l love sports anime!  Series in this genre are some of the most inspiring.  What I love the most in watching sports anime is the constant emphasis on how hard work is the sure-fire way to get you the results that you want.  Of course, talent will get you there faster but hard work alone will force you to obtain the skills you need to reach your goals.  I love that.  How inspiring.  Below is a list of sports anime that I compiled featuring 15 of the most influential sports series of all-time.

15 Anime You Need to Watch Before You Can Call Yourself a Sports Anime Fan
(arranged in alphabetical order)

1. Ashita no Joe (あしたのジョー)
I wasn’t even born yet when this series ran, but as a sports anime fan, you should know or even at least heard of Ashita no Joe.  I remember watching some snippets of the films when I was a kid, but I’ve never really watched the entire series.  I can’t really comment much about this, but its influence spreads wide to some of my favourite series such as Hajime no Ippo, another boxing series, and Bakuman, one of my most favourite series ever.  Based on the manga series written by Kajiwara Ikki (梶原 一騎) and illustrated by Chiba Tetsuya (千葉 徹彌).

ashita no joe

2. Baby Steps (ベイビーステップ)
This is relatively new compared to the other series in this list, but I think that Baby Steps is special and different in its own way.  The main protagonist isn’t a genius.  What I like about this series is its emphasis on hard work rather than natural-born talent.  I also like how it demonstrates that it’s never too late for you to chase after your dreams.  Based on the manga series by Katsuki Hikaru (勝木 光).

baby steps

3. Captain Tsubasa (キャプテン翼)
Like Ashita no Joe, I wasn’t born yet when the original Captain Tsubasa ran.  However, given that it’s one of the most influential sports series in the industry, there were a lot of anime reruns while I was growing up.  I don’t really remember much about this series, but I can’t deny the influence it has over the sports anime that I currently love.  Based on the manga series by Takahashi Yōichi (高橋 陽一).

captain tsubasa

4. Daiya no Ace (ダイヤのA / Ace of Diamond)
It’s currently one of the hottest sports series.  It’s not my favourite baseball anime—that honour belongs to Major—but I’ll readily admit that I’m a fangirl of Daiya no Ace.  Miyuki’s mine!!!  He’s so hot!  What’s more, a lot of my favourite seiyuu are here.  Based on the manga series by Terajima Yūji (寺嶋 裕二).

daiya no ace

5. Eyeshield 21 (アイシールド21)
Yahahaha!!!  I remember watching this in my early teens.  Loved it!!! Looking back now, there are so many outrageous scenes in this series that would make me roll my eyes if I watched it as an adult.  I’m so glad I watched this as a teenager when I wasn’t as critical as I am now.  Eyeshield 21 will always have a special place in my heart.  Based on the manga series written by Inagaki Riichirō (稲垣 理一郎) and illustrated by Murata Yūsuke (村田 雄介).

eyeshield 21

6. Free!
Yummy!  Most of you already know that I love ogling delicious bishies, so even if Free! wasn’t a swimming anime, I still would have watched this.  Delicioso~  Thankfully, this anime isn’t all about perfect six-pack abs.  It actually has an engaging story and characters you can sympathize with.  Perfecto~ Based on the light novel written by Ōji Kōji (おおじ こうじ).

free anime poster

7. Haikyuu!! (ハイキュー!!)
One of my current faves!!!  I freaking love this volleyball series!  Oh my gosh.  I can’t get enough of Haikyuu!! It’s hilarious and awesome and amazing and funny and incredible and and and and—it’s so GREAT!!!  Definitely a must watch!  Based on the manga series by Furudate Haruichi (古舘 春一).


8. Hajime no Ippo (はじめの一歩)
As a Filipino, I can’t help but become interested in a boxing anime such as this.  It’s one of my all-time favourite sports series.  I love the manga.  It’s very impressive; still going strong with over 1000 chapters!  I also love the first anime adaptation with its gritty animation.  As for the later anime adaptations, not so much.  I’m kinda dismayed by their overly smooth and bright animations.  Still a great series, though.  Based on the manga series by Morikawa George (森川 ジョージ).

hajime no ippo

9. Hungry Heart: Wild Striker (ハングリーハート WILD STRIKER)
I can’t be 100% sure, but I think I watched this in English dub.  Very rare for someone like me.  I don’t really remember much about this series because I watched it when I was a kid.  But even up to now, I still come across a lot of fellow sports anime fans who cite Hungry Heart: Wild Striker as their favourite sports anime.  It also doesn’t hurt that it was created by the same legendary mangaka of Captain Tsubasa.  Based on the manga series by Takahashi Yōichi (高橋 陽一).

hungry heart wild striker

10. Kuroko no Basuke (黒子のバスケ / Kuroko’s Basketball)
It doesn’t reach the level of Slam Dunk, in my opinion, but no one can deny the ginormous buzz this latest basketball series generated while it ran.  I personally enjoyed it with all those delish bishies—Akashi’s mine!!!  Based on the manga series by Fujimaki Tadatoshi (藤巻 忠俊).

kuroko no basuke

11. Major (メジャー)
One word:  EPIC!!!  Holy freaking shoot, this series is EPIIIIIIIC!!!  This is probably my #1 favourite sports anime of all-time.  Not a lot of sports anime series show the journey of the main protagonist as detailed as in Major, where we see a child develop into a veteran athlete.  Definitely a must-watch!  Based on the manga series by Mitsuda Takuya (満田拓也).

major anime

12. Prince of Tennis (テニスの王子様 / Tenisu no Oujisama)
I have so many good memories watching this series.  I remember fangirling over each guy—I freaking love Tezuka and Atobe!  But I also like how the main protagonist isn’t really hot in the gorgeous and mature way.  Echizen is child-like but boy, he’s awesome.  I like that he’s conceited and a genius.  Looking back now, I don’t think that I’ll enjoy it as much now if I watch it again, but it never fails to make me nostalgic.  Based on the manga series by Konomi Takeshi (許斐剛).

prince of tennis poster

13. Slam Dunk (スラムダンク)
Who hasn’t heard of Slam Dunk?  You can’t call yourself a full-fledged sports anime fan if you haven’t watched this series.  It’s definitely a classic that has major staying power.  I kinda want a reboot anime for this.  Crossing my fingers.  Based on the manga series by Inoue Takehiko (井上雄彦).

slam dunk

14. Touch (タッチ)
Same as Ashita no Joe, I wasn’t born yet when this series ran.  I haven’t watched the entire series, but I saw snippets of the TV anime series and the films.  I like watching Japanese variety shows, and I can tell you that this anime series is one of the most-alluded series in TV shows.  Based on the manga series by Adachi Mitsuru (あだち 充).

touch anime

15. Yowamushi Pedal (弱虫ペダル)
A surprise favourite.  I didn’t really expect to like this series.  The art style didn’t look too appealing to me at the beginning, but I found myself absorbed by its story, its outrageous characters, and of course its even more outrageous biking techniques.  It’s this series’ fault that I woke up early everyday during the summer to watch Tour de France.  I’ve never done that before.  It even made me consider buying myself a road racer, but I made do with my dad’s old mountain bike.  Based on the manga series by Watanabe Wataru (渡辺 航).


And that’s it for today’s most influential sports anime list.  Do you like watching sports anime?  If so, what’s your favourite?  And do you agree with the titles included in this list?

That’s all for today, folks.  Have a great day.  Cheers!


Baby Steps Anime Website on NHK (Japanese)
Captain Tsubasa Anime Website on TV Tokyo (Japanese)
Chiba Tetsuya Official Website – Ashita no Joe Mangaka (Japanese)
Daiya no Ace Official Anime Website (Japanese)
Eyeshield 21 Anime on TV Tokyo (Japanese)
Free! Anime Website (Japanese)
Haikyuu!! Anime Website (Japanese)
Hajime no Ippo Anime at NTV (Japanese)
Kuroko no Basuke Anime Website (Japanese)
Major Anime at NHK (Japanese)
Prince of Tennis at TV Tokyo (Japanese)
Slam Dunk Scholarship by Shueisha (Japanese)
Yowamushi Pedal Anime (Japanese)

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  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Hey Grimms,

    Let’s travel back to Sept. 24, 2016 with Arria Cross from fujinsei.com. If you haven’t traversed her blog before you are in for a treat! She’s going to help you out this weekend figure out what to do with yourselves XD once you read her article on 15 anime you need to watch before you can call yourself a sports anime fan.

    I honestly have a few more anime that I have to still watch from this list! Someof them I have never even heard of so I really appreciate this post. You’ll have to let me know in the comments below which ones you recommend and which ones you have yet to see.

    I hope you all have a swell weekend. I myself will be traveling this wekend but have no fear I scheduled a post for this Saturday here on GrimmGirl. If you follow me on Twitter (Kat13Sade) or Snapchat (katrinasade) then you already know what to expect!

    Chat with you all soon ❤

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  2. Man, I still have a few more anime shows to watch before I can call myself a true sports anime fan 😛 Although no matter how many sports anime I watch we all know which will remain number one in my heart ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a brilliantly comprehensive list that’s just become my own tick list 🙂

    I always find it funny how un-sporty I am myself, but how much I get from watching sports anime. It just goes to show the remarkable ability of anime.


    1. Thank you! I love sports anime, and like you I’m not very sporty. But what’s stopping us from loving these series? They’re awesome. High-five! Thanks for dropping by. Keep on enjoying sports anime. Cheers!


  4. I’ve only watched Prince of Tennis (loved it down to every last drop of outrageousness) and I’m really interested in the genre, particularly Kuroko no Basuke. This list is a godsend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha! I can tell just by looking at your profile image. Sports anime is like my comfort food. I can watch sports anime again and again when I don’t feel like watching other anime. Aaaw. Thank you. I appreciate it. I hope you enjoy watching some of the list here. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahaha! I am building another list of sports anime and Cross Game is in there, no worries. Although the list is still in-the-making so I don’t know when I’ll complete it. But thanks for dropping by. Keep on watching sports anime. Cheers!

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  5. I remember thinking that sports anime couldn’t be good as a shounen battle anime (even though I really liked sports), until I’ve watched Kuroko no Basuke and then I’ve watched Haikyuu what is definitely my one of the anime’s that inspires me, also the soundtracks are amazing.

    I really need to see a lot more sports anime. I have currently watched 4 of your list and started with Hajime no Ippo and Yowamushi pedal and also watching DAYS, one of the newer anime’s. DAYS is definitely a tear jerker.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay! I’m so glad for you. Sports anime is one of my top genre. They’re my comfort food and never fail to inspire me. I haven’t watched Days yet. Still waiting until the buzz around it dies down a bit so I won’t be too influenced by others’ opinions too much. Enjoy watching. Cheers!


  6. I’ve only watched three of these >.< (Kuroko no Basuke, Free! and Haikyuu!!) Kuroko no Basuke and Haikyuu were quite similar but I enjoyed both shows nonetheless! And Free was just really entertaining to watch >//<

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ohohohoho ~ I totally understand your reasoning with Free. I didn’t really watch it becuase it’s a sports anime. The main reason I watched it is to ogle the hot guys. Ehehe. 😉
      If you’re comfortable with with older animation, I suggest trying some of the older sports anime. They might not appeal to you, but they can be good studies when you want to know about some of the most common sports anime tropes that these older sports anime paved. Haikyuu’s awesome!

      Liked by 1 person


    Even tho I’m a big sports anime fan, I’ll admit I’m spoiled by the new animation, colouring and artwork from more recent titles, so going back to older ones is hard asf. They look so grainy and washed out T_T /hides
    I haven’t tried any of the fighting/violence-focused anime shows because…I tend not to like it. Maybe I’m too rational, but it’s kinda dumb to voluntarily fist each other for a sports :’D
    Which means I’m an heretic and haven’t seen Ashita no Joe, Hajime no Ippo
    I definitely agree that Baby Steps stands out by how realistic it is when it comes to both the sport and trying to go pro!
    I watched Captain Tsubasa growing up, but I can admit I’m not very fond of football/soccer shows, maybe it’s because it’s so predominant that I prefer seeing things that feel fresher. I do agree it was influential…also did the whole “as long as MC is here we can win” trope in sports that I never like xD;
    I don’t like my sports anime solely focused on comedy, so I don’t think Eyeshield 21 is for me xD;
    I’m still watching Free! because while they’re very good-looking, I like my sports being less slice of life :’D
    Hungry Heart sounds like a title for a survival series ehehehehe x) /hasn’t seen it yet
    You can have Akashi as long as I get Kuroko <33


    TENIPURI <33
    I read the manga and loved it, and agreed, Ryoma is awesome because he knows he’s good, and he’s not having any of your shit <333

    I haven’t seen Slam Dunk, there’s so many episodes…and it’s grainy and old, I want a reboot to wash my eyes clean with it ;_; Tho tbh, I’m not very fond of basketball :’D

    Touch is definitely on my list to either read the manga or watch (depending on the quality of it), because I’ve heard a lot about it~


    Ya can’t make me choose between my baes, you’re satanic if you tell us to only pick one T_T

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahahaha! You’re terrible. How can you make me laugh when I don’t even agree with what you said? Ahahahaha! (wipes tear while laughing like a lunatic)

      Well, it’s understandable. Older animation styles don’t bother me because that’s how I watched anime ever since I can remember. I’ve been watching since I was too small to even remember. In fact, older animation styles give me a peaceful, nostalgic feeling. I understand that newer & smoother animation lends a more intense and better action scenes, especially in genre like sports where the movements must be emphasized. However, I think that without the older sports anime that paved the way for the genre, I don’t think that we’ll have the same quality we’re enjoying right now from the more recent series.

      As for boxing series, well, my background is Filipino and Filipinos are huge, huge, huge boxing fans so series like Ippo appeal to Filipino anime fans like myself. It’s a matter of preference, I guess. I’m not a big fan of basketball or other sports either, but I still enjoy watching anime about these sports.

      Yay for Baby Steps! It’s not my favourite, but it definitely is an inspiring anime that you can really try to apply in your own life if you’re aiming for something. As for Captain Tsubasa, I have to agree that I’m not too fond of it, but I can’t feeling nostalgic about it since it’s a part of my childhood. Not to mention that it’s such an influential series not only for future soccer anime but also to the sports anime genre as a whole. I don’t like to compare it to newer sports anime. I just see it as it is: as one of the series that paved the way fpr the genre. Well, without that overused trope, I don’t think we’ll enjoy other fresher ideas like equal contribution and team cooperation.

      Well, honey, you haven’t seen Major yet. Daiya is highschool baseball, but Major. . .well, it’s a life journey. But I don’t think you’ll like it because it uses the genius & talented MC trope that saves that weak team. However, the character development and journey are superb. Heh~ Did I hear anything? Oh, it’s the chirping of the birds. Miyuki’s still mine.

      Ehehehe. Well, given what you blog about, I’m not surprised about you watching Free based on those bishies. I also watched it for the exact same reasons. 😂
      Haikyuu is one of my top favourites. Can’t wait for the next season. Anyway, what do you say is your favourite sports anime?


      1. You mean I’m the best don’t you? xPPPP
        OFC, I do agree that without the older anime we wouldn’t have the more recent quality, at all. It’s just even tho I grew with the dragonball, sailor moon, captain tsubasa, ccsakura and saint seiya, I’m too spoiled :’D
        I had no idea Filipinos were huge fans of boxers! :000
        Definitely agree that Baby Steps has a lot of pacing issues, plus the art style isn’t my fave oop, but do agree it’s very inspirational~
        That is very true about Captain Tsubasa, it was an important milestone, I just get salty that there’s 5kg of futbol anime and 1 baseball per year, 1 volleyball per year, one biking per year :’D
        /just kidding xDDD
        BUT MAN, you’re making me want to watch Major…I’d watch it better if there was a remake of it /whistles innocently
        I do like good character development and journeys! Ugh, ARRIA STOP IT, STOOOP IT T.T I’M DEEP IN HELL, DON’T THROW ME ANOTHER IRON BALL TO MY HANDS

        Guilty as charged XP I still need to finish Free, but damn are those abs, muscles, back and thighs worth it :Q______
        HOW DARE YOU
        ARRIAAAA T_T
        Even if I go by each sport, it’s still hard ;_;
        How can you try making me choose between Oofuri and Daiya for baseball? T_T
        But, for now, my fave is Daiya, followed by the Tenipuri manga. Mostly because I actually read fanfiction for Daiya and I don’t bother for the others :’D
        BUT I CAN’T
        I CAN’T


      2. Oh, did I mean that? (whistles) Oh well, we all have different tastes.
        Yes! Filipinos are boxing fans…well, not ALL Filipinos but many of us.
        I totally agree with the pacing issues of Baby Steps. Sometimes it makes the series dull, unfortunately. But overall, I think it’s more realistic than other sports anime. Although I like other of those more outrageous sports anime more.
        Ahahaha! Indeed, that’s very true. But we’re getting a skating anime soon filled with hot bishies so don’t whine too much about too much soccer. Although I have a feeling it’s going to be another Free but in figure skating instead of swimming. Too bad they had to be covered in costumes and not almost naked unlike in Free. (cough cough)
        OH. And here I thought Crimson is the only Daiya-obsessed here. The animation for Major is not that old like Captain Tsubasa or Slam Dunk. It’s a very long series though with lots of seasons.
        Ehehehehe~ Oh honey, I’m sure Crim & I won’t let you have those 2 all by yourself.
        😂😂😂😂 You’re so amusing. I already concluded that Daiya is you’re fave if your earlier comment is to be the basis.
        What?! Who’s Do-S? SHHHHH!!! (looks around & whispers) They’re gonna know.


      3. You…YOU! /shakes fist
        Yeah, Baby Steps sometimes gets slow and boring :’D
        Oh man, Yuri on Ice looks amazing /drools :Q___
        I’m super Daiya obsessed, DUUUUH 😛
        You and Crim can’t take me, I’ll win all the fights by showing dick pics and naked hotties and throwing them so you can go rabid after them /winks ;P
        Bwahaha, I know I’m amusing (・ω<)☆
        Kidding, thanks for thinking so though~!
        Nothing like being masochist for a series for it to stay in the front of your mind ಠ⌣ಠ
        They already know, they’re just pretending not to OHOHOHOHOHO (・ωー)~☆

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ahahahahaha!!! You’re hilarious. Ah, I almost want to cover my eyes reading your comment. Ahahaha!
        Well, if you put it that way, I’ll concede defeat if only in that category of showing, y’know, pictures of naked anime guys. I’m so excited for Yuri on Ice.


      5. /bows
        I aim to please, milady
        /does a flourish
        Don’t cover your pretty little eyes and enjoy the sight OHOHOHO
        NAKED ANIME GUYS YEEEES hnng, you have no idea how corrupt my tablet is XPPP
        Me too, it looks gorgeous! _

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Aim to please, eh? That’s a Christian Gray allusion right there. Someone’s been reading 50 Shades. Ahahaha! You always make me cover my eyes, especially on Twitter. ahahaha! You’re corrupting me. But it’s okay. My eyes are feasting on those hot bishies anyway.


      7. Actually it was a Black Butler one, but now I know who’s read FSoG 😛
        Pfft, my twitter is so pg-13 tho! Mostly… XD
        Yeees, become corrupt and fall into hell with us~
        Bishies make the world go round smoothly ohoho (^_-)≡★

        Liked by 1 person

      8. Oh really? Is the English dub?
        Ahaha. Oh well. I did enjoy the 50 Shades books. Don’t care what others say.
        Pfffft! PG-13? I think you’re criteria for rating is too encompassing. More like X-rated. 😂
        Ahahaha. That’s a good one. Bishies make the world go round.


        /evil laugh
        X-rated? OFC not, maybe a Teen/PEGI-16, but I’m far from posting actual pornography…./coughs heavily and chokes

        Nothing to see here, move on already!

        Okay maybe sometimes I do go down the R18/Mature route :’D But shhhhhhh


      10. Ahahahaha! Darn it. Che! I’ve been found out.
        Okay, delete that. You didn’t read that.
        Well, yeah. Of course you don’t pose any actual porn. You censor the bishies’ tweety birds after all. But yeah, well, let’s just say that they’re inappropriate for younger audience. 😂


      11. /screenshots and saves it to NEVER DELETE folder
        Me? Censoring? PFFFFFTHAHAHAAHHA
        /coughs intensively
        Of course I censor…. :’D
        Hey, if you can’t see the D, it ain’t real /innocent face

        Liked by 1 person

      12. Ahahahaha! That’s so true. Besides, don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining your lack of censorship. I’m actually grateful for it, and I’m sure your other readers are too. If they say, otherwise, screw them. Not to mention they’re big fat LIARS!!! 😉


      13. I’m always right! /angelic face
        AWWW, you’re the sweetest <333333
        And you too! If they say they don’t like your stuff it’s just because they’re jelly ❤

        Liked by 1 person

    1. 😉 No worries. I’m not judging. This is mainly a recommendations list, Sindy. Although I don’t think you’ll enjoy the older titles in this list as they have older animation.


  8. Nice list. I’ve watched hardly any on this list because I’m just not into sports anime but at least now I know a few more titles to suggest to others when they ask for a recommendation in that category because usually I just tell people to google it if they are after sport.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Karandi. I’m a big sports anime fan. I just love the genre. Sports anime is like my comfort food. So you don’t watch any sports anime? At all? Yes, sure. The series in this list are the more mainstream ones. I have another sports anime list with mostly overlooked and underrated anime. Anyway, thanks for dropping by. Take care. Cheers@

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Those are the newer ones. Ahahaha! Well, that’s the best way to stop those people who keep on recommending Free to you, just watch it. To be honest, it’s not the best sports anime I ever watched, but I did like the hot guys. 😉

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Yeah, it’s only been the last year or so that I would even consider a sports anime to watch. Before I just kind of passed them over but given I watch every other genre I’ve been dipping my toes into the pool and while I’m not ever going to be a massive sports anime fan, I can’t say they are all that bad (I’ve kind of enjoyed the very few I’ve watched).

        Liked by 1 person

  9. I first watched Slam Dunk when it was first aired on ABC 5 (which is now TV 5) but it was only once a week every Sunday. After that I watched it everyday in GMA 7 when it was first aired on that station. Im not really a basketball fan but I liked how Hanamichi struggled to learn how to play basketball just so to impress the girl she liked in which he actually got intimate with the actual sport instead. What it funny is that I never got to see the real end in the manga since the one animated by Toei animation only covered the half of the original print. But yeah, Slam Dunk is an iconic thing in the Philippines but I dont want to watch it over and over… Please GMA 7, stop the idiocy…

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, occasionally. its been on an endless rerun as far as I have observed just like with some of their other shows which are on reruns like Dragon Ball Z and Ghost Fighter (Yu Yu Hakushu). There is little to no opportunity for new shows to be aired in GMA 7 since they are more concerned on showing all the same things just to get lotsa ratings even though the viewers are already sick of it after watching the same old shows after a thousandth time. Their roster has always been like this:
        Slam Dunk
        Detective Conan (aka Case Closed)
        Ghost Fighter
        Dragon Ball Z
        Doreamon (my most hated)
        One Piece
        Fairy Tail
        Yokai Watch (the newest addition to their wimpy list)

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Oh wow. That sounds so dull. It was more than a decade ago when I watched Slam Dunk in the Philippines, and I’m quite surprised that they’re still showing it until now. I think I also watched DB and Ghost Fighter. My dad’s a big fan of those 2. I was a little confused though when my dad kept asking me now about Ghost Fighter, Ghost Fighter. I forgot that it’s Yu Yu Hakusho in the Philippines. There’s also Hajime no Ippo. I vaguely remember that it also has another title there, although I can’t remember. Do you know?

        Oh wow. This roster is severely outdated. Well, ONE PIECE is awesome, so yay for GMA for showing that. Although I don’t think I’ve ever watched it in Tagalog before.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. The Tagalog dub of One Piece was good during its early years. It was good until after the sky peia arc. After that the show went into hiatus in GMA 7 and then came back with some of the the actors replaced. The golden age of dubbing in the Philippines with their awesome voices and well made scripts is something I want to experience again. Right now everything is just crap. I miss the 90’s and early 2000’s.

        Liked by 1 person

  10. I’d say I have watched all of the older ones/ read the manga.
    Few months ago I had the rare chance to go to a bookstore here and I saw this “free”…well as a former swimmer I was first interested as it is about my old sport but you know, ain’t my kind of story 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahaha! You’re a former swimmer? Well, I think I get why it wouldn’t appeal to you. I think Free’s target audience are fans like me who are in love with bishies. . .and abs. 😉
      Thanks for dropping by. Cheers!


  11. YES!!! Yowamushi Pedal! That’s my jam. By far one of my favorite sports to watch and participate in. I’ve heard of all these anime but I haven’t seen all of them. Hajime no Ippo is probably on the top of my list.

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  12. Actually I watched Eyeshield as an adult (probably a year or so ago) and I actually thought it awesome. The high point for me was when the Sena smashed Agon’s helmet into the ground with a rarely seen ferocity which was so awesome because Sena is slight and to have this passion and ferocity was cool to see.
    Major sounds like an interesting anime because I like stories where you see child to adult development.
    I loved most of the animes listed here, and I know I love sports anime. You hit the nail on the head that sports anime always aim to inspire and show what hard work can do, and I usually feel strong urges to play the sport after watching so many episodes! XD

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    1. Good for you. As for me, I’m just glad that I watched “Eyeshiled 21” when I was younger because I have a feeling that I won’t enjoy it very much now.

      I hope that you try “Major”. It can be a bit slow, but that’s part of its charm because it’s a coming-of-age, epic story. And it’s very long with lots of OVA’s and films as well. It’s my favourite sports anime just because it touched me deeper than the other sports series that I watched.

      Thanks. But it’s true, isn’t it? Sports anime are inspiring and more often than not motivates you to work hard to your goals. Love them!

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  13. I remember when Big Windup! was showing on Animax. It didn’t appeal to me partly(?) because of the fujoshi possibility (I was cringing at that during my early teens. Don’t worry. I’ve gotten over it. HAHAHAH :v), but maybe it was because how the main character was “advertised” by Animax. A general weakling, iirc.
    Needless to say, I have to get some time again to watch some sports anime. It’s been a while since I’ve been wowed with the plays happening. XD

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    1. Phew! Thank goodness that you’ve gotten over it. 😉
      Well, same here. I wasn’t always fond of guy-guy pairings, you know.

      Oh well. I hope that you get to watch it when you have the time. Yes, the protagonist is a weakling but he gets better in time, I guess. I admit that he annoys me too, but the other characters are charismatic that I personally don’t mind him that much as I watched more episodes. Anyway, which sports anime are you planning on watching?


      1. I’ve had Saki on my watchlist for eons. Maybe because of the cute charas. And woah the edits. Had to re-read the entire post, only to now see Saki there. LOL
        I’ve been a baseball lover for the longest time now, but I have yet to watch the first 3 seasons of Major and chronologically complete the remaining 3. Along with chronologically completing One Outs. Maybe I’ll stick to manga for a while. It’s the most available resource due to my busy student schedule. XD

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      2. “Saki” is not really a favourite so I won’t encourage you to watch it as soon as you can. But it has it’s good points and I still think that it’s worth watching, especially if you want a series that you can pass the time with.

        “Major”, on the other hand, is another story. GO watch it!!! It’s my favourite sports anime. It’s very long, but worth it.

        As a fellow student, I know the struggles. I say to prioritize your studies first, although watching anime is a great reward after working your ass off to ace that subject. 😉


      1. Ahahaha. Don’t worry. I’m currently working on another sports anime list and “Inazuma 11” will be part of it. I just don’t think that the series is part of this list. But thanks for dropping by? Do you also like sports anime?


      2. Oooooh. “Eyeshield 21” was also a staple of my early teen years. I don’t think that I’ll enjoy it as much now if I watch it again, but I have fond memories watching it. What other sports anime have you watched?


      3. Oooooh. “Haikyuu!!” is my current favourite. Super funny and awesome. Oh my gosh. You just mentioned a sports anime that I’m not aware of. Gasp!

        How on earth did I ever miss “Prince of Stride”. Gotta check it out now!

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  14. I’m not a fan of sports anime or manga, but I did read/watch Prince of Tennis. Pleasantly surprised by how much I liked it! Probably due to the fact that the main character WAS a bit conceited like you said, which I liked, because it’s a more realistic portrayal of competitive sports imo.

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    1. Good point. You don’t join a competitive sports if you don’t have the desire to win, and in a way, are conceited enough to believe that you can win. I really enjoyed “Prince of Tennis” as well, especially since I watched it as a teenager. However, I think that there are other sports anime that are better than it in terms of character development and story.

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  15. I suspect I am saving up sports anime for the best times to enjoy them xD So far, I have only watched the newer up and coming ones. I tried Eyeshield, but I dropped it after making through half the series because I found the characters too underdeveloped ><

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    1. Ahahaha! I can’t help but agree with your regarding “Eyeshield 21”. Like what I commented on this post, I’m glad that I watched it as a teenager when I wasn’t as critical as I am now as an adult. Now that I think about it, I don’t think that I’ll enjoy it as much as I will now if I watch it again. I hope that you find a sports anime that’ll suit your taste. There are great ones out there just waiting to be watched. Enjoy. Cheers!

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  16. Ah I only have about half of these under my belt. So far Haikyuu is my favorite of the bunch, but that might change when I get to Hajime no Ipo, Major, or one of the other sports anime I have yet to watch ;-;

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    1. “Haikyuu!!” is currently one my faves. It’s so funny! I hope that they continue to pump more seasons and to adapt the rest of the manga into anime. I really recommend “Hajime no Ippo” and “Major”. They’re some of my most favourite sports anime. I’m not sure if you’ll like them, but I hope that you do, especially “Major” which is awesome to watch especially if you like long-running series like I do. Anyway, keep on watching anime. Thanks for dropping by and sharing your opinions with me. I appreciate it. Cheers!

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  17. Hold it! Did I hear you say that miyuki is YOURS?! I think not! Miyuki belongs in my harem and belongs to my ball of sunshine, FIGHT ME lol

    oh and I watched the first episode of baby steps and it’s on my Next Sports Anime list, gosh, if only Ei-chan could give me of his smarts and organizational skills I’d be set for life! And major looks ok, since I hadn’t heard of it I was afraid it was an older show, will need to check it :3

    My brother has recommended eyeshield to me, says it’s awesome and I was like ok…Then at a convention they showed a snippet from it and I was like o___o what is these art and animation?!

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    1. Bring it on, Crimson. I’m officially a Minister of External Affairs now and I can now duke it out with anyone on an “international” level. XD
      I’ll battle it out with you if that’s what it takes to get Miyuki for my own. XD

      Well, “Baby Steps” is a good anime but not my most favourite. I’ll recommend “Haikyuu!!” more, if you haven’t watched it yet.

      As for “Eyeshield 21”, well, I think it’ll be more enjoyable to a younger demographic like, say, kids to teens. It may not be as appealing to adults.

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      1. You may be Minister of External Affairs but I’m Official Stalker and that transcends all other positions ╮(╯▽╰)╭

        I started watching second season for haikyuu, pretty excited :)! I read the manga and I’m so pumped to see some of the scenes that happen, especially the training camp stuff 💕

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      2. Mwa ha ha, I’m the President, and I outrank you both! And I approve of a battle! I’ll be the ref!

        And the best parts of The Prince of Tennis are the silly episodes, the fillers. Like the TeniPuri family episodes.

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      3. Aw. Yes, you’re right. President Krystallina outranks us both, Crimson. But at least my position sounds nice: Minister of External Affairs. Very long, though. Ahahaha.

        I agree. The fillers of Prince of Tennis are quite good. Very funny.

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  18. Wow, I’m surprised that there is like 5 I didn’t watch, let alone never heard of. Guess I’ll have to check those out. Although I’d also include some non-mainstream sports anime like Hikaru no Go. Technically that is a sport.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh? Which ones?

      Hikaru no Go, eh? I’m actually working on another sports list recommendations right now containing often overlooked sports anime. I don’t think Hikaru no Go’s in that list, but I’ll think about it. Thanks!

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    1. Hmmmm. Not sure about that. You can watch (looks around and whispers) the ones by fansubs, if you really need English. I imported mine from Japan so they’re completely in Japanese.


  19. I recently finished watching Slam Dunk its such a good anime. And in my opinion s better than Kuroko No Basuke (even though I watched it before Slam Dunk). Though Kuroko No Basuke is good and enjoying on its own. A big fan of both series. Haikyuu is really good too. Love hinata and the gang 🙂

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    1. I agree with you 100%. “Slam Dunk” is legendary, in my opinion, and “Kuroko no Basuke” just doesn’t reach its level. But since I’m a fangirl who loves hot anime guys, I can’t say I didn’t enjoy Kuroko because I did. Very much. Oh my gosh. Now that you mention it, “Haikyuu!!” is one of my current faves. It’s so awesome and hilarious. Is “Slam Dunk” your favourite sports anime?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it is now lol. It really is a funny and action packed anime. Too good lol. Kuroko no Basuke isn’t bad at all tho. I enjoyed it a lot too but not as much as I enjoyed Slam Dunk. Haikyuu is great I wish they just released all the episodes at once!!

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      2. Ahaha. I know how you feel. I’m actually holding myself back from watching the second season until all episodes are released. I’m taking a short break from watching anime after the holidays to rest my brain a bit. But I think that “Haikyuu!!” will be one of the first anime I’ll watch when I’ve rest my brain enough.

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      3. Yes, Haikyuu is a really good show. I guess I’ll have to go on short break too since college started I’ll have to focus on work but i know I’m going to get tempted and watch anime almost every 2 days!

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      4. Oh wow. Best of luck in college! Yeah, I know that the struggle is real. It’s quite difficult to maintain the delicate balance of watching anime without it negatively affecting the rest of your daily activities, especially if you’re a student. But good luck!

        Liked by 1 person

      5. Oh wow. Takes me back to when I first started university. You’ll get used to it soon enough and I hope that you find the routine to squeeze in some anime without it affecting your studies negatively.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. Yeah, if only i was able to sleep and watch anime at the same time lol. But, a timetable or routine is really needed for me. How was you university life? I want to go to University after my two years course in college.

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  20. I agree to almost every comment you made on these anime (apart from Baby Steps though, I didn’t really like it); I like how the tension builds up and even though you somehow know the outcome, they still make you watch in awe, get excited and shout for them! I also enjoyed One Outs, though it wouldn’t be considered a sports anime to some. : )

    I don’t know if you keep up with Haikyuu manga but oh lord, I freaked out after reading the last chapter. It’s one of my all time favorites in sports anime!

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    1. Aw. Why didn’t you like “Baby Steps”?

      I enjoyed “One Outs” as well. I was just discussing this with a fellow aniblogger on his site. I’m currently working on another sports anime recommendations list consisting of often overlooked sports anime. “One Outs” will be one of them because not a lot of people are aware of it, unlike most of the titles in this list.

      Oh my gosh. I keep up with “Haikyuu!!” manga. It’s one of my current faves. Love it!

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      1. Since I only watched the first couple of episodes, I can only speak in terms of those episodes but… I don’t know, something didn’t click with me, I don’t really enjoy tennis, maybe that also has a part in it.

        Ooh, glad to hear it! Most people I encountered don’t consider One Outs as a sports anime, though we also have Chihayafuru and that’s also considered as a sports anime because of competitive karuta. Overall, they are really enjoyable series. ^^

        After Slam Dunk, I think Haikyuu is the first sports Anime/manga that I’ve watched/read with this much anticipation and excitement. Nice to see we’re somewhat on the same page on Haikyuu! (ノ゜▽゜)

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      2. Oh, okay. That’s fine. Each of us has different preferences, anyway. Besides, life would be utterly dull if everyone of us have the same likes and dislikes, and that also applies to anime fans like us.

        Really? Perhaps it’s because “One Outs” has such a dark atmosphere. Most mainstream sports anime are geared towards the shounen demographic, so maybe the people you say that don’t consider it as a sports anime are used to shounen sports anime such as “Haikyuu”, “Slam Dunk”, etc. Yes, I agree. I enjoyed “Chihayfuru” as well. I’ll be posting a list of this kind of overlooked sports anime titles one of these days, when I’m not feeling too lazy. 😉

        Oh my gosh. I freaking love “Haikyuu!!”. It’s so funny. High-five!

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      3. Haha high-five! (´∀`)人(´∀`) You are right, it’s either a genre problem or One Outs is not as ‘sports oriented’ as the examples you gave. Hope you don’t get too lazy, it certainly would be interesting to read! v

        Liked by 1 person

      4. Ahaha. We’ll see. I still haven’t reoriented myself completely out from the holiday break. Hopefully in the next week or so, I’ll be back in the game full-blast. Thanks very much. I’m glad that you know this kind of overlooked sports anime. Looking forward to discussing more of them when I do get to publish that post. Cheers!

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