DGS 6 Recap: All Men are Perverts, Eroshi!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 6 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 6 Title:  本番5分前のトークはとても流せるモンじゃなかった (Honban go-fun mae no tooku wa totemo nagaseru mon janakatta / Our talk 5 minutes before broadcast is something we absolutely couldn’t reveal)
Original Airdate: May 12, 2007

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 6th episode of the show starts.  OnoD immediately reads a letter from a listener named Yuri-san all the way from Hokkaido.

Letter 1 sent by Yuri-san:
I’ve been listening attentively since the 3rd episode. I slept during the 2nd episode. I love all your antics. By the way, I want to call you by nicknames, but what would you like me to call each of you?

Kamiya remarks that this is the second time that they received this kind of request. He adds that Yuri-san was asleep when they first discussed the matter of both of them having nicknames for which fans may call them. Refer to episode 2. It feels like Kamiya is not too keen on this conversation, but OnoD insists that they should talk about it for Yuri-san’s sake and their other listeners with the same request.

“OnoD” as Ono Daisuke’s nickname is already decided since the beginning, but Kamiya’s nickname is still undecided. As a result, OnoD decides that Kamiya’s temporary nickname should be “Hiroshi”. However, they note that calling Kamiya by his first name feels a little awkward. (In Japan, calling someone by their first name is not very common, unless you’re family, close friend, or someone very close to the person). OnoD admits that he doesn’t call Kamiya “Hiroshi” often, and only on the show. Kamiya observes that Ono’s nickname, “OnoD”, is very easy to use unlike his.

To decide his nickname once and for all, Kamiya calls for their listeners to send their suggestions to the show and he’ll pick one and use it. He adds that there will be no limits as to the number of suggestions and no deadline.

OnoD: How about “Piroshi”?
Kamiya: Well, I get called “Piroshi” sometimes, but you know, I don’t think it fits the atmosphere of this show for you to call me by that nickname. That’s why I’ll be taking suggestions from our listeners and choose one from them. Until that moment, please don’t decide things on your own.

Afterwards, they read the official introductions. When Kamiya is finished with his lines, OnoD didn’t read his immediately. He might not be totally focused, so there’s a distinct pause. When he does speak, he just said “hai” in a sort of unsure way, to which Kamiya comments, “That was terrible.” While OnoD is doing his best to read his lines, Kamiya is also doing his best to distract him. It’s so cute.

Official Episode Title

OnoD: Honban go-fun mae no tooku wa totemo nagaseru mon janakatta. (Our talk 5 minutes before broadcast is something we absolutely couldn’t reveal.)

Futsu Ota

Letter 2:
I want the two of you to do something. I would like you to sing. Please work hard until that song becomes a CD album in the future. I’m looking forward to it!

OnoD immediately marvels at how their listeners decide the things that they should do without any consideration to them.

Kamiya: She says she wants us to sing. Then, Ono-kun, go ahead and sing. Now.
Staff: (can be heard laughing in the background)
OnoD: (clears his throat) Well then…
Kamiya: (chuckles)
OnoD: I suck at singing.
Kamiya: Ah, me too.
OnoD: Well, you remember we previously did “GAO!!!” (refer to episode 4)
Kamiya: Aaaaah! Right.
OnoD: Don’t you sing it?
Kamiya: I don’t.
OnoD: Ah, so you just listen to it?
Kamiya: Yes. And besides I haven’t been to a karaoke bar at all for many years. Do you go?
OnoD: Well, yeah. Certainly there are times when I feel like I must go sing karaoke. Singing like crazy makes you forget your troubles, don’t you think so?
Kamiya: I like karaoke itself.
OnoD: Yeah.
Kamiya: I don’t hate karaoke. It’s just that when we’re required to sing for work, it becomes very tiresome.
OnoD: Yes. You have to guarantee the quality of your singing, to sing according to your character…of course you have freedom to some extent, but you still have to take responsibility and give your best.
Kamiya: Yes. And for us seiyuu, don’t they say that you can’t tell whether one’s singing voice is good or bad based on just the regular speaking voice?
OnoD: Aaaaah~ Yes, like when someone has a pretty voice…
Kamiya: Yes. I really want to emphasize that a regular speaking voice and singing voice are completely different things.
OnoD: Ahaha. Right.
Kamiya: And actually, even in the world of singers, a great singing voice doesn’t mean a great speaking voice. This person has such an ordinary speaking voice, but when he starts singing, whoa! He suddenly becomes amazing. There are singers like this, right?
OnoD: Yes! I think that people like Ōguro Maki-san are absolutely amazing. Her speaking voice is normally husky, but then when she sings…
Kamiya: So cool, right?
OnoD: Very cool. I love that kind of people.
Kamiya: I don’t know about you, Ono-kun, but my speaking voice and singing voice don’t match. When I read lines from a script, people think that I may have a great voice, but when it comes to singing, I want to let everyone know that it’s completely different.
OnoD: But you know…you know what? Since we just received a request for a CD, I think we should be more optimistic about it.
Kamiya: Ahahaha! Well, if there are definite plans for that, sure. But as of right now, no plans for a CD at all.
OnoD: Ahahaha! You just killed our hope in one hit.
Kamiya: We’ll just have to wait if there are plans like that for us.

*Ōguro Maki (大黒 摩季) is a Japanese singer. She sang the awesome ending theme song “Anata Dake Mitsumeteru” (あなただけ見つめてる) for the anime Slam Dunk. Watch her sing this awesome song live here.

Letter 3:
This may be sudden, but is it true that OnoD is a pervert? Another radio program is saying this. They say that OnoD is the type who carelessly spout things inappropriate for broadcasting. They also say that he’s not just a gakuya banchou but also a drinking party banchou. Please explain yourself.

OnoD: Ahahaha. That last phrase is a little…whaa..see here…eh?! I think that all our listeners know that I’ve done these things.
Kamiya: Not at all.
OnoD: (uncomfortable laughing) She says, “Please explain yourself.” Well, yes. This is true.
Kamiya: But I’ve never encountered you doing these things.
OnoD: Well, we’re talking about ero stuff.
Kamiya: Yes, she’s asking whether you’re a pervert. You’re a pervert, aren’t you?
OnoD: Yes, I’m a pervert.
Kamiya: There you go.
OnoD: But it’s a fact. All men are perverts.
Kamiya: That’s not true. I’m not like that at all.
OnoD: Arararara~ You’re lying.
Kamiya: What are you saying? Do I look like I’m lying?
OnoD: You’re lying. Ahaha!
Kamiya: When you say “pervert”, what kind of pervert do you mean?
OnoD: Like today, do you remember this episode’s title?
Kamiya: (intentionally referring to the letter instead of the title) “Please explain yourself”?
OnoD: Not that. Way before. Our 6th episode’s title: “Our talk 5 minutes before broadcast is something we absolutely couldn’t reveal.”
Kamiya: Ah! Yes! That refers to you, Ono-san, right?
OnoD: You’re kidding! You said a dirty word, didn’t you?
Kamiya: What do you mean?
OnoD: You said a dirty word, Hiroshi, right? Eroshi? (a play on Kamiya’s name, Hiroshi and the word “ero”; OnoD is basically saying that Kamiya is also a pervert)
Kamiya: (repeating the letter) “This may be sudden, but is it true that OnoD is a pervert?”
OnoD: Why are you returning to that part?
Kamiya: Ahahaha!
OnoD: Anyway, her comment about me being a drinking party banchou is not true.
Kamiya: No?
OnoD: I don’t like and don’t go to many drinking parties. And besides, I know that when I drink I’ll start speaking indecent things.
Kamiya: That’s not true at all!
OnoD: I’m 100% sure that I’ll become indecent when I’m drunk.
Kamiya: That’s not true at all. I’m sure that Ono fans will lend their support!
OnoD: Huh?
Kamiya: I’ll help you out in telling everyone that you’re not a pervert.
OnoD: Eh? Ehehehe. You’re talking about a completely different thing from what we’re just talking about now.
Kamiya: Aren’t we talking about whether Ono-kun is a pervert or not?
OnoD: No, we already moved on from that. We’re now talking about becoming indecent after getting drunk!
Kamiya: Ahahahaha!
OnoD: Hey. You’re not listening to what I’m saying at all.
Kamiya: I’m sorry. Fine, so you become indecent after drinking?
OnoD: Eroshi. Eroshi.
Kamiya: Please don’t call me Eroshi. What are you gonna do if Eroshi becomes my nickname in this show? I won’t be able to face my parents, if that were to happen. And by the way, I haven’t yet told my parents that I’m doing this show.
OnoD: You should tell them, Hiroshi. Tell them! Well, not like I’ve told my own parents that I’m doing this show. And speaking of my parents, I’m so shocked to know that they check out all the shows that I appear on.
Kamiya: Aaaah. So they’re gonna know that you’re a pervert.
OnoD: I think that I’m okay here for now. Ahaha!
Kamiya: Ahahaha!

They joke around more, with Kamiya teasing his partner that people are saying OnoD is boring. Then suddenly:

OnoD: I’m a pervert.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!
OnoD: I think I’d rather be called a pervert than boring.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!!!

OnoD is sharing a story about a previous show he did where he repeatedly said “Oppai oppai oppai”. Oppai means boobs. Kamiya stops him from going further by saying that their time is up.

Dear Girl Jouhou

They ask their listeners to check their website for the free streaming of their recorded voices.

Sylph Soudanshitu

They feature the manga Lillia to Treize (リリアとトレイズ) by Haruse Hiroki (晴瀬ひろき).

Oh my gosh. Kamiya’s voice in introducing the manga is so YUM! Of course, OnoD’s voice is great too. But Kamiya’s voice is so sexy here. Ehehehe~

Kamiya: And by the way, our heroine’s full name is…go ahead.
OnoD: Lillianne Aicacia Corazon Wittington Schultz.
Kamiya: Amazing~
OnoD: Oooooh~ I read it perfectly, didn’t I?
Kamiya: This is the first time that I’m impressed by you.
OnoD: The first time?! But yeah, this is such a hard-to-say name.
Kamiya: Lillianne Aicacia Corazon Witting-ting—
OnoD: Schu..shu..son son.
Both: Ahahaha!

They have fun mispronouncing the name. They marvel more about the amazingness of Lillia’s full name.

Haruse Hiroki-sensei’s Nayami Story:
It might be because my manga is serialized in a Girls’ Comics, or perhaps it’s because of my art style, but I’m often mistaken as a woman. I’m a man. What should I do?

Kamiya: I see meow! (“I see now.” He says “Nyaru hodo” instead of “Naru hodo”. “Nya” is “meow” in Japanese)
OnoD: So he’s a man.
Kamiya: It’s true that you can’t tell whether an artist is male or female just from a pen name.
OnoD: Yeah.
Kamiya: And it’s also true that there are female artists who have manly art styles and male artists who have very feminine art styles.
OnoD: True. And I also automatically assume that shoujo manga are drawn by female artists.
Kamiya: That’s true. There’s this general misconception that shoujo manga are drawn only by female artists.
OnoD: His first name, Hiroki (ひろき), is written in hiragana so it gives a “cute” impression… (Although not always the case, women are more likely to have their first names written in hiragana than men)
Kamiya: Ah, that might be why. But if he used kanji, it might give off too strong of an impression for a shoujo manga artist, don’t you think?
OnoD: Too strong of an impression…yeah.
Kamiya: So writing it in hiragana gives it a softer impression.
OnoD: How about write it in katakana? I think it would give a “cool” impression instead.
Kamiya: But if he does that, the impression of his name would really change, you know. It’s gonna change!
OnoD: That’s true.
Kamiya: If he changes the writing, then once people see “Haruse Hiroki”, they’re gonna think it such a manly name!
OnoD: Ahahaha!!!
Kamiya: When people read his name, they’re gonna be like, “HIROKI!!!!”
Kamiya: But the problem is that his name is going to stand out more than the title of his manga, Lillia and Treize.
Both: Ahahahaha!!!!
Kamiya: That’s gonna be a problem.
OnoD: Well, how about change the style of the speech balloons or the fonts to make them manlier?
Kamiya: Ahaha! Should he really change those?
OnoD: Yes.
Kamiya: So something like, end all the dialogue with exclamation marks.
OnoD: Yes, yes.
Kamiya: So the characters will be like, “Where have you been all this TIME!!!!!!!!”
OnoD: Ahahaha. Yes, yes. Sounds good, right? (pretends to be a character) “Our dangerous summer vacation is just STARTINNNNGGG!!!!”
Kamiya: “JUST STARTIIIIINNGGGGG!!!!” The manga’s going to become ridiculous at this rate. So this suggestion is no good. Unfortunately. This problem is surprisingly difficult to solve.

As they think this over, Kamiya asks Haruse-sensei why does he dislike it so much to be mistaken as a woman?

Kamiya: Isn’t it fine to be mistaken as a woman in this case?
OnoD: Perhaps he has a specific problem with it?
Kamiya: Does he? DOES HE!!!
OnoD: Ahaha. Your tone…it’s getting too forceful.

Then Kamiya’s enlightening view:

Kamiya: Being a neutral gender can be good in this case too, don’t you think? (banging his fist to the table to make his point) Rather than wanting to give off a manlier impression, I think that by remaining a neutral gender and making people unsure whether you’re male or female, gives off a more mysterious appeal. I think this is more wonderful.
OnoD: But wait a minute, he wrote us this nayami letter, asking us to give him ideas to help him…
Kamiya: Well, this is my idea and I think it’s good. Besides, beyond anything else, he’s a human being.
OnoD: Ahahah! Huh? Wait, isn’t that an original phrase by Kamiya-san?
Staff: (heard laughing in the background)

Then Kamiya’s profound words:

Kamiya: It’s not a problem whether you’re a man or a woman because beyond these, you’re HUMAN. By Hiroshi.

Aaaaaaaaaah! Wow. I’m super touched and inspired right now. What profound words, Kamiya-shishou!

Dear Letter

HiroC reads a Dear Letter sent by Maruhime-san.

To my Dear (Just-a-little) Annoying Oniichan,
It’s been a month since you left to live on your own. I was super happy at first because I have more room to myself now, but the space didn’t really change much because I kept your old computer, manga, and such. But still there are times when the room feels really empty. Since we’ve always been together, of course I’ll feel lonely now that you’re gone, right? You say you’re not visiting home this summer vacation because you have no money, and I don’t really like you all that much, but it’s such a mystery that I feel like I really want to see you. Please do your best in Tokyo, okay? I’ll do my best here, too.

Kamiya: Ono-kun, do you have an older brother or older sister? Younger brother or younger sister?
OnoD: I have one older brother.
Kamiya: So do you relate to this letter?
OnoD: Yes, absolutely.
Kamiya: I see. As for me, I have a younger brother.
OnoD: So you’re the oniichan.
Kamiya: Yes, I’m the oniichan. People always tell me that I look like the type who has an older sister, but that’s not the case at all. Unfortunately. If I had an older sister, I wonder what it would be like.
OnoD: As for my own nii-chan, he’s aiming to be a veterinarian.
Kamiya: Oh!
OnoD: He went to a university at Hokkaido to study, but his chosen program takes a long time to finish.
Kamiya: True.
OnoD: I also thought him annoying, but when he left, I couldn’t help but feel his absence.

Aaaaw. What a heartwarming discussion. I love it!

Ending Talk

Kamiya comments that he initially thought the Dear Letter for today would be a perfect way to gradually cool things down for the ending of the show, but on the contrary, they touched quite a dramatic subject. He also adds that they weren’t much of help to Haruse-sensei for his problem. OnoD remarks that it isn’t such a surprise that they’re always useless in giving advice to these sensei.

I really enjoyed this episode. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 6th episode of DGS.

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