DGS 1 Recap: And The Insanity Begins

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 1 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 1 Title: かみあわない二人 (Kamiawanai futari / The incompatible two)
Original Airdate: April 7, 2007

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The first episode of this new radio show finally begins.  Kamiya immediately takes the initiative and gets the conversation rolling, while Ono follows his partner’s lead. It’s quite obvious that Ono is nervous, while Kamiya sounds very natural and at-home hosting this new radio show. They first talk briefly about how hosting this radio show is like a dream come true for both of them. Then they talk about what kind of radio program Dear Girl ~Stories~ is.

Kamiya: There are a lot of people wondering what this radio program will be about. Even I wondered about that. But let’s talk about what kind of show this is. Radio programs follow different patterns. There are shows that are just all talk about random stuff. Shows that endorse products. What do you think about this show? Will it be a show where we’ll just talk and talk? Or a show where we’ll endorse products?
Ono: Well, since it’s the two of us, I think it’s gonna be a show where we’ll end up just talking and talking. . .
Kamiya: Wrong! That’s wrong! Get a hold of yourself, please.

Then in their best voices, they launch an explanation of what Dear Girl ~Stories~ is really about. DGS is not just a radio show that carelessly targets all ladies, but the “YOU” who is listening to the radio, and Kamiya and Ono are your storytellers. Kamiya praises Ono for reading the part of his script well. And then Kamiya suddenly comments:

Kamiya: Before anything else, I think it’s important that we work on getting comfortable with each other.
Ono: Yes, of course.
Kamiya: Because, you know, from the moment we started this show, Ono-kun hasn’t even looked at me in the face or really talked to me directly.
Ono: Well— Well, I was looking at my script the whole time.
Kamiya: Don’t talk like you’re reading a script!
Ono: Yes, I’m sorry.

Official Episode Title

Ono: Kamiawanai futari (The incompatible two)

Free Talk

Kamiya comments on Ono’s shyness again. Then they launch into a conversation of their radio experience before DGS.

Kamiya: This isn’t your first time speaking at a radio show, is it?
Ono: It’s not my first time. I’ve guested on radio shows before.
Kamiya: But this is your first time that you’re having your own show, right? With your name in it. Because this is “Kamiya Hiroshi and ONO DAISUKE’s Dear Girl ~Stories~”. A radio show like this, it’s your first time, right?
Ono: Yes, this is my first time. (pauses and gasps theatrically) That’s why I feel extremely nervous.
Kamiya: Me too, to be honest. This is my first time.
Ono: Really?
Kamiya: I’ve never had a show with my name Kamiya Hiroshi on the title before, so now that I’m doing one with you. . .how do I say this? I feel extremely nervous. . .and like everything’s weird. . .
Ono: Makes you feel shy?

Kamiya tries to reason that their nervousness is due to this being the first episode of the show. And then suddenly in a seductive voice:

Kamiya: (to you the listener) We will treasure you with all we’ve got.
Ono: Yes, treasure you.
Kamiya: Right?
Ono: Yeah. . .and that is the, uhm. . .
Kamiya: What is it?
Ono: I was just saying that, uhm, isn’t that our show’s theme? The theme of Dear Girl ~Stories~?
Kamiya: (tries to stop his chuckle) Yes, that’s right.
Ono: (in a seductive voice) And this is Dear Girl ~Stories~.
Kamiya: What’s up with the voice?
Ono: Well, that’s because I’m stumped.
Kamiya: Ahahaha! Even if you’re stumped, please don’t share it. You’re going to infect us!

The two have fun with this trail of conversation, with Ono joking that most people think that he’s a “gakuya banchou” (“off-air boss”), but if these people hear him on this show now, they’ll going to wonder why he’s being so nervous and useless.

Afterwards, Kamiya explains their work as seiyuu, and how it’s only recently that working as a seiyuu has become a major industry. Then they talk about the first time they met. It seems that they remember that moment differently. Kamiya believes that the first time they met was when they were recording the anime Honey and Clover, where Kamiya voices the character Takemoto Yūta and Ono voices various minor characters.

Kamiya: Am I wrong?
Ono: Yes, you’re wrong.
Kamiya: When was it then?
Ono: How about you try harder to remember it?
Kamiya: Unfortunately, I don’t really remember. Please don’t force me.
Ono: Ah, he doesn’t remember it anymore. I’ll give you a hint. Rockman.
Kamiya: Ah! Rockman!

Rockman.EXE (ロックマンエグゼ) or known internationally as MegaMan NT Warrior. They reminisce about this moment until Kamiya apologizes, saying he now remembers. Then they talk about their first impressions of each other during that time. Kamiya emphasizes that his first impression of Ono is that Ono is such a handsome guy. Ono sounds embarrassed, but Kamiya pushes on, repeating the word “handsome” over and over. Then Kamiya tells Ono that he should try smiling more. Ono shyly replies that he doesn’t need to because he’s a seiyuu, meaning that he only needs his voice, not his face. But then goes on to say that since he has no experience hosting a radio show before, he’ll do his best from then on.

They introduce their main sponsor Sylph Comics, and some of the manga it’s serializing which they will feature on the show in the future.  Then they talk about what they think about Sylph Comics. They have a copy in front of them, commenting that it’s high-quality. They think it’s pretty and appeals greatly to females. Kamiya shares that he likes some shoujo manga himself, and comments that perhaps the reason why this kind of manga is popular to girls is because of all the bishounen featured.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

(Soudanshitsu = conselling room)

They feature mangaka Hoshino Lily (星野リリィ).

(nayami = worries)

Hoshino Lily’s Nayami Story:
I always wanted to go visit other countries but I had no money during my student days. But now that I became a mangaka, I have no time to go. There are lots of countries that I want to visit, but do you have any countries that you recommend?

Kamiya shares Hoshino-sensei’s grievance, since he says that he’s also busy with work and doesn’t always have the time to go on vacations abroad.

Kamiya: Ono-kun, have you ever been abroad?
Ono: Never.
Kamiya: Then you’re useless in answering this question.
Ono: Useless? Please don’t say I’m useless. I can still answer this question.
Kamiya: But you have never gone abroad, right?
Ono: It doesn’t matter, right? Travelling inside Japan is also fun, you know?

Ono exclaims that it’s fun in Kyoto, with Kamiya wholeheartedly agreeing, saying that he loves Kyoto too. Then Kamiya shares that he went to a southern country where he just relaxed in a resort, and sightseeing was just an afterthought. He adds that the atmosphere in another country feels different and special compared to Japan. Then Ono abruptly remarks that visiting a country for its food sounds nice.

Ono: Places like Italy, for example.
Kamiya: Right. Well, going to a European country is bound to take a lot of time, especially right now that I’m busy with work and taking at least a one-week off seems impossible.
Ono: Hmmm. . .It shouldn’t hurt if you just fly off once. (the phrase he used in Japanese is “ikkai tobaseba ii”; in this context, he means for Kamiya to drop all his work and relax)
Kamiya: (taken aback, then hesitant laugh)
Staff: Ahaha!
Kamiya: Listen to the staff’s sardonic laugh.
Ono: Ah, you’re right!

Then they address Hoshino-sensei directly, suggesting that instead of abroad, why not visit nearby places within Japan. Kamiya emphasizes that his suggestion is a sincere one, unlike his partner’s, to which Ono reacts, insisting that he too is serious with his responses.

Kamiya: Someone who says to just drop everything and go fly off can’t possibly be serious.
Ono: Aren’t you being too hard on me?

Dear Girl Jouhou

(johou = information)

Then they introduce another main sponsor, Animelo Mix, which will host their DGS website.

Ono also mentions Kamiya’s role in the BL anime Gakuen Heaven. He plays the character of Saionji Kaoru. They have fun talking until Kamiya steers Ono to return the show back on its trail and follow the script. To which Ono adorably says, “Lets talk more!”. But Ono obeys and begins reading the script, messing up. Kamiya corrects him, and Ono tries again.

Finally, they introduce the corners (features) that they will be doing in the show.

1-Phrase Story

Listeners submit any one-liners that they want Kamiya and Ono to read. Kamiya orders Ono to give an example.

Mou muri da.
(I can’t do this anymore.)

Kamiya then explains that the fun part in this corner is how they read the line. They could read it in a dejected tone like how Ono did, or they could also read it in a happy tone.

Futsu Ota

(Futsuu Otayori = Ordinary Letter)
Listeners send letters about their daily concerns or about anything.

Dear Letter

Listeners send a letter dedicated to a special person in their lives. Anything that you they can’t say in person. A “thank you” letter or an “I’m Sorry” letter.

Kamiya: Since this corner will hold heavy and important feelings, (to staff) please use some appropriately serious and emotional background music, okay?
Ono: This is a very important corner.

Ending Talk

Kamiya observes that they successfully talked for 30 minutes, adding that Ono barely said anything compared to himself. Ono insists that he’s nervous. Kamiya retorts that everyone is nervous. Ono comments that Kamiya doesn’t look nervous. Kamiya insists that he is.

Kamiya: I think all we’ve talked about are useless stuff today. I wanted our first show to be cool and confident and sound like we know what we’re doing but we weren’t like that at all!
OnoD: Ahaha! We’ll just do our best from now on.
Kamiya: We better. If we don’t, we’ll be in trouble. And you should start talking more. And you who are listening to us right now, we promise that we’ll take care of you.
Ono: We’ll take care of you.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

And then HiroC frightens OnoD.

Kamiya: Tonight is the first episode so we have a rough program script of what we’re supposed to talk about but next week, we’re on our own so prepare yourself.
Ono: Eh?! We’ll have no scripts?
Kamiya: None. So do your best.

Poor Ono.

And that’s it for the first ever episode of DGS.

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