Important New Blog Policies & Changes for Fujinsei (Please Read)

Hello, dear folks!  How are you all doing?  It’s October and it’s getting quite chilly here in Canada.  You know what that means. . .it’s now autumn, my favourite season of the year!  Woot woot!

happy girl jumping in joy

Like I announced on Twitter, I was busy making some important changes to Fujinsei this past couple of weeks.  Said changes involve content rather than appearance, although I removed some irrelevant materials from the site to make it less cluttered and re-organized all the posts under more appropriate categories.  You don’t have to care about these, however.  What I would like you to know is the addition of 5 new important pages, namely:

1. Disclosure Policy

Now that Fujinsei is monetized, I am required by the Federal Trade Commission to disclose all the ways on how this blog earns money.  Hence, I created this page.  However, just having this page is not adequate.  I have to clearly disclose and label all affiliate links and sponsorships, if any, on all posts and pages.  It’s just the ethical thing to do, and eliminates misleading situations.

2. Terms & Conditions of Use (Disclaimer)

Sounds intimidating, I know.  But I ask you to read it, just so you know what is the acceptable and unacceptable use of my blog.

3. Privacy Policy

Another intimidating-sounding page, but like the one above, I ask you to take a bit of your time to read it and be reassured that you are quite safe when using my blog.

4. Comment & Email Policies

This is one that I didn’t originally plan on writing, but since I already wrote the above 3 policies, I thought that I might as well write a comment & email policies page.  This page outlines etiquette that I demand from anyone who wishes to comment on this blog and send me e-mails.  From time to time, I receive offensive messages from douchebags, so I hope that this page will somehow help reduce these cases.

5. Guest Post/Contributor Guidelines

This page clearly outlines what I require from those who are interested in writing for Fujinsei either as a guest post or a regular contributor.  If you’re one of them, please read this.

Why I Created These Policies & Guidelines

The main reason why I created these pages is to protect Fujinsei and myself from damages incurred by my own ignorance of certain rules and regulations for blogs, especially monetized ones, and also by evil bastards who wish me and my blog harm.  Another reason is I want to preserve the dignity of Fujinsei as a legitimate entertainment and information blog, not one of those no-substance gimicky sites.  Most importantly, I want to do my best to comply with the law.

I heard stories about bloggers who had their affiliate memberships revoked because Amazon (or other affiliate programs) discovered that the bloggers didn’t have any Privacy Policy, Disclosure Policy, and Terms & Conditions pages on their websites.  Obviously, I don’t want to end up in the same situations as these unfortunate bloggers, so it’s more than worth it take a couple of weeks to create personalized blog policies, rather than suffer the headache of appealing a revoked affiliate membership. . .or worse, facing an angry Federal Trade Commission.

What Changed?

Nothing much, really.  I’m still the same adorable blogger you know and love.  (cough cough) Ehehehe~ I do my best to maintain the “human touch” in this blog and retain its active and vibrant interactions, all thanks to you.

Also, just so you know, I spent a great deal of time customizing all of these policies.  I did my best to reduce the hard-to-understand legal jargon while keeping in mind that this is an otaku blog geared towards a specific niche of audience.  So if you’re an otaku blogger like myself and you’re also thinking of adding these policies on your own blog, I would appreciate it if you don’t copy and paste mine without my permission.  I’m not forbidding you to use mine as models, but please let me know first so I’m aware.  Thank you very much.

Upcoming Changes to my Dear Girl ~Stories~ Translations


Konnichi-mosu! This part is for my fellow dear girls and dear boys who are always fabulous and continue to enjoy my DGS posts, even when I stopped updating for a long time now.  Please be advised that in accordance to my new blog policies, I’m currently working on a new feature called Dear Girl ~Stories~ Recaps & Selected Translations which I’m planning to launch on January 2017.  It will replace my old and crappy translations. This is to eliminate the possibility of getting in trouble by providing unofficial translation transcripts of this Japanese radio show.  Don’t worry.  I assure you that my new “Recaps & Selected Translations” will be of higher quality than my old DGS posts and new updates will come regularly.  I’ll release further information as the launch nears.  Thank you very much for your continued support, and I apologize for the inconvenience this change may cause you.  Mosu!

That’s all for today, folks.  Thank you very much for reading this. . .I admit. . .boring post.  I hope you have a glorious day.  Take care always.  Cheers!



20 thoughts on “Important New Blog Policies & Changes for Fujinsei (Please Read)”

    1. Thanks. Indeed. Still busy now because I’m preparing the new feature for January 2017, but overall, it’s still the same blog. Ehehehe~ I bet I’m not the only one “werking it”.


  1. I was thinking of doing something like that when I graduate high school or something since I enjoy blogging, I can earn even just a few dollars a year from it. I wonder if there are certain things you have to blog about though?

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    1. Not necessarily. You can just keep on blogging what you’ve been blogging. I think that WordPress doesn’t only allow a blog that exists solely for driving traffic to your affiliate links without any substance, or a blog about gambling, pornography, and those kind of websites.

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