This blog carnival is now CLOSED.

Welcome to the first ever Fujinsei Blog Carnival for this year of 2017, hosted by yours truly! Yay yay! Wohoo! This is so exciting. I hope that all of you had a wonderful New Year. So without further ado, I hereby declare the 9th Fujinsei Blog Carnival OPEN! Share your best posts and have fun connecting with our fellow bloggers. If you are participating for the first time, just please remember to enjoy yourself. Don’t be shy.  All of us are nice here…most of the time. And also please don’t forget to read the following rules to avoid your submission from getting deleted.  Thank you.

Duration: January 9 to January 15

Rules of Participation:

  1. This carnival is OPEN ONLY to people who blog about anime, manga, or anything related to Japanese culture and media, and of course the otaku world.
  2. Share the link to a specific blog post at the comment section below, NOT just your blog address.  Include title of blog post and a short description of your post.  It doesn’t have to be a recent post.
  3. Only 1 link per blogger.
  4. Please visit at least one participant’s link; don’t just leave yours and move on.  This carnival is intended to foster a give-and-take relationship.
  5. If you wish to comment on a post, please visit the participant’s blog and comment there, not here.
  6. Shared blog posts must be decent.  No overly offensive materials.
  7. Participants who violate any or all of the above rules will be deleted from this carnival.

This blog carnival will close on January 15 (Sunday).  If you miss this carnival or have another blog post you want to share, feel free to participate on the next carnival which I will host again next month.

After this blog carnival ends, I will compile my favourite submissions into a “Best Posts Round-Up”.  Check out last month’s→“Best Posts Round-Up of the 8th Fujinsei Blog Carnival”

Please note that I’m not making you feel obligated to subscribe to any of the participants’ blogs, although I’m sure that they’ll greatly appreciate it if you do.  Feel free to subscribe only to those you liked.  My main purpose for hosting this carnival is for us otaku bloggers to have the chance to connect with each other.

De wa, go forth and explore each other’s blogs to your hearts’ content.  All otaku bloggers unite!


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  1. 2-0-1-7

    Thanks for hosting the blog carnival as usual, Arria-sensei. Bringing a bang and a boom to the new year, woo!

    Three Lines Seen in Anime and Manga Which Piss Me Off: Ramblings About Heteronormativity in Japanese Media

    In this post, I talk about heteronormativity as seen in Japanese media. Do note that I didn’t do much to explain my point of views, which are the opinions of someone who is not formally educated in academic gender studies. I also fail to account for Japanese culture. But hey, it’s a start.

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