DGS 8 Recap: Hato-sensei’s Nasal Hair

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 8 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 8 Title: あの~浩史、後でパソコン教えて? (Ano~ Hiroshi, ato de pasokon oshiete? / Uhm…Hiroshi, teach me how to use the computer later?)
Original Airdate: May 26, 2007

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 8th episode of the show starts. It’s been 2 months since the show started. The 2 hosts talk about how things progressed since they started hosting the radio show together. Kamiya asks OnoD if he ever searches stuff online, revealing that OnoD recently bought a new PC. Kamiya says that it seems that when he searches his own name, Kamiya Hiroshi (神谷浩史), the name of Ono Daisuke (小野大輔) immediately appears beside his as the suggested search keywords. It means that people have been looking them up online together as a combi because of DGS. They thank all the people supporting them, and promise that they will work harder.

Official Episode

OnoD: Ano~ Hiroshi, ato de pasokon oshiete? (Uhm…Hiroshi, teach me how to use the computer later?)

Kamiya: (chuckles) Fine. I’ll teach you.

Futsu Ota

They return to the topic of OnoD buying a new PC recently. It seems that Kamiya is sort of a PC expert and he’s pumped to teach OnoD how to use his new computer.

Kamiya: You just bought a new PC, didn’t you?
OnoD: I did!
Kamiya: Ask me anything.
OnoD: Are you serious?
Kamiya: Yeah. We don’t need to do Futsu Ota or any of these anymore.
OnoD: What are you saying?
Kamiya: Come on. Ask away.
OnoD: Okay, I’ll really ask you because I’m not really…I’m not really good with computers, so I want to ask you how to use it, Hiroshi-sensei.
Kamiya: That’s fine. Go ahead and ask. I can answer anything.
OnoD: What kind of things can you do with PC’s?
Kamiya: You can do anything! For example, what would you like to do, Ono-kun?
OnoD: Do anything?
Kamiya: Of course.
OnoD: I want to eat something delicious.
Kamiya: You can do it! You can do it.
OnoD: …Ha?! How?
Kamiya: Just click the mouse.
OnoD: Just one click?
Kamiya: Yes!
OnoD: What if I want an orange?
Kamiya: Yeah, you can get it.
OnoD: What about Sapporo ramen?
Kamiya: It can be ordered.
OnoD: Delivered?
Kamiya: Yes, delivered.
OnoD: But how?
Kamiya: Well that…I can’t say.

They talk more about what other things OnoD wants to do with the computer. Then he reveals that he also bought a digital camera together with the PC. Kamiya says that they should all play with it later with everyone, although how they will play with it is a secret Kamiya doesn’t want to reveal. So mischievous! OnoD shares that Kamiya already played with it earlier by taking the memory card out, rendering the camera unable to store any pictures taken. OnoD exclaims how Kamiya was so “sadistic”. Afterwards, OnoD asks Kamiya how to insert the digicam memory card into the computer to transfer the pictures. Kamiya says that he’ll show him if OnoD asks him very nicely, to which OnoD very cutely tells him what kind of pictures he wanted taken of the two of them together. So cute! Of course, Kamiya turns tsundere again and announces that they should end this PC discussion because talking about it with OnoD is boring.

Letter sent by Iko-san:
Nice to meet you, Tsundere Piroshi-san and OnoD. I have a question for Piroshi-san. OnoD always notices something cute about you, so can you say anything that is cute about OnoD?

OnoD: You have something to say about me, right?
Kamiya: Unfortunately, I don’t really think much about Ono-kun so…
OnoD: That again?
Kamiya: I have never really—
OnoD: You already said that about me in the previous weeks…
Kamiya: —never really thought whether there is something cute about you at all.
OnoD: Eh? I’m sure there’s at least one?
Kamiya: Hmmm…

Kamiya reveals that OnoD’s armpits are dripping with sweat, and that they look very gross. To which OnoD replies that the beauty of radio shows is that their listeners don’t see them. Kamiya retorts that as a visual kei seiyuu, OnoD should be ashamed of saying this. OnoD begs Kamiya to say something cute about him. Kamiya then shares that OnoD was severely late earlier. OnoD denies it, saying that he wasn’t late, he only came 1 minute after the schedule, to which Kamiya proves that OnoD was indeed late. Kamiya adds that he expected to receive a call from OnoD for being late, so he was disappointed when OnoD didn’t. OnoD called him shallow for expecting a call when he was only a minute late.

Kamiya: I heard that you went bowling with Chiba Susumu (千葉進歩). [Chiba Susumu is a fellow voice actor)
OnoD: Yes, we were at a bowling alley together for work before this, so we thought that we should play a bit.
Kamiya: Because Chiba Susumu is a bowling enthusiast, isn’t he? Wait, so you were late today because you were playing bowling?!
OnoD: Wait, let me explain…
Kamiya: What do you think about that kind of attitude of yours?
OnoD: No, that’s not it. That’s not it. We left on time but then I realized that I forgot my script for work at the bowling place, so I returned to get it.
Staff: (laughs loudly in the background)
Kamiya: That’s why I’m telling you that you’re not placing enough importance on your work.
OnoD: No! Aaaaaah! I’m telling you, it can’t be helped.

OnoD explains how he lost his script.

Kamiya: Aaah. (condescending) So that’s how it was. Can’t be helped, right?
OnoD: So, am I cute to you now?
Kamiya: You’re such a stupid child that you’re cute.
OnoD: Ah, so that’s what you find cute about me…

Dear Girl Jouhou

There’s a Dandy Characters Special, featuring as of yet unannounced seiyuu, to which the two enthusiastically guess which seiyuu are perfect to play dandy old men characters.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Fujoshissu! (腐女子っす!) by Okachimachi Hato (御徒町ハト).

Kamiya recollects the special guest they had last week where they felt really uncomfortable because it felt like they were being evaluated critically. The guest was Okachimachi Hato-sensei, Sylph Comics art editor of the Reader’s Corner. (Refer to Episode 7)

Kamiya: Huh?
OnoD: I know, right? We’ve seen this name somewhere.
Kamiya: Huh?! Today’s featured mangaka isn’t the same person as our special guest last week, right?
OnoD: It must be a different Hato-sensei from last week.
Kamiya: Yes, a different Hato.
OnoD: It’s actually the same Hato-sensei who is the art editor of Sylph Comics Reader’s Corner manga St. Sylph Academy Trick Department (聖シルフ学園トリック科 / Sei Shirufu Gakuen Torikku-ka).
Kamiya: Eh?!
OnoD: Uwah! This is…
Kamiya: We’re in trouble. We’re in trouble!

OnoD tries to move on, but Kamiya complains how come Hato-sensei is being featured twice in a row. OnoD tells him it can’t be helped, so they start introducing the manga Fujoshissu! (腐女子っす!) and OnoD reads one of the character lines. They are kind of amazed that Hato-sensei actually has her own manga besides the Reader’s Corner. Kamiya asks the listeners to pray for them…a joke that they’re afraid of Hato-sensei.

Okachimachi Hato-sensei’s Nayami Story:
Recently, I noticed that my nasal hair has been growing longer. I wonder if they’ll finally peek out of my nostrils if I just left them. I’m sure that there are others in the same situation as myself, so I thought that maybe I’ll be able to wait until the last moment to deal with this, but do you think that it’s really better to take care of my growing nasal hair as soon as possible?

Kamiya: (immediately) Yes, you should take care of it immediately. So what did you think of our answer, sensei? Ahahahaha!!!
OnoD: Ahahahaha! That’s too quick! Too quick!
Kamiya: But that kind of problem doesn’t really have other alternatives but to take care of it, right?
OnoD: Yeah. She ought to really deal with it.
Kamiya: And we saw her last week, didn’t we? We saw that she was a lady. How can she even ask this of us?

Oh my gosh. This was so funny. I’m laughing so hard. They were both laughing and trying to think about how can Hato-sensei speak so frankly. So funny. But then OnoD shares that he also experiences the same problem as Hato-sensei, and that he has a cutter and uses it regularly because his nasal hair grows fast.

Kamiya: Mine doesn’t grow.
OnoD: Ha?
Kamiya: Because I’m an idol seiyuu.
OnoD: Ha?

So funny! OnoD says that everyone’s nasal hair grows regardless. Kamiya is so funny, saying that it’s the first time since he was born he heard about this phenomenon about growing nasal hair. Of course, he’s joking. Then they wonder if perhaps Hato-sensei wants her nasal hair to grow long and peek out.

Kamiya: We’re wading in dangerous waters talking about this! Okachimachi-sensei, since you’re a lady, we think that it’s better for you to trim your nasal hair. But if you’re looking forward to waiting until the last minute before you deal with it, then maybe you should wait until somebody tells you that they’re peeking out.

Oh my gosh, so funny. Kamiya invites Hato-sensei to contact them if she finds their solution to her problem interesting. But then he mumbles that perhaps she’ll end up coming again in person instead.

Dear Letter

Sent by Sakurairo, read by OnoD.

Dear to my friend for now,
It’s been some time since you rejected me, hasn’t it? You were very shocked when I confessed my feelings for you, didn’t you? I’m sure that it was surprising that someone you thought as a friend would suddenly confess her feelings for you. I like you so much so when you rejected my confession, I was hurt. But you said that you still want to be friends and now we’re still getting along like before. We’re in the same club and class, but even now I still like you. You already rejected me once, but why do I still like you so much? I’m not going to give up that easily. Now we’re still friends again, but I want to confess to you again someday. When that time comes, I hope that you’ll have a different answer for me then. Until then, I’ll act like your friend and talk to you like normal.

Oh wow. What an emotional Dear Letter. It’s so cute how the two try to come up with something to say. But of course, Kamiya is the first one to do so.

Kamiya: I hope that Sakurairo-san’s feelings will reach him someday.

Oh my gosh. OnoD is so serious, telling the sender “Ganbatte!” Great corner.

Ending Talk

They share information about the upcoming Animelo Summer Live that year in DJ-style. So adorable! It’s also funny how the mood changed so quickly from serious and sad during the Dear Letter corner to the upbeat mood of the ending.

I really enjoyed Hato-sensei’s nayami story. She’s so funny, and of course the two are also funny for trying to discuss her letter. I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 8th episode of DGS.

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  1. Haha, the nasal hair… “I’m an idol seiyuu”
    HiroC, you never fail to make me laugh

    Thank you as usual for your translations!!!

    To be honest, I don’t know if I should think the letter of Sakurairo is scary or cute. As someone who was confessed by a male friend herself, I thought his persistence was very bothersome. I rejected him, he wanted to stay friends and confessed to me again. When I rejected him the second time and told him his constant flirting was bothering me, he wrote me (scary) messages for one year until it finally stopped.
    I personally think it can be very bothersome for the other party^^”
    In my opinion, no means no.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, right? He’s so funny…and so “proper”. And you’re very welcome. I enjoy doing these translations.
      Indeed, it was a very emotional letter…and admirable to an extent, but if you put your shoes to the one being confessed to, it’s kind of scary. Well, we don’t know the situation based on just this letter.
      Your experience sounds scary. Same here. I had guys in the past who constantly tried to message me when I already rejected them. Scary. I just did my best to be polite and ignore thereafter until they stopped. Same. And yes, you’re exactly correct. No means no. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. I appreciate it! Yay!


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