DGS 2 Recap: Boss Kamiya? What’s inside Ono and Kamiya’s Homes?

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 2 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 2 Title: 本当は…もっと静かな番組にしたかった、神谷さん (Hontou wa…motto shizuka na bangumi ni shitakatta, Kamiya-san / To be honest, I wanted to do a much quieter show, Kamiya-san)
Original Airdate: April 14, 2007

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 2nd episode starts. Kamiya immediately observes that Ono still won’t look at him. Ono tries to deny but Kamiya calls him a liar, further revealing that when they were reading the title Dear Girl ~Stories~, Ono was looking down and won’t make eye contact with him. Ono responds that he can’t help it since he’s still nervous. Kamiya then lectures him:

Kamiya: Learning to make eye contact with me is important and it’ll make me glad because I think that we’ll be working together for a long time from now on, so let’s treat each other well. Seriously.
Ono: Yes…seriously. You’ve suddenly become seriously serious.
Kamiya: Please work harder than this opening.
Ono: Yes. I’m sorry.
Kamiya: But I’m seriously begging you, you know?

Then Kamiya reopens the conversation from last episode about Ono being a “gakuya banchou” (“off-air boss”), possibly meaning that Ono acts more confident with the staff than on air.

Kamiya: I was surprised when I learned that Ono-kun was actually a gakuya banchou.
Ono: I don’t think so. Especially today…between the two of us, I think that Kamiya-san is more of the gakuya banchou. That’s what I think.
Kamiya: What does that mean? What do you mean by that?
Ono: Uhm, I mean, you just do whatever you like.

They explain what happened just before the show, when Kamiya asked everyone if he could eat, and immediately started eating enthusiastically. It seems that Ono followed suit and also ate. Kamiya defends himself, saying that hosts like them need to eat before a show because it would be embarrassing if their stomachs growled on-air. Ono then shares Kamiya’s funny mistake about his soup.

Ono: And there’s the soup…
Kamiya: I was the only one who ate warm soup.
Ono: And you were saying that it was minestrone soup.
Kamiya: But it turns out that it wasn’t.
Ono: And we were like, there’s nothing in the soup that categorizes it as a minestrone soup at all. What’s more, it’s a white soup, so isn’t that clam chowder instead?
Kamiya: Ahahaha! Now you know that I’m not a classy person.
Ono: Hey, don’t say that. You’re the gakuya banchou.
Kamiya: Shut up!

Kamiya’s so cute! They start reading the show’s description.

Official Episode Title

Ono: Hontou wa…motto shizuka na bangumi ni shitakatta, Kamiya-san. (To be honest, I wanted to do a much quieter show, Kamiya-san.)

Kamiya: I know. Honestly.

Futsu Ota

They read 3 letters.

Letter 1 sent by You, read by Kamiya:
I listened to the first episode of your show. I live in Yamaguchi Prefecture, but I still wanted to listen to Dear Girl no matter what. So I planned to listen to the show on Saturday night, but I learned that Bunka Housou broadcasts it here during the daytime. It wasn’t very clear but I still did my best to listen attentively. So please take care of me, too, okay?

Kamiya: So that letter is from Dear Girl Name You-san.
Ono: Dear Girl Name?
Kamiya: Well, it’s not like it’s already decided that that’s what we should call our letter senders. Thank you very much, You-san.

They revel in the realization that people all the way from Yamaguchi Prefecture listen to their show. Ono says he’s quite surprised. Kamiya reveals that before the show when they saw this letter, Ono exclaimed that his hometown is in the same direction as the sender’s.

Kamiya: And then you used this good voice saying, “I know exactly how she feels.”
Ono: Ahaha. I didn’t say it in a “good” voice. (saying it in a cool, masculine voice and addresses You-san) I know exactly what you’re feeling.
(big PAUSE)
Ono: . . .that’s what I said, right?
Kamiya: . . .You know, the atmosphere in the studio right now is super awkward.
Ono: That’s not true. Everyone’s excited.
Kamiya: No, they’re just forcing themselves to laugh. Same as last week. Let’s try to make them laugh loudly for real.

Kamiya continues to tease Ono, until Ono begs him not to make the atmosphere worse and act more excited. He further explains that his hometown is in Kouchi (高知).

Ono: Kouchi and Yamaguchi are both to the west, so I can totally relate to what she’s talking about. I also love listening to the radio but when you’re in the countryside like I was, there isn’t a lot of choices as to what you can listen to. Like what she said about Bunka Housou, you want to listen but it’s not like they’re going to air all the shows when you’re in the countryside. So what are you supposed to do? And then when you discover that they’re airing the show that you want, you’re like “Oh my gosh! It’s not very clear but this is awesome!” So I can totally relate.
Kamiya: Yeah. And speaking of this, it seems that we receive quite a lot of letters to our website saying that they want to listen to our show but it doesn’t broadcast to their area.
Ono: I think one of them’s from Hiroshima.
Kamiya: Reading letters like what You-san just sent us really makes us happy and thankful for your support. Thank you very much and please take care of us. And we’ll do our best to make you happy, too.

Letter 2 sent by Shuuka, read by Ono:
Listening to both of your beautiful and dangerous voices every week makes me so happy! But I’m wondering how we, your listeners, should greet you. Please tell us what to call you.

Kamiya: How they should greet us? Is “good evening” not good enough?
Ono: Not good enough!
Kamiya: Oh, you mean something like an original greeting we say to differentiate this show from others?
Ono: Yeah.
Kamiya: But we have none whatsoever.
Both: Ahahaha!
Ono: What a sadistic response.
Kamiya: But there’s nothing that’s decided yet for us to use.
Ono: Ah! How about if we all think about it?
Kamiya: Ah, good idea. So why don’t you come up with something for our show next week, Ono-kun? Alright, let’s move on to the next. . .
Ono: You. . .

Poor Ono. So funny! Kamiya’s definitely the boss here. Then they talk about possibly having nicknames that their fans may call them.

Kamiya: But isn’t is good enough to be called what you want to be called? How about you, Ono-kun? How do you want to be addressed?
Ono: As for me, I’m Danzen ONO-D.
Kamiya: (pause) Ha?
Ono: What do you mean “ha”?
Kamiya: Ahaha. What do you mean by “danzen”?
Ono: It’s short for Danjite Zenzen OnoD. [Something like Super-Duper OnoD in English equivalent or more lit. “Positively Completely OnoD”]
Kamiya: Ah, okay. (in a bored and unimpressed tone) But isn’t it the same as just saying OnoD? What a mouthful. Anyway, everyone, please send your letters like this: “Good evening, OnoD. . . .”
Ono: Like I said, sound more excited! Anyway, how about you, Kamiya-san?
Kamiya: There’s not really a particular name that I want to be called.
Ono: Uhm, but—
Kamiya: It’s just that my last name “Kamiya” just sounds so powerful, isn’t it? [Kamiya consists of the kanji 神 (kami = god) and 谷 (ya = valley); having god in your name is powerful]
Ono: Yeah.
Kamiya: Especially in our seiyuu industry since my dad is here and he’s so great and all . .well, he’s not really my dad but— [He’s talking about veteran seiyuu Kamiya Akira (神谷明)]
Ono: Dad! Ahahaha!
Kamiya: Since it’s a powerful-sounding name and in addition to my dad’s influence in our industry, I think I want to be called something else besides Kamiya. I don’t want to live in anyone’s shadow and all that. To you who are listening to us in front of the radio right now, please think of a name that you think will fit me.
Ono: We can just all call you Hiroshi.
Kamiya: Hm.
Ono: Oy, Hiroshi!
Kamiya: Well, “oy, Hiroshi” is fine and dandy, but it kinda pisses me off, so I’ll send you flying later.
All: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: Piss me off and I’ll. . .Ah, I’m kidding. I’m kidding. Please call me whatever name you want. It’ll be fine with me.

Letter 3 send by Yuzu, read by Kamiya:
I need your advice. This spring, I moved from Hokkaido to attend high school in Tokyo. It’s a private school and said to have 90% of its students come from the same middle school. But since I just transferred and don’t know anyone here, I’m very anxious. I’m thinking of joining a club, but I’m nervous. Please teach me some ways that will help me make some new friends.

Ono: Hmm. Hmmmm! Ooooh. You know, about this. . .
Kamiya: Yeah?
Ono: About this question, I don’t think I’ll be of any help.
Kamiya: Ahahahaha!
Ono: Because I’m terrible at making friends.
Kamiya: Me, too. I have no friends.
Ono: No way. You’re kidding me!
Kamiya: I have none.
Ono: Eh? But you give off this outgoing aura and you’re surrounded by people.
Kamiya: The truth is I’m the shy type. When I meet someone for the first time, I can’t talk at all. That’s why when I’m in a situation that I just need to talk, I couldn’t talk at all.
Ono: Ah. I understand. I know the feeling.

It’s kind of hard to believe that Kamiya is like this. Hmmm. Is he pulling our legs?

Ono: If that’s the case and we’re both useless, then why don’t we just GIVE UP and stop trying to help her?
Kamiya: Ahaha. Are you crazy?!
Ono: Ahaha.
Kamiya: You’re really crazy. Stupid crazy!
Ono: You just called me crazy. . .

Kamiya then observes that the sender says that she’s from Hokkaido and she just recently moved to Nerima, Tokyo. He praises her resolve, and wonders if she’s living by herself. Then he wisely suggests that rather than forcing herself to “make” some friends, he thinks that it’s better to become friends naturally without being too self-conscious about the process. He also tells her that it’s natural to be nervous and uneasy at first because she’s just starting high school.

Kamiya: We can’t really say much now, but how about you write to us again in a few more months when you begin high school and update us whether you found friends or not?
Ono: Ahahaha. I thought so.
Kamiya: If you still haven’t found any friends by then, we’ll make sure to seriously do our best in giving you better advice next time.

These two are hilarious. They talk about how the letter makes the situation feel like Hokkaido and Tokyo are in different countries. They also talk about perhaps using one’s hometown delicacies and bentou to make new friends. Kamiya apologizes for their uselessness, and then repeats his offer for the sender to send a letter again updating them whether she has made friends after a few months, and if she hasn’t yet, they’ll seriously do their best to think of ways on how she can make friends.

Dear Girl Jouhou

They invite you to visit the DGS website.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

Kamiya voices out his concern about giving advice to these professional mangaka, saying that he has no confidence if he’s able to provide answers to their problems. Ono reassures him, saying it’s going to be fine. So adorable!

They feature S.L.H. Stray Love Hearts by Shouoto Aya (硝音あや).

They introduce the manga and even read some lines from it. Afterwards, they talk about it, with Kamiya wondering what it would feel like to stay inside a room with a girl for one week. Ono calls him out, saying it sounds very perverted, and then comments that Kamiya has such a happy expression on his face at the possibility. Kamiya tries to deny, but quickly admits it and asks Ono: wouldn’t he be happy too if he could sleep in the same room with a girl for one week? Kamiya continues on, wondering what it would be like to be in that kind of situation. Ono observes that Kamiya has such a perverted and happy expression on his face. Kamiya denies. And then Ono gives in and says that yes, he thinks he’ll feel happy in that situation too. Kamiya agrees wholeheartedly, prompting Ono to call him “aggressive”.

Shouoto Aya’s Nayami Story:
In S.L.H., there are a lot of weird guys and their rooms, but I normally have no idea what kind of things guys keep inside your bedrooms. What kind of things do you have in yours?

Kamiya can’t help commenting that this nayami letter is surprisingly normal. Then they start describing what things stand out the most in their respective homes. Ono asks Kamiya first.

Kamiya: I think that if you enter, you’ll immediately notice my DVD collection.
Ono: DVD’s? The software or the hardware?
Kamiya: The software.
Ono: What else do you have? DVD player? DVD recorder? DVD multi-player?
Kamiya: I have until the second generation. I don’t have the third generation, though.
Ono: You have the second generation? Give me.
Kamiya: Sure. I’ll give it to you.
Ono: Ah, you’re so kind.

I agree. Kamiya’s so generous!

Kamiya: I have a lot of DVD’s, clothes, and also a cat.
Ono: Ooooh. One cat?
Kamiya: Yes.
Ono: What’s your cat’s name?
Kamiya: Nyanko-sensei.
Ono: Nyanko-sensei? You call your cat Nyanko-sensei?
Kamiya: (serious) Yes, I call him Nyanko-sensei.
Ono: Ahaha.

So cute! Then it’s Kamiya’s turn to ask Ono what his home is like.

Kamiya: How about you, Ono-kun? What’s your place like?
Ono: My place? It’s dirty.
Kamiya: Well, see here. Mine’s dirty, too, but what I meant was what stands out the most if I enter?
Ono: Shoes.
Kamiya: Shoes?
Ono: Yes, lots of shoes.
Kamiya: But don’t you mean there are lots of shoes at the entranceway?
Ono: Well, yeah but you see my house is kinda small so. . .
Kamiya: Ah, you mean like a 1-room type of place?

Ono explains that he has so much shoes that the pathway is slowly disappearing and just becoming a shoe-filled path.

Kamiya: You don’t have anywhere to stand up on?
Ono: —so if you follow that path of shoes. . .
Kamiya: If you follow that path of shoes, what will you see?
Ono: If you follow that path of shoes, you will see. . . .to be continued tomorrow.
Kamiya: Don’t make it sound like an episodic story!
Ono: But it sounded so cool when I said it like that.
Kamiya: No way. You just said it in a normal voice.
Ono: Baka!
Kamiya: . . .Ah, he just called me baka. I’m so shocked.

Ono quickly resumes his description, saying that the path leads to his room which is filled with clothes.

Kamiya: I think I’m the same. I have a lot of jeans in my room. I have lots of jeans and pants.
Ono: It seems that you have the title of “Best Jeans”, I heard.
Kamiya: Uhm, well, I guess that’s true.

Ono comments on how quickly Kamiya admits to it. Then Ono asks how Kamiya arranges his clothes. Kamiya confesses that his closet and drawers are overflowing, to which Ono says it’s the same thing for him.

Kamiya: So I really think that if I live with a woman for a week, it would be a disaster. I’ll probably be like, “Ah, eh. Uhm, that. You know”, trying to explain my mess to her.
Ono: (pretending to be the woman) Ahaha! What are you hiding in there, Hiroshi?!!
Kamiya: I’m not hiding anything.

In summary, Kamiya’s place is filled with DVD collection, his cat Nyanko-sensei, and lots of jeans & pants. Similarly, Ono’s place is filled with lots of shoes and clothes.  They apologize to Shouoto-sensei for their uselessness. Kamiya slips in an aside, wondering if this corner will still continue.

Dear Letter

Dear Letter sent by Akena, read by Kamiya:
To my friends who gave me a birthday party,
I love giving presents. No matter the occasion I always give presents. But this time, you were the ones who gave me birthday presents. Recently, I was depressed because a lot of things happened but as soon as my birthday came up, you immediately texted me. Receiving your texts and calls first thing in the morning made me realize that I’m not alone. To be honest, I don’t have much self-confidence, so I’m very happy to have all of you. When it’s your turn to celebrate your birthdays, I’ll make sure to demonstrate my gratitude for you from the bottom of my heart. Please continue to be my friends from here on out, no matter how old we become.

Ending Talk

Ono says that the show feels like it ended very quickly, to which Kamiya agrees. But he also comments that they didn’t get to do the 1-Phrase Story corner this episode, so he wants to do it the week after. Before they end the show, Kamiya tells everyone that Ono will work hard next week, to which Ono says that he always works hard and does his best.

Kamiya: Always?! You! You already know what you need to improve, right? All of us keep telling you.
Ono: Yes. I know. Well, I’ll just do what I can do.
Kamiya: You…You kinda piss me off, you know.
Ono: Ah, there it is! Kamiya-san’s dangerous side.

Kamiya’s so bossy! But both of them are so adorable!

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

And that’s it for the 2nd episode of DGS.

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