DGS 10 Recap: Hiroko & Mama-D

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 10 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 10 Title:  神谷玉露三郎に決定! (Kamiya, Gyokuro Zaburou ni kettei! / Kamiya, your nickname has been decided to be Gyokuro Zaburou!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 10th episode of the show starts. OnoD immediately jokes that from last week’s nickname suggestions for Kamiya, it’s been decided that they will use “Sexy”. Of course, Kamiya protests saying that “sexy” doesn’t fit him at all. He also says that if he indeed uses “Sexy” and the two of them are introduced, it would turn out to be “Sexy OnoD” and any reference to Kamiya will disappear. It would be all about OnoD. Kamiya rejects “Sexy”. OnoD suggests “Kamiyan” but Kamiya doesn’t like it either. So what’s left are “Hiro-C” and “Piroshi”. Kamiya notices that OnoD looks like he doesn’t really want to use “Hiro-C”. OnoD says that an almost perfect naming sense like in “Hiro-C” is boring. He wants something more exciting like “Sexy”. Kamiya rejects them all. OnoD adds in “Hiroko” which Kamiya quickly rejects. Hiroko is a female name and the name given to Kamiya’s imaginary daughter who OnoD wanted to marry. Refer to episode 7.

Episode Title

OnoD: Kamiya, your nickname has been decided to be Gyokuro Zaburou! (Kamiya, Gyokuro Zaburou ni kettei!)

Kamiya: Ahahahaha!

Refer to episode 9 for the context of this nickname.

Futsu Ota

Kamiya: It’s Futsu Ota!
OnoD: Yes, please introduce this corner, Gyokuro Zaburou.
Kamiya: Yes, Gyokuro Zaburou is introducing this corner. Just stop it.
OnoD: (chuckles)
Kamiya: This letter is sent by Hoshi Yukari-san of Gunma Prefecture. Eh?!
OnoD: Hm?
Kamiya: Is this her real name? What an awesome name.
OnoD: Yeah, cool name.

Letter 1 sent by Hoshi Yukari from Gunma Prefecture, read by Kamiya.

Good evening Piroshi-san & OnoD. In new articles written about this radio show, the perception has changed from this being called the “Kamiya Hiroshi Show” at the beginning to “Kamiya & Ono Show”. Even I thought before that this was Kamiya Hiroshi’s radio show so when I listened to it for the first time and found out that OnoD is also hosting, I was like, “Ah, so there are two hosts.” So please keep on doing your best, Ono-san!

OnoD complains about how Kamiya read the letter, accusing his partner of intentionally using a sardonic tone. OnoD then reads the same letter, using a kinder, gentler tone. Kamiya is unimpressed, saying that reading something like how OnoD reads it is boring. OnoD retorts that Yukari-san, the sender, is not a sardonic person, prompting Kamiya to ask whether OnoD knows her. OnoD says he doesn’t but that’s not the point, he’s sure that Yukari-san isn’t a mean person. Kamiya cunningly shifts the conversation to the part where the radio show is now known as “Kamiya & Ono Show”, so OnoD should be proud. That he can do anything as long as he works hard. Then OnoD goes on to daydream that maybe the time will come when people will assume that a show is “Ono Daisuke’s Show” and that Kamiya will be the extra.

Letter 2 sent by Hiroko.

OnoD: Good evening Gyokuro-san & OnoD-san.
Kamiya: That’s not what’s written. I doubt that nickname will catch on that quickly.
OnoD: Ahaha! You found out.

Good evening Hiroshi-san and OnoD-san. On a previous episode, you were talking about what if Ono-san marries Kamiya-san’s daughter. You were calling his daughter “Hiroko”, and since my name is also Hiroko, whenever you two say “Hiroko” on the radio, I can’t help but laugh so hard and my heart skips a beat.

Kamiya: Yeah, it’s all your fault, Ono-kun, for using your sexy voice saying, “Give me Hiroko.”
OnoD: (in a sexy voice) I’m very sorry for this sin of mine.
Kamiya: How lewd. Even your face has a lewd expression.
OnoD: But she was talking about the two of us. Even you, Kamiya-san.
Kamiya: You mean about having a lewd expression?
OnoD: Well, yeah. I think we have lewd expressions when talking about this. Like, “Oh Hiroko, this is so embarrassing~” (in a lewd voice)
Kamiya: I don’t use such a perverted tone and expression when talking about my own daughter!!!
OnoD: (chuckles) Oh, is that so? Why are you being so serious?
Kamiya: And it’s not like I’m going to name my child “Hiroko”…
OnoD: But you’re going to hand her to me, right?
Kamiya: Absolutely not!
OnoD: Why not?
Kamiya: Do you really need a reason?
OnoD: Of course.
Kamiya: If you really love something or someone, you don’t need a reason to know why.
OnoD: Hohoooo~
Kamiya: Then what would you say if you’re asked, why did you become a seiyuu? Tell me one reason why you think being seiyuu is the best. Something like that. It’s similar.
OnoD: But Hiroko…
Kamiya: So you wanna ask, why won’t you give her to me? I say, for no particular reason! I just don’t wanna.
OnoD: Ahahaha! (growling) Hmmmmm!!!
Kamiya: It’s the same concept for needing no reason for loving someone or something.
OnoD: Fine. How about your second daughter, Hiroe?
Kamiya: Ahaha! So I have two daughters now, huh?
OnoD: Yeah.
Kamiya: But having two daughters…having two daughters is just…
OnoD: I’m sure that the time will come that you’re going to have daughters. That’s why isn’t it better to hand them to a person you already know?
Kamiya: …Ha?!
OnoD: I’m saying that it’s better to hand them over to a person you already know.
Kamiya: No, no, no. What I want is ANOTHER BETTER person.
OnoD: Like a person with a good heart.
Kamiya: …Like who?
OnoD: Hey, hey. The person in front of you.

This is so funny! They marvel at the topics they get to discuss in the show.

Letter 3 sent by Aoi Kaji from Tokyo.

Good evening Tsundere Kamiya-san & OnoD. This is something I and I’m sure a lot of other people are hoping for:  that you will have a public recording event for this show that we can watch. We’ll be thrilled if you consider this idea. And also I’ll be out of my teens next year but I honestly still want to stay in my teens. But I hear people saying that being in your 20’s is great and awesome. So I want to ask the two of you what did you think when you turned 20?

Kamiya: What were you doing when you turned 20?
OnoD: When I was 20, hmmm, I was actually quite depressed.
Kamiya: What?
OnoD: Well, you see…
Kamiya: Wait a minute. She’s asking us what usually happens when you turn 20, and you say, you’ll get depressed and frustrated in life when you turn 20.
OnoD: Please listen until I finish my story.
Kamiya: Fine. But is it a long story?
OnoD: I’ll make is short.
Kamiya: That’s a relief.
OnoD: Uhm, so I did some TV production that time but my work got terribly rejected…
Kamiya: Ahahaha!!! (clapping) Ahahaha!!! You know what? I met a classmate of yours yesterday. Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Ahahaha!!! Are you serious?! What the heck?
Kamiya: Yes. She was like, I was in the same class as Ono-kun in university, and I think I watched a copy of some of his video works for TV.
OnoD: Aaah. You mean the one you met was female? Ah! Yes, I know her. Well….
Kamiya: So I asked her, did his work suck that much? And she was like, well…no?

So Kamiya asked him whether OnoD’s failure in TV production led him to the seiyuu industry. OnoD agrees, sharing that he tried out for a drama CD when they didn’t have enough people. He became serious about becoming a seiyuu when he was praised for his work for the first time, prompting Kamiya to say that OnoD is the type of person to grow only when praised. But Kamiya quickly lessened the sting by saying that most people become serious when they’re praised.

Kamiya then shares that he was already working as a seiyuu when he was 20, so he doesn’t really think much about that time or even to compare it with other occupations. OnoD persists in asking him what he thought when he was 20. Kamiya answers that he doesn’t really feel or think differently from when he was 20 or 30. Kamiya insists that there’s really nothing different about them. Perhaps it’s just the state of mind of most people to feel nervous or sad entering a new age, similar to single people who envy couples during Christmas or other holidays. If you don’t pay attention to this state of mind, then it doesn’t really matter. OnoD is impressed.

Dear Girl Jouhou

Ono Daisuke’s mini-album “Hinemosu” (ひねもす) will be released on June 27 that year. And to promote this event, various downloadable ringtones by OnoD will be made available to the website, leading them to call it the “Ono Matsuri” (Ono Festival). Kamiya shouts Ono Dynamic and Ono Dynamite in the background. So funny.

 Hinemosu (ひねもす) by Ono Daisuke (小野大輔)


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Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Makanai Komusume (まかないこむすめ) by Sajio (さじお).

They briefly discuss about their first impressions of the manga. Kamiya observes that the art style is very cute but it also has an erotic look to it.

Sajio-sensei’s Nayami:
I debuted on Sylph Comics for half a year now, but I have not told my mother yet. I only told my mother that I work with computers, and since my mother doesn’t know anything about computers, as expected she doesn’t ask me any details about my “work”. Since I also use my computer to create my manga, it’s not completely a lie. But it’s not like my family forbids me from becoming a mangaka. It’s just that ever since I was a kid, I only drew manga in secret. I just feel like I can’t reveal my true occupation to them. I feel so embarrassed to talk about it. But of course I also feel a little guilty for not being entirely honest to my mother. Do the two of you feel embarrassed to talk about your work with your family?

Kamiya: I don’t really feel embarrassed about my work with my family.
OnoD: So they approved of you becoming a seiyuu from the start?
Kamiya: Yeah! Well, I don’t really know.
OnoD: You don’t know? But I kinda understand what you mean.
Kamiya: So when my shows are televised and they hear it, they just call me and say, “That was you, right?”
OnoD: Ooooh~
Kamiya: Yeah.
OnoD: As for me, I think I feel embarrassed whenever I know my family watched some of the shows that I’m part of.
Kamiya: Oh, you get embarrassed.
OnoD: Yeah.
Kamiya: But you told them that you work as a seiyuu, right? They already know?
OnoD: Yeah, of course.

OnoD talks about not really openly saying to his parents that he wanted to be a seiyuu or in TV production back then. He just told them that he was  working while studying in university. He also shares the first time that his parents watched him as Koizumi Itsuki in Suzumiya Haruhi. So whenever he calls home back then, his mom would answer, “This is a call from Koizumi-kun, right?”

Kamiya: Speaking of your mother, we received a letter concerning her.
OnoD: Eh?! A letter from my mother?
Kamiya: Yes. I mean, no. It’s a letter from a Shirosa-san.

Hello Kamiya-san & Ono-san! One day I was buying a seiyuu magazine at a store and I saw two older ladies looking at the magazine as well. One of the ladies approached and asked me, “Do you know about Ono-kun?” At first, I thought she must be a fan. And then she suddenly said, “The person with me is Ono-kun’s mother, you know?” This is the first time that I’ve ever had this kind of coincidence in my life. I was so shocked. And then Ono-san’s mother said, “Please support my son, ok?”

OnoD: This is so embarrassing!
Kamiya: MamaD, please don’t do that.
OnoD: Hey, don’t call my mother MamaD!
Kamiya: MamaD, don’t say things like that. You’re embarrassing your son.
OnoD: Aaaaaaaaah!!!
Kamiya: But she’s a great mother, isn’t she? Doing that for her son. But it’s still embarrassing.

Then Kamiya says that it’s better to be honest with your mother because at the end of the day, they’re going to be the ones who are going to cheer and support you the hardest. That’s why they’re going to call Sajio-sensei’s mother. Kamiya puts OnoD on the spot. OnoD can’t believe that they’re going to call sensei’s mother for real. Kamiya coaches him on what to say.

Call Start!
OnoD: Is this for real?
Kamiya: Yeah. Now get ready.
OnoD: Eh? Are we really going to do this?
(beeps, leave a message)
OnoD: Hello, this is Ono Daisuke of Mausu Promotions. Uhm, about Sylph Comics’ Sajio, uhm, it’s me. It’s me, me.
Kamiya: (laughing)
OnoD: It’s me. And is Sajio-sensei male or female? Which one? I don’t know.
(line dies)
OnoD: Ah!
OnoD: I’m sorry!
Kamiya: Sajio-sensei, we’re sorry. We’re very sorry. Sorry that it turned out like this.

I’m laughing so hard. Poor OnoD.

Kamiya: Just kidding. That was just the rehearsal. Let’s do it once more, this time for real.
OnoD: Eh?!!!
Kamiya: Let’s do it one more time.
OnoD: We can’t. And isn’t it weird that we’re calling Sajio-sensei’s mom? I don’t believe this.

OnoD tries to escape, but Kamiya is so bossy and forces him into it. OnoD reasons that instead of pleading Sajio-sensei’s case, it’s going to turn into a prank call instead.

Call Start!
(beeps, leave a message)
OnoD: I’m so sorry the message earlier. This is Mausu. I mean Ono. Uhm, Sajio’s mother…ahahah! I mean I understand that this is the number of Sajio-sensei’ mother. I just want to tell you that your child is a great person. Uhm. She creates great manga.
Kamiya: AHAHAHA!!!
(line dies)

OnoD: Ah, I did a great job this time, didn’t I?
Kamiya: How would you rate yourself?
OnoD: Perfect score.
Kamiya: (laughing) I wonder if sensei’s mother will get your message. Just kidding! That was actually one of our staff’s phone.
OnoD: Ooooh.
Kamiya: Ahahaha!!! What did you think was the reason that I came here 10 minutes early today? It’s to set this whole thing up, of course.
OnoD: Aaaaaah. I see. Ah!!! I thought you came early to play MonHan.
Kamiya: Ahahaha.
OnoD: You’re kidding me.

Kamiya is so mischievous and sadistic! Poor OnoD. But this is so funny. Kamiya abruptly cuts the conversation by reading the program script while OnoD continues to mutter to himself, even reading OnoD’s lines all by himself.

Ending Talk

They invite for the upcoming Animelo Summer Live at Nippon Budokan that year. They also reveal that they’re going to have their first ever guest in the show next episode, who is both their friend. It’s Yasumoto Hiroki(安元 洋貴)! Yay yay! So exciting.

This episode is so funny, as usual. I love it! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 10th episode of DGS.

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