*This is Part 2 of a 3-Part Post Series.  Enjoy!

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This is the second set of 10 romance manga that I personally recommend with strong or talented heroines.  Please note that the titles in this list are not limited to the shoujo genre.  Enjoy!

10 Recommended Romantic Manga With Strong Female Protagonists (Part 2):

10. Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Bu (極楽青春ホッケー部 / My Heavenly Hockey Club)
By Morinaga Ai (森永あい).  This manga is hilarious!  Hana is tomboyish and not very lady-like.  She eats a ton and sleeps just as much.  I like that she’s dense when it comes to romantic possibilities with the hot members of the hockey club.  She becomes an amazing goalie when she’s asleep—I know, right?!!  The romance is cute, but not the best.  Still I recommend this manga.

Gokuraku Seishun Hockey Bu manga

9. Oresama Teacher (俺様ティーチャー)
By Tsubaki Izumi (椿 いづみ).  There’s not much romance in this manga, but the possibility is definitely there.  Mafuyu is incredibly strong.  I freaking love her!  She’s a former delinquent; an ex-banchō to boot.  Seeing this thin girl doing all of these complicated martial arts moves is hilarious.  I just wish there is more romance.  Nevertheless, I recommend this manga.

oresama teacher manga

8. Fly High! (フライハイ!)
By Oouchi Natsumi (小桜池なつみ).  I’m not too fond of the cutesy art style, but the premise is interesting.  Meru was raised as a boy and trained by her father, so she’s physically strong.  What I don’t like is that she tries to hide her strength because she wants to appear girlier.  I’m like, “Girl, if you’re strong, you gotta show it to the world and be proud of it!”  Unfortunately, this is the story’s main premise so what can I do?  I just feel that it’s a dumbing down of what could be a better manga.  On a brighter note, the romance element is more satisfying compared to Oresama Teacher.

fly high manga

7.  Vanilla Ice (바닐라 아이스)
Manhwa by Kim Woo Hyun (김우현).  This manhwa is so cool!  There’s a gender bender element which is hilarious, but also cool at the same time.  The art style can be rough around the edges, but I personally find it pretty.  Taehee is the heroine and she comes from a family of extremely good-looking and sexy bodyguards.  As a result, she’s a martial arts expert.  She also looks pretty hot in a suit.  She’s often mistaken as a boy and other girls fall in love with her.  The romance is hot—love it!  And all the guys are gorgeous.  Definitely recommended!

vanilla ice manhwa

6. W Pinch!! (Wピンチ!!)
By Azuki Ryou (亜月亮).  Although this manga uses two of the most annoying shoujo clichés of amnesia and split personality, I think they work well with the story without being too annoying.  Don’t get me wrong.  There are still many annoying parts in this manga, but what shoujo manga doesn’t?  Like Fly High!, I’m not too fond of the cutesy art style.  They look like 7-year olds for goodness sake!  The story is pretty good, though.  Arisa is a former delinquent and bully but then she knocks her head and develops amnesia—I know, right?  But trust me, give this manga a chance.  She then obtains a new personality which is that of an annoying crybaby.  However, when she’s faced with danger, her old personality surfaces and she becomes bad-ass once again.

w pinch manga

5. S · A: Special A (S·Aスペシャル·エー)
By Minami Maki (南 マキ).  This manga is so cute!  I like the art style.  It’s pretty and cute at the same time.  It’s like Last Game, but funnier and more over-the-top.  However, unlike in Last Game where the heroine is always #1, Hikari in Special A is always #2 to the hero Kei.  Oh my gosh.  Kei is hot!  You know what?  Just watch the anime.  It’s pretty good.  And then you can read the manga to finish it up.  Hikari is strong and smart, but whatever she does, she still couldn’t win against Kei.  She’s obsessed with defeating Kei all the time that it’s sometimes annoying, but the romantic tension between them is adorable.

special a manga

4. Dengeki Daisy (電撃デイジー)
By Motomi Kyōsuke (最富 キョウスケ).  I had mixed feelings about this manga when I first read it.  I don’t find the heroine Teru physically attractive.  I admire her strong will and courage, but her physical strength is inconsistent.  There are times when she displays superhuman strength and reflexes, but there are also times that she’s helpless to save herself.  However, as the story progresses, I began to empathize with her character and root for her.  I really like the story.  Kurosaki is hot, not to mention he’s extremely smart and talented programmer/hacker.  I love the romantic development between them, although I couldn’t help but cringe at the lolicon comments thrown at them by the other characters.  Highly recommended!

dengeki daisy manga

3. Warau Kanoko-sama (笑うかのこ様)
By Tsujita Ririko (辻田りり子).  Oh my gosh.  This manga is AWESOME!  When I first learned about and read this manga, it felt like I discovered a hidden treasure.  There’s not much romance in this manga, but the romantic tension is definitely there especially on the hero Tsubaki’s end.  Kanoko has the strongest mentality of all the shoujo heroines I’ve ever read.  She never gives in to bullies; in fact, she turns it around and blackmails her bullies instead!  I know, right?  She’s awesome.  She’s not gorgeous.  She’s described as plain, but her bullet-straight personality is a force to be reckoned with.  She’s overly independent, so she doesn’t ask for help.  She tries to solve problems by herself.  Anyway, she’s awesome and I actually want to be like her personality-wise.  Another one that I love is Tsubaki!  He’s so hot, but what I love the most about him is that he’s very supportive of Kanoko and follows her around whenever she transfers schools.  So adorable!  I can babble endlessly about this manga, so just read it!  Highly recommended!

warau kanoko-sama manga

2. Koi da no Ai da no (恋だの愛だの)
By Tsujita Ririko (辻田りり子).  This is the sequel of Warau Kanoko-sama.  It has all the good things from Warau Kanoko-sama plus more.  Yes, it has ROMANCE!!!  Wohoo!  This time Kanoko and Tsubaki are in high school.  Kanoko now lives by herself, so she doesn’t have to transfer schools whenever her mysterious father move due to work.  This means that Kanoko and Tsubaki are closer than ever.  Kanoko treats Tsubaki as her best friend, but of course Tsubaki loves her romantically in secret.  Like Last Game and Special A, the heroine here is dense about the hero’s feelings for her.  Another exciting thing added in this sequel is a love triangle between Kanoko, Tsubaki and the student council president who also looks gorgeous, by the way.  Did I forget to mention that almost everyone in this manga are gorgeous?  The ending is awesome and extremely satisfying.  I highly recommend this so very, very much.

koi dano ai dano manga

1. Akatsuki no Yona (暁のヨナ / Yona of the Dawn)
By Kusanagi Mizuho (草凪 みずほ).  I talked about Akatsuki no Yona in one of my most popular posts “6 Must-Watch Reverse Harem Anime With Beautiful & Meaningful Stories”.  Like what I said in that post, Yona’s character development is one of the best I’ve ever read/watched in a series.  She starts off as weak, spoiled and annoying, but due to unfortunate events, she is forced to become stronger, braver, and fiercer in order to survive.  She’s a bad-ass with the bow and arrow.  The romance is sweet and definitely appeals to gyaku harem fans like myself.  I want a season 2 of the anime!  Definitely a must-read!  P.S. Hak’s the man!  Absolutely love him!

akatsuki no yona manga

And that’s it for Part 2 of this 3-part post series of my Recommended Romantic Manga With Strong Female Protagonists.  Tune in for my next set of 10 recommended romance manga coming up SOON.  So if you know of a romance manga with a strong female lead that you don’t see in today’s list, perhaps you’ll see it on Part 3.

Read:  10 Recommended Romantic Manga With Strong Female Protagonists (Part 1)
Read: 10 Recommended Romantic Manga With Strong Female Protagonists (Part 3)

Happy reading, my fellow romance manga fans!  Cheers!


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  1. Akatsuki no yona is one of the best!!!! I never thought I would love this manga so much!!! And yass!!! Hak is da Man😍


  2. Thanks for your compilation! These are great…now I don’t have to keep searching and just go through your list here hehe! It’s nice to see that some of the Mangas i’ve read (and really liked) made it in here. I’m usually the type that watches the anime first – then proceeds to read the manga to compare. And usually the mangas have waaay more material that the anime (ahem*** like Akatsuki no Yona..which needs another season soon lol).
    Recently I have been reading comics via webtoon as well and there’s these two that are amazing! – My Dear Cold Blooded King and Sirens Lament. The artists are amazing aaannd some chapters have music! crazy!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello! You’re welcome. I’m glad to hear that you find my list helpful. Indeed, I’m sad that we’re not hearing any announcements for Akatsuki no Yona S2. It didn’t do that well profit-wise, I hear. But it’s a really good series & I’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t get s2.

      I’m only starting to get int webtoons myself, so thank you very much for the recs. I’ll keep them in mind.

      Thanks for dropping by. Happy reading. Cheers!


  3. Tokyopop never finished Warau, Kanoko-sama! >_< Waaah!! I read the Hockey Club one, but I don’t remember much about it. I’ve never heard of W Pinch, so I’ll have to look into that one.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg. Kanoko-sama is awesome. I love it! Hockey Club is okay. It’s hilarious but not as good as Kanoko. I’m not sure if you’ll like W-Pinch but it’s worth a try. I don’t like the art style that much but it’s enjoyable, in my opinion. Can be annoying at times though. Tell me what you think about it when you checked it out.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Haven’t read or watched any of these, holy crap…You’re enabling me into adding a ton of anime and manga to my pile, but I’ll gladly do it because I love kickass heroines! (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ve actually already watched Yona because everyone kept talking how good it was, YA’LL MADE ME SUCCUMB. IT WAS SO GOOD (T▽T)
        Plz stop, my pile grows by the day (ಥ﹏ಥ)
        I’m super interested in the Kanoko-sama (and Yona, but shhh) but they all sound real interesting v( ̄∇ ̄)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yes! Yes! I love Yona! So good. I’m annoyed that there’s no season 2 (yet)—crossing my fingers—but the manga is awesome. Read it. Ahahaha! A growing pile is always a good thing for us fans. It means that our passion isn’t burning out. 😉
        Read Kanoko-sama. Not much romance there, but just wait it out until you reach its sequel Koi Dano Ai Dano. That’s where the juicy stuff happen. 😉
        Happy reading!


        A growing pile also means that it never ends ༼ಢ_ಢ༽
        I will!


  5. I’ve read Dengeki Daisy and I absolutely loved it! Kurosaki was amazing!
    Funny story, at first I dropped the managa a few times cause I didn’t really like the style, but then I forced myself to read it and voila! I fell in love with it. :3

    Akatsuki no Yona! OMG! I need to catch up with that one! I was so excited to learn more about the history of the dragons and the reason behind the emperor’s death. Hopefully I’ll return to it soon enough.

    I really have no idea what manga to recommend for the next list… Lately I’ve been reading webtoons (manhwas). xD


    1. High-five! I know, right? Same here. I didn’t like Dengeki Daisy when I first read it & I can’t remember how many times I dropped it. But I was determined to read it through & ended up loving it. Yona manga is awesome. I wish for more anime seasons.
      Which webtoons are you currently reading?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I really need to go back and catch up on Yona. >u<

        Hmm, there are a lot! In the Romance section, there are Cheese in the Trap, Untouchable, Winter Woods, ummmm Ecstasy Hearts…

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m not familiar with any of these. I don’t typically read a lot of webtoons. Thanks. I’ll check these titles out and see if I’ll like them.

        Yes, catch up on Yona. It’s really good.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yay! You can read them on the official site, on Line Webtoon. 😀 The authors get paid there (according to the number of views, fans and so on). Tell me what you think after you finished reading any of them. 😀

        Liked by 1 person

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