ace on my blog at all, but more so on Twitter xD

    Interestingly, from what I read from the forums, despite seeing all the abovementioned criticisms dished out repeatedly, I wouldn’t actually classify the fandom as toxic. I think its fair that people have that sort of angst when watching Daiya because it certainly is the type of series to generate such strong emotions, though of course they probably could have worded things better.

    Your post is a timely reminder for me to get on to actually writing about the series, which I have been putting off because I have too many emotions involved that I had to take some breaks from the show and am still in the midst of figuring out my thoughts. Ohhhh, and as for battling for Miyuki, you’d have to battle it out with me as well :p Hehehe :3

    Liked by 2 people

    1. What?! Oh no, Shiro. I actually have no idea that you were the one who introduced DnA to Crimson. So your like the DnA Big Boss. Geh, I’m sorry. I thought you were just like me and riding the currents of Crimson’s DnA obsession on Twitter. Didn’t realize that you have a bigger role than that. It was an honest mistake.

      Well yes. I’m not saying that all DnA fans are nasty. But I wish I could say the same thing. Perhaps it’s because I saw the most toxic side of the fandom; that’s why I have this opinion. They’re the most vocal and most visible, after all. And besides you, Crimson, and me—we consider ourselves members of the fandom but we’re not toxic at all, I like to believe. So that has to count for something. 😉

      Ooooh. Looking forward to reading more posts about DnA from you. I read your latest one via Twitter. I’ll visit again soon and comment. I’m also planning on writing more about it one of these days. But it’ll take us lots of DnA posts before we coult catch up to Crimson.
      Oh no! One more rival for Miyuki. 😦

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Haha Arria, its okay! I wasn’t exactly broadcasting anywhere my love for the series except for mentioning it in some posts, and I had yet to write anything on it till recently. But ‘Big Boss’ is a good title, I like it xD
        Hmm, that’s true. Perhaps its because I chose to seek out the fans who sing praises about it in an attempt to find people who agree with me, hence unconsciously weeding out all the rest xD Perhaps, its also because I have seen worse fandoms out there.
        Haha I really need to churn out more Daiya posts myself. Or talk about it on Twitter. Crimson holds the crown on the person who is the most vocal about Daiya, there’s no doubt about that. :p
        Hahaha, Miyuki’s way too popular sigh :/ But since we’re friends we can – try – to share :p

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Ahahaha! I’ll call you Big Boss from now on then. How about Shogun? You want to be called “shogun” like Coach? 😉
        I see. Well, that makes sense since I also do that when it comes to my #1 favourite anime ONE PIECE. I unconsciously filter most negative opinions by others.
        I agree with you. The one I wrote here is tame compared to the others. I’ve seen far worse, but still the ones I read about DnA are still nasty.

        Ehehehe~ I know, right? Crimson definitely holds the crown for the person who’s most vocal about DnA within our circle.

        Hmmmmm. . .Share Miyuki? What is sharing?

        Just kidding! Of course I’ll share him with you. . .but only for a little bit. We still have Crim to worry about. 😉

        Liked by 2 people

      3. Haha! “Big Boss” is fine, “Shogun” is Eijun’s special nickname for Coach so I wouldn’t want to take it away XD
        Yep, in fact, I think its possible to defend even rationally some of my most loved series. Those for me would be Daiya and Code Geass. I mean I do like a lot of other anime as well but those two are definitely the closest to me.
        Hehe yeah, especially when you see fandoms for the more well known anime. Crimson is definitely most vocal. I am not that vocal mainly because I believe I also have a wide range of tastes, so I end up not giving that much of a focus to Daiya even though it is definitely .. my number 2 😀
        Hahaha! I should have known that! Except that I know more than three of us love Miyuki and hence … its a temporary truce 😉 Of course we still have Crim to worry about, her last name is Kazuya and she’s already trying to make Miyuki hers! >:D


      4. Then I’ll call you Big Boss starting now. Well, Crimson breathes Miyuki and DnA. Crim won’t be the Crim we know if there’s no DnA. And yes, she’s monopolizing Miyuki for herself. But oh well, we just have to attack when she least expects it. 😉

        As for Code Geass, it’s thanks to you that I watched it. I would write about it in my blog one of these days.


  9. The sad thing is, this is all too common in most social groupings, fandom-based or otherwise. Chances are the bast majority are perfectly reasonable individuals, but the over the top types are the ones that make the most noise and so get seen more. Drama, especially of the unnecessary variety, can be such a pain. I’d class myself a fan of many things but the drama keeps me from being too active in many fandoms. Still, if it doesn’t ruin your own enjoyment of the series, then that’s a positive. Keep liking what you like without others tarnishing your enjoyment 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I definitely agree with you. Even before I became an aniblogger, especially during my teens, I’d classed myself as active in these fandoms. I had experiences being provoked into fights during that time, until I realized how energy-draining they were. And so I did my best to avoid those kind of nasty situations. Compare that to the blogging community we have here, this place seems like a safe place. However, not 100% safe of course. Perhaps that’s because we are all bloggers here and we have much better understanding of online etiquette.

      Thank you very much. I was just dismayed the first time I read those forums. Good thing that I already established my own opinions of the series by then, and I wasn’t easily swayed to believe the nasty stuff they’re saying about DnA. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinions about this issue. Take care. Cheers!

      Liked by 2 people

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