DGS 13 Recap: Yukata Special, What are Your DGS Wishes?

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 13 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 13 Title: もぉ~浩史は俺がいないと帯も結べないんだから! (Mou~ Hiroshi wa ore ga inai to obi mo musubenain dakara! / Jeez~ If I wasn’t here, Hiroshi won’t be able to tie his obi!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 13th episode of the show starts. As they said during the previous episode, they announce that they are wearing yukata for their Tanabata Festival special this episode. Kamiya shares that the day before, their DGS producer which he calls Uchi-Producer or Uchi-P for short, texted him to ask whether he already has a yukata ready to wear for the show.

Then they talk about the yukata they’re wearing. OnoD describes Kamiya’s yukata as “cool”. OnoD reveals that when he said that he needed a yukata for the show, one of his senpai gave him a yukata for free. They talk about how buying yukata can be expensive. Kamiya shares that he and OnoD were texting about how expensive yukata are. Later that night, Kamiya received a text from OnoD, saying that OnoD has 2 yukata and he can lend one to him, but Kamiya already bought a yukata earlier. Kamiya complains that OnoD texted him too late. Then OnoD makes Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei (さよなら絶望先生) jokes in reference to Kamiya’s lead character in the series, Itoshiki Nozomu (糸色 望), who always wear a yukata. In turn, Kamiya says that he’ll wear his yukata all the time during the summer live events.

Official Episode Title

OnoD: Mou~ Hiroshi wa ore ga inai to obi mo musubenain dakara! (Jeez~ If I wasn’t here, Hiroshi won’t be able to tie his obi!)

Kamiya: Ahaha. That’s so true. I couldn’t tie it at all.

Free Talk

They describe that for this Tanabata Yukata Special, the staff worked hard to make the studio feel like it’s Tanabata. Then OnoD suddenly asks Kamiya whether Kamiya is wearing pants under his yukata, which Kamiya answers that of course, he’s wearing pants. Kamiya returns the question to OnoD, but before OnoD can answer that he’s also wearing pants, Kamiya assumes that OnoD isn’t wearing pants under his yukata.

Speaking of Tanabata, Japanese people usually celebrate it by wearing yukata and then writing their wishes on strips of paper which they then hang onto bamboo trunks. They reveal that the DGS staff got bamboo decorations and strips of paper for everyone to write their wishes for the show. Their purpose is to document each of their wishes for the show and perhaps look back whether they have achieved them. First up are Kamiya and OnoD’s wishes.

Kamiya’s Wish #1:

“I want to eat OnoD’s curry.”

OnoD: Oh, that makes me happy.

Kamiya decides by himself that they should have a curry party soon, counting all the people present (about 10 people), so OnoD had to cook curry for 10 people.

OnoD’s Wish #1:

“I wish for Kamiya-san’s tsundere-ness to come out more.”

Kamiya: Hmmmm…I’ll do my best! Well then, it’s my turn again. (goes on to read his second wish)

Kamiya’s Wish #2:

“It should be fine for us to record an episode from Ono-kun’s house.”

OnoD: Eeeeeh, ah, ehh….
Both: Ahahaha!
OnoD: But that’s okay, I guess.

Kamiya’s Wish #3:

“It should be fine for us to call MamaD to the show…because she’s human, after all.”

OnoD: Ahahahaha!!! That’s your third wish?
Kamiya: Now on to my next wish. (goes on to read his next wish)

Kamiya uses the phrase “ningen da mono” which is a reference to his popular one-liner in episode 6.

Kamiya’s Wish #4:

“It should be fine for us to call PapaD to the show…is he even human?”

Both: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Don’t mess around. Don’t mess around with me! Ahaha!

Kamiya uses the phrase “ningen desu ka?”, also a reference to his one-liner “ningen da mono” but rewords it into a question which means “is he human?”

Then OnoD talks about how in episode 10, they received a letter from a listener who said that she met with someone claiming to be MamaD who told her “Please support my son.” As a result, OnoD asked his mother directly to confirm whether it was really MamaD. It turns out that it wasn’t MamaD but a classmate of hers.

Kamiya: Ah, so it was her classmate? It wasn’t Oba-D?
OnoD: No, not Oba-D.
Kamiya: Ah, not Oba-D. Not a relative.
OnoD: She’s a Doukyu-D.
Both: Ahahaha!
Kamiya: Ah, so she’s a Doukyu-D. A Tomo-D, right?

♠Oba-D: a play on “oba-san” meaning “aunt or an older woman” and OnoD’s “D”
♠Doukyu-D: a play on “doukyuusei” meaning “classmate” and OnoD’s “D”
♠Tomo-D: a play on “tomodachi” meaning “friend” and OnoD’s “D”

OnoD’s Wish #2:

“I wish for us to record from a temple.”

Kamiya: WHY?!!! Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Because I love temples. Maybe we could even have one of their chief monks as a guest.

OnoD’s Wish #3:

“I wish to have a Kamiya Akira and Gōri Daisuke’s Dear Girl ~Stories~”

OnoD explains that because of the similarity in their names: KAMIYA Hiroshi & KAMIYA Akira and Ono DAISUKE & Gōri DAISUKE, it should be interesting to have a DGS version hosted by the older pair of seiyuu. However, it’s revealed that since Kamiya Akira and Gōri Daisuke have higher talent fees, the show won’t be able to afford them and if the show decides to do the Akira & Gōri version instead, they’ll have to fire Hiroshi & OnoD.

Kamiya Akira (神谷明) and Gōri Daisuke (郷里大輔) are both veteran seiyuu, two of the most respected in the industry. They are also some of the highest paid because they’re high up in the seiyuu hierarchy. Kamiya jokingly refers to Kamiya Akira as his “dad” in previous episodes because of their same last name.

Next up are the rest of the staff wishes for the show:

By PR Department’s M.W. or Mr. S’:

“Produce an anime or a game from the series serialized in Sylph Comics. The lead characters should of course be given to Kamiya Hiroshi and Ono Daisuke. Promotional events in 6 major cities, with the last one a live broadcast in Tokyo.”

Kamiya: What a specific wish! Ahahaha!!! Both of our wishes earlier were so general, but this wish is so specific. Too specific! “Events in 6 major cities”, it says. I see. We’ll let’s do it, then.
OnoD: But this sounds possible, you know.
Kamiya: I wonder about that. But we’ll do my best.

By N.I.-san:

“I wish for a DGS public live broadcast event including live singing and music.”

Kamiya laughs while commenting that all the staff’s wishes are all business-related unlike his and OnoD’s wishes earlier. OnoD also shares that on the paper he’s reading, it seems that “Dwango” was erased. Dwango is an entertainment and media company in charge of DGS in participation with Bunka Housou. One of its content services is Animelo Mix, which hosts the DGS website.

By D-company’s Tam-tam:

“Make a Dear Girl-related Drama CD. Of course, it’ll be distributed by Animelo. And also for the title of Animelo Prince to be won once again by Kamiya-san’s cat voice.”

Kamiya won the title of Animelo Prince (Animelo Ouji) in episode 9, for the most downloaded chaku uta and chaku voice.  D-company refers to Dwango. We can assume that Tam-tam or “tamutamu” in Japanese is a representative working for Dwango. Kamiya and OnoD considers this wish to be very possible.

By Artist S-san:

“I wish for a chaku uta full marathon, which consists of the two running 42.195 kilometres while 42.195 songs are available for free streaming to listeners.”

Kamiya: Does he mean us when he says “the two”? I hope not.
OnoD: From Artist S.
Kamiya: The S means “sadist”.
OnoD: Ah! I see. So that S means “sadist”, huh?
Kamiya: Because he’s a sadist, that’s why.

Director’s Wish #1:

“A live public recording on a lazy river pool.”

Kamiya: By the Directoooor~ Ahaha! What power!
OnoD: That’s awesome.
Kamiya: It’s written “directoooor” (でれくたー / derekuta–) in hiragana.
OnoD: A recording on a lazy pool? Is that even possible?
Kamiya: So if we’re gonna record on a lazy pool, do we hold our own microphones or will it float separately following us? So we’re gonna be like, “Dear Girl Sto…rie~s….↓”
OnoD: Dear Girl Sto…ry~……↓”
Kamiya: Wah~…↓
OnoD: Wah~…↓

Then Kamiya wonders if they’re really going to do a public recording at a lazy river pool, will they invite their listeners as well, instructing everyone to wear swimsuits.

Director’s Wish #2:

“A public recording on a Yakatabune with everyone wearing yukata.”

Kamiya: Ah, that sounds good!

Yakatabune is a Japanese-style roofed boat where people can eat delicious Japanese cuisine and party for hours while cruising on water.

Kamiya: So out of all of these wishes, which one would you like to come true and try?
OnoD: I think it’s the chaku uta full marathon.
Kamiya: You want to try that?!!!
OnoD: Ahaha!!
Kamiya: Why would you even want to do that?
OnoD: Because I think it would be interesting. Probably.
Kamiya: Eh, eh? We’re gonna die if we do this, I’m telling you. This is insane, I tell you. We’re gonna experience hell.
OnoD: I think it’s interesting. And the last stop would be at Budokan.

Nippon Budokan (日本武道館 / Nippon Budoukan) is a huge and renowned indoor arena in Tokyo.

As for Kamiya, he says that he thinks that the public recording at a lazy river pool sounds good, especially with people wearing swimsuits all around. Next, OnoD says that he wants to do a Drama CD related to the show. Then Kamiya jokingly says that he still wants to invite MamaD and PapaD to the show. Finally, they ask everyone to pray together so that all their wishes could come true.

Dear Girl Jouhou

July special on the website would be about sports, such as OP & ED songs and character songs from sports anime. Of course, Kamiya and OnoD are also included. Next is a promotion for the vocal collection of La Corda d’Oro 2 (金色のコルダ2 / Kin’iro no Koruda 2), titled “felice”.

OnoD reads in a gasping voice, prompting Kamiya to call him a “pervert”. They also invite listeners to check the website because pictures of them wearing their yukata will be uploaded.

Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga Neko to Megane to Sakana-tachi. (猫とメガネと魚たち。) by Futahiro Tokihiko (二尋鴇彦).

As they read the background description of the manga, it sounds like OnoD’s mouth is full, which is confirmed by Kamiya observing that OnoD is eating onigiri while reading. They read some lines from the manga and Kamiya reading is so cute!!!

Futahiro Tokihiko-sensei’s Nayami:
Speaking of McDonald’s Happy Meals, is it alright for adults to buy them? Recently, the Happy Meals include a certain ninja character from a manga toy which I super-duper want, but in the end, I wasn’t brave enough to buy it. Can you please teach me a way to be braver?

Kamiya: Why don’t you just buy it? Well, not that I bought a Happy Meal before in my life.
OnoD: I actually bought a Happy Meal before when we worked for Rockman.

They compare buying Happy Meals (known as Happy Set in Japan) to buying gachapon or capsule toys you can usually buy from vending machines, which even adults can do without feeling too embarrassed.

Kamiya demands OnoD to teach Futahiro-sensei how to be braver so that he can buy a Happy Meal next time. OnoD talks about drawing courage from the “certain ninja character from a manga” by using the main protagonist’s dialogue tag “dattebayo!”. Now we discover that they’re talking about Naruto.

Then Kamiya talks about a topic a bit different from what they’re talking about but is similar. He shares how he was initially embarrassed by buying shoujo manga when he loves them. His favourite is Marmalade Boy (ママレード·ボーイ / Mamarēdo Bōi) by Yoshizumi Wataru (吉住渉).

Kamiya: But now I’m completely fine with buying shoujo manga because I often need to for work. But I don’t think I’ll buy a Happy Meal any time soon. Well, I might but I won’t tell you.

Then OnoD makes a suggestion to request the Happy Meal toy to be inserted with an order of a Mega Mac instead. Kamiya calls him “baka”, as usual.

Dear Letter

Sent by Yoh-san, read by Kamiya:

Dear A-chan, my work colleague. How are you doing now, A-chan? I wonder if you are well. Work is lonely without you, you know. I wondered whether you got a cold when you suddenly took a leave of absence just before Golden Week started, but you didn’t come back since then. I was shocked when I heard that you’re suffering from depression. You always looked so bright and cheerful, so I wonder what are you suffering from? I wonder if I can be a source of strength for you. August last year when I was down, you always cheered me up, didn’t you? To be honest, your words really helped me out back then. I’m very worried about you because you’re not replying to any of our calls or mails. I’ll be waiting until the day that you overcome your troubles and sufferings and become bright and cheerful again.

Oh wow, what a deep, serious and emotional letter. Even the two can’t help but tone back and speak seriously.

Ending Talk

Kamiya reveals that OnoD kept on eating onigiri as they record the show. They also try to prove to their listeners that they’re really wearing yukata by flapping their yukata so that they make a sound, but they’re unsuccessful. Well, you can hear the flapping sound. So they invite you to visit the website to view their pictures. Here’s a picture. You’re welcome.

This episode is so fun! Definitely a favourite. I hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 13th episode of DGS.

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