I’ve been an aniblogger here in Fujinsei for 2 years now.  It might not seem that long to you but trust me when I say this, the majority of new blogs are deleted by their owners within 3 months.  Only 3 months!  I think that one of the most important issues facing bloggers is lost of motivation/interest.  Sure, we’re all so pumped and so excited when we create our first blogs, harbouring all of these dreams of hitting it big.  And then we experience first-hand the harsh reality of the extremely competitive blogging world.  Our dreams are dashed, our self-confidence beaten to a pulp.  And the next thing we know, we’re clicking “Delete Blog”.  The end.

anime girl waiting in front of laptop

It doesn’t have to be this way.  If you learn how to manage your motivation and work hard in keeping it alive, theoretically you’ll be able to blog for a long time.  So here are some tips on how to do just that.

How to Maintain & Increase Your Blogging Motivation:

1. Read Posts By Other Bloggers
Study how they write their posts.  How do their styles differ from yours and how do they use theirs to convey content?  Be hungry.  Learn as much as you can from other bloggers to develop your own blogging style.  Some word of caution:  learn but don’t be a second-rate copycat.  Take what you learn and make it your own.  Take inspiration from other bloggers’ success.

anime girl - studying

2. Make Friends With Other Bloggers and Stick Close to Them
Befriending other bloggers simultaneously creates a circle of fellow bloggers who’ll support you throughout your blogging career.  The foundation will always be give-and-take but as all of you grow closer, it’ll eventually develop into pure friendship where real affection rules more than merits.  Big shout-out to my awesome Friends of Fujinseito my fellow cuckoo members of Lyndere Club and Gundam Sisters, and the trying-hard NinjaPirateers that I’m captaining.  You’re all the best!


3. Keep a Blog Idea Notebook
I already mentioned on a previous Blogging Tips post titled “How I Get Blog Post Ideas: Anime & Manga Edition” that I keep a notebook which I use exclusively for recording any blog post ideas that pop into my head.  Here’s a photo of a couple of pages from my actual notebook:

Blog Ideas Notebook - Fujinse

Having a notebook like this helps you tremendously whenever you feel like you can’t eke out any more posts.  Looking at all the ideas you listed previously stimulates your writing juices.  It also prevents you from running out of ideas, so you can never use the excuse “But I don’t know what to write anymore!” ever again.

4. Use a Blog Calendar
“Professional” bloggers may call this an editorial calendar.  It’s basically a visual overview of all of your posts by date.  Just like checking off a task from a to-do list feels good, filling out dates on your blog calendar with a post also makes you feel good and productive.  It’s also very handy when planning out future posts.  Feel free to use an actual physical calendar or an online one like Google Calendar.  I personally use both.  Here’s a screenshot of my actual Google Calendar that I use exclusively to record my Fujinsei posts:

August 2016 Blog Calendar - Fujinsei

5. Make Blogging a Habit
Do your best to be consistent.  If you make blogging a habit, it becomes a part of your life and makes it easier as time goes by.  When you make blogging a habit, you’ll actually feel like your day is incomplete if you don’t do anything blog-related.  If you take a break, you’ll feel the proverbial “itch” to blog again.

typing fast-anime gif

6. Don’t Be Afraid to Take Regular Breaks from Blogging
Most of  my blogging buddies and regular readers know this.  I often take frequent unannounced blogging breaks.  I don’t know how many times I recommend this to my fellow bloggers.  Read “I Regularly Take Breaks From Blogging And Why You Should, Too” for more information.  If you feel burnt-out, that’s okay.  Don’t be afraid to take a break.  Focus on taking a rest and regaining your enthusiasm and motivation instead of forcing yourself.

pikachu charging

Treat blogging as a marathon and not a full-out sprint.  You’ll only suffer if you force yourself to blog when you literally can’t do it.  Worse, you’ll end up resenting it.

7. Track Your Progress
Look back from where you started to where you are now.  Recheck your Archives to the period where you just created your blog.  Unsatisfied with the number of your followers?  Remember that you had zero.  Instead of whining about your dissatisfaction with your current state, use your experiences to propel yourself forward.  Remember how you were when you started, evaluate how you are now, and plan how you want to be in the future.

8. Appreciate Your Accomplishments, No Matter How Small
Reached 100 followers?  Written 100 posts?  Celebrate.  Brag a  little on your blog, but if you’re too shy to do that (like me, cough cough), treat yourself with a double chocolate cupcake.  Be proud of your accomplishments, no matter how small you think they are, and then aim just a little higher next time.  It’s better to take baby steps slowly but surely, rather than attempt to fly when you haven’t even grown wings yet.

kageyama and hinata yatta - haikyuu

9. Avoid Negative People
In some of my previous Blogging Tips posts, I always emphasized to be nice.  However, it doesn’t mean that you have to be nice to everyone.  If someone’s being a total a-hole to you without reason, oh honey, there’s no need to be nice to douchebags like that.  Of course you can try being nice, but if he’s still being an a-hole with a capital A, forget it.  Avoid that toxic person.  Negative people like that will only drag you down.  They’re energy vampires who’ll suck you dry if you allow them to.  They’re not worth your time.  Focus instead on surrounding yourself with positive people who’ll motivate and cheer you up whenever you need them.  Again big shout-out to my Friends of Fujinseifellow members of Lyndere Club and Gundam Sisters, and the NinjaPirateers I’m captaining.


10. Learn How to Deal With Criticism
l won’t be presumptuous and say that I’m an expert in dealing with criticism.  Not at all.  I still have lots to learn in this area.  After all, I’m a woman with a nasty temper when provoked the wrong way and I’m not afraid to fight back to douchebags who unfortunately don’t know the concept of “Respect”.  However, I know very well that diplomacy gives more peaceful results than resorting to all-out warfare in the blogosphere.  Many of my posts are quite opinionated, so it’s a given that there are people who disagree with me.  That’s fine.  I also don’t shy away from voicing out my disagreement to posts by other bloggers.

erza scarlet - strong and sexy - fairy tail

I’m also a fan translator of Japanese radio show Dear Girl ~Stories~ (I’m on an indefinite break now, though).  My translations have been criticized numerous times.  But they don’t mean that much to me.  I’ve faced worse criticisms during my past as a book reviewer.

Some a-holes will always be a-holes no matter what you do.  However, some may just seem like a-holes at first but are actually friend material underneath.  Watch out for these people and grab them immediately into your circles.  I discovered some awesome buddies this way.  After trading barbs for a time, we’ve developed admiration for each other’s wit and grudgingly accepted each other as worthy allies. . .or rivals is a much better term, I think.

11. Blog For What You Believe In
Do you blog because you want to share your opinions?  Do you blog because you want to meet people and make new friends?  Do you blog because you want to be famous?  To earn money?  No matter what the reason, blog first and foremost for yourself and for what you believe in.  Don’t let others’ opinions make you stray from your chosen path.  If you feel strongly about what you’re blogging, it’s less likely that you’ll lose motivation because you’re blogging about something you’re passionate about.

12. Don’t quit.
Probably the most basic and most important but often the most-overlooked in this list.  If you keep on quitting and deleting your blog because you keep on losing motivation, you’ll never accomplish anything.  Persevere.  Like what I said earlier, treat blogging like a marathon.  And to successfully run a marathon, you have to remove the word “quit” from your vocabulary.

ippo guts pose-champion belt

And that’s it for my 12 tips on how to increase & maintain your blogging motivation.  How about you?  How do you deal with maintaining your blogging motivation?  Any tips that you might want to share with us?

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Published by Arria Cross

Blogger at fujinsei.com since 2014. Currently a webnovelist. Check out my work "His Genius is a Superstar".

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  1. The wife and I really love this blog and appreciate the creativity and inspiration you provide. If you decide to take this blog to the next level by offering a Mobile App version my company Zenlight could provide service for an extremely low price, we appreciate the hard work you have put into this blog and wish you all future success in business and in life.

    Thank you for your time, it is the most precious thing we all possess.

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    1. Hello Jacque. Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them. And your service sounds interesting. I will seriously think about it. I will contact you if I decide to accept your offer. Thanks again. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. For future reference our apps are lightweight and only cost about $150 per. We also give back $20 per person that is recommended by those we create apps for.
        keep writing and stay motivated

        Liked by 1 person

  2. i really needed this post in my life!!! as you may have noticed, i only started blogging recently (very recently), but it’s not the first time i try. i’m italian and english isn’t my first language so i’m always kind of afraid to post lengthy stuff in english on the internet because it’s mathematical that my english won’t be flawless and i don’t take criticism very well, but i’m trying to be more consistent with my writing and this seemed like a good way to make sure i practice constantly; plus, it’s a very good way to let my feelings out in a period of my life that’s not ideal. i’m a quitter, so right after writing my first post i was already consudering just deleting and go back to my cave, but i didn’t and i’m glad because i found your blog (actually, you found mine — thanks for the likes, they really meant a lot to me — and then i found yours) and now i’ll be sure to keep this in mind every time i’ll feel like giving up. after all i’m here for myself and no one else, i just that i’ll be so lucky as to make friends along the way!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I’m glad that you find my post helpful. That’s my goal for writing these blogging tips. Oh! That’s cool. I’m also interested in learning Italian. I think it’s a beautiful language. Don’t worry too much about it. Just write and do your best to convey what you want to say as best as you can. We don’t have to be perfect every time. English isn’t my first language either.
      Well, I think that getting inspiration from our fellow bloggers is a great way to motivate yourself and avoid quitting. We have an awesome anime blogging community here on WordPress, so don’t be afraid to befriend us. We’re mostly nice here. And don’t worry too much about criticisms. We all experience them as bloggers. Just do what you do, and you’ll be confident as time goes by.

      Oh, you’re very welcome. Your post caught my attention because I also sometimes write posts about the dark side of the anime fandom, instances like what you wrote when anime becomes a bad influence in life. Anyway, just keep on blogging and try to have fun along the way. Thanks for dropping by. I appreciate it. Take care. Cheers!


  3. Execellent post Arria!!. I agree when people start off a blog or a yt channel for that matter. They don’t understand that they are in fact just a drop in the ocean to the millions of other users, who also share similar aspirations. And when their aspirations aren’t met – because they aren’t big. They quit. It takes baby steps, 1 comment is better than 0 comments. 1 view is better than 0 views.

    Also this is the biggest problem; they don’t meet or find other bloggers. In order to help them create a network around them. This is the most basic thing to do; whether it is a blog or a you tube channel. The biggest bloggers / yt channels all have had some interactions with each other at some point. They didn’t stay in the corner. Guys get out there and try to intro yourselves, take the plunge!!!. You’ll be surprised. Start small, find a blog you like, comment frequently on that blog. I assure you, this will help you get over your shyness. I was like that once. Now, whenever I see a blog, I say “hey nice post, keep it up!”.

    Point 1 – this one haunts me to this day. I tried to instill this idea in a new blogger. However I think I just ended up scaring the author away. As s/he quit not too long after. So these days I just encourage them, so they can grow organically on their own.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you very much, Rocco! I appreciate it. Indeed, you’re right. Once upon a time, I was active on YouTube as well, but gosh, it’s brutal out there. I had a channel where I posted AMVs. Anyway, now that’s history. I’m just so impressed with a lot of successful Youtubers out there right now, and you’re exactly right when you say that these Youtubers didn’t get to where they are now by being by themselves and not connecting with other Youtubers. It’s exactly the same as blogging.
      Oh no. That’s sad, but I don’t think it’s your fault. Perhaps that blogger just wasn’t ready. Anyway, thanks for dropping by and commenting. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Great blogging advice! When I decided to blog after my class, it was tough to know where to start. Thankfully, just like what you said, I analyzed some people’s blogs to give me an idea. Blogs like yours’, LitaKino, Shay, and many more helped understand what does an anime blog look like. I also try to keep a mental plan on what to write about and sometimes Friday, I have a plan. The one point you mentioned about toxic people is good reminder. I definitely need to keep an eye out for them. I don’t that negativity at my blog.
    Also, nice handwriting on your notes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you very much, brother. I appreciate it. Indeed, it’s always so difficult in the beginning but once we’ve connected with other great bloggers and continue to learn from each other, blogging becomes this awesome activity. I always appreciate the your friendship and our other buddies like Lita and our other awesome friends.
      Exactly. Toxic people are just. . .well, toxic. It’s to our best interests to avoid them and not let them poison us with their negativity. Ehehehe~ You’re making me blush. Thanks.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re welcome sis! Blogging wasn’t easy when we started. I’m glad to met you guys and gals. I was able to grow and develop my blog. Bloggers like you and everyone has helped me continue on forward :). As much as I try to be patient with all people, if I do encounter toxic people, I will not hesitate to block them. I do not tolerate any negativity.
        Your handwriting is better than mine. Mine is super sloppy. XD

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Indeed. Even now blogging is not always easy. Aaaawww. Same here. I’ve been blogging before, but I can confidently say that being an aniblogger is the most fun I’ve ever had as a blogger. I have all of you to thank for that. Oh well, we all encounter those kind of people. Let’s just ignore them and focus on the good side of the community. Ehehehe~ Thanks. My mom was very strict to me as a kid when it comes to handwriting. But mine still can’t compare to hers, even now. Well, as long as it’s readable, no problem.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Yeah I can’t believe you have been blogging for all these years. I might have to call you Senpai Arria haha. Aniblogging is fun. You can write about anything you feel like talking about. Your mom taught you to write like this? My mom never paid attention on how I write. I create my own font lol.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Yes, but they’re more on useless stuff as a teenager until I became a book reviewer. And then I quit because there was too much, and I became an aniblogger instead. Aaaaw, no. We’re all newbies when it comes to aniblogging. Yes, that’s why it’s so fun because I don’t feel caged to write about anime. I’m also glad that you decided to become an aniblogger after that school project you had. 😁 That’s good. You created your own font. Mine feels like a second version of my mom’s handwriting. Although hers has more flair. Oh well.

        Liked by 1 person

      5. I do remember reading about your past about book reviewing. It sounds very stressful. I am glad you found a new passion where you actually enjoy :). Haha okay, but I will treasure your advice and tips.
        When I became an aniblogger, I was planning to do just anime reviews and random topics but then I actually enjoyed sharing anime news.
        Whenever I write, I prefer pencil haha. I haven’t seen your mother’s handwriting but I think yours is great. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      6. It was very stressful, although very profitable with lots of perks. But I was always exhausted. Aaaw, thanks. Yes, I totally understand. If I look back at the content of my blog, I would never have thought that it would be like this.
        I do enjoy your posts and thank you for your friendship.
        As for me, I prefer pen. Aaaw. Thanks, bro.

        Liked by 1 person

      7. I can imagine the trouble and frustration. I am glad you decided to do this blog instead. If you haven’t, I wouldn’t have met you and the other bloggers. I feel honored of you liking my stuff. You have a great blog and I do like visiting :).
        I am a pencil guy. You are the best, sis :).

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Aaaw. What a nice thing to say, Matt. Thank you. Same here. I enjoy my friendship with you and our other blogger friends. Yours too. Thanks. Let’s keep it up and hopefully blog for more years to come.

        Liked by 1 person

      9. You’re welcome Arria! I want to be like one of those people to bring positive things here in the blogs. You’re always so kind to us and invite us to your blog. I want to share my kindness too. I will do my best to continue more even when life gets rough. I will support Fujinsei. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  5. I love looking at these kinds of posts from fellow bloggers, it helps me remember how far I’ve come with my own anime blog, such a great motivator. So I definitely agree with your overall theme of positive reinforcement, building up a community that will support you, taking breaks to read others’ work and refresh your inspiration.

    I know my partner and I wouldn’t have got where we are with our blog without all the people who take the time to leave comments on our stuff, or write shoutouts or guest pieces for us. It’s the best reminder that there are people out there who are and will be passionate about your writing, and that you should keep going for them as much as yourself. It’s so humbling, while being a confidence booster too! We could easily have become one of the three-monthers. I’m so glad we weren’t.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Elisabeth! Thank you very much for your lovely comment. I’m delighted that my post helped motivate you as a blogger. That’s my goal for writing these blogging tips. I think that the blogging landscape today is more on connecting with fellow bloggers, than simply writing your random thoughts without caring for others. And I agree with you 100% that my blog wouldn’t reach where it is right now without the awesome people like yourself who connect with me. Thanks for dropping by. Keep on blogging. Cheers!


  6. This is a great article, thank you for writing this! I hope I will be writing more stuff for times to come, and I hope people like the things I write about!

    Here is to you and aniblog community!!


    1. You’re very welcome. I’m glad you liked this post. Well, I say don’t worry too much in trying to write posts that people will like. It’s okay to write things that people don’t like as long as you keep their interest and you’re honest about your opinions. Thanks a lot for dropping by & commenting. I reallpy appreciate it. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Good for you. That’s awesome. I always enjoy reading episodic recaps and reviews by other bloggers, but I personally don’t like writing them. That’s why I don’t consider myself an anime reviewer unlike a lot of our aniblogger fellows. So you don’t take a break from blogging? At all?


  7. Waah, I love these posts of yours, they’re so positive, cheerful and give me so much strength <333
    I had no clue people quit blogging after 3 months, but I can see why. When I returned to blogging in February of this year, I got into this frenzy and tried to write every day and quickly dried up xD;;; Thankfully I didn’t quit, floundered like a chicken with it’s head cut off until I came up with a schedule so I could keep blogging without being stressed or feel like it was too much.
    I envy every single blogger that can do posts every day/lots in a week, that’s just so amazing and inspiring!
    Definitely agree that a little bit of a hiatus is good for recharging and thinking things through~
    As usual, your posts are useful and fun to read (๑>ᴗ<๑)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I’m so delighted to hear that, my friend. You in turn have made me cheerful and have me strength by your kind words. Thank you very much. I appreciate it. Cheers!


  8. I am immensely grateful for point #6. I haven’t managed to sit down and write anything for an entire month now, and I was worried about what that said for my motivation and ability to keep my blog going. But if I consider the last month an unscheduled, unannounced break and come back to it after my upcoming holiday maybe I can hit the ground running and get stuck back in!
    As always thanks Arria, you always give great blogging advice!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome. I’m glad that this post helped to somewhat alleviate your worries when it comes to taking a break. I myself take regular unannounce breaks because we just can’t control everything that happens in our lives. I think that as long as the desire to blog is there, you’ll come back blogging no matter how long a break you take. Just focus on relaxing and I’m sure that you’ll return to blogging with renewed vigour. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. I always appreciate it. Keep on blogging. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  9. I never run out of ideas, just quality time to write them out.

    I had already stopped blogging about anime, as i think I would rather make comments on other bloggers posts about anime … I subscribe to a number of them, many found via your site. I don’t watch as much as some others do, and do not consider myself an expert. I just have strong opinions on what I do like. So I will just stick to commenting rather than writing articles about anime.

    I have not had the time for Pokemon nicknames recently, which is too bad, because since Pokemon Go came out my Pokenames series has been getting hundreds of views per day.

    I’m taking a break from blogging, but will check in with you once in a while.

    PS I was glad to see Pikachu as your Reader image for this post.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes. I love that Pikachu image & was waiting for a chance to use it so I was excited when I used it in this post. That’s good that you don’t run out of ideas. Well, never say never. You might find the urge to blog about anime again. I’m also glad to hear that many of the aniblogs you read are discovered via my blog. I hope you return to blogging soon and exploit the Pokemon Go boom for your Pokemon posts. As always thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Coming up on my 3 month mark, and this advice is great 🙂 Ive definitely had to re-adjust my posting schedule before and with school coming up I gotta keep up that motivation!

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This was both a really encouraging post and really helpful. I’ve been struggling to find the motivation to keep working on my blog for a while, so I actually kind of needed to read something like this right about now. I’m going to try applying some of these ideas and renewing my efforts in others, specifically the bit about reading other people’s blogs regularly and trying to learn from them, and the bit about keeping a notebook of ideas. I probably should also start actually commenting on and interacting with those posts I do read more often instead of just lurking, which might also help me with point #2.

    Anyway, thanks so much for writing this. I really needed it! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you I’m glad that you find this post helpful. Many of us struggle when it comes to blogging & I find that having a community of bloggers is important for support and motivation. Well, you already started by commenting on this post. 😉 Thanks for dropping by. Keep on blogging & just hang in there. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. I’ve been blogging for close to two years. A year on tumblr and then switched over to wordpress around 9 months ago. It definitely been tough but a fun process as well. There are times, where I question my motivation pretty often. Am I address my vision in the right way? Is any of the frustration even worth it? And in those moments, the simplest gesture is what helps me refocus. I laugh it off and keep pushing.

    This post was definitely food for thought. Thank you sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m delighted to hear that you find this post helpful. That’s my goal. Thank you. So you don’t blog on Tumblr anymore? How do you find WordPress? Are you enjoying yourself? I hope so. Keep it up. Thanks for dropping by! Cheers!


      1. We couldn’t customize our tumblr page the way we wanted it too. WordPress gave us that flexibility. We’re able to have all the different components all in once place. I’d say it’s working out pretty darn well so far. Writing is becoming easier now so it is starting to be fun.

        Our tumblr is still active but its more so for marketing and branding purposes. Every day is definitely a process.

        Thank you for taking the time to check us out and for leaving a comment. And for following. I really appreciate it.

        Keep up the great work as well. But most of all, make sure it’s still fun for you. I think alot of people forget that aspect. Myself included.

        Take care.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Good for you. Once upon a time, I was on Tumblr too but that was a vastly different blog than what I have now. So I understand the issues when it comes to flexibility on Tumblr. So glad that you finally found a better place here at WordPress and that you’re having fun with the rest of us. And yes, I’m having tons of fun so don’t worry about that. 😉
        And no problem. Thank you too for dropping by and leaving a comment. I appreciate it. Keep blogging. Cheers!


  13. Such an awesome post!! It really motivated me XDD I’ll try some of your tips. My blog is almost past the 3 months mark and I’m glad I’m continuing!! No thoughts about quitting lol. Thanks for the lovely post~

    Liked by 1 person

  14. My blog started in August 2013, so I am happy to see that I have outlasted the 3 month majority. I agree that befriending fellow bloggers is important. If you can’t make the time to check out other people’s work how can you expect others to return the favor.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh wow. Well done! That’s awesome. 3 years now, is it? Indeed, befriending fellow bloggers is not only important for helping your blog become more visible but it also has the added benefit of providing a sense of community that makes you feel you belong. I love it. We love it! Thanks for dropping by and sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahaha! Yes, definitely. How could I forget such a crucial thing? 😉
      Thanks a lot. You’re very sweet and I love your cat Boxer already. I’ll be looking forward to your posts in this coming blog carnival.

      Liked by 1 person

  15. I had no idea that most blogs get deleted after three months … makes me proud to be in my second year, that does! I like posts like this too. I’m still learning when it comes to running a site, and bar a period of running a wrestling fantasy fed back in my teens and a webcomic a few years ago, I’ve not really had much experience, so thank ye kindly for the tips!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yay! High-five! Yes, it’s true. Most blogs get deleted within 3 months. Actually the first 6 months to a year is the most critical when it comes to blogging. A lot of our fellow bloggers who started aniblogging at the same time with me are now gone. . .er, not “dead” but gone from blogging.

      Ahahaha! You’re welcome. Wow. Wrestling fantasy & webcomic, eh? Awesome! Here’s to another year of blogging. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh aye, I was writing the fantasy fed right up until I started training in it for real I think, maybe just after. The webcomic ran while I was nearing the end of my run as a wrestler, and then my weird mix of aniblogging, project promotion, and random stuff arose more recently. Here’s to another year indeed 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Afraid not. I started back in 2001 and retired late in 2010, part way through my tenth year. The combination of long standing injuries, the worry me continuing was causing my kids, and a lot of needless backstage politics souring it a little kinda scuppered it for me. I still have all the gear though and get tempted to go back all the time, but i’m standing firm on my retirement as it stands.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I did for a little while. By the end though, I was mostly just working for a local company on a voluntary basis because I knew the owner well. That meant wrestling, helping out at the training school when it was open, and booking the first year and a half of shows before he took over a bit more of it. It was fun though, regardless of the lack of money in it for me. I did at least get to tour with some of my favourites from my youth and work with some really good guys though, so i’m happy with what I achieved.

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Great post! Reminds me to stay positive and keep blogging 🙂 I’ve only been blogging for roughly 4 months but I’m loving it and it always great to read some pointers from fellow bloggers. Thanks!

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    1. Oh wow. 4 months? The first 6 months are usually the most critical, so please hang in there. You’ll be fine if you get past that.

      Thank you very much for dropping by. Glad you enjoyed this post. I appreciate it. Have fun blogging. Keep it up. Cheers!

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