DGS 11 Recap: Angen…er, Yasumoto Hiroki is in the House!!!

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 11 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 11 Title:  この後、安元洋貴(あんげんようたか)さんの登場ですよ (Kono ato, Angen Youtaka-san no toujou desu yo / Angen Youtaka will be here after this)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 11th episode of the show starts. They’re very excited to announce the sale of Sylph Comics Volume 3, but they’re more excited for their first ever guest storyteller. They tease that their guest is a good friend of both of them and also works in the seiyuu industry like them. They pretend to not know him and to have trouble reading his name, pronouncing it as Angen Youtaka. It’s Yasumoto Hiroki (安元 洋貴). Angen Youtaka is another reading of the kanji of his name.

Episode Title

OnoD: Kono ato, Angen Youtaka-san no toujou desu yo. (Angen Youtaka will be here after this.)

Free Talk

They finally introduce their first ever guest in the show.

Yasumoto: (in a deep, very masculine, sexy voice) This is Angen Youtaka.
OnoD: You don’t sound very energetic, Angen-san!

I’m squealing and literally jumping in my seat right now!!! His voice!!! Ah, be still my fangirling heart! It also seems that Yasumoto did some work for Sylph Comics, that’s why they were emphasizing the sale of the comics with him over and over. They ask him about the work he did with Sylph, but he teases, saying that it’s still a secret since it won’t be publicly revealed until Volume 4 is released. Kamiya and OnoD expressed their disappointment, with Kamiya abruptly cutting the conversation to read the program script. Of course, OnoD and Yasumoto notice this and laugh.

Kamiya: Did you still have something to add?
Yasumoto: No, no. I’m fine.
OnoD: He’s our first ever guest in the show, you know!
Yasumoto: Is that true? And yet you treat me this way?

Oh my gosh. They’re so funny. Of course, they’re just joking around. You can really hear that they get along well with each other and that they’re friends. Yasumoto then talks about his connection with Kamiya. He talks about how he and Kamiya often play games together like MonHan and Super Real Mahjong.

He also reveals that he, Kamiya, and a certain handsome Mr. N, who also works as a seiyuu, often hang out together to play games. OnoD initially calls this mystery person “N”-imura-san, but is quickly revealed to be fellow seiyuu Nakamura Yuuichi (中村 悠一). He also shares that Nakamura always asks Yasumoto to call Kamiya to hang out, prompting Kamiya to complain that Nakamura never calls him himself, always using Yasumoto to call him instead. OnoD adds that when Yasumoto and Kamiya are together, and they call to invite him, it’s always Yasumoto who calls. It seems that these people are using Yasumoto as a call errand boy, prompting Yasumoto to say that he doesn’t mind and that he loves this part of himself. So funny!

Kamiya: If you’re not careful, Angen is going to take over your job here, Ono-kun.
OnoD: That somehow makes me irritated.
Yasumoto: Really? Sorry about that.

OnoD then asks if Yasumoto and Kamiya has work together currently. Yasumoto replies, “not at the moment”, but they did work together before on Digimon. That’s Digimon Savers, if you want the specific anime. Then OnoD asks when was the first time Yasumoto and Kamiya worked together. Yasumoto answered that they worked on Rockman. Remember episode 1 where Kamiya and OnoD also talked about working together for the first time for Rockman? I think all of us need to thank Rockman, don’t you agree? Kamiya feels amazed at how frank they are suddenly talking with each other with just the presence of a guest.

Kamiya also reveals that ever since DGS started airing, Yasumoto would constantly appeal to Kamiya to guest in the show. And then when he was finally invited to guest, Yasumoto nervously asked Kamiya, “What should I talk about?” Yasumoto quickly defends himself, saying that he’s genuinely worried because if they talk like they normally talk, it would turn into an “izakaya talk” or literally “pub talk”. Meaning, their conversations may not always be appropriate for broadcasting. Kamiya says that he follows some strict moral principles, so inappropriate topics are big no-nos on-air. OnoD confirms this, sharing he’s been told repeatedly by Kamiya and others that some of the things he talks about are totally inappropriate. Yasumoto laughs, saying yes, he has heard OnoD being called a “pervert”. The conversation is close to running out of control, so of course, it’s Kamiya who stops it and reminds everyone to mind themselves, as this was Dear Girl ~Stories~.

OnoD: So talk about something appropriate for broadcasting.
Yasumoto: Appropriate…I think this will be alright.
Kamiya: Yes, go ahead.
Yasumoto: About this show…well, of course Kamiya-san and I have worked on Rockman until then, and we meet up with the others to hang out and stuff. During those times, we told each other, “It would be nice if we could work together again as regulars next time, right?” And finally, we received offers to be regulars on a show.
Kamiya: Hmmm. Ah, right. Something like that happened.
Yasumoto: How dare you!
OnoD: Ahaha! He forgot!
Yasumoto: Yes, it did happen. Anyway, so the 3 of us: me, Kamiya-san and Toriumi-san told each other, “Let’s go out and eat curry!” [He’s talking about fellow seiyuu Toriumi Kousuke (鳥海浩輔)]
Kamiya: Ah, right.
Yasumoto: But when the day came, we couldn’t contact Kamiya-san at all no matter how many times we tried. So then Toriumi-san was like, “He’s the worst! Even if he’s not here, let’s go and eat curry by ourselves.” After that we went to work, but Kamiya-san still didn’t come.
OnoD: Eh?! He didn’t come?!
Yasumoto: Yeah. And then around that time, we heard that he got in an accident, the one last year. (Kamiya Hiroshi got into a serious traffic accident in 2006 and was hospitalized.)
OnoD: Ah..Aaaaah….
Yasumoto: In the end, Kamiya didn’t get to work for that show at all but he still attended the closing party. And even when I already expected for Kamiya-san to apologize because it’s just so like him to do so, right?
OnoD: Yeah, so like him.
Yasumoto: Even when I already expected it, when he actually came up to me and said, “Sorry. Even though we all worked hard and promised each other to work together as regulars in the same show, I didn’t get to fulfill my part of the promise.” I was like, “What are you talking about?! You’re making me cry!!!”

Oh my gosh. What a touching story. I also got teary-eyed listening to this part. Then Yasumoto ended things in a happy note, saying that even if they didn’t get to work together in that said show, Kamiya was still able to fulfill their promise to work together in Digimon. OnoD confirms how amazingly kind Kamiya is. Of course, Kamiya sounds very embarrassed and tries to change the topic by announcing that they should talk about OnoD next.

Yasumoto & OnoD: He’s so kind. So amazing. Because he’s both our senpai. Yes, our senpai.
Kamiya: Ahaha. This show is beginning to feel creepy.
Yasumoto & OnoD: Ahahaha!!
Kamiya: Stop it! Let’s talk about better topics.

Kamiya is so cute! Especially when he’s feeling embarrassed. Then Yasumoto acquiesces and talks about OnoD, referring to him as Handsome-san. OnoD protests, saying that the script has “OnoD” written and not “Handsome-san”. But when he checks it, it seems that “Handsome-san” was really written. He accuses them of changing it. The two insists that he’s handsome, so what’s the problem. OnoD thanks them.

Yasumoto shares a story when he and OnoD participated at an event together that year. It was a big event and they worked really hard to schedule it so that it fits everyone’s schedule. Apparently during that time, all of them had it tough, especially for OnoD. Yasumoto says that even during days that OnoD has no schedule for rehearsals, he would still rush from his regular work to practice with them and work hard. After the rehearsal, their homes were on the same direction so they went to the station and rode the train together. On the way, they suddenly had the urge to go eat ramen. It seems that they ate a lot. While they were eating, Yasumoto shares what OnoD said:

“I can’t perform half-heartedly because we’re not getting paid for nothing. People come and pay money to be entertained. That’s why I’ll do the things that I can do with everything I got.”

OnoD: Yeah, I do remember saying that.
Yasumoto: And I thought, what an admirable person! Well, just as expected. Just as expected but….
Kamiya: Yes, just as expected of him but usually you do wonder….
Yasumoto: I was like, “I was deceived by him!”
OnoD: Well, I do have my serious side like that.
All: Ahahahaha!!!
Yasumoto: Well, how much ramen, gyoza and how many cans of beer did we consume that time? My memories are hazy.

They close the conversation by saying that everyone worked hard for the event. Of course, Kamiya always gets the last word, cutting the conversation and moving things along for the next corner.

Dear Girl Jouhou

Kamiya reads first, and then Yasumoto. Ah, how wonderful! New Seiyuu Pick-Up Corner featuring chaku voices recorded by various seiyuu. They ask OnoD what kind of voices are featured. OnoD says, “butler-like” tones. Kamiya, of course, cuts him off by reading the script. OnoD mutters while Kamiya is reading. Next is OnoD’s turn and abrupty passes it to Yasumoto. Yasumoto is a bit frazzled by the suddenness and messes up some words, with mischievous Kamiya doing his best to distract him by talking loudly while Yasumoto is reading the announcements.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Yui, 316-sai (ユイ、316歳) by Hoshino Lily (星野リリィ).

Once again they cheer for the publication of Sylph Comics Volume 3, congratulating Hato for working hard. So funny.

They tell Yasumoto that they already featured Hoshino Lily-sensei before in the show. OnoD then shares the time when Hoshino-sensei shared that she has not gone to a trip, and then OnoD told her to drop her work and just fly off to relax (“ikkai tobaseba ii”). Kamiya says that OnoD’s horrible advice became a popular line in the show. Refer to episode 1.

Hoshino Lily-sensei’s Nayami:
I listen to Dear Girl ~Stories~ while working. As for going to an overseas trip, like you said it’s better to start somewhere close. So following your advice, I remembered that I love Thai cuisine so for my first overseas trip ever, I thought that I’ll try Thailand first. But with work, it seems that I can’t do that now. Anyway, I love corianders in Thai food but many of my friends and others seem to dislike it. And also when I was a child, I didn’t like food like unagi, kazunoko and ikura. But in recent years, it seems that I can eat them normally. However, I still can’t stomach toro no matter what. So do you all have food that you don’t like to eat?

unagi: eel
kazunoko: herring roe
ikura: salted salmon roe
toro: fatty part of tuna, usually in the belly area

Kamiya, of course, just has to comment that sensei’s nayami doesn’t sound like a nayami at all. So Yasumoto and OnoD have to explain to him, that it is a nayami because she can’t eat certain foods that she doesn’t like. Kamiya comments that her letter sounds like it’s more appropriate for Futsu Ota than here in Nayami Corner. But he quickly recovers and begins to discuss sensei’s nayami.

Kamiya asks those who like coriander to raise their hands. It seems no one raised their hands. They talk about how coriander isn’t something you usually eat by itself, so people who like it like Hoshino-sensei are rare.

OnoD: She says that she disliked unagi, kazunoko and ikura before but can eat them now.
Yasumoto: Because they’re delicious.
Kamiya: Well, yeah. She’s become an adult.
OnoD: I couldn’t eat ikura either.
Yasumoto: Seriously?
OnoD: Yeah.
Yasumoto: (in deep, masculine voice) What part of ikura did you not like?
OnoD: Why are you talking in that voice?
All: Ahaha.
OnoD: Well, it smells fishy.
Kamiya: Oh, so it’s the smell. It seems the main problem for people is the smell.
Yasumoto: I see.
Kamiya: How about uni? (uni: sea urchin)
OnoD: I can’t eat uni. And kaki is no good either. (kaki: oyster)

It seems that OnoD can’t handle these seafoods, with Yasumoto and Kamiya commenting about them giving high levels of purine. If you want to know, high levels of meat or seafood with purine in the body is associated with increased risk of gout. Just saying.

Anyway, moving on, OnoD shares that he tried eating namako (sea cucumbers) and he was able to do it. And then he adds that the food that he totally dislikes are raisins. He absolutely can’t take raisins. Kamiya adds that although he doesn’t hate raisins, he doesn’t like them either, which provokes loud laughing from everyone. As for Yasumoto, he dislikes white asparagus. White asparagus? Seriously? Huh. I want to try them. Apparently they really exist. I like green asparagus. Yum!

Yasumoto: Why are they white?! Why are they soft?! They’re better off green!
OnoD: Ah, so it’s that colour that you don’t like. Well, they’re called “white asparagus”, after all.
Kamiya: Yeah, that’s what they are.
Yasumoto: And also…also they don’t really taste good.
Kamiya: Hmmmm.
OnoD: Oh, and…and they look like Furufuru from MonHan, right? Right?
(awkward silence)
Kamiya: (laughs) Right…
Yasumoto: That guy, right? The electric one.
Kamiya: Right… Ah! Right!
OnoD: Ah! Uwaaaah!
Kamiya: Ah, I see. I didn’t notice, but you’re right. As expected, you’re really something else, Ono-kun.
OnoD: I’m such a baka baka baka baka baka baka….
Kamiya: Yeah, baka.

This part made me laugh so hard. Furufuru is the Japanese name of Khezu, a flying wyvern type, in Monster Hunter. According to OnoD, Furufuru looks like a white asparagus which made me laugh so hard. What a terrifying white asparagus. Furufuru has a big and scary gaping mouth filled with sharp teeth. For it to be compared with white asparagus is just too hilarious.

Next they talk about Hoshino-sensei disliking toro, which they say they love, especially Kamiya. OnoD wonders if it’s about the oiliness of the fat, while Kamiya wonders if perhaps Hoshino-sensei just doesn’t like seafood.

It seems that Yasumoto got tired talking about food that they have no interest of eating and suggests that they should conclude the discussion. Kamiya then adds that perhaps they should just completely stop receiving these letters from “them”, namely the Sylph mangaka.

Kamiya: And also I just noticed that when we address Hoshino-sensei, we call her Hoshino-sensei. But when he address Hato, we just call her Hato.
OnoD: (chuckles) Because she told us, “Call me Hato.”
Yasumoto: Ah, she said that she was okay with you calling her just that?
Kamiya: Well, whenever we call Hato “sensei”, she would tell us, “Don’t call me sensei!”
Yasumoto: Ah, she gets angry?
Kamiya: Yeah, she does.
Yasumoto: So she doesn’t like being called that.
OnoD: Yeah, because she’s a tsundere.
Yasumoto: (acting like a tsundere) So she’s like, “Don’t get the wrong idea!”
Kamiya & OnoD: Ahahahaha!
Yasumoto: (as tsundere Hato) “It’s not like I really want you to call me this way.”

So funny! Ah, these guys are the best. Then the topic suddenly veers to MonHan, prompting Yasumoto to say that they should talk about it after the show because they’re still working. OnoD comments that the Nayami Corner felt like Free Talk instead.

Ending Talk

They read announcements for the upcoming Animelo Summer Live that year. They also invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net.

They thank Yasumoto Hiroki for guesting. They also reveal that he part-timed at Bunka Housou when he was in his 20’s. And afterwards, he worked at a burger restaurant. OnoD is impressed with his work experiences.

This episode is so funny, and I mean laugh-out-loud funny. It’s freaking hilarious! I absolutely love it! I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 11th episode of DGS.

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