DGS 14 Recap: Nasal Hair Cutter for Hato’s Nasal Hair

Dear Girl ~Stories~ Episode 14 Recap & Selected Translations
by Arria Cross

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Ep. 14 Title: やったね浩史! 人命救助! (Yatta ne, Hiroshi! Jinmei kyuujo! / You did it, Hiroshi! You’re a lifesaver!)

Credit: animelo.jp

Opening Talk

The 14th episode starts. The hosts Kamiya & OnoD greets everyone good evening.

Kamiya: I despair for Ono-kuuuuun!!! / 小野くんに絶望した~!!! (shouts in Itoshiki Nozomu’s character Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei, then in a normal voice) I just wanted to try saying that.
OnoD: First of all…Ahahaha! First of all, please don’t say that.
Kamiya: Instead of “I wanted to try saying that”, it’s more like “I was made to say that.”
Both: Ahahaha!!!

It seems that Kamiya’s script orders him to read the line. It turns out that it’s a promotion for the anime Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei (さよなら絶望先生).

Official Episode Title

OnoD: Yatta ne, Hiroshi! Jinmei Kyuujo! (You did it, Hiroshi! You’re a lifesaver!)

Kamiya: I already said that I didn’t do it.

Futsu Ota

Kamiya excitedly announces a “Special Project” they have done for this episode while holding his laughter. OnoD sounds unexcited at first but they both dissolve into laughter after a few seconds.

Kamiya: We’ve been helping manga artists solve their problems on the Sylph Soudanshitsu Corner, haven’t we?
OnoD: No, we haven’t!
Both: Ahaha!!
Kamiya: (insisting) We’ve been HELPING them, haven’t we?
OnoD: Well…yes, yes.

Then, of course, the two of them exaggerate, saying that they have been doing their utmost best to help manga artists in need. Kamiya is so funny explaining what this “special project” is about. He explains that for the first time, DGS is providing “actual”, “tangible” solution to one of the mangaka’s problems. For this episode, they have chosen the creator of Fujoshissu! (腐女子っス!), namely Okachimachi Hato (御徒町鳩).

The nayami they have chosen for this “special project” is when Hato-sensei asked them about her growing nasal hair. So funny. Refer to episode 8. Then Kamiya reveals that for this “special project”, DGS staff actually travelled and visited Okachimachi Hato-sensei. They play a recording of the visit. So funny!!!

Staff: Hato-sensei, thank you for giving us time today. I have come from Dear Girl ~Stories~.
(Kamiya & OnoD laughing while listening to the recording)
Staff: But first of all, thank you very much for the wonderful report manga you drew for us the other day. I am here to give you these… (rustling sounds) From Kamiya and Ono…they’re nasal hair cutters. Please use them.
(Kamiya & OnoD laughing)
(Owl sound because “hato” means “owl”)

I can’t stop laughing. Oh my goodness. The staff explains to Hato-sensei that Kamiya and Ono bought different nasal hair cutters for her. On the right-hand side was from Kamiya while the left-hand side was from OnoD. The staff also comments that Kamiya bought his from the 100-yen store. There are more owl sounds making Kamiya and OnoD laugh hysterically. Finally, we hear the real voice of Hato-sensei, sounding very embarrassed. She comments in a barely-heard voice that Kamiya’s gift to her was too small and didn’t include batteries.

Staff: Ah, thank you very much. Uhm. Do you any message you wish to say?
(owl sounds)
Real Hato: Ah, yes. (laughing) Thank you very much. Thank you for delivering these to me. (embarrassed feminine laughter)
Staff: Ah, I will relay your message to them.
Real Hato: Thank you very much.

Kamiya & OnoD: AHAHAHA!!!!
OnoD: This is ridiculous!
Kamiya: They really went! They really went and delivered it to her!!
OnoD: Seriously?
Kamiya: Uwah~ How reckless.
OnoD: I wonder who the real Hato-sensei was?
Kamiya: Ahahaha!!!
OnoD: Was it the bird? If so, does that mean that the female voice we heard was her assistant?
Both: Ahahaha!!! Ahahaha!!!!

Oh my gosh. This is so funny! Kamiya explains his 100-yen store purchase. He says that it’s too bothersome to buy batteries, so he didn’t. On the other hand, it seems that OnoD bought a proper electric nasal hair cutter.

Afterwards, it’s revealed that Hato-sensei sent each of them special postcards that she drew herself as thanks for the nasal cutter gifts. The first one says:

“To Dear Girl ~Stories~’ Kamiya Hiroshi & Ono Daisuke of Bunka Housou person-in-charge,
Don’t look down on me!!!”

Kamiya & OnoD: AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

The second one says:

“To Dear Girl ~Stories~ person-in-charge,
Don’t make fun of me!!!”

It seems that the 2 postcards can be put together side-by-side to make one picture. Kamiya reads the postcard addressed to him:

“Kamiya-san, thank you very much for the nasal cutter you gave me. I will use it. I’ll also buy the batteries.”

Finally, OnoD reads a letter sent by listener Kinohara Yukari.

HiroC-san & OnoD, good evening. I enjoy listening to every episode of this show. I just read the latest Sylph Comics edition. Have you read the latest radio report manga of the show? Upon reading it, my impression was, “Hato-cchi is Team Kamiya”. The reason I say this is because I notice that there are more panels featuring an ikemen Kamiya than panels that feature OnoD. There are also more panels with Kamiya delivering the punch lines while OnoD looks more like a secondary character. I’m very curious about what happened during Hato-cchi’s observation of you that the report manga has become pro-Kamiya.

Hato-cchi refers to Okachimachi Hato-sensei.

OnoD: Because Kamiya-san is cool.
Kamiya: Is that so? Well, Hato…thanks. (in cool, bishie voice)

They talk about how awesome Hato is for creating the DGS radio report manga in addition to her own manga Fujoshissu! (腐女子っス!). It seems that she works quickly and on time.

Dear Girl Jouhou

New additions to the Seiyuu Pick-up Corner. On July 27 that year is the launch of new Chaku Voice by Ono Daisuke. They play some samples.

Tsukiatte miru?
(Wanna try dating?)

Kamiya: But I don’t wanna date you.

Kawai-rashii ojou-san desu ne.
(What a cute-looking young lady.)

Kamiya: But I’m a guy…

Chotto kouen yotte kai?
(Wanna go to the park for a bit?)

Kamiya teases OnoD, calling his Chaku Voices “Mecha Ono” and that they sound so cool. OnoD also promote his then upcoming album Hinemosu (ひねもす) and play his song “Daisuki” (だいすき).

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Sylph Soudanshitsu

They feature the manga At Home (アットホーム) by Shimada Masako (シマダマサコ).

Shimada Masako-sensei’s Nayami:
I am losing sight of “moe” these days. I have the impression that since that you’re both seiyuu, you frequently engage in “moe” activities. Where can I find “moe”? Please tell me.

Kamiya: Ahaha. What a grave problem.
Staff: Ahaha!!!
OnoD: That’s true. That’s because I read it with a grave tone.
Kamiya: Losing sight of what’s “moe” is indeed a great cause for worry, isn’t it?
OnoD: But I have discovered something “moe” right now.
Kamiya: And what would that be?
OnoD: Young girls wearing uniforms. (talking about what they just read about the manga At Home)

Kamiya jokes that OnoD’s answer should be enough and that Shimada-sensei’s problem is resolved, but OnoD quickly stops him saying that they should think about it more. OnoD repeats Shimada-sensei’s question of where can “moe” be found.

They talk the possibility of finding moe in Gandhara with Kamiya joking that going there is some sort of a pilgrimage where if you wish for moe hard enough, it will come true. He adds that once you go there, you’ll probably see a lot of pigs, monkeys and kappa, prompting OnoD to say that moe can’t possibly be found there with all these creatures.

Kamiya briefly suggests that perhaps moe can be found when you ask the senpai you like for his or her email address. Then he asks OnoD where OnoD usually finds moe and OnoD immediately answers.

Kamiya: Anime. I see. Baka! Think of things that are more realistic.

Yay, OnoD! Yay, ANIME!!! Yay!

OnoD wonders what Shimada-sensei specifically means by “moe”. He wonders if it means situations when guys think something is cool or when something makes women’s hearts race. Then, as always, OnoD suggests something questionable. He suggests that he thinks craftsmen are cool, specifically craftsmen who make setta sandals. But he’s not sure if they are moe. He also suggests that he thinks “corporate warriors”, salarymen or office workers to be specific, are cool. Kamiya agrees, sharing that he thinks salarymen and office ladies who commute during rush hour are cool.

They’re so weird. So funny.

1-Phrase Story

Sent by Suzuka, read by Kamiya.

(Don’t tell me…you did it?)

OnoD: I didn’t do it. I didn’t. Ahaha!

Kamiya teases OnoD about “doing it”. Naughty, aren’t you? No, they’re talking about MonHan, unfortunately.

Sent by Mami Mumemo, read by OnoD.

Ittan hajimeru to, nakanaka yamerarenain da yo ne?
(Once you start, it’s quite hard to stop, isn’t it?)

OnoD: Can’t stop, right?
Kamiya: Yeah, can’t stop.

They talk again in a way that can be construed as naughty, but of course this is just another MonHan conversation.

Ending Talk

They talk about the “special project” involving Okachimachi Hato-sensei. They thank Hato for the postcards.

They invite you to e-mail them at dgs@joqr.net

I enjoyed this episode. It’s so funny, especially the part where they sent staff to actually give the nasal hair cutters to Hato-sensei. I hope that you enjoyed this episode as much as I did.

And that’s it for the 14th episode of DGS.

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