DGS 5 Recap: OnoD’s Birthday Present & Kamiya’s Standing Shabu-Shabu

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 5 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 5 Title: 俺よりも狩りの方が大事なのかよっ!? (Ore yori mo kari no hou ga daiji na no ka yo!? / Is hunting more important than me!?)
Original Airdate: May 5, 2007

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 5th episode of the show starts.  Kamiya notices the opening theme song changes for the first time, with OnoD commenting that the new music sounds very refreshing. OnoD adds that the opening theme song they had until the previous episode sounds like a “hunting theme song”. Kamiya complains that he feels disappointed that they weren’t informed about the change in theme song.

Kamiya: But why did they suddenly decide to change the opening
theme song now?
OnoD: Maybe because it was my birthday yesterday?
Kamiya: Omedetou! (immediately reads the next part of the
opening on his script)
OnoD: Eeeehh?!!!

Kamiya continues to read his script, while ignoring his lamenting partner. OnoD can’t do anything but follow Kamiya’s lead and reads his part of the script. He reads in a dejected tone, while Kamiya suddenly sounds very excited. Ah, I feel a bit sorry for OnoD. This episode was originally released on May 5, 2007. Ono Daisuke’s birthday is May 4.

Official Episode Title

OnoD: Ore yori mo kari no hou ga daiji na no ka yo!? (Is hunting more important than me!?)

Kamiya: Well, yeah.

The title refers to how Kamiya seems to put more notice on the new theme song than on OnoD’s birthday.

Free Talk

When they formally re-introduce themselves, OnoD still sounds dejected, to which Kamiya immediately notices. He tells OnoD that they should act more excited and both of them suddenly start cheering and clapping.

Kamiya: Happy Birthday, Ono Daisuke!
OnoD: Yay! Finally!
Kamiya: I know it’s embarrassing, but everyone please sing a birthday song.

Everyone, including the staff, starts singing Happy Birthday for OnoD, but since all of them are male, they sing it with hilariously deep, masculine voices.

OnoD: So deep! Your voices are so deep!

They sing with even deeper voices after OnoD’s comment. After the song, Kamiya greets OnoD “Happy Birthday” and OnoD blows the candle on his cake.

OnoD: Thank you very much. I didn’t expect this. I’m so surprised.
Kamiya: Just so you know, there’s smoke everywhere from Ono-kun blowing his candle. It might raise the fire alarm, so it’s kind of dangerous.
OnoD: Well, I hope it doesn’t come to that. But I’m so surprised. The lights suddenly went off, I thought it was a black-out.

Kamiya then explains that they gave OnoD his seat location, especially so that he’s more accessible when the cake arrives.

OnoD: Anyway, just want to say that the candle placement erased the “Dai” part of my name on the cake. It now says “Ono Suke”.
Kamiya: But “Ono Suke” still sounds good.

OnoD also observes that the “Happy Birthday” lettering on the cake is also damaged. Kamiya tells OnoD to please eat the cake. OnoD thanks everyone and can’t help expressing how happy he is. But then Kamiya suddenly announces this:

Kamiya: Normally, we’ll be doing the “Futsu Ota” Corner just about now, but since it’s Ono-kun’s birthday, we’ll just let him use this time do whatever he wants. While he’s working hard by himself, I’ll be down here reading the newly-released April 28th issue of Monster Hunter 2nd: The Master Guide
OnoD: By Mediaworks. . .
Kamiya: Yes, by Mediaworks. So go ahead, Ono-kun. Start talking. Show everyone your appeal.
OnoD: Just wait a minute! You know, this show is both OUR show. It’s called “Kamiya Hiroshi AND Ono Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~!”
Kamiya: (silence)
OnoD: (starts panicking a bit) Wait. You’re really not going to talk at all?
Kamiya: (ignores him and mutters about what he’s reading)
OnoD: (comments about what Kamiya is reading) I wonder if I should escape here right now. Eh…eh… (starts reading a “Futsu Ota” letter sent by a listener. He reads it without much enthusiasm, like he’s just being forced to, which in a way, he is)
Kamiya: (stops him) That’s enough!
OnoD: Oooh hoh~ Thank goodne–
Kamiya: What were you doing, Ono-kun?! We gave you this time as a birthday present, you know.
OnoD: …eh, aah! Really? A birthday present for me?
Kamiya: Yes. We gave you this two minutes of free time to do whatever you want, but you…that was utterly terrible.
OnoD: …it was terrible, isn’t it?
Staff: Ahahaha!
OnoD: But it felt too long.
Kamiya: Why do you say that? We gave you that time to do whatever you wish freely. That kind of luxury is not normally granted, you know.
OnoD: But isn’t this time supposed to be the “Futsu Ota” Corner?!
Kamiya: But like I said, it’s a suprise since it’s your birthday.
OnoD: But you just surprised me too much.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: I didn’t know what to do at all.
Kamiya: But you could’ve done so many things! You could’ve been, “Ah! I can do whatever I want? Then, there are things I want to speak about, things I want to convey, so for your sake, I’ll talk.” Something like that, so it’s not something to sweat about at all.
OnoD: Oh! Ooooh… But that’s impossible for me.
Staff: Ahahaha!!!
Kamiya: Fine, if you can’t talk about your own appeal, then how about you talk about MY appeal?
OnoD: Oho~ Okay. Hmmm. Let’s see…Today, you have on a wonderful—not shocking pink—but shockingly yellow clothing, and I think it’s really nice.
Kamiya: (unexcited) Thanks. Thanks very much. Ah…that sounds something very artist-like. Thanks.
OnoD: (uncomfortable laughing) You have on a quite heavy expression on your face right now.
Kamiya: Ahaha!
OnoD: Kamiya-san, you have many facial expressions.
Kamiya: (uninterested) Ah. Is that so?
OnoD: That’s one of the things I like about you.
Kamiya: (unexcited) Thank you very much.
OnoD: Ahahaha!

Aaaaaw. That was adorable. OnoD is so sweet saying that to Kamiya. I feel a bit sorry for OnoD because he sounds so uncomfortable, but I’m really impressed with Kamiya because you can really see how professional he is with his work. He’s very quick-thinking. I also like to think that he’s doing all of these to train OnoD to become better at their job. To continue where we left off, Kamiya asks OnoD if he shifts his gear to sound more excited, will OnoD be able to do the same? OnoD, of course, heartily tells that he can. They begin talking using overly loud and excited voices:

OnoD: Was I interesting?!!!!
Kamiya: Nah, not at all!!!!
All: Ahahahaha!!!!

Oh my goodness, Kamiya-san. I don’t know whether to cringe or to laugh. I think it’s taking everything of OnoD just to follow Kamiya’s pace. But at least he’s now way better at talking more compared to the earlier episodes, even though he still sounds awkward at times. Then finally:

Kamiya: Your birthday present is now OVER!
OnoD: Ah, it finally ended. That was an utter waste of time.
Kamiya: Yes. That took about 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
OnoD: But you know…I think that across the country, there are a lot of boys and girls who’ll feel it a dream come true to talk about whatever they want with this 7 minutes and 30 seconds.
Kamiya: And what do you mean by that?
OnoD: Uhm…
Kamiya: So you’re saying that even though you yourself don’t want to talk using this free time we gave you, there are people in the world who would be happy to do so?
OnoD: Yes, I think there are a ton of them that I feel overwhelmed with shame right now.
Kamiya: And rightly so. You must apologize once and for all to these people.
OnoD: (whispers) I’m sorry. I’m so very sorry.
All: Ahahahaha!
Kamiya: I know that it’s terrible that we ended up bullying Ono-kun, but since it’s on the script, it can’t be helped.
OnoD: That’s not a good reason!

Dear Girl Jouhou

A limited birthday special interview with Ono Daisuke available on the website (that year).

Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Omamori no Kamisama (おまもりのかみさま) by Kosugi Mayu (小杉繭).

The two ask each other if they read the manga, and they both say that they have. Kamiya shares that when he read the first installment and the monster appeared, he initially thought that
it was going to be a battle manga but then it turned out to be a
heartwarming type of story. Kamiya thinks that it’s a cute story. OnoD shares that at first he wasn’t sure about what he thinks of the manga because of the male god character Mimori. He’s not even sure what to call him: Mimori-chan or Mimori-kun? Kamiya is the one who read Mimori’s lines, and he says that playing his character is bothersome; to which OnoD calls him cute. Kamiya thanks him. Aaaaw.

Kosugi Mayu’s Nayami Story:
When drawing manga becomes a life-and-death battle, I feel like I’m wasting precious time for eating. But if I don’t eat properly, my body will break down and I won’t be able to draw manga. So please recommend meals that are easy and quick to make but are also healthy and nutritious—note that I don’t require it to be yummy. LOL. I’m in your hands.

Kamiya: (chuckles)
OnoD: It seems that we get a lot of serious problems like this every time.
Kamiya: We only get life-and-death problems like this in this show…so I think that the people from Mediaworks should do something about this and create a solution for these manga artists already.
OnoD: That’s a good idea. That’s why I’m always telling everyone, “just fly off once”. (The phrase he uses is “Ikkai tobaseba ii” in Japanese; contextually, he means to drop all work and relax; refer to episode 1 and episode 3)
Kamiya: Hm. Yeah…
OnoD: I say this every week.
Kamiya: Yes, you say it every week that I’m tired of it.
OnoD: You’re tired of it?
Kamiya: Yes, let’s move on to the next phrase.
OnoD: Ahahaha!

They finally talk about Kosugi-sensei’s dilemma. But before they do so, Kamiya wants to clarify something about this discussion. He wants to clarify that this is not a discussion about whether the two of them cook meals or not because Kamiya admits that he does not really cook.

Kamiya: Ono-kun, do you have a specialty?
OnoD: Curry.
Kamiya: What kind of curry?
OnoD: Vegetable.
Kamiya: A vegetable curry?
OnoD: Yeah.
Kamiya: No meat?
OnoD: There are times when I put meat but…
Kamiya: So you normally don’t put any meat?
OnoD: No, I don’t.
Kamiya: Ah, is that so?

OnoD explains how he makes his vegetable curry with the main
ingredient onions which he sautés. Kamiya comments that OnoD’s curry doesn’t sound an appropriate answer to Kosugi-sensei’s problem because it sounds like it takes too long to make. Next is Kamiya’s turn.

Kamiya: As for me, when I find myself in the kitchen, it’s not to actually “make” something. It’s more of heating up a nabe until the soup is simmering, and then swishing sliced pieces one-by-one of the shabu-shabu meat I bought from the grocery store and eating it with a bowl of rice and some sauce. I eat while standing. So it’s…a “tachi shabu-shabu” (lit. standing shabu-shabu). *Shabu-shabu is a hotpot dish with thin slices of meat and vegetables in boiling water.
OnoD: That sounds so miserable.
Kamiya: Please don’t call it miserable.
OnoD: But for example, what if you just put a portable stove on top of a table or even on a kotatsu so you can eat more comfortably? *a kotatsu is a low blanket-covered table with a heater underneath traditionally used in Japanese homes during winter.
Kamiya: I don’t have a portable stove. And it’s too bothersome taking out something like that every time I want to use it!
OnoD: Too bothersome?
Kamiya: Even if I have something like that, I’d be too lazy to take it out. That’s why when I go to the grocery store and think I’d like to eat some shabu-shabu, I’ll buy meat on-sale so it’s cheaper, and I’ll just buy it and eat it just like that in a tachi shabu-shabu.
OnoD: So manly.

Kamiya says that he also eats while sitting on his computer desk, but he can’t really do it comfortably so he normally just eats it while standing up.

OnoD: But do you enjoy eating that by yourself?
Kamiya: You can’t really eat shabu-shabu alone.
OnoD: Ah. It doesn’t feel enjoyable.
Kamiya: Yes. But I think that it’s an easy meal, especially for a man, so please try it.
OnoD: Me?
Kamiya: Yes, try it, OnoD.
OnoD: I’ll try it and Mayu-sensei, too?
Kamiya: Yes, Mayu-sensei should try it too.
OnoD: Do you eat it with pork?
Kamiya: Yes, recently I really like pork. I eat it with pork, but I also eat it with beef. And I can also eat it with vegetables. I think that for someone like a manga artist, eating something like this is wonderful, don’t you think?

1-Phrase Story

The first is read by Kamiya, sent by dear girl name Kame Leon-san from Saitama.

Are? Kitsui…!
(Huh? This is hard…!)

OnoD: Ahaha. Isn’t that me? (during the free talk)
All: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: In what kind of situations do you use this? How about when you’re getting fatter and you tell yourself, “Huh? This is hard…I’m getting fat.”
OnoD: Like me. I was a soccer club member before and it was only my butt that got fat. My butt filled my pants.

OnoD says it in a pun in Japanese: “Pantsu ga patsun-patsun. He laughs at his own joke and works very hard to make the others laugh, but not surprisingly, Kamiya doesn’t laugh. Ah, I feel sorry for OnoD again. But then Kamiya gives in and laughs briefly, commenting that it must be hard for OnoD today.

Next 1-phrase story is read by OnoD, sent by dear girl name You-san.

Eh, masaka, kore dakette koto wa nai yo ne?
(Huh, don’t tell me, this is it?)

OnoD shares a recent incident where he experienced feeling this phrase. It was when Kamiya gave him a Takane Kiku figure as birthday present and he thought, “Huh? That’s it?” Kamiya defends himself, saying that he thought that OnoD likes Kiku-chan’s character so he gave it to him, thinking that OnoD would be grateful for his present. Takane Kiku is a character from the anime series Ring ni Kakero (リングにかけろ).

Kamiya: You know…it seems that in this radio show, my popularity is gradually declining. It pains me, you know!
OnoD: I don’t think that’s true.
Kamiya: No, no. It’s like I hear a lot of people saying, “Please don’t bully, Ono-san.”
OnoD: No, no. I don’t think there are people who’re saying that.
Kamiya: There must be some. Surely. So can you say something nice about me every 5 minutes, Ono-kun?
OnoD: There’s no way I can do something like that.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: You’re not like that.
Kamiya: Ahahahahaha!!!!!
OnoD: But in reality, you’re a tsundere. You often tease me, but there are times when you cozy up with me…which feels good…seriously. (Tsundere is a seemingly cold person but is
actually caring and warm inside and easily flustered)
Kamiya: Ehehehe. (tries to change the subject by reading the
final part of the script) Ah, I give up. Enough with this tsundere talk!

Ending Talk

Tickets are on sale of that year’s Animelo Summer Live at Nippon Budokan. There’s also a movie festival that season for a lot of anime such as Shakugan no Shana and Kino no Tabi (Kino’s Journey).

Kamiya orders OnoD to say the final words before the show ends regarding his birthday special. OnoD says that since he turned 29 that year, he feels like he can’t wait to turn 30.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

I really enjoyed this episode. It’s so funny, but it seems that OnoD had it hard with all the teasing and Kamiya-san’s antics. But I still think that OnoD enjoyed himself and the birthday surprise they prepared for him despite all the bullying, er, I mean teasing. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 5th episode of DGS.

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