This blog carnival is now CLOSED.

It’s that time of the month again, my dear otaku bloggers!  Let’s start off this week with a blast, as I officially declare the 3rd Fujinsei Blog Carnival OPEN!  Show off those awesome posts that you’re so proud of and connect with fellow bloggers.  Please don’t forget to read the following rules to avoid your submission from getting deleted.  Thank you.

Duration:  June 6 to June 12

Rules of Participation:

  1. This carnival is OPEN ONLY to people who blog about anime, manga, or anything related to Japanese culture and media, and of course the otaku world.
  2. Share the link to a specific blog post at the comment section below, NOT just your blog address.  Include title of blog post and a short explanation of what your post is about.  It doesn’t have to be a recent post, but it has to be a post that you’re proud to show off.
  3. Only 1 link per blogger.
  4. Please visit at least one participant’s link; don’t just leave yours and move on.  This carnival is intended to foster a give-and-take relationship.
  5. If you wish to comment on a post, please visit the participant’s blog and comment there, not here.
  6. Shared blog posts must be decent.  No overly offensive materials.
  7. Participants who violate any or all of the above rules will be deleted from this carnival.

This blog carnival will close on June 12 (Sunday).  If you miss this carnival or have another blog post you want to share, feel free to participate on the next carnival which I will host again next month.

After this blog carnival ends, I will compile my favourite submissions into a “Best Posts Round-Up”.  Check out last month’s→“Best Posts Round-Up of the 2nd Fujinsei Blog Carnival”

Please note that I’m not making you feel obligated to subscribe to any of the participants’ blogs, although I’m sure that they’ll greatly appreciate it if you do.  Feel free to subscribe only to those you liked.  My main purpose for hosting this carnival is for us otaku bloggers to have the chance to connect with each other.

De wa, go forth and explore each other’s blogs to your hearts’ content.  All otaku bloggers unite!


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43 replies on “[CLOSED] 3rd Fujinsei Blog Carnival: All Otaku Bloggers Welcome!”

  1. This one goes out to all the people who think finishing school, finding a job and getting married has to be done before you turn 25. If you think you won’t have second thoughts about what you do for a living or believe you won’t find yourself in some rough patches. I just want people to keep pushing for something greater. Failure is always an option, if you’re willing to learn.

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  2. Hopefully this isn’t too late, but for any Evangelion fans this is a comprehensive review of the recent release for 3.33 entitled THIS IS WHY WE CAN (NOT) REDO. A fair amount of work went into compiling all of my ramblings (“a fanfiction come to life?”), but somewhere within the text there’s a lot of things to be proud of. Read some of it, all of it, none of it — Whatever you desire! Thanks for checking it out~
    Huge thanks to Fujinsei for this genius idea. I love reading the carnival posts!

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  3. Don’t go hatin’ on my Shoujos!

    Instead of editing all those other posts I have on the backburner, I was feeling inspired to write up an entirely new one. Enjoy my rants on shoujos; what they do well at, why I like them, and whether I should keep my recent affections for them a secret.

    A bit late to the party, but thanks again for the great reads everyone!

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  4. My review of Anthem of the Heart is sorta popular I guess so I’ll post that one. It is an anime movie made by the team who made Anohana and is extremely well crafted. Something that I recommend everyone check out eventually. Tho it’s strange, this is one of my most popular reviews yet I had writers block while making it so I guess that is a thing…

    Yeah I know… it is a long link, get over it peoplez 😛

    Anyways I would post my post of a really old paper I wrote in 9th grade about Kim Jung Un and his adventures in Disneyland Tokyo but since it isnt anime related I guess I cant post it…

    typidy type type Working on a really long Top 50 List gasp coming later this week typidy type type

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  5. For this carnival, I chose my post “Unlicensed Spotlight – Momoiro Heaven!”

    This is an introduction / overview to the manga Momoiro Heaven!, a series I would love to see get licensed in English. It’s a fun, spicy romcom that has a great heroine and lots of laughs. If you like other Dessert magazine titles like Say I Love You. or My Little Monster, then you might be interested in this series.

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  6. Hi, This is the first time that I participate of this carnival. My Blog is more of Tops of anime. Because of that the blog post I wil link here is a Top. This is my most popular post ever, even tho I got more.

    The Blofg Post Is Called Top 5 Sexy Girls of Anime!
    Obviously here I exposed the more sexy girls for me (Anime Girls Obviously)
    here the link:

    Thank you for visiting my blog!

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  7. The Curious Case of LoveLive! – μ’s, and the interpellation of 2.5D idols

    In here I (try to) explain the popularity of LoveLive! in recent years, by attributing it to the project’s use of both anime viewing culture and idol viewing culture, to ultimately promote idol fascination.

    A tribute post of sorts on my end. Happy reading!

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  8. Thanks for hosting this ❤
    I’ll use my Daiya rant: Daiya hell, Sadist Mangakas and Masochist Readers
    It’s a post where I express why Daiya can be so very frustrating for anyone that roots for Eijun, and involves spoilers for both seasons of the anime. I explain why it is frustrating, why I’m masochist for this series, and the mangaka is a sadist that delights in making me suffer ಥ_ಥ
    I wrote it after watching both seasons, and was feeling frustrated, so it’s a bit of a vent post but by no means negative or abusive/hurtful. If you do consider it toxic/bad, you can delete this entry 😊
    Thanks again, and I hope y’all like it~!

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  9. “Your Lie in April: Their Lies in Spring”


    This is a comprehensive editorial and commentary on the anime “Your Lie in April”. Here, I embark on a thematic exploration of the concept of ‘lies’ in the series as well as address some of the more blatant narrative and minor musical quips I had with the series.

    It is a fairly long post and I appreciate anybody who takes the time to read it! Thank you Arria for hosting this again!

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  10. I recently started my own “Summer of Anime,” in which I commemorate my return to anime in my adult life with a ~2 month period of non-stop anime watching. I organize each anime by entry numbers and have my own set of rules to abide by during, and I grade using the traditional A-F educational scale. Here’s my first entry on Tamako Market:

    I’ll be updating my blog with my progress at a quick pace, so there will be plenty more to come if you enjoyed this post. Thanks in advance! And I’ll get to some others’ posts in the meantime.

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  11. Hey guys,here is my submission for the 3rd Fujinsei Carnival!!

    Title:To Be the MC or Not to Be the MC: How Do You Otome?

    I wrote this in response to some (at the time) recent magazine articles from Vogue about the types of women that play otome games. For years otoge players have been seen as lonely, desperate women and I for one am disgusted by it so I wrote this post. I share my personal thoughts and opinions on otome games and I share a bit about how I go about playing otome games.

    I hope you guys like it!

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  12. For this week, the post that missed out last month:

    Analysis in Retrospect: Piano no Mori | The Expressive Core of the Piano

    What started out as a critical analysis of the film, expanded into an in-depth discussion about how individuals ‘judge’ and ‘experience’ music. With this as context, I explore how modern society has evolved to a point, that music is consumed from a visual-centric standpoint. Fair warning for all: this is perhaps THE most complex and intricately worded publication I’ve ever written to date, borderline scholar/academic essay-level in some ways, polar-opposite to my Cowboy Bebop post’s tone and personality.

    Oh, I think you will enjoy some music recommendations I’ve attached as well, if you enjoy orchestral film and video game music.

    Also, a side note: I will be leaving for my hometown in China tomorrow, so my social media and blog will be unmanned from then on until early July, so I apologise in advance, if I’m not able to engage with the community (still need to find out if WordPress is available there or not, and if my tech-savvy uncle can crack some loopholes). But I sincerely hope that when I return, I will find a tonne of good reads here, plus some insightful insights on my own post as well. Enjoy the read.

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