DGS 3 Recap: Say 3 Good Things

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 3 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Episode Guide

Ep. 3 Title: 浩史 in 大阪 (Hiroshi in Osaka)
Original Airdate: April 21, 2007

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 3rd episode starts with Kamiya asking if the two of them are now used to each other, which OnoD immediately answers “No.” They both laugh, and Kamiya smoothly shares a bonding time for the two of them after last episode’s broadcast. They rode the train home together. Kamiya was hungry, so he ate an Oreo snack, but he still felt hungry after so the two of them ate dinner. Apparently, Kamiya was busy playing the game MonHan, short for Monster Hunter. He asks OnoD if he felt okay that time while he was busy playing the game. To which OnoD excitedly answers:

OnoD: I just want to share about Kamiya-san’s kindness when he’s lost in a game. He was SUPER nice! He was like, “Are you okay there? Are you alright? Come closer here if you want.”
Kamiya: (flustered & embarrassed) Shut up!
OnoD: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: Alright, so— (reads his script & fumbles) This is your fault. Shut up.
OnoD: Yes.

Tsundere Kamiya is so cute! OnoD also fumbles his lines, while Kamiya is trying his hardest to control his laughter. He then remarks that today might not be a good day for him, clearly still sounding flustered by their earlier banter. This is the start of their lovely and lively working relationship and, of course, their friendship. I love it!

Official Episode Title

OnoD: Hiroshi in Osaka.

Futsu Ota

Kamiya reads this corner’s introduction, and he still can’t stop laughing. He announces that he feels useless today. They decide who’s going to read the first letter by playing “janken” (rock paper scissors). It seems that OnoD cheated. Oh no!

OnoD: I won. Yaaaaay! Then please go first.
Kamiya: Fine. Now I know what a cheater Ono-kun is. What’s worse is that you all can’t see what he did.
OnoD: Because this is a radio show.
Kamiya: You don’t know what he did because you didn’t see. Are you a baka?!
OnoD: Yes, I’m a baka.

Kamiya starts reading the first letter, and he can’t decide whether to call the sender “pen name” or “radio name”. The first letter is sent from Aomori.

Letter 1 sent by Onkonomi, read by Kamiya:
Kamiya-san, OnoD. LOL. Good evening.

Staff: Ahahahaha!

Letter 1 sent by Onkonomi, read by Kamiya:
This may sound unexpected but among the aniradio shows that I started listening to this spring, this is my #1 favourite!

OnoD: Yay! We did it!

Letter 1 sent by Onkonomi, read by Kamiya:
I don’t really know why, but I love this show! LOL. But I think that a big part of the reason is OnoD’s natural airheadedness. Just like what happened in last week’s episode, he wasn’t even really that funny but I still laughed so hard.

Kamiya: Ahahahaha!!!

Kamiya says that this might be a compliment, but he’s not sure. Then he observes that rather than OnoD making people laugh on purpose, people are just laughing at him. OnoD briefly protests to this, but Kamiya tries to explain by saying that not a lot of people find him (Kamiya) funny compared to OnoD. Just by being called OnoD is already funny in itself.

OnoD: But you know, I still think that I can make them laugh on purpose. I can be quite calculated with my comedy, you know. What do you mean that I’m a big airhead, you bastard?
Kamiya: Ahahaha! Don’t just suddenly pick a fight, please.
OnoD: Right.
Kamiya: It would be a great pain if she ends up getting angry at us.
OnoD: Ah, this is Dear Girl ~Stories~, right? I forgot for a moment.

Kamiya then orders OnoD to say something to pacify Onkonomi-san, in case she felt offended by OnoD’s earlier remark.

OnoD: (dramatic) When you really want to laugh, just laugh it all out.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!
OnoD: And please continue listening to us.
Kamiya: Yes, please.
OnoD: I’ll also make sure to make you laugh for real on purpose next time. I’ll make you laugh really hard.

It’s OnoD’s turn to read the second letter sent from Shizuoka Prefecture.

Letter 2 sent by Hitomi, read by OnoD:
Kamiya-san, Ono-san, good evening. I listened to your show since episode 2. The Bunka Housou signal at where I live is very weak and in addition to that, a lecture in Korean interrupts the channel at the same time, so it’s doubly difficult to listen to your show. By the way, in the Shizuoka Prefecture newspaper, they called this show the “Kamiya Hiroshi’s Radio Show”. Ono-san, your name wasn’t even mentioned in the article so please do your best from now on.

Kamiya: (claps his hands, delighted) AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Well, I think that it’s because the title of our radio show which is “Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~” is very long.
OnoD: That’s true.
Kamiya: And newspaper articles only have very limited space alloted to them.
OnoD: Ah! I see, I see.
Kamiya: That’s why I think that’s the reason why the title of our show was severely shortened at that newspaper. They couldn’t fit the entire title “Dear Girl ~Stories~” etc, and the only words that they can fit is “Kamiya Hiroshi’s Radio Show”.

Kamiya says that he wants to see the actual newspaper article, so OnoD asks the sender to send it to them.

OnoD: She told me to do my best. But how do I do my best?
Kamiya: I think that you should start doing your best even before we start recording the show.
OnoD: Ah, but I already know that.
Kamiya: Today Ono-kun, and last week too, you didn’t bring your stopwatch with you. At the back side of it, we have this QR barcode where you scan it on this police-security-thingy scanner by the door of the building so that you can enter. But Ono-kun didn’t bring his today!
OnoD: That’s a lie!
Kamiya: What do you mean it’s a lie?! Your official status in this building right now is just “guest”, you know?
All: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Ah, that’s true.

Uh-oh. Kamiya tells OnoD to don’t forget to bring it next time, to which OnoD reluctantly (or maybe repentantly) agrees. Kamiya laughs at him. Moving on, Kamiya reads the third letter sent from Chiba.

Letter 3 sent by Kitsuki, read by Kamiya:
I have a question to both of you. I think that after doing episodes 1 & 2, both of you already know each other fairly well. So please say 3 good things each about one another.

Kamiya: You’re handsome.
OnoD: Uhm. . .my turn? Handsome.
Kamiya: Ha?
OnoD: (chuckles) Same here.
Kamiya: What do you mean by “same here”?
OnoD: What I mean is that I also think that you’re handsome.
Kamiya: Hmm. Sounds too much like a lie. Fine, my turn. You have a good voice, Ono-kun.
OnoD: Hmm. What else can I say? Uhm. You’re meddlesome.
Kamiya: You mean I’m naggy, right? Why don’t you just say that I’m annoying?
OnoD: That’s not the case at all. What I mean is that you’re meddlesome in a good way.
Kamiya: . . .I see. Well, unfortunately for you, Ono-kun, I only have 2 good things to say about you.
OnoD: Eeeeeeeeeeeh?!
Kamiya: Ahahaha! I can’t think of a third one.
OnoD: Okay. One more from me. You’re an idol of male seiyuu.
Kamiya: (chuckles) But I want to be popular with female seiyuu instead.
OnoD: Eh? But that’s impossible.
Kamiya: Impossible, you say? AHAHAHAHAHA!!!
OnoD: It’s just that the things you say make only male seiyuu happy, not female seiyuu.
Kamiya: Ahaha. (screams)
OnoD: All of your male seiyuu kouhai get emotionally-attached to you, Kamiya-san. Everyone. (“kouhai” = junior, someone younger than you in your line of work/school)
Kamiya: Although I’m not popular with female seiyuu at all, I’m still thankful that I’m extremely popular with male seiyuu, the youth, animals, and kids.
OnoD: That’s a good thing, you know.
Kamiya: I wonder if it’s really a good thing.
OnoD: Is there really no third good thing that you can say about me?
Kamiya: None.

This is so funny! This is my favourite part of this episode. I can’t stop laughing. No, Kamiya-san. You’re super popular among females, too. You have a horde of female fans, I promise.

Dear Girl Jouhou

They announce that the two of them will be “storytellers” where you can download recorded ringtones of their voices reading some lines from the DGS website. Kamiya repeats that he’s not feeling himself. The things he’s reading are not entering his brain.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the boxing manga Bijene! Beat Punk Generation (ビージェネ!-Beat Punk Generation-) by Hayashiya Shizuru (林家 志弦).

Kamiya observes that the female protagonist has quite a bad mouth. He adds that a boxing manga written in the shoujo genre is quite unusual. They both agree that the manga sounds interesting and cute. Kamiya ends the conversation by calling OnoD baka. I feel kind of sorry for OnoD, although Kamiya still sounds adorable even when he’s trying to insult his partner.

OnoD reads the nayami story letter sent by Hayashiya-sensei.

Hayashiya Shizuru’s Nayami Story:
Whenever a deadline approaches, I need to work for a full 24 hours at times. Keeping awake and alert is the biggest challenge, but recently no matter how hard I try, my body won’t listen to me and I can’t keep myself awake. For the quality of my work, I don’t want to rely on medicines. Aren’t there any physical methods I can use to stay awake? Please help.

Kamiya: We have received a very mangaka-like problem today, haven’t we?
OnoD: So these situations do happen, huh?
Kamiya: Of course. This is the kind of work that you have to force yourself to draw, even if you can’t draw.
OnoD: True. It’s a sea of pain and hardships.
Kamiya: But even with all these hardships, they still produce great manga. So as for methods to stay awake, what do you think, Ono-kun? Especially since this is not the kind of situation that we encounter a lot in the seiyuu industry, right?
OnoD: Hmmmm. I wonder about that.
Kamiya: You mean you have experienced something like this before?
OnoD: Yeah, I’ve been in a situation where I’ve been told “Don’t dare sleep.”

Kamiya laughs at him, but acknowledges that OnoD may have a point. He shares that a seiyuu can’t just suddenly sleep during a recording even when he/she feels very sleepy. He adds that seiyuu typically spend hours in a studio. When they work, they’re given a specific time duration on how long the recording will last. If they’re told that the recording will take 5 hours, it’ll end in 5 hours. However, he points out that their work as seiyuu is still incomparable to a mangaka’s work. At least seiyuu know when their work will finish, while a mangaka doesn’t really know the exact time he/she is going to finish his/her manuscript. Mangaka need to keep working, even up to 24 hours a day or more, just to meet deadlines. Kamiya observes that being a mangaka seems like such a hard job. Then he asks OnoD if he has any ideas on how Hayashiya-sensei can stay awake.

OnoD: Well, I think I’ll just repeat my advice to Hoshino Lily-sensei last time. Just fly off! (the phrase is “ikkai tobaseba ii”, in this context, he means for Hayashiya-sensei to drop her work and relax; a very irresponsible suggestion; refer to episode 1)
Kamiya: (yells adorably at him) What kind of crazy stupid advice is that? You have a screw loose or something?!
OnoD: Ah ah. I’m sorry. Seriously.
Kamiya: Now be serious and give a good advice other than that foolishness.

OnoD remarks on his partner’s raised voice and intensity. But they’re still both adorable.

OnoD: Hmmm. I wonder what she should do. Well, she can do this to her hands. Do this and that and this and that.
Kamiya: Don’t just say this and that, this and that. Describe what you’re doing in words. (Because it’s a radio show)

OnoD suggests first opening your hands and then forcefully closing them into fists in front of your chest again and again for about 11 hours.

Kamiya: Eeeh?!!! 11 hours?!
OnoD: Yes. For 11 hours.
Kamiya: Well, if you do it for 11 hours straight, it’ll surely keep you awake. Are you stupid?!
OnoD: If you do this, new blood is going to flow in your hands and you’ll feel energized and awake.

Then Kamiya adds that if one is drawing and staying in one position for a long time like Hayashiya-sensei obviously always do, one needs to stop and take a few moments to do some physical activities to get the blood flowing again.

Kamiya: For example, you can take a break and make a cup of coffee or something.
OnoD: But isn’t that the point of having manga assistants? To make you a cup of coffee?
HiroC: …You mean use assistants as errand people? Like, “Hey! Do this!”–like that?
OnoD: Yes, an okushistant. (Combined the words “okosu” meaning “to wake up someone” and “assistant”)
Kamiya: You’ve made up a great new term right there!

Kamiya reveals that OnoD is wearing a great expression after his pun. Too bad that their listeners can’t see it.

Kamiya: Hayashiya-sensei, Ono-kun will now leave you with an advice. Here’s an example.
OnoD: (dramatic echo effect) Why don’t you just drop off everything once and fly off?
Both: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: (adorable shrieking) Hayashiya-sensei, we’re very sorry that it turned out like this!
OnoD: We’re sincerely sorry.

1-Phrase Story

They finally do this corner after forgetting it last episode. Yay! So exciting.

The first phrase is read by OnoD in a seductive and endearing voice.


Kamiya: Don’t you want to be called “baka” by girls especially when they say it nicely?
OnoD: Ahahaha! So this is the kind of things that makes Kamiya-san smile. Ah, you mean like this? (repeats “Baka” in a nicer tone)
Kamiya: Yeah.

OnoD reveals that he likes listening to “Baka” when said in an irritated tone.

OnoD: I like it when it’s said in a sort of an irritated way, like. . .Baka!
Kamiya: What do you mean by that?
OnoD: Like when they’re angry for you being late and shouts at you “Baka!!”
Kamiya: Eeeh?! Which one is better? But isn’t mine way better? When girls say it shyly and cutely?
OnoD: You’re right.

Kamiya is so adorable! Then he reads the second phrase in a sort of a perverted tone.

Ah, tomaranai.
(Ah, it won’t stop.)

Kamiya: Ahahahahaha!
OnoD: Excellent job, Kamiya-san.
Kamiya: It won’t stop. It just won’t stop. It’s unstoppable.
OnoD: What won’t stop?
Kamiya: Like maybe if you have allergy or snot keeps on dripping out of your nose. You’ll be like, Ah, it won’t stop!
OnoD: Aaah. That’s a good one. As for me, I think I’ll use this phrase when riding a local train that stops at every station and I really want it to reach my station sooner but it just keeps on stopping.
Kamiya: Aaah! You’re right!
OnoD: I’ll be like, Aah~ Tomaranai~~~~

They briefly talk about this. Then OnoD reads that third phrase in Tarzan-style.


OnoD: What is impossible in this case?
Kamiya: We can use your previous example of the train but a train that doesn’t stop at any station, so you’ll be like, “Arienai! Please stop this damn train!”
OnoD: Perfect example.

They’re both so funny. I love this corner. OnoD is finally becoming more confident in talking and initiating conversations. Awesome work!

Ending Talk

Movie Festival showing 3 of Dengeki Bunkou’s most popular anime: Shakugan no Shana, Kino no Tabi, and Inukami! And also inviting everyone to Kamiya’s (then) upcoming “talk live” event at Osaka Nipponbashi.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

And that’s it for the 3rd episode of DGS.

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  1. Thank you for translating these radio show episodes. They always make my day. I laughed so much while reading this episode, especially at the part where one of the letters says that Ono-san’s name was left out in the newspaper article so he has to do his best. I love them both, more and more.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re very welcome, Brita. I do enjoy writing recaps and translating their funniest conversations. Oh my gosh. Me too! That part was so funny. Poor OnoD. High-five! I love both of them, too. They’re so perfectly funny and sweet together. Thanks for dropping by and reading this recap. I hope that you continue reading my future ones. Thanks. Cheers!

      Liked by 1 person

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