DGS 12 Recap: Sphinx Kamiya & Kimo-Kakkoi OnoD

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 12 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 12 Title:  あの先輩がメアドを教えてくれまへん (Ano senpai ga meado o oshiete kuremahen / That senpai didn’t give me his email address)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 12th episode of the show starts. They talk about OnoD’s mini-album Hinemosu (ひねもす). Kamiya asks OnoD what “hinemosu” means and OnoD explains that it means “終日” (shuujitsu) or “一日中” (ichinichijuu) which all mean “all day”. As always, Kamiya teases OnoD and suddenly orders him to promote his mini-album within 30 seconds. OnoD tries to protest, but is cut short by a bell sound prompting him to start promoting. Of course, OnoD fumbles and starts mumbling whatever comes to mind until another bell rings to signify the end of the 30 seconds. OnoD complains that he wasn’t able to explain or promote what his mini-album is about within the 30 seconds. Kamiya ends their conversation by reading the script, and when it is OnoD’s turn, he reads in a sulking tone, prompting Kamiya to coax OnoD to sound more energetic which OnoD does. So cute.

 Hinemosu (ひねもす) by Ono Daisuke (小野大輔)


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Episode Title

OnoD: Ano senpai ga meado o oshiete kuremahen. (That senpai didn’t give me his email address.)

Futsu Ota

OnoD immediately observes that Kamiya is making fun of his CD. Then he talks about his mini-album. OnoD says that he wrote the song “Daisuki” (だいすき), inspired from his own heartbreak experience when he was still a student. He also reveals that fellow seiyuu Sugita Tomokazu (杉田 智和) wrote a song for him titled “Shin’en” (深淵). Then Kamiya asks OnoD which song he would recommend the most from the mini-album. At first, OnoD says that he can’t choose just one song but Kamiya, in a super cute voice, insists for OnoD to choose one. Finally, OnoD chooses “Shiawase na risu” (シアワセナリス). He explains that this is the song that provokes a lot of memories for him, and probably the song that he’d like to listen again and again more than the other ones in the mini-album. Then Kamiya announces that he would listen to the mini-album if OnoD gives him one. OnoD, of course, says that he would give Kamiya one.

Letter sent by Mizuki Ru, read by Kamiya.

Good evening Kamiya-san & OnoD. I’ve been listening to this show since episode 1. I’ve also sent a lot of mails to you but they’re never read even once. By the way, I saw a poster of OnoD at a store the other day. His image is a little different, but he looked cool in the poster.

OnoD: Huh? That wasn’t a compliment.
Kamiya: What does she mean by “image”? Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: What does she mean? What does she mean?
Kamiya: Maybe she means that she had never seen your face before. And anyway, originally we seiyuu don’t show our faces to the public, working only with our voices. But now it’s different. And besides, there are people who don’t really know you before you worked on this show but then people keep on calling you handsome, handsome.
OnoD: Well, yeah. I’ve been called handsome a lot.
Kamiya: And even Yasumoto was saying about you, (in a deeper voice, imitating Yasumoto Hiroki / 安元 洋貴) “He’s handsome”.
OnoD: Yeah, Angen-kun, right?
Kamiya: And I also think that you’re handsome….
OnoD: Thank you very much!
Kamiya: But what does she mean by “image”? I’m a little disappointed.
OnoD: But I think that this is a good thing.
Kamiya: Eh?
OnoD: Well, she said that my image is a little different, but I still looked cool…. But I have the feeling that this isn’t a compliment at all.
Kamiya: I think it’s better for you to take this as a compliment.
OnoD: Thank you!
Kamiya: (chuckles) Is that it?
OnoD: Ru-san, thank you! But you know, “thank you” is a very precious expression.
Kamiya: Oh! It feels like you’re going to say something really good there. Carry on.
OnoD: Carry on? You’re putting me on the hot seat again.
Kamiya: But you were the one who started it by saying those words. You were saying that “Thank you” is a great thing, and I just thought that it’s a great topic for discussion.
OnoD: You can’t discuss it.
Kamiya: I see.
OnoD: You must not discuss it. “Thank you” is enough by itself. It’s something that comes from the heart. It’s not something that you say carelessly. And also it’s better with a kiss.
(sudden awkward silence)
Kamiya: Pft! What an embarrassing guy.
OnoD: Okay, so next is… (tries to end the conversation and read the next letter)
Kamiya: I see. “Thank you” with a kiss, huh? I see.

Letter sent by Haruna, read by OnoD.

Nice to meet you and good evening, Kamiya-san and OnoD. I’ve been listening to your show since episode 1. This may be sudden but I have a request from both of you. What do you think about making a cool & cute photo album of the two of you? The main point is that the photos should be cool & cute. Kamiya-san & OnoD, what do you think? LOL

Kamiya sounds a little hesitant, repeating their earlier discussion that originally being a seiyuu was a no face-voice only industry. But things now are different with seiyuu being featured in seiyuu and gravure magazines. Kamiya also shares one of OnoD’s then recent mag shot where OnoD wears eyeglasses. OnoD elaborates that he had pink lips and looked “kimo-kakkoi” (gross & cool) in that eyeglasses photo. Kamiya agrees, even saying that it would look good with just “kimoi”. It’s probably this picture.

OnoD-produced photo of Kamiya:
Sphinx-style pose protecting a pyramid on a desert, dressed in King Tutankhamen-style clothing

OnoD: So if you’re going to take a picture, what kind of theme are you going to go with?
Kamiya: Eeeeeeh???! Ah, if you’re going to take a picture of me, Ono-kun, what kind of picture are you going to take?
OnoD: Ah, uhm…
Kamiya: An Ono-kun produced photo.
OnoD: Uhm, er…I would like to take a picture of you in a desert posing like a sphinx. Like a gatekeeper protecting a pyramid.
Kamiya: Oooh…that sounds so interesting! Ahahaha!!!

OnoD’s imagination is awesome. Even Kamiya can’t deny that the idea sounds fascinating. OnoD adds that Kamiya should wear something like King Tutankhamen, which he thinks would suit Kamiya very much.

OnoD: Because in my mind, I think that Kamiya-san exudes an aristocratic air.

Ooooooh. Nice, OnoD. Kamiya suggests a more Japanese idea. In the end, Kamiya concludes that OnoD’s idea is more about cosplaying to which OnoD immediately agrees.

Kamiya-produced photo of OnoD:
OnoD’s everyday living

Kamiya: As for me, I would like to document Ono-kun’s daily life. Things like waking up in the morning, but first things first is to reveal Ono-kun’s address….
OnoD: Ahahaha! Oy. Oy. Oy! That’s personal information.
Kamiya: …things like, ah, this is where he walks. This is the station that he takes.
OnoD: Ah! Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.

Kamiya then adds more, like how OnoD acts during work and stuff like that. And more than everything else, he wants to capture OnoD’s “kimo-kakkoi” (gross & cool) self. And of course, it’s not Kamiya without teasing OnoD, saying that he also wants to capture OnoD’s end of the day when he returns home from work and his valet greets him at the door. But in the end, OnoD says that he’s happy that Kamiya wants to capture his everyday life, even thanking Kamiya.

The question is how to combine these two vastly different ideas into one photo album. OnoD suggests that in his everyday life pictures, there would be a photo of Kamiya dressed up and posing like a sphinx, which Kamiya quickly shot down as not very “everyday”. OnoD tries again, suggesting a photo where he would be walking at a park and then there would be Sphinx Kamiya. Or a picture of him taking the train and then there would be Kamiya dressed up as King Tutankhamen. Of course, Kamiya shoots down all of these suggestions.

Dear Girl Jouhou

They promote Ono Daisuke’s mini-album Hinemosu (ひねもす) from Lantis, while one of OnoD’s songs “Daisuki” (だいすき) is playing in the background. Kamiya is singing along, shouting “daisuki!”, interrupting OnoD while he’s trying to read his mini-album’s promotion. Then Kamiya announces that a new chaku voice by OnoD is available on the website. Here it is:

Ore no karee wa…umai zo! (My curry is…delicious, you know!)

They repeat it 2 times. They play another one. OnoD says he’s kinda embarrassed. OnoD reads the rest of the script with Kamiya randomly exclaiming “daisuki!”. So fun.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

Before they start, they announce that the DGS report manga from Sylph Comics is available, drawn by Okachimachi Hato-sensei.

Kamiya: So Hato can actually draw, huh?
OnoD: Ahahaha! Well, she’s a manga artist after all.
Kamiya: Well, that’s true. Good, good.
OnoD: Ah! Your eyes are small. (referring to Kamiya’s character in the report manga)
Kamiya: But to be honest, her drawing is amazing.
OnoD: Kamiya-san, your eyes here are so small!
Kamiya: And all the staff are also drawn in the manga and when you look at their characters, they look so alike with their real selves!

The DGS report manga is basically a manga that is inspired by real-life events that happened during real DGS recordings. They observe that throughout the entire manga, Kamiya’s eyes are just basically lines and they open only once near the end. Manga Kamiya in that frame looks so cool and handsome. OnoD adds that there’s a scene in the manga that makes him feel like it’s deja-vu. The scene is Kamiya and the rest of the DGS staff playing MonHan together.

Kamiya: You have observed us really well, Hato. This is wonderful!
OnoD: This is great, isn’t it?
Kamiya: Viva Hato!
OnoD: The manga is very true to life.
Kamiya: Thank you very much, Hato-sensei.
OnoD: Very nice.
Kamiya: Come hang out with us here again next time.

Finally, they move on. This time they feature the manga S.L.H. Stray Love Hearts (S・L・H ストレイ・ラブ・ハーツ!) by Shouoto Aya (硝音あや).

This is Shouoto Aya-sensei’s second time being featured in the show. They try to remember what kind of nayami Shouoto-sensei sent them the first time. OnoD remembers that it was the one asking them what kind of stuff guys like them have in their rooms. Refer to episode 2.

Shouoto Aya-sensei’s Nayami:
Kamiya-san & Ono-san, thank you very much for such a fun talk you did for me last time. Next time, I’m thinking of featuring Nyanko-sensei in my next work. For this letter, it’s still SLH-related. What kind of dreams do you have? Please share an interesting dream that you had recently. Dreams that you aim for when you wake up or dreams that steer you towards the right path. LOL!

Kamiya: This is the second time that we received a nayami letter that’s more appropriate for Futsu Ota, isn’t it?
OnoD: Again? (to Shouoto-sensei) You bastard.
Kamiya: Eh?!
OnoD: …sensei.
Both: Ahahaha!!!

They start talking about dreams, and then OnoD suddenly thinks that perhaps their dreams would be featured in S.L.H., so they should discuss this seriously.

Kamiya: I don’t really remember any dreams that I had recently. But there’s this one dream that I often have before. It was the time that I was working as a live narrator for Fuji TV. In the dream, they give me the script that I’m seeing for the first time and the movie visual I’m supposed to narrate already starts playing. Then the director is fooling around showing me the high pay he’s supposed to give me for my work. In the dream, I couldn’t read the script at all!
OnoD: Aaaaah! You couldn’t read it live.
Kamiya: I couldn’t read it no matter what I do! I was like, I have always been able to read with no problem. What the heck’s going on?

Oh wow. Very relatable. Haven’t we got a similar dream where you can’t do the things that you’re usually good at? This kind of dreams are actually scary. Next is OnoD’s dream.

OnoD: As for me, I’ve dreamed of performing on stage and then forgetting my lines.
Kamiya: Aaah. That’s a pretty common nightmare for stage actors, isn’t it?
OnoD: And also, although I have never experienced this in real life, I’ve dreamed of getting a major role on stage and then feeling pressured by the bigwigs, you know, the people from my agency telling me to do my best. Horrible dream.
Kamiya: But I think it’s pretty common for stage actors and actresses.

Afterwards, it seems that Kamiya & OnoD’s dreams have been analyzed for fortune-telling beforehand.

Kamiya’s result:
A word within your dream will give you a hint. It may be a message for you to rethink your current work, studies, or things that you were originally aiming for.

Kamiya: Does this mean that I should rethink my current job as a seiyuu and change it?
OnoD: That’s a LIE!!!
Kamiya: Ahahaha!
OnoD: “A word within your dream”?
Kamiya: This is a LIE!

OnoD’s result:
If it’s a dream about job loss or making a mistake during work, it may be the result of all the stress piling up due to your own failures, and may be a manifestation of all your anxieties.

Kamiya: Where is the fortune-telling here?
OnoD: This is horrible.
Kamiya: All of these are so negative. So does this mean that we’re both stressed out?
OnoD: I guess so. So I’m stressed out, huh.
Kamiya: I’m pretty disappointed.
OnoD: Same.
Kamiya: Our dreams…huh? What is this corner again?
OnoD: It’s the corner where we share our dreams, so that Shouoto Aya-sensei can use them as references to draw awesome manga.
Kamiya: Ah! Right. It’s for Shouoto Aya-sensei. Uhm, well. How is it, Shouoto Aya-sensei? Will you be able to use these as references to your manga…huh? What are we doing? Wait a minute.
Both: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: It’s just that I’m pretty shocked right now…our feelings and thoughts are in chaos. What’s Shouoto Aya-sensei’s question again? “Please share an interesting dream that you had recently.” Ahahaha! I wonder if you’ll find ours interesting.
Both: Ahahahaha!!!
Kamiya: Because we didn’t find them interesting at all.

So funny. Although it is funny, the atmosphere of the conversation in this corner is quite dark. Without further ado, OnoD ends the corner by reading the script while we hear Kamiya mumbling about his dream fortune-telling result of rethinking his current job.

Ending Talk

They promote Anime Summer Live 2007 again, announcing the participation of Aya Hirano (平野 綾), which made Kamiya super excited.

They also announce that they might wear yukata next episode because it would be April then, which is Tanabata season.

OnoD: Kamiya-san, do you own a yukata?
Kamiya: I don’t.
Both: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: But I’ll buy one. I’ll do my best and buy one. So from now on…From now on? Ahahaha! Anyway, please look forward to that.

Oh wow. This episode is very eventful. It’s a mixture of emotions, but of course as always, very fun. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did. Next episode will be super fun, I’m sure.

And that’s it for the 12th episode of DGS.

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