DGS 9 Recap: Nickname for Kamiya Hiroshi

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 9 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 9 Title:  異議あり!! (Igi ari!! / I object!!)
Original Airdate: June 2, 2007

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

They share that during the week before, they had what they call an “uchi-iri” (内入り). Kamiya explains it in simple terms as a sort of a party between them and the staff and all the people involved in DGS, where they eat, drink, and chat with everyone, and just generally promise to continue getting along well with each other, and to keep working hard for the success of the show. Kamiya also shares that OnoD got so drunk that he started acting rowdy, with OnoD admitting that he holds nothing back when he’s drunk.

It seems that OnoD got vocal about his ideas on how to improve the DGS website. He said that it’s good that it has their voice-recorded ringtones (chakushin voice & melody) available and what not, but he thinks that it would be a great idea to have games available. He thinks that with Dwango’s help, they could make this a reality. And of course, being the mischievous Kamiya, he says that he only listened to half of what OnoD was saying. Meaning, that he didn’t really pay attention to OnoD, even when they were sitting beside each other at the uchi-iri.

Kamiya asks OnoD what kind of games he is thinking of putting up on the website. Kamiya says that he has a feeling that OnoD talked about this during the uchi-iri, but since he wasn’t really listening to OnoD, he doesn’t remember what his partner said. Then OnoD admits that he doesn’t remember all the things he said either because he was so drunk. But he starts suggesting a game about a “Tsundere Kamiya”, which of course Kamiya quickly cuts off by reading the program script, ending the conversation. OnoD tries to return the conversation by suggesting how about they make chocolates. Of course, Kamiya cuts him off again and just reads the program script including OnoD’s lines while OnoD continues to mutter to himself about delicious chocolates. Finally, Kamiya lets OnoD read the official episode title.

Episode Title

OnoD: Igi ari!! (I object!!)

Kamiya: To what?

Futsu Ota

OnoD reminds everyone of their call to action from fans to suggest nicknames for Kamiya during the previous episodes. Ono Daisuke is called OnoD and Handsome, to which Kamiya reaffirms, assuring that OnoD is indeed handsome. OnoD then recalls that HiroC was called “Idol Seiyuu”, with HiroC emphasizing “ALLEGED Idol Seiyuu”. Refer to Episode 3. Kamiya says that he usually prefers to be called by his last name, Kamiya, but it seems that their listeners want to call him by a nickname, that’s why they’re asking for suggestions. Here are the suggestions sent by listeners.

1. Piroshi (ピロシ)

Sent by Shuuka.

Good evening, OnoD & Kamiya-san. How about calling Kamiya-san “Piroshi”? Isn’t it cute?

Kamiya: Piroshi, eh? I’ve been actually called Piroshi by Namaniku-senpai—Morikawa Toshiyuki-san—before, I think.
OnoD: So you’ve been called Piroshi by Mori-nii?
Kamiya: Yes, I have…by Namaniku-san.
OnoD: (chuckles) Namaniku….
Kamiya: Ahahaha!
OnoD: You’re so mean! Isn’t he your senpai? How can you call him Namaniku?
Kamiya: What are you saying? I respect him very much!
OnoD: Aaaah. So Piroshi…
Kamiya: Well, I think we can use Piroshi. It’s possible.
OnoD: Oh! Oh!

Morikawa Toshiyuki (森川 智之) is a fellow voice actor with a yummy deep voice. Oh, and “namaniku” means “raw meat”.

2. Eroshi (エロシ)

Sent by Oily Potato. “Ero” can mean “perverted”.

OnoD: This one was sent by Oily Potato-san…”Eroshi-san”. (laughs)
Kamiya: I’m going to beat you up, seriously.
OnoD: (tries to read the letter while laughing)
Kamiya: I ended up telling a listener I’ll beat her up. Ahahaha!
OnoD: Ahahaha!

Good evening Eroshi-san & OnoD. Doesn’t “Eroshi” as Kamiya-san’s nickname sound very good and pleasing to the ear? You don’t object to this nickname, don’t you, Kamiya-san?

(loud sounds of crumpling papers)
OnoD: Ah!!! Aaah!!! He’s crumpling everything! He’s crumpling everything!!!
Kamiya: (shouting) Of course I won’t allow you to call me that!!! Unfortunately for you, ah…who is it again…Oily Potato-san, since I can’t crumple your letter, I just messed up the papers in front of me.

OnoD teases Kamiya by calling him “Eroshi”.

Kamiya: Don’t call me like that! You can’t call me by that!
OnoD: Eh, I can’t?
Kamiya: Would you feel good if someone calls you “Ono Daisukebe”? (“dai-sukebe” means “big pervert”)
OnoD: I won’t feel good.
Kamiya: See? I told you.
OnoD: Eeeeh…but I think it’s a good name.

3. Sexy

Suggested by OnoD.

OnoD: Ah! how about “sexy”?
Kamiya: No way!
OnoD: Ahaha!
Kamiya: There’s absolutely no basis for that kind of nickname for me.
OnoD: Ahahaha!!! Kamiya-san is sexy.
Kamiya: There’s no basis for that at all. Ahaha!
OnoD: Ahahaha!!!
Kamiya: If you suddenly call me “Sexy”, people will be like, who is he talking about?

4. Kami-D (神D)

Sent by Kagayaki.

Good evening Kamiya-san & OnoD. For Kamiya-san’s nickname, what do you think about “Kami-D”?

Both: Ahahaha!!!
Kamiya: Why does it have to be like OnoD? Why?
OnoD: KamiD, OnoD.
Kamiya: It’s based on OnoD!!!
Both: Ahahahaha!!!

5. Kamiiya or Kamiyan (カミーヤ or カミヤン)

Sent by Airi.

How about something like “Kamiiya” or even “Kamiyan”? Don’t they sound good?

Kamiya: So my name basically grew longer.
OnoD: Yeah.

Then OnoD began making references to Zeta Gundam (Ζガンダム) which Kamiya initially didn’t get, but after a few seconds, he finally did. OnoD began referencing specific dialogue from the series, while Kamiya ignored him, mulling about the suggestion. It sounds like he doesn’t really like that the nickname is longer to his actual last name.

6. Hiro-C

Sent by Sayu on a special postcard.

Kamiya: I wonder if this is Sayu-san herself.
OnoD: Eh?! Ah, wait.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!
OnoD: You all can’t see this but on the postcard is a picture of a woman wearing only a swimsuit, a Swimsuit Girl!
Kamiya: I got distracted.
OnoD: I was already reading the letter!
Kamiya: I got distracted.
OnoD: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: Go ahead.
OnoD: Excuse me. I’ll continue reading now.

Good evening Hiroshi-san & OnoD. I thought up a nickname for Hiroshi-san. Since Ono-san is Ono-D, to match together, how about Hiro-C? It sounds like Vitamin C and very energetic-sounding, so I think that it’s very appropriate.

Kamiya: Aaah…So it’s Hiro-C.
OnoD: Yes, like A B C D.
Kamiya: Ah, like Ono-D Hiro-C. I see.
OnoD: Ahahaha! I’ll mark this in red pen and write “Highly recommended”!
Kamiya: So this is the one that you liked the most? So Swimsuit Girl won it?
OnoD: I just really think that HiroC & OnoD sound really good.
Kamiya: I see.
OnoD: Like A B C D.

So they review all of the suggestions from Piroshi to Sexy (which Kamiya quickly rejects) to Kamiiya and Kamiyan. They intentionally skips Eroshi. Kamiya says that he really doesn’t think Kamiiya or Kamiyan will work, especially since it’s based on his last name which another, more veteran seiyuu is also known as Kamiya Akira (神谷 明). Kamiya jokingly calls him dad. Before he was cut off, OnoD suddenly exclaims:

OnoD: Ah! How about Kami-Young?

Dear Girl Jouhou

They promote each of their character songs. First up is Kamiya in Ring ni Kakero (リングにかけろ) where he sings a song for his character Kawa Takeshi (河井 武士) titled “Ibara no Senritsu ~Melody~” (いばらの旋律~Melody~) and also “Nikukyuu Bojou” (肉球慕情) which is a duet with Nabatame Hitomi (生天目仁美). They play a snippet of “Nikukyuu Bojou” with OnoD commenting that it’s such a good song. Then Kamiya carelessly reads OnoD’s character songs, not really bothering to correctly pronounce all of them. Some of them include: “Shikon no Karou” (紫紺の火道) & “Kurenai no Rondo” (紅紫の輪舞) as Hyuuga (ヒュウガ) in Neo Angelique ~Abyss~ (ネオアンジェリーク Abyss), ”Maggaare↓Spectacle” (まっがーれ↓スペクタクル) & “Harebare Yukai” (ハレ晴レユカイ) as Koizumi Itsuki (古泉 一樹) in Suzumiya Haruhi (涼宮ハルヒ). And it seems that the #1 song on the Animelo website is Kamiya Hiroshi’s “Boku Dake no…” (僕だけの…). He’s called the Animelo Prince. Kamiya seems so surprised that the most downloadable song is his. OnoD keeps on playing Kamiya’s song in the background, while Kamiya tries to read his script.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Anonymous ~Mebae~ (アノニマス~めばえ~) by Imamura Youko (今村陽子).

They briefly talk about the manga. OnoD says that he read it, saying that it’s quite sad.

Imamura Youko-sensei’s Nayami:
I’m having trouble thinking up of names for my characters…no, I suck at naming. Are there any ways of thinking up good names? Are there any names that the two of you like?

Kamiya: Well, it seems that “Anonymous” means “tokumei” (匿名). So it’s actually quite fitting.
OnoD: Ah, so that’s what it means. A-a…Aonimasu.
Kamiya: It’s not Aonimasu, it’s Anonimasu. (Japanese reading for Anonymous)
OnoD: AoniMausu.
Kamiya: AoniMausu.
OnoD: Oh!
Kamiya: Oh!
OnoD: Oh! Ah, it’s both of our agencies combined. (During this time, Kamiya is under Aoni Production while Ono was under Mausu Promotions.)
Kamiya: You did a great job there.
OnoD: I did, didn’t I?

They briefly joke around, but quickly returns the conversation towards answering Imamura-sensei’s request. Kamiya suggests basing names from train stations. Kamiya was giving the Yamanote Line as an example, but he was drowned out by OnoD’s loud exclamation of “Okachimachi Hato”. Remember Okachimachi Hato? There’s also a train station in Taito, Tokyo called Okachimachi-eki. OnoD says that he likes strong-sounding names like Bakuro-Yokoyama (馬喰横山) Station and Onarimon (御成門) Station. Kamiya reveals that OnoD loves Onarimon to the point that he’ll ask a taxi he’s riding to stop by there.

OnoD: Let’s seriously think about this. Names, huh? This is hard.
Kamiya: I’m sure that we can do this! Ahaha! Don’t look at a plastic bottle. Don’t look for hints on a plastic bottle!
OnoD: (reads from the plastic bottle) Daigo Gyokuro Zaburou (玉露三郎). (A Kirin brand bottled green tea drink, I think)
Both: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: Gyokuro Zaburou sounds good! I was skeptical at first, but Gyokuro Zaburou sounds really good.

Kamiya really likes Gyokuro Zaburou, but OnoD tries to take it back, suggesting that a character named Gyokuro Zaburou is pitiful. Then Kamiya suggests how about OnoD uses the name Gyokuro Zaburou instead.

1-Phrase Story

1. Cho, chikai!
[Wai(t), too close!]

Sent by Chikuchinsuko, read by Kamiya.

OnoD: Who–
Kamiya: You were going to ask to whom this kind of phrase can be applied to, right? I think we both have an idea. Now let’s say it together.
Both: Nari Ken-san. (Seiyuu Narita Ken / 成田剣)
OnoD: Yes, he can really be too close for comfort. (impersonating Narita Kan in a low close whisper) Ono-kun, Ono-kun↓. What did you like the most about this event?↓ (impersonating himself) Uhm, yeah, but you really don’t have to be too close to ask.
Kamiya: So true. We’ll be like, “Good morning!↑” And he’ll be like, (in a low close whisper) Good morning↓.

But they talk that Narita Ken has a good voice.

2. Ah~~~ jirettai!
(Ah~~~ Irritating!)

Sent by Ayako, read by Kamiya.

OnoD: Oh! Irritating? I wonder what kind of situation you use this phrase for? Ah! When you use a self-serve ticket gate and the person in front of you—
Kamiya: Ah! That’s so true! Ahaha!
OnoD: —always stops.
Kamiya: Ah. True. They always stop. And then you wonder if the other one works, but then it also beeps. You’re gonna be like, “Aaaaaah!!!”
OnoD: I’ll be like, “Damn it!”
Kamiya: I won’t go that far.
OnoD: Yeah, I said too much. I apologize.
Kamiya: Apologize!

They talk about Suica, a rechargeable card used to pay on train lines and other such things that doesn’t really need explaining.

Ending Talk

They invite for the upcoming Animelo Summer Live that year, announcing that tickets are available for purchase.

As usual, what a fun episode! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 9th episode of DGS.

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