This blog carnival is now CLOSED.

Oh my goodness! Can you believe that it’s already December? 2016 is almost over! What?! This will be the last carnival for this year. So without further ado, I hereby declare the 8th Fujinsei Blog Carnival OPEN!  Share your best posts and have fun connecting with our fellow bloggers.  Please don’t forget to read the following rules to avoid your submission from getting deleted.  Thank you.

Duration: December 5 to December 11

Rules of Participation:

  1. This carnival is OPEN ONLY to people who blog about anime, manga, or anything related to Japanese culture and media, and of course the otaku world.
  2. Share the link to a specific blog post at the comment section below, NOT just your blog address.  Include title of blog post and a short description of your post.  It doesn’t have to be a recent post.
  3. Only 1 link per blogger.
  4. Please visit at least one participant’s link; don’t just leave yours and move on.  This carnival is intended to foster a give-and-take relationship.
  5. If you wish to comment on a post, please visit the participant’s blog and comment there, not here.
  6. Shared blog posts must be decent.  No overly offensive materials.
  7. Participants who violate any or all of the above rules will be deleted from this carnival.

This blog carnival will close on December 11 (Sunday).  If you miss this carnival or have another blog post you want to share, feel free to participate on the next carnival which I will host again next month.

After this blog carnival ends, I will compile my favourite submissions into a “Best Posts Round-Up”.  Check out last month’s→“Best Posts Round-Up of the 7th Fujinsei Blog Carnival”

Please note that I’m not making you feel obligated to subscribe to any of the participants’ blogs, although I’m sure that they’ll greatly appreciate it if you do.  Feel free to subscribe only to those you liked.  My main purpose for hosting this carnival is for us otaku bloggers to have the chance to connect with each other.

De wa, go forth and explore each other’s blogs to your hearts’ content.  All otaku bloggers unite!


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43 replies on “[CLOSED] 8th Fujinsei Blog Carnival: All Otaku Bloggers Welcome!”

  1. Thanks for hosting the Blog Carnival as usual! Man, I am so happy for 2016 to be over. I’m cutting it pretty close again, wahaha.

    Miscommunication in Manga and Anime

    I briefly talk about miscommunication in both manga and anime and how it’s both frustrating yet needed. Kind of. I only really just scratch the surface on this topic and I’d really love to hear other people’s thoughts!

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  2. I wish I could have a brand new post to share to round off the year, but I’ve had a hectic couple of months and blogging has been low priority. So this month I’ll settle for another old post

    “You Mean You Haven’t Watched Ouran?”
    The second entry in my new series of posts summarising classic anime that I think new fans should check out. Ouran High School Host Club is a fun show that I found has a surprisingly solid message to teach.

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  3. Might be too late but….

    Who is Karasuno’s Strongest, Unbeatable Duo?

    Haikyuu s3 just ended and I’m binge-watching it now, so might as well share some Haikyuu-related post I did before! It’s basically a list of potential Karasuno power pair and reasons why they’re the strongest. Anyway, you decide!

    Maraming salamat sa pagkakataong ito Arria! Sa uulitin!

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  4. Phew, made it on time! As my latest blog happened to drop in the week of this carnival, I thought I’d share it with you lovely people.

    In ‘Seasons of the witch: the changing nature of witchcraft in anime’, I look into why the image of the white witch in particular is so prevalent in recent series, from magical girls in the likes of Madoka Magica, up to this season’s Izetta. I look right back to the witchcraft myths of the Edo period, to uncover the secrets of the craft’s diversity in anime today.

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  5. I thought I’d switch things up this time around and showcase an Otome post ❤ I bring you my very first otome game review featuring Votage Inc’s game Enchanted in the Moonlight and the first character route I played through… SHINRA (swoon). This was the game that got me hooked on otome and my first review on the subject. Enjoy 🙂 and thanks again for hosting the carnival Arria!

    Enchanted in the Moonlight: Shinra

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  6. Review: Mousou Dairinin (Paranoia Agent)

    Having finished all of his movies, I rounded out my exploration into Satoshi Kon with Paranoia Agent and for the first time got to put some of my thoughts concerning his storytelling techniques into words. It’s a spoiler-free review about what makes the show so provocative and clever. Thanks for hosting as always Arria and I hope everyone enjoys.

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  7. No way I will miss this carnival.

    Oregairu analysis – Tsurumi Rumi’s Transformation.

    I analyzed from Oregairu Light novel volume 4/anime season 1 about what really happened in the summer camp that Hikigaya Hachiman, main character in this story joined. He meets a girl named Tsurumi Rumi who is in trouble from her own clique. This analysis will focus the reason why she tries to help other girls who bullied her before. She is good girl like Hachiman & others think or…

    ps. this analysis is very lonnnng.

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  8. I have been kinda stalking these posts for a while looking for cool new blogs I enjoy reading, but I think I will offer up my latest post for others to (hopefully) enjoy.

    I talk about Konoha from Naruto, and some of the reasons that make it a great setting. It’s my first post of this type so I choose a bit of a nostalgic series to talk about, hopefully my points came out clear and it doesn’t just sound like me fanboying over Kishimoto’s work :/

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  9. Eeek! This is awesome! But I’m not entirely ready (as this is my first time!) ! I don’t have enough content yet; BUT I will share this:

    Title: ANI-Reality: Kiss Him, Not me.
    Description: This is an ongoing series of blogs that look at real buildings in anime and give a description of their usage and the architect that built them.

    My blog looks at anime and architecture. sometimes both and sometimes separate!
    Thanks for doing this! This is an amazing idea to get to know more of the wordpress community!

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  10. this is a cool idea. this really isnt indicative of my normal posts, but my favorite posts about about time travel, so i guess i go with a time travel post.

    Very Creative Title: “Time Travel in Anime: Summer 2016 Edition”
    Description: basically talking about how i thought time travel worked in Orange and Time Travel Shoujo and the merits/problems with each. this was written as of episode 5 of Orange and as of episode 4 of Time Travel Shoujo if spoilers are a concern.

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  11. My second carnival! Thanks for hosting these, Arria.
    Last time, I submitted a post that looked at the negatives of a particular anime so this time, I’ll opt for the brighter route.

    Shingeki no Kyojin – Of Dark Clouds and Silver Linings

    I am very much enamored of Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin, and the post explores one of my favorite aspects of it, i.e, how it balances themes of hope and despair.

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  12. Thanks for continuing to run these as they are a fantastic way to catch up on what other bloggers have been posting.

    My entry this time is again an older post and probably not one of my better ones but I remembered it after my recent review of DanMachi. It looks at why ‘Nice’ protagonists are fairly forgettable using Bell from DanMachi as the main example. It was definitely one of my shorter features but I gave it a bit of an edit.

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  13. Title: Hourou Musuko Wandering Son: A show that explores the gender identification struggle
    Snippet: Tells the story of two friends who are struggling with finding themselves through their own gender and seek to be happy doing what they love, while struggling with the onset of bodily changes and societal pressures.

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  14. Yay the carnival is here! Here is my recently made post:
    “Response: Top 5 Positive Influences in Anime”

    This is a hybrid post that is treated as a “response and top 5”. In this top 5 post, I share my thoughts and opinion on how anime has made an improvement in my life. It’s a response to Anime Reviewer Girl’s (Shay) post on how it affects her life and how it became a positive impact. This post was inspired by her answers and post.

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  15. An experiment about what we all can learn from sports anime. Weekly I post an article about what I learned from nine sports anime episode in that week.

    This post is from week 5 so if you want to read from week 1, feel free to look around. Also, if you feeling unmotivated, just read the article and take notes. That is what this is about, to learn, to note and to be motivated.

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  16. Gasp, another carnival. I feel like this came out of nowhere despite knowing about this for a while?

    So yeah, this is a fun post that I wrote a week or two back. It’s what my anime presidential cabinet I would like to see if all any characters suddenly became American and were old enough to run for office. You know, one of those amendments for anime characters that will definitely be passed by congress.

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  17. YESSS another Carnival!! Thanks Arria for hosting another one of your fantastic Carnivals!! I really hope you all like my submission!! 😀

    Title: I herd u liek…Hoenn: An Ode to Pokemon II


    This is part two of my Ode to Pokemon series, this time around I talk about my love of the third generation of Pokemon!! I started my Pokemon Johto, but the Hoenn region is where I really fell in love with the Pokemon world!!

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  18. Your Name | Kimi no Na wa: Interpreting Progress in Gender and Rule-breaking

    Kind of a risk linking it here before the film’s North American release, since its full spoiler except for its intro and final paragraphs. But I was fascinated by this film ever since catching it in the brief Australian cinema run, its themes are far more outreaching than what its sizeable social media buzz is implying. This is a film that is blessed with a wonderful mix of intelligence and box office success.

    If you were lucky to have seen the film, this essay aims to give you a few more ideas to think about.

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