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Welcome to the first ever Fujinsei Blog Carnival for this year of 2017, hosted by yours truly! Yay yay! Wohoo! This is so exciting. I hope that all of you had a wonderful New Year. So without further ado, I hereby declare the 9th Fujinsei Blog Carnival OPEN! Share your best posts and have fun connecting with our fellow bloggers. If you are participating for the first time, just please remember to enjoy yourself. Don’t be shy.  All of us are nice here…most of the time. And also please don’t forget to read the following rules to avoid your submission from getting deleted.  Thank you.

Duration: January 9 to January 15

Rules of Participation:

  1. This carnival is OPEN ONLY to people who blog about anime, manga, or anything related to Japanese culture and media, and of course the otaku world.
  2. Share the link to a specific blog post at the comment section below, NOT just your blog address.  Include title of blog post and a short description of your post.  It doesn’t have to be a recent post.
  3. Only 1 link per blogger.
  4. Please visit at least one participant’s link; don’t just leave yours and move on.  This carnival is intended to foster a give-and-take relationship.
  5. If you wish to comment on a post, please visit the participant’s blog and comment there, not here.
  6. Shared blog posts must be decent.  No overly offensive materials.
  7. Participants who violate any or all of the above rules will be deleted from this carnival.

This blog carnival will close on January 15 (Sunday).  If you miss this carnival or have another blog post you want to share, feel free to participate on the next carnival which I will host again next month.

After this blog carnival ends, I will compile my favourite submissions into a “Best Posts Round-Up”.  Check out last month’s→“Best Posts Round-Up of the 8th Fujinsei Blog Carnival”

Please note that I’m not making you feel obligated to subscribe to any of the participants’ blogs, although I’m sure that they’ll greatly appreciate it if you do.  Feel free to subscribe only to those you liked.  My main purpose for hosting this carnival is for us otaku bloggers to have the chance to connect with each other.

De wa, go forth and explore each other’s blogs to your hearts’ content.  All otaku bloggers unite!


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54 replies on “[CLOSED] 9th Fujinsei Blog Carnival: All Otaku Bloggers Welcome!”

  1. Damn this post took forever to write out :/ Looks like I have a post to share now though.

    2016 Year In Review –

    I talk about all the anime, manga, video games and Japanese music that stood out to me in 2016. I added lots of gifs and images to try and keep things interesting instead of it just being a wall of text, but there is still over 4000 words so it a long one…

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  2. Glad I’m not too late to enter this one!

    The post I’d like to enter this time around would be my thoughts on Animation Moments in Anime with good “Sakuga” and how I believe that the emotional impact of a story in a series plays a vital role in making the animation effective.

    Thanks again for hosting these Arria, it’s a great way to meet new bloggers and to share, and see other peoples, content. Excited to see the round-up of posts!

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  3. Once again I’ve timed my latest long read to the week of this month’s carnival. Arria, I think our creative brains are somehow in sync.

    In ‘The shame and the power: bloodlines of the anime vampire’ I explore how the vampire in all its tropey glory came to be within anime and manga. Turns out Japan hasn’t been in love with vampires as long as you might think. Because of this, when you peer between the tropes, you can find a uniquely Japanese framing of the creature born from classical gothic literature.

    Enjoy! Glad to be here for another otaku gathering under the Fujinsei banner 🌈😄

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  4. I’m back with another post and this one is a little bit different than usual. Because there are so many anibloggers out there I want to share a post with about earning a little bit of money. We know that a lot of them are putting in the work, so earning a little bit of money while watching anime and blog about anime, would be very nice.

    How to earn money by watching anime and blogging

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  5. I’m a little late, but I’m glad I made it ^^ I wasn’t able to participate in the last carnival due to a little hectic school scheduling, but this time I managed to squeeze in a new anime review.
    Title: Yuri On Ice- Anime Review

    This is a review on the popular skating anime “Yuri On Ice”. It was one of those roller coaster animes that left my eyes peeled open. I have to warn you though, that there are some spoilers!! Pls come visit! ^o^

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  6. Great! This is my second time to participate in this awesome event for anime bloggers. I really enjoy this blog carnival, and how many times do I have to tell that? 🙂

    Here’s mine:


    The title itself says it all. The post mainly targets fangirls who always get hyped over those dazzling characters, but there is more to discover behind their beautiful faces. I made a short list of categories of bishounen that we usually encounter throughout the generation. I hope you will enjoy it. Cheers!

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  7. Hey there! Thanks for the Carnival, I hope everyone will have a great time reading all the stuff!
    My contribution this time will be the post “Scattered Thoughts – Character similarities in Nichijou and Little Witch Academia” that’s very self explanatory – I noticed that the main girls of both of the shows share many common things and tried to elaborate on that a bit. Come and visit!

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  8. I know you said it does not have to be our latest but I can not resist submiting a piece I have been working on since the ending of Yuri On Ice, The Character of Music Makes Yuri on Ice is a piece about how many a sports anime can have characters that fall flat with tropes and how the music of yuri on ice elevated it’s characters beyond tropes

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  9. This will be my first time joining!

    Title: A Nature Masterpiece: Princess Mononoke Review/Discussion


    Description: A fun little review for Princess Mononoke which I saw in theaters recently. I also compare the movie to an environmental science class I took in high school and really think about the message of the film.

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  10. Another carnival! Time flies so fast! For this month, I’d like to share,

    TITLE: The Art of War by Narsus: Arslan Senki Edition


    The series might be packed with drama and Arslan’s character struggle, but I can’t just let Narsus’s genius war ideas slide without due credit. This post is a compilation (not an official one) of the most important ‘War Rules’ that our dear strategist taught prince Arslan and the viewers on the series’ 1st season.

    Enjoy reading. And warm hugs of gratitude to Arria-san!

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  11. Gah I love these carnivals! It’s my 2nd time to post! Thanks for hosting these Arria!! 😀

    Title: ANI-Reality: Yuri!!! on Ice
    Description: Entry 3 of my on-going blog series in which I discuss and look at Architecture feature in Anime. This post looks speficially at the achitecture featured in Episode 10 of Yuri!! on Ice by famous Architect Antoni Gaudi and some historical context of these buildings.

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  12. It’s carnival time! This is my first time being here, so I’m ready to enjoy the festivities! As for my post:

    A Love Letter To My SoulChain: Mega Man

    The post dives into what I love about Mega Man and what it does for me as a franchise. Although I don’t go into every aspect of Mega Man, I dive in detail on the most important things I enjoyed the most. Hope you all enjoy it. Thanks! 😀

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  13. It’s great to see another carnival being held. Thanks, Arria!

    My Complicated Relationship With Fanservice

    As the title suggests, this is a look at how I react to fanservice is anime. I don’t have a clear, static opinion of it and this post is mostly an attempt to discern what kind of fanservice appeals to me and what doesn’t. Warning for some nsfw images.

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  14. So excited to be here! I love the carnival!
    My post is about my frustration with the implied romance of Yuri On ICE. The performance culture is naturally flamboyant, and that doesn’t mean everyone is gay. I was disappointed to see the wonderful relationship between a coach and performer be disregarded in favor of romance. That could have been a wonderful opportunity to portray the sacredness of this relationship, a bond close to my heart. Coach/althlete relationships are a very special friendship not to be portrayed in order to give the audience a little laugh. All this is discussed here ~

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  15. Oregairu Analysis – When Yukinoshita Haruno Gazes into Hikigaya Hachiman

    In Oregairu light novel volume 3, Do you still remember when Haruno meets Hachiman for the first time. He wonders why he feels uneasy when she “scans” him, so he tries to observe her in return.

    And what happens after this made me want to show what exactly happens between Hachiman and the beauty Onee-san, Haruno.

    Oregairu fans can’t miss!

    ps. Thanks for blog carnival. :3

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  16. I had another post ready, but in appreciation of the OWLs group, I have something more appropriate. I’m going to present my first blog post, which I wrote to help a friend of mine when someone said that he was “out of touch with reality” when they learned that he is a brony. While the post is focused on that particular fandom, it applies to any other fandom as well.

    Fandoms Vs. Reality – Why Balance is a Great Idea:

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  17. Arria, thanks for hosting these. It is so great to have a place to share posts and to find other great bloggers and posts. Always enjoyable.

    This time I’m sharing one of my Top 5 posts. This is my list of Top 5 Narcissistic Characters.
    It’s pretty self explanatory but essentially I look at characters who are clearly in love with themselves but they still manage to make the audience care about them.

    Thanks again for hosting these carnivals.

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  18. YES, I’m psyched to be able to participate in the Carnival this time around! Thank you Arria for this chance to share and connect with others. My post:

    Empire of Corpses Reanimates a Classic Tale

    Following a brief hiatus from my fall break, I dedicated the last day of my Halloween weekend towards witnessing the dead roam the streets of London, Japan, and America in Project Itou’s first film “The Empire of Corpses.” If English accents and Wit Studio are your thing, consider checking out my thoughts!

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  19. WOOOT another Carnival!! I’m sneakily submitting this while my supervisor is in a meeting…Shhh

    I just finished this post this morning, so I really hope you guys like it:

    Title: I Date Hot Guys on My iPad: A Love Affair with Virtual Bishies

    I’ve been feeling kind of burned out recently, so I decided to write a post about the origins of my obsession with otome games to kind of remind myself why I fell in love with them in the first place!

    I really hope you guys like it and I look forward to reading all of you all’s submissions!! 😀

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  20. What would I do without these carnivals to keep me warm at night, and provide me reading material? Nothing, that’s what (i’d be continuing all the BL posts I started writing actually, COUGHS)
    Since we talked about it a few days ago, I decided to use here:
    *:・゚✧Anime Spotlight: Shin Sekai Yori – From the New World
    It’s a psychological horror, that tackles society, dystopia, and also gay, lesbian and hetero relationships following bonobo, and will make you question yourself, society, what’s being human, and other things I don’t wanna spoil. If that sounds like something you’d like then, def read up on it, or just watch.
    This was a real good anime that I feel is underrated and unknown, so I did a post about why not only I like it, but the reasons you should watch it! It doesn’t have spoilers, but I go into why it affected me so dang much and made me fall hard in love, and also cry into my sleep (ಥ﹏ಥ)

    Great work starting another of these, I missed the last one…I think? So here I am ready to redeem myself bodily /coughs ;P

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  21. Awesome. This is a great way to start the new year with a blog carnival. I made this last night:
    “Top 5 anime Characters look-a-likes!”
    This is a super short top 5 post collecting my picks for which anime character look very similar to another character in another anime. I try to avoid spoilers so I kept the description short. I briefly mention their differences. Comment down on what other characters you find similar in anime.

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  22. I kind feel kind of new here with a bunch of regulars. But it is always fun to meet new people and read new blogs! Yesterday I finished reading what is probably now my favorite manga ever, that being the yuri manga Heart Gifts by Hattori Masahiko. It was so good in fact that I wrote a review for it that I am very proud of. So I thought that I would share it with you guys and maybe you will also be interested in reading some very good yuri manga! ^_^

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