Achieving Enlightenment the Otaku Way

Osu! I’m back again, shokun, for the second part of this 2-part lesson series. I hope that last week’s lesson, “10 Signs That You’ve Watched Too Much Yuri on Ice (Part 1)”, helped you understand yourself better regarding your Yuri!!! on ICE watching habits. Let’s start today’s lesson, shall we? Osu!

10 Signs That You’ve Watched Too Much Yuri!!! on ICE (Part 2)

1. You get a pet poodle and name it Makkachin or Vicchan.

2. You rewatch all episodes, inspecting them frame by frame, for the sake of obtaining clues and evidence for your theories.
Yuri’s receipt for the rings says “Wedding Ring”. Who buys wedding rings just for the hell of it? Especially not someone with a sensitive personality like Yuri.

3. You feel incomplete without checking any YOI-related stuff online.
As soon as you wake up, you open your Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, and your other social media accounts for the sole purpose of viewing the latest YOI news, doujinshi manga, fan arts, gifs, conversations, etc. You literally feel unwell when you’re not able to do any of these.

4. You know the names of the most popular and the most promising YOI fan artists and doujin mangaka.

Credit: Yuri on Ice fan art by GEAROUS

5. You befriend members of the fujoshi and/or fudanshi communities, if you yourself aren’t a member yet.
YOI has opened the doors to a new world you first thought you would never be interested in. And now you want to learn more about BL by interacting with the fujoshi and/or fudanshi communities.

6. You begin reading and watching other BL series.

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7. You add visiting YOI locations into your bucket list.
Hasetsu, Saint Petersburg, Moscow, Barcelona and all of the other featured places in YOI are now must-see places before you die.

8. You’ve memorized and are capable of recreating all the skaters’ routines accurately, down to the tiniest movements and expressions, even their internal monologues.

9. You are covered in bruises because you start imitating the jumps.

10. You’re on constant high-alert for any official news for Season 2.
You stalk Kubo Mitsurou-sensei’s Twitter, just in case she drops any hints of season 2 soon. You filter your news sources with Yuri on Ice keywords. You invade conversations of total strangers online to verify whether season 2 rumours are legit or not.

How many of these matched you? A couple? Half? All of them? Embrace it! That’s all for today, shokun! If you missed last week’s lesson, don’t forget to review it:  “10 Signs That You’ve Watched Too Much Yuri on Ice (Part 1)”That’s all for today. Continue persevering on embracing your inner otaku and ultimately achieve enlightenment the Otaku Way. Osu!

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Disclaimer:  Study and follow the teachings of Fujinsei Kempo at your own risk.  Fujinsei and its main author Arria Cross accept no responsibility whatsoever for the content of this post, or for the consequences of any actions taken on the basis of the information provided above.  Arria urges you to blame Cross-shishou for any issues you encounter while following Fujinsei Kempo teachings.  But Arria wants you to remember that Cross-shishou is a mere alter ego, someone without tangible form.  So if you want to blame someone, you might as well blame yourself.  You’ve been warned.

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    1. Yay! But do you have a Makkachin plushie? Or perhaps a poster? Ehehe. Oh my gosh, I’m guilty of #9, as well. Thanks for dropping by. I always love talking about Yuri on Ice.

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